Spaight-Television Nuptials

by prokofy on 30/05/07 at 11:54 pm

By Prokofy Neva, Community Affairs Desk
Walknd_009 Walker and Destroy swept away on the highlands of Caledon.


Walker Spaight/Mark Wallace, son of Mr. Wallace, of Louise, Second Life was married yesterday evening to Destroy Television, daughter of Christian Prior and SnoopyBROWN Zamboni of Sheep Island, and Annie Ok, of New York City. bushing Spatula, of libsecondlife in Hooper, presided over the ceremony at the Bligh Estate in Caledon.

Mr. Spaight, a gonzo game journo, publisher of the Herald, writes for, a Metaversal tech blog sponsored by the Electric Sheep Company. Ms. Television, will who keep her own name, is an employee of the Sheep. In June, Ms. Television will complete ten days of non-stop pass-around-pack virtual lifelogging, which began at a RL art gallery showing arranged at the Lit Lounge Fuse Gallery by Ms. Ok in RL in NYC on May 23 and in SL at GHava{SL} Center for the Arts in SL.

Walknd_002 Barney Boomslang, right, evil in SL, next to Lady Hightower unidentified high society lady. OMG now her picture’s in the paper!.

Mr. Spaight’s RL father is also a member of Second Life known for his work in the peace movement. His other RL son — the one that turned out right — has already gotten RL-engaged and he wonders when this good-for-nothing lozer older son of his stuck in front of a computer all day is going to get a “real” job, and is simply aghast that Walker has married what appears to be a gangbanged always-on multi-user omni-directional television set-cum-camera.

Ms. Television’s father, Christian Prior of the ESC, is coder of the Sheep’s notorious Sheepbot and other Bots, and her other father, SnoopyBrown lives in the future and has sneakers that are THIS PINK OMGZORZ. Her mother, Annie Ok, is guest curator at the Fuse Gallery on Second Avenue in New York City. bushing Spatula is also described as a “parent” of DTV but his exact genetic relationship could not be confirmed.

The show ran through June 2 concurrently at GHava{SL} Center for the Arts as well as in NYC at Fuse Gallery.

The bride wore a stunning creation by Paper Couture which featured a tight-bodiced gown with opalescent pearly petals or seashells cascading to flexiprimmed amazingness. Walker sported a golfing outfit replete with a golf club and golfing gloves that left his fingers free to type what he described later as “an alternate reality game”. The bride said little during the august occasion, except stuff like:

SHUT UP SNOOPY. TODAY IS ABOUT ME[15:34] From Destroy Television: AND MY DRESS

The occasion was rumoured to be a “shot-gun” wedding, meaning that Pixeleen Mistral, the one-time off-again-on-again girlfriend of Destroy, was said to be planning to attend the hastily-arranged affair and “blow that !@#!@#$ thing’s head off, I swear to God.” She was not logged on at the time of the wedding.

Your faithful correspondent was supposed to be Best Man, but RL called and Lordfly Digeridoo was sobered up for the occasion.

Ordinal Malaprop was slated to be Maid of Honour, but appeared to be getting quietly snockered behind a kind of champagne dumb-waiter contraption of her own invention, and was last seen in a cloud of mini-bombs.

Peter Newell of Metaversatility arrived as a set of pink cubes that were off Snoopy’s pink by a shade factor more on the salmon range.

Walknd_004_2 Zamboni and Newell comparing pinks.


Other guests included Jeremy Flagstaff, who donned a sparkly FIC 2.0 nametag for the occasion; Lady Hightower (OMG yes, your name is in the paper, I know that’s NEVER supposed to happen to Ladies!), Bjork Gustafson, Gwyneth Llewelyn, Aabey Lindman, Miranda Tibbett, Gibson Willis, Bru Yang, VeeJay Burns, Barney Boomslang, Schmilsson Nilsson, JimmyJet Fossett, Martholomew Mip, Cyrus Huffhines, otakup0pe Neumann, Charismo Obismo, Tao Takashi, epredator Potato and probably some other gawkers and rubber-neckers I missed.



Not to be outdone, moo Money came and rezzed did not rez a cow that everyone sat on and rocked. Snoopy put giant letters up in the air.

Much later, I wondered what you get when you cross gonzo-game-journo-tech-blogisting with pass-around-pack-24/7-v-vlogging and the answer is you get: Second Life: The Never Ending Story.

The newlyweds were awarded a $100 gift certicate for the Flamingo Court/Motel of Last Resort in Juanita but were not making known their plans for a private honeymoon.

Walknd_012 Absymal Charismo stops griefing Prok long enough to wish the newlyweds well.

Walknd_013 At the Bligh Estate, owner Puck Goodliffe.

16 Responses to “Spaight-Television Nuptials”

  1. Christian Prior

    May 31st, 2007

    That’s my girl. Look at her now, she’s all grown up. *sniff*

    And hey, that was *my* cow. Mad props as ever to Starax’s wand for providing cows, butterflies [ ], and generally wonderful ambiance. Teaser video can be found here:

    Thanks for coming! ;-)


  2. moo Money

    May 31st, 2007

    Not everything has to be about me, but it’s nice that you think of me, though. I’m touched.

  3. Prokofy Neva

    May 31st, 2007

    No, this occasion was not about you, moo.

    SHUT UP MOO. TODAY IS ABOUT DTV [15:34] From Prokofy Neva: AND HER DRESS

  4. Tenshi Vielle

    May 31st, 2007

    lol… and to think I missed it. I was in class when it happened :( It’s ok. I’ll survive. *sniffle*

  5. marilyn murphy

    May 31st, 2007

    grumbles about nobody ever invites her anywhere, an i been takin my meds too!

  6. Fake Name

    May 31st, 2007

    Why do you still let Prokofy post this blog shit on the SLH? This is just a shitty rant full of personal attacks.

    No wonder no one reads this rag anymore.

  7. Anon

    May 31st, 2007

    Publicity stunt. Blantant attention-whoring. Sad, really.

  8. urizenus

    May 31st, 2007

    Lovely report Prok. I feel like I was there. *sniffle* it was such a lovely wedding. *sniffle* (sorry, I always cry at weddings).

  9. Lady Hightower

    May 31st, 2007

    I throughly enjoyed your coverage and feel you did this event great justice, particularly in your moving description of Snoopy’s designer sneakers and the emotional quotes from the bride. I can see you have a gift for touching hearts with your words.

    Also I appreciate your discretion in not using an actual photo of me; the paparazzi have been difficult lately. But the Lady in Blue may be offended at being used so cavalierly as a substitute.

    Lady Hightower, proud grandmother, who was actually wearing a wonderful hat and new hair for the occasion.

  10. Splenda Nutrasweet

    May 31st, 2007

    Does saccharine still cause cancer in lab rats?

  11. Thank you so much for your kind article Prokofy. We were all very happy you could be there for the special day. As incredulous as it might seem, the proposal and wedding were something which honestly took us all by surprise. It all arose organically, unfolding as it happened, and was not planned ahead of time. Being the proud, supportive parents we are we decided to wholeheartedly give our blessing and go with it. Walker Spaight is a fine man and we could not think of a better match for Destroy. She has asked me to convey her sincerest gratitude to you for gifting them with the L$100 gift certicate for the Flamingo Court/Motel of Last Resort in Juanita. Thanks to everyone who could make it on such short notice and apologies to anyone who did not get the IMs in time.

    Both Destroy and Walker’s wedding outfits were done by Paper Couture who do exemplary design. Walker had the stunning diamond and ruby ring custom made for her by Elexor Matador. The sweet moments between them were made possible by Rendezvous Couples Animator from Rendezvous.

    If you don’t mind, I would like to respectfully submit some corrections please:

    I am Xantherus Halberd (Annie Ok in RL), an artist in RL as well as curator of GHava{SL} Center for the Arts in SL: . The 10 day art project is a mixed reality interactive virtual installation by Jerry Paffendorf (SNOOPYbrown Zamboni in SL) Christian Westbrook (Christian Prior in SL), and is showing concurrently at GHava{SL} Center for the Arts as well as in NYC at Fuse Gallery: . (I wanted to clarify that it is not at Lit Lounge, which is the adjoining establishment, and also that I am a guest curator at Fuse Gallery but it is not my gallery, nor do I work there. Also, please note the correct spelling of my last name is “Ok” and not “OK”… and yes, it is my real name and not a made-up handle.) And while Jerry and Christian are with ESC, the project itself is not an official ESC one but one which they are doing independently. As soon as they told me about it, I realized how enormously interesting it would be to turn the whole thing into an installation and have it take place simultaneously in NYC as well as in SL at GHava{SL} Center for the Arts so that anyone on SL could enjoy it.

    Fiend Ludwig did a very nice story about our art center in SL and interviewed us for the Herald a short while back:

    For anyone who missed the wedding, here are complete pics of the wedding day in order, including chat and names of avatars present (taken by the bride herself):

    Tao Takashi also made a beautiful movie of the wedding:

  12. I have procured some pics of the one-and-only inimitably lovely Lady Hightower (courtesy of JimmyJet Fossett):

  13. Tenshi Vielle

    May 31st, 2007

    I think Annie Ok just pwned the trolls.

  14. Jerry Paffendorf

    May 31st, 2007

    Yes, Tenshi. Annie is beyond the beyond.

  15. Tenshi Vielle

    May 31st, 2007

    /me smooshes Jerry

  16. VeeJay Burns

    Jun 9th, 2007

    Nice to see I was noticed ;) But the wed was a good PR stunt in the Destroy Television show.

    My report on the wedding can be found at:

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