Perphides Capalini – Post 6 Grrrrl

by Pixeleen Mistral on 30/06/07 at 1:03 am

[Perphides Capalini makes her Post 6 debut tonight - and what a great way to end the week! As always, Marilyn Murphy, photographer, philosopher, and publisher of Players, Second Life's in-world erotica magazine has found a way to lighten the mood. Enjoy the weekend! - the Editrix]


My first exposure to SecondLife was through a copy of the Wall Street Journal that I had picked up while traveling on an airplane. I read a fascinating article about a virtual world that was accessible to a non-techie person like me (I am the sort of person who finds things like email and extension cords a challenge). It was probably four or five months later before I finally read another article, this time in Businessweek, and decided that I simply had to check it out.

I don’t know exactly what I expected to find; and I suppose I wasn’t so surprised by the technical abilities, the commerce opportunities, or the fabulous graphics as much as I have been amazed at the depth of character that shines through in so many of the denizens of the metaverse. Good or bad, our avatars are invariably occupied by real thinking, breathing, feeling individuals.


I have found that my enjoyment of second life increases as I meet new and interesting people very day. I love my SL job as I help newbies learn how to get started in SL. I have the privilege of often times being the first friendly face they see in Second Life.

When I think about being their first human contact in a new world, I feel like it’s a pretty important job. Feel free to say hi to me even if I am not working. I am glad to help :)


I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the wonderful people that have befriended me, impacted me, and helped me beyond words, so I will limit it to the two individuals who are directly responsible for me being a Post 6 Grrrl. To all of you who contribute so much to my experience and to that of the community I am deeply grateful. I am especially thankful for Kaylia Burgess, who has been intimately involved in every aspect of my appearance. And for Marilyn Murphy who has taught me so much about how to experience and enjoy Second Life.

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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 30th, 2007

    I love your face and hair, and your story is sweet, and interesting about the WSJ, the largest-circulation newspaper in America.

    What I don’t understand are these photorealistic blotchy and wierd-looking skins with shading that can’t possibly work in SL because there just isn’t the nuanced ability to reflect light and shade continuously. I always find these skins to be really jarring and even ugly. Why do people get them? Why do they like them? It seems to me they significantly detract from the SL experience.

    I think in a virtual world, the things inside it have to “fit” — and that means not being photorealistic.

  2. Jackie Babcock

    Jun 30th, 2007

    Excellent Layout! Good color and rich background. I have had the pleasure of meeting Perphides, and I am happy to say, it was wonderful talking with her. Her appearence is great!

  3. Hazim Gazov

    Jun 30th, 2007

    needs moar dong.

  4. marilyn murphy

    Jun 30th, 2007

    i am very torn on the photo realistic skins. i think just like prok does. then again i think if done well sometimes i like what i am seeing. sometimes the line is blurred a lot. its photoreal, but also photoshopped.
    at times, the facial features are just jarring.
    perphides has one of the better examples i have seen this year. the problem with these skins for sl is, a natural skin is splotchy, and has lighter and darker areas all over it. because irl we are that way, even to one side of your arm is much lighter than the other. this doesnt transfer well to a video environment, usually.
    on a case by case basis, i do find perphides look appealing. i think her face is very well done, and the body is as good as these skins get.
    there is no perfect skin for the masses in sl. you can find fault with every skin for sale in sl. in the end, each person has to decide what they wish to look like and work on that look, with the skins and hair and clothing available.

  5. Curtis Kraft

    Jun 30th, 2007

    I think that the pics are very well done and Marilyn is one of the best photographers in SL. Perphides is shown in a very beautiful way

  6. Anonymous

    Jun 30th, 2007

    I think the use of photorealistic textures, whether in skin, hair, or even buildings, can at times enhance the feeling of true immersion in sl when done correctly. But as has been pointed out, it can be quite hit or miss, and requires careful forethought, a seasoned eye, and sense of balance.

    I feel Perphides strikes just such a balance, and is an all around gorgeous av. Very sweet and genuine personality, too, that comes through in her article. Marilyn really has done a wonderful job of capturing the model, which I imagine is much harder than it looks. The color, textures, and lighting really bring out Perphides’ beauty.

  7. Tavasha Martynov

    Jun 30th, 2007

    Perphi darling you look wonderful! *hug* I’m so glad to see you up here!! For all of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Perphides she’s truly a sweetheart. Genuinely caring and kind people are tough to come by, and she’s definitely among them. I count myself lucky for having known her!

    As for the skins, it really needs to be viewed on a case by case basis. Some skins have the “splotch” factor photoshopped out, and most of them are only splotchy under heavy light where none of the SL shadows are showing on the avi(often in photo shoots), since the shadows tend to mask them fairly well.

    Another thing to consider is that many people simply buy an expensive skin and slap it on to whatever shape they happen to have. I am of the firm opinion that each shape needs a custom skin to look perfect, and while that’s hardly practical, it certainly explains why some girls(Perphi, for example) look stunning in a certain skin, while if I wore one from the same designer, I look like a hag. That’s not to say I’m a hag(I hope! lol), but there are different photorealistic skins that are much more flattering to my shape. So it’s just a search to find ones the fit you, or finding a skin you love and tweaking your shape. Many of the girls I see around and who look horrible dispite their 2 or 3kL$ skin simply have a shape and skin that don’t go together at ALL.

    I don’t think bland skins are the answer, though. ^_^ People want and seek out things that are familiar to them from rl, just because it’s a virtual world doesn’t mean we don’t want ground, sky, etc. More realistic avi’s are just an extension of that. People who don’t value that kind of thing don’t get them. ^_^

    Anyway, back to the point, way to go Perphi! :D

  8. Razzi Rockett

    Jun 30th, 2007

    Excellent layout, excellent content! I’ve had the pleasure of working side by side with Perphides in SL and have found not only that she has managed to come up with gorgeous set of pixels but that she possesses a delightful and knowledgeable personality, as well. About the photorealistic skin, I’m of the belief that she wears it well and her character seems to enhance rather than detract from the overall SL experience. We should all be so lucky as to hang with a sweet hottie rather than one with the nuanced ability to be negative about virtual glamour. HOO!

  9. Autumn Palen

    Jun 30th, 2007

    Ack, meant to include my name in my comment below Curtis’. :D

    And very much agrees with both Razzi’s and Tavasha’s points: Perphides is a gem and Marilyn captured that perfectly…

  10. Anonymous

    Jun 30th, 2007

    Love the paw prints :)

  11. Dragon37

    Jun 30th, 2007

    Outstanding layout that is sexy, thoughtful, and speaks of some of the SL issues of who we are and how we look. Excellent way to make a debut !!!!!

  12. Jonn Klees

    Jun 30th, 2007

    Perphides darlin you look gorgeous. Not only are you gorgeous but you are such a sweetheart as well. I have been lucky enough to have been blessed with knowing the wonderful woman that is you. Congratulations sweetie im very happy for you.

  13. CronoCloud Creeggan

    Jul 2nd, 2007

    I’m with Prokofy on this one, I don’t care for heavily photosourced skins at all, though the problem seems to affect faces less than bodies. Photo-realism doesn’t work well for clothing either IMHO, but there are many who would disagree with me on that.

  14. Slowhand Citylights

    Jul 2nd, 2007

    Amazing pictures, Perphides is very beautiful.
    She does a great job helping new players, a sweet and friendly person. I’m pleased to be freinds with her.
    Interesting and well written post!!

  15. Hug Yue

    Jul 2nd, 2007

    Wow! Perphs, I had no idea how luscious you are behind all that Barbie Doll clothing. Great work!

  16. Freddy

    Jul 3rd, 2007

    Photosourced skins are nasty looking, no offense. Of course the lighting doesn’t help. Why is the lighting so harsh in these photos? And what is with the cheesy backgrounds?

  17. Rock Bogdanovich

    Jul 3rd, 2007

    Well the avie doesn’t matter that much, even though i don’t see any reason to dislike it :P
    Perph is a lovely girl and i am happy to have her on my friends list

  18. Raith

    Jul 3rd, 2007

    Nice pictures. Although I wish someone would of posted if the article was Work Safe or now.

  19. Ava Fleming

    Jul 7th, 2007

    Hey Perphides, awesome pics!!! It’s great to see how far avatars have come since my shots in 2005. They keep getting more realistic and I love your poses. I think back in the day mine were good for 2005, but I’m becoming more realistic now too. Someday maybe I’ll get a chance to do a second photo session! I’d love to have a shoot done with and Kaylia! You girls are gorgeous. All the Post 6 girls are and I think we keep improving with time! Great job! Your even more beautiful in world! Keep up the great work!
    Ava Fleming
    Flemings Consultants, Inc :)

  20. Uma Troell

    Jul 31st, 2007

    Perph I think your pics are just lovely and your look is divine. You are a lucky girl to have such a “wonderful friend” as Kaylia helping you out. I always thought you guys made a great couple. Its hard to find a “real” connection in sl or in rl so if you find someone as wonderful as Kaylia…you should hold on tight and never let her go! Btw…I LOVE the paw prints..meow ;-)

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