Get A Life – Advice for Betty the Alt

by Pixeleen Mistral on 07/06/07 at 11:53 pm

by Heartun Breaker – syndicated advice columnist

AvatareyeHEY HEARTUN ~ This question isn’t really for me; rather its for all those young men who think its cool to cross dress and look for lesbians. I’m a lesbian (online only) and am often recreating at the Isle of Lesbos. The other night this female avatar called (real name substituted with ‘Betty’) showed up and yelled “Hey, NE1 want 2 fuck?”

Needless to say the 40 girls present responded with LOL’s and LMAO’s but Betty was serious. With her noobie sandals and Orientation Island stock avatar (the brunette one) it was pretty clear that Betty was an alt. And her behavior made it clear she was really a young man, perhaps a boy. I never understood this kind of behavior, but Betty isn’t alone. There are a lot of people out there like this. Do you have any advice for them? ~ SAPPHIC SOPHISTICATE

DEAR SAPPHIC SOPHISTICATE ~ My advice for young men wishing to trick lesbians into cybering with them is simple and two part: play dumb and be patient. The first should be easy for a young stud with the lesbo fetish — just stand around, maybe with a dance animation loop, and occasionally ask for help. Lesbians love to help noobs, and they’ll shower them with tons of nice used clothing, skins and hair. In a short time our young stud will be moulded into a hottie-buh-body avatar by a woman who really knows what looks good.

That requires some patience on our young man’s part, but the payoff is worth it. Now that he is properly attired, and has had a fashion maven fawning over him for a while, her friends will find him irresistable. He just has to shut up and not let on that he is a boy. They’ll all try to bed him behind each other’s backs.

Now, lets deal with the 500 pound gorilla in the room. You say you are a lesbian, but only online. How is that any less devious and deceiving than the young man pretending to be a lesbian? And if you aren’t pretending in Second Life, then you are pretending in First Life… and that is even more disturbing. ~ HEARTUN BREAKER

AnimalisticHEY HEARTUN~ I heard that Second Life had a lot of fetish groups, that’s why I joined. In the real world I am into beasteality, (sic) but I would like a more socially acceptable outlet for my proclivity. I’ve tried joining in with some ‘Furries’ but they all seem to reject me because my avatar looks like I really do, human.

They all seem to want me to put on a Furry suit, but that’s not my thing. Where do I find animals in Second Life who want to play animals… and play with me as I am? ~ BEAST RIDER

DEAR BEAST RIDER~ It is true that the majority of Furries out there want to engage in a fantasy of both being animalistic and being WITH an animalistic avatar played by someone with a similar interest. But I don’t think you are correct in your early conclusion that Furries won’t take you as you are. Be polite. Perhaps mention your particular interest in your biography in as PG terms as possible. And be patient.

On a personal note, I hope you find what you are looking for in Second Life because it just turns my stomach thinking of you playing out your fantasy elsewhere. I’m not particularly judgmental about fetishes, but I do not condone any that don’t have full consent by all parties, and animals in real life cannot consent. Fortunately, the ones in SL can (assuming that Linden Lab keeps out the underaged, as they should.) ~ HEARTUN BREAKER


HEY HEARTUN~ I am a gay male furry, but I had to hide out from some drama that erupted around my primary account so I made an Alt. Just to hang out where no one knew me I started going to (a Gorean sim) and I met (name withheld) who is a kajira.
At first I was just hanging out with her, and using her as cover, but she showed me a side of herself that I don’t think she meant to… I think she is really a guy too. The thing is, I don’t know if “she” is gay or not and I think that what we have is really special. How do I sort all this out? ~ HOT DOG

DEAR HOT DOG ~ Normally I would say that honesty is the best policy, but you’ve passed that one a long time ago. Besides, do you really want to hook up with this person in real life? I mean, you don’t indicate that you do… and you seem happy with both fantasies that you are playing out: the game one and the one in your head.

If you need to convince yourself that a nice submissive Gorean girl is really a guy in kajira’s clothing to get your ‘happy fun time’ on — why let reality interfere with that? And if it is a guy behind those veils, who is to say that he/she wants you to be a gay furry?

I say enjoy that ride until it crashes to the ground in a messy heap, just don’t do anything to derail it prematurely. ~ HEARTUN BREAKER

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12 Responses to “Get A Life – Advice for Betty the Alt”

  1. Hazim Gazov

    Jun 8th, 2007

    Hey, NE1 want 2 fuck?

  2. janeforyou Barbara

    Jun 8th, 2007

    Hi all :-) I am the founder and owner of Isle Of Lesbos.Its nothing new that there are bout 30% of the avs in lesbian places in SL that are males dressed as women… and 70% are females dressed as females.At Isle Of Lesbos we use 6 diff woman Djs and run 20 events a week… i realy dont care if a guye comes there as ” betty or Hetty” i do care on the behavior tho!! And the 4000 member at Isle Of Lesbos do also care on the behavior!!….i shake my head every time i se a “woman” av asking ” you wanne fuck”..its typical male behavior.. wel shure a woman CAN say that also,, but we usly dont.. but 99% of my 4000 members do behave even if some realy are males!… SL are a fantasyworld,, you just need to se it as one… if you do want to go in to a ” serius” relation, get to know the persom wery well.. i used half a yare with one person before we took the step!! :-) So yes be patient,,” life is a game, and i love to play”

  3. Tenshi Vielle

    Jun 8th, 2007

    Wow. More gay furry shit on top of young men pretending to be lesbians? That first bit isn’t a surprise at all – but that bestiality person needs some serious mental help.

  4. Crissa

    Jun 8th, 2007

    I’m not particularly judgmental about fetishes, but I do not condone any that don’t have full consent by all parties, and animals in real life cannot consent.

    Yeah, that’s why people into dog shows and breeding pets really turn my stomach. Why is that even legal?

  5. Corona Anatine

    Jun 8th, 2007

    animals in real life cannot consent

    but was there not a man in America who married a horse in RL and claimed the mare consented ?

  6. Nacon

    Jun 8th, 2007

    DEAR SAPPHIC SOPHISTICATE ~ Forget what Heartun said. There’s way too many idiots like that. Answer is very simple, ban. You’re no fool, I’m sure I can trust you into banning those idiot without any excuses or reasons. And… more the doubt, I’m sure most of the people that came into that sim are mostly guys. Best to say, set that sim to group access only and manually invite “real” Lesbos from a form of friend network and what not. Get a fence.

    DEAR BEAST RIDER~ Get a dog. They only ask for food, water, toy and sex.

    DEAR HOT DOG ~ Don’t be a coward. The longer you hold back, the more awkward it would get. Just pop him/her the “are you a guy and gay?” question. Unless you wanna waste your time till something changed the plan in a way you hoped for.

    Tenshi said “but that bestiality person needs some serious mental help.”
    Yeah, you too.

  7. The Cancerous One

    Jun 8th, 2007

    This is why SL needs to be burned down with fire and napalm. BURN IT!


    Jun 8th, 2007


  9. EL OH EL

    Jun 8th, 2007

    PROTIP: There are no women on the internet.

  10. Hazim Gazov

    Jun 8th, 2007

    Two words:

    Mr Hands.

  11. archie lukas

    Jun 13th, 2007

    You notice there are no stats on women dressing as men and playing the homosexual role to the max? – And the chances of someone whining would be…
    Thought so.

    Its all so one sided, BTW I am a male with a female partner who also likes to play with other girls.
    She can tell the ones with trouser snakes hidden away.

    C’est la vie

  12. Kat

    Aug 4th, 2009

    I personally think that LL should back up. Essentially a furry or any character on screen is just that a CHARACTER and there is a HUMAN behind the Avatar. No matter what form an avatar it is still human behind it. I fear sex beds, sex toys, sex animations, etc will be next to go if we let LL ban furries and nekos. A majority of the residents are furry and or neko at least part of the time.

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