Leaving SL

by Pixeleen Mistral on 28/05/07 at 6:40 pm

by Kris Dibou, warrior poet/pirate

I’ve heard it time and time before,
“I’m leaving SL, this time for sure”
And when he logs in the very next day
He says that he’s there only to say

Goodbye to all he missed before
And he left some things there on the floor
And oh, there’s some business to settle first
I’ll be leaving SL, I guess, now on the 1st

And the 1st, it comes, and then it passes
And all that was wrong, through rose-colored glasses
Now looks just fine, it was just a small glitch
“I guess I will stay, right here in my niche”.

And how many times married, there in SL?
“I’m on my fourth wife”, if I really must tell.
How long did they last, the marriages there?
“Less than three months, for each of the pair”

And so once again onward he goes
Until somebody ups and steps on his toes
His wife screams “Divorce!”, the kids run away
And he thinks it impossible for him now to stay

And so once again he closes the door
Cancelled accounts and cancelled amore
And he tries then to live in their RL-type world
But the call of the circuits, the click of keyboard

Soon has him back, just saying hello
Wondering where all his old friends did go
Who’s paired with who? Where’s all my stuff?
But only one visit was not quite enough.

And so he goes back, time after time
No one knows why, no reason nor rhyme
Why one would subject himself to such pai
“After all”, they would say, “It’s only a game”.

copyright (c) 2007 – Kris Dibou – used by the gracious permission of the author.

4 Responses to “Leaving SL”

  1. GW

    May 28th, 2007

    Totaly on the mark with those words.

    I know so many that live the high drama “leaving forever” scene over and over.

  2. Prokofy Neva

    May 29th, 2007

    Great poem. And P.S., I’m not one of those who dramatically announces, OMG I’m leaving SL. I merely tally the reasons for why one ought to be “done” with SL. And they go beyond divorces.

  3. Carl Onceler

    May 29th, 2007

    That does it – I’m freakin’ OUTTA HERE!

    I hate poetry and if poets are taking over SL it’s the last straw! All I hear all day and all night is poetry, poetry, poetry! Nobody seems to have ANYTHING to say that DOESN’T freakin’ RHYME!

    You can all just take your iambic pentameters and haikus and stuff ‘em up your Readers’ Digest! You’ve totally destroyed my delicate sensibilities for the last time!

    Just, let me grab up all my old issues of Evergreen Magazine and I’m outta here…

    and this lamp…

  4. mArker Pen

    May 30th, 2007

    Somebody likes ‘The Jerk’ me thinks. But yeah great poem so true. How many times have you heard it, “I’m going forever”?

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