Interview With Precursor Pooraka

by Pixeleen Mistral on 07/06/07 at 11:13 pm

If you are going to a region marked “BDSM Bondage” you don’t expect the Disney store

by humdog

humdog: Hi — i’m here today with Precursor Pooraka, one of the forces against the abolishment of BDSM protest….hi Precursor, how are you today?
Precursor Pooraka: I’m very well thank you humdog, thank you for seeing me

humdog: glad to be here…. tell me — how did this all start? and what are we talking about…smiles
Precursor Pooraka: The protest itself?

humdog: what provoked the protest — let’s start there
Precursor Pooraka :o k, well i have always kept a keen and close eye on the blog too see what is approaching and where things are heading… the post by the Lindens itself that i read, initially didn’t seem too bad at all it’s only upon closer examination that you can read between the lines

humdog: you are speaking about the “let’s make it safe and happy post”?
Precursor Pooraka: that’s correct, and inlight of the events that had preceded it, i can understand why it was posted, however…upon further discussion, examination and reading by others it appeared that whilst the initial intentions of the post were good and reasonable things could quickly get out of hand

humdog: you say events preceded the post — what were those events?
Precursor Pooraka: i’m talking there of the child pornography claims that were aired before the post, and obviously i’m sure that everyone is saddened and sickened by the very idea that it would happen

humdog: are you speaking about the ageplay groups in SL?
Precursor Pooraka: not specifically, i understood that some images were obtained by a television station in Europe and this was the cause of the uproar – and rightly so, these images should not be tolerated… that being the case, i can understand the intense reaction by LL, this is by no means a bad thing, and these images have no place here

humdog: i see…so what happened then?
Precursor Pooraka: well, the posting on the blog was discussed and examined… i myself read over a notecard with thoughts, views and comments that had been passed to me… at that stage there was no real “movement”, however it was clear that the BDSM community may be put under the microscope in account of the previous happenings, that being the case it seemed BDSM could be used as a scape goat

humdog: so….you began to feel that BDSM would be scapegoated
Precursor Pooraka: it certainly could be, reading between the lines of the blog – which was pretty “unspecific” and broad about what exactly it was saying, no doubt giving room to maneuver later if required

humdog: was that when you decided to create the group “BDSM IS SAFE”
Precursor Pooraka: well i don’t often stand up and shout about things, but i’m very attached to my SL and very attached to the lifestyle, BDSM i mean… and i value my SL a great deal as do many thousands of others, tens of thousands really. and to see it taken away, banned would be a bad thing for many people. i decided for once, rather than so sit by and hope it didn’t happen to stand up and shout and ask people to offer their support for something that is important and valuable to them

humdog: why do you think that people object to the lifestyle?
Precursor Pooraka: one word really… misunderstanding, i think the whole BDSM lifestyle is not understood from those looking in from outside. it seems alien, strange, brutal, harsh, evil, wicked and wrong… but with a little research, a few chats and a little understanding that view can be seen again through different eyes

humdog: there is the slogan “safe sane and consensual”
Precursor Pooraka: yes, that’s correct. and it’s something we all live by, but i don’t know how far that extends outside the BDSM community, and if people outside are aware of it

humdog: so is there a concern that perhaps some people not in the lifestyle are fooling around and exploring and well screwing it up for other people?
Precursor Pooraka: well i think that can be said of anything really, there will always be a minority that, if allowed will ruin it for the majority. but the people “enforcing the law” must recognize there are minorities in everything, and the majority should not be punished. it’s not fair to punish all people who drive a red car, because someone driving a red car ran over your cat… so i think between the misunderstanding of the lifestyle *and* literally “tarring everyone with the same brush” there is indeed concern there

humdog: how do you see the issue at present? how would you describe it?
Precursor Pooraka: at present i think there is a lot of posturing, no one is exactly sure where they stand… on one side there are the protest groups, on the other there is LL but we also have “external influences” at work, such as RL groups and activists who let alone understand BDSM, but not even SL or probably the internet itself

humdog: i agree with you that there is a lot of heat and light created by people who don’t know what they are talking about. how do you feel about the French family group?
Precursor Pooraka: i will be perfectly honest, i haven’t read a massive amount but what i have read seems to be almost a “mob mentality”… and we are concerned that such a group may have the sway, even though not having the knowledge, to uproot one of SL’s major lifestyles

humdog: yes… i see that…what would you like to see your group, and the other groups in the protest, accomplish?
Precursor Pooraka: well my group, and the group “I am for a FREE Second Life” created by Jazhara Keon, along with the NCSF and various other groups have united under a banner called the “United Protest” and our aim is to ensure that our various groups, lifestyles and values are not stamped out here in SL…from my point of view, my group relates to BDSM — but there are many others who are also concerned and affected and are willing to speak up

humdog: i have a URL here that a friend gave me — this friend is VERY concerned that she and her lover will no longer be able to continue their life in SL . what is your opinion of the post in this URL
Precursor Pooraka: i’m aware of the post, yes, is she specifically talking about the comments made by Robin in that post?

humdog: yes she is
Precursor Pooraka: well i think Robins comments were very interesting… she doesn’t brand us “a bunch of weirdoes” but keeps an open mind, and makes no suggestion of taking one side or another. I think she, as many of the Lindens are quite opened minded and whilst her comments certainly are not all negative, or all positive, there is a long way to go before we have any reassurances that we’re not the fly under the fly swatter

humdog: some friends tell me that, well, the Americans are more anal about ageplay, and that’s fine, but that in reality, the lindens are just trying to protect themselves from lawsuits. how do you feel about that?
Precursor Pooraka: i can totally understand LL’s perspective in all of this. they are a business. they have investors. they have lawsuits, and lets look at the bigger picture – they need to protect themselves, otherwise none of us will be “here”… that’s my take… if it appears I’ve shot myself in the foot, please allow me to continue…i think there needs to be a little more responsibility on the account of people using SL, for example if you are going to a region marked “BDSM Bondage” you don’t expect the Disney store when you arrive do you? as such, be responsible for your own actions – if you don’t want to see it, don’t go there… don’t search for it, don’t teleport there…. of course the BDSM community has *already* done a great deal and moved “offensive” things out of sight so as not to offend… but if you go *anywhere* looking for trouble on purpose, you *will* find it, anywhere, everywhere. I believe that speaking of responsibility, we at the University of Submission have done a great deal to ensure things are acceptable to visitors – there is nothing offensive upon arrival… land owners can only do so much, there are finite limits to what can and can’t be done… the real responsibility lies with the person looking at the monitor, and typing at the keyboard

humdog: well yes, it is interesting you know- first, there is almost a kind of American cultural imperialism in operation in that there appears to be an attempt to impose mainstream middle class American sexual mores on the large percentage of players who are not from the US or it looks that way and then of course there is the idea that self-responsibility never occurs to the people who are screaming.
Precursor Pooraka: the thing i love about SL is there are no countries, there are no nationalities, no borders, and that *really* appeals to me… i don’t know where you’re from, i don’t really need to know, but the fact is we’re sat here in this “place” on a “chair” and a “cushion” meeting each other having this “discussion” – that’s what i love… and i find it a great shame that external influences try and use SL as leverage for their own goals, it’s very sad indeed

humdog: smiles…yes…in SL you can meet all these friends that you would never have any other way
Precursor Pooraka: indeed, and i think that appeals to a great many people… some are just not good at talking, others are shy, some couldn’t possibly “do that”, others would love to “try it” but can’t… SL provides a way to gain a RL experience without really being here… you can still remember the places, how they are, the sounds, the looks and how people were dressed, what they did… all of it, but without actually leaving your own home – this is why SL appeals to so many, so wide, regardless of who and where they are… and as Robin said, this is a better world, a place created anew and i really wished it had stayed that way, but RL comes, RL always comes for you, without fail

humdog: yes. well i see i have gone over the time — is there anything else you’d like to say?
Precursor Pooraka: well it’s s shame time isn’t slower, as i have so much more to say and i’m sure you have many other questions to ask… but i would ask everyone for calm, in my group, the “United Protest” group, in Linden Labs, in RL… everywhere… take a step back, take a breath, think again, clarify and know your cause. in all areas though, i would hope that in world and out of world people discuss in a calm manner and continue to stand together United for what they believe in and working together for the benefit of us *all* here in SL

humdog: thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today
Precursor Pooraka: once again, thank you for having me here, it was an absolute pleasure to speak with you and express myself

humdog: thank you…smiles…our pleasure always

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  1. TrixieBelden Batz

    Jun 11th, 2007


    I think your response to humdog probably confirms what I more or less suspected all along: on the issues of intimacy, relationships, and BDSM you and I are vastly different people who are probably incapable of reaching any sort of mutual understanding. No big deal. After all, it’s not as though either one of us gets to have the final say on what is or isn’t deemed appropriate human behavior. They’ll still be fighting that battle long after our bones have turned to dust.

    Reading some of your other articles and posts on here, I find a lot to agree with whenever you’re not talking about BDSM. I’m not here in some misguided attempt to change your mind about the lifestyle. Whatever you might think, we’re not a cult looking to recruit new members and convert them into drooling brainwashed slaves. And I’m not going to suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. It would be hypocritical of me to ask anyone else to do something I’m incapable of doing myself. So, why am I responding at all? Because you seem eager to speak with certainty about the motivations and mindset of a group you’re not a part of and have no real sympathy for. And, like most people who engage in this pass time, you’re way off base and need to be called on it.

    No matter what you think or how authoritatively you state it, BDSM is not “an ideology based on breaking down and negating the human will ostensibly in the name of intimacy and connection.” It’s not really an ideology at all. Not in the sense that Communism or Socialism or representative Democracy are. Nor in the sense that Christianity or Islam or Scientology are. It’s a preference. A kink. Something that a percentage of the human race likes for no clear rhyme or reason. For those of us who enjoy it, it’s a visceral thrill that heightens intimacy and sensuality. A thrilling illusion of danger experienced in a consensual setting that’s safe and controlled. Like riding a roller coaster, skydiving, or watching a horror movie with your eyes half covered but unable to look away.

    And believe it or not, BDSM isn’t the be-all and end-all of our relationships. No Domme that I know wants a submissive who’s broken, beaten, emotionally drained, and dehumanized. You’re confusing BDSM with domestic violence, but if you’ve ever watched an episode of Cops you’ll already be aware that most abusive husbands don’t have a closet full of ballgags, floggers, and gimp masks. Nor do they use safewords or have long discussions with their spouses about mutually acceptable boundaries. In contrast, those of us in BDSM love and cherish our partners as unique and special individuals. When we’re not in the bedroom enjoying a good spanking, we’re apt to be talking about the successes and frustrations of our day at work, the cool book we just finished reading, or where we’d like to go on vacation next year. In other words, all the things normal couples share on a daily basis.

    Alright, I do tend to ramble! My point is this: maybe the next time you’re preparing a rant condemning the evils of BDSM you’ll stop and think about what I’ve just said before you invent motivations and desires that don’t reflect the actual experience of those engaged in the lifestyle. BDSM isn’t for you; we get that. You feel it’s important to express your concerns; by all means. But try to play fair. You can talk with absolute certainty about your own feelings and emotions (after all, who could possibly know what you’re thinking better), but when it comes to what’s going on in the minds of others you might consider showing a little humility. Love and sex really aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Honest. If you truly respect the dignity and integrity of the individual, please don’t try to tell us what the meaning of BDSM is and why we like to engage in it. In return, we’ll try our best not to speculate on the motivations of fundamentalist Christian foot-washers. Unless of course we ARE fundamentalist Christian foot-washers…


    Trixie Belden Batz

  2. Mel Tendaze

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Totally agree with what trixie above has said I can count the hours on one hand that my submissive partner and I spend in a month on any serious role play most of the time we spend just talking about life and experiences in general. Of the three that have given me the privilege to be there mistress none would take punishment with out just cause. So to label us whip yielding mind controlling pain inflicting people is a false statement when honesty respect and caring is the truth, the guide that majority live by

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