Three Fashionistas in a Boat

by Pixeleen Mistral on 04/07/07 at 9:48 am

MO Islanders Swashbuckle the Fashion Industry

by Pink Oh, junior fashionista intern

Late yesterday – late, because 5pm SLT is quite, quite late in Europe – I had the special opportunity of attending the MO Island Fashion Show. Put on by MO Islanders Tenshi Vielle (senior SL Herald fashionista) and Marni Grut, they had quite a lineup – 20 designers. One was very special indeed, and I will get to that near the end of the article.

I should probably let all of you in on a little secret – I attend these types of shows for the freebie goodie bags, and this didn’t disappoint me at all. I actually had to scroll through the inventory list! It seemed every designer had contributed – and it even came packaged in a little pirate hat that could be worn.


The MO Island show has been making lots of noise over the past week [maybe put them on mute? - Editrix], and gained participation thanks to the imaginative build – a dock for the runway, and boats for seating! Each boat held three avatars.

The show attendees knew they were in for something big when Paper Couture – nearly all of the sisters – took over one of the boats for themselves. My fingers actually began to vibrate a little.


The show began with a wonderful little opening from Tenshi. “Welcome everyone, to the MO Island Fashion Show. Through the years, the rum-hearted have followed the second star to the right and gone straight on till morning. This is the hour just before sunrise, where the fashionable swashbucklers come out to play. Mobile Objective and Shopping Cart Discoare both extremely proud to sponsor this amazing show, organized and built with a lot of virtual blood and tears by Marni Grut and myself, Tenshi Vielle. We would also like to extend our extreme gratitude to the participating designers and our lovely, amazing models. Please make sure your world settings are on night and enjoy the scenery!

I’m afraid at this point SL began to rock the boat and I was constantly glitching out from attempting to take photographs, so I asked my friend Ana Lutetia if she would, please, take some photographs for me. She has, and I would like to take this time to attribute photo credit to her before I get on with the fashion!


One of the very first runway participants was Karamia, created by Kara Eagle and a new one to the catwalk. I enjoy her detailing and prim work – she is honestly one of the best new bloods I’ve seen recently. (The fashion world has taken a bit of a dive.)


Next out was Popfuzz, with a kinda cute (but, sorta odd) pirate themed outfit complete with gold skirt and gold shoes. The girl can build shoes! That’s a feat in itself. I know a lot of designers that whore out their prim work.


Mariya Nesitoe was honestly one of the most interesting and unique models of the evening – and she came out wearing Random with one of the most hideous hairs I’ve ever seen. With a show that has hair provided by Calla, I suppose one cannot expect anything less. Calla hair has a tendency to be poorly textured and stiff. If I were Marni and Tenshi, I definately would have picked ETD at the very least for hair. I mean, they got Paper Couture, so why would ETD be so hard?


Another new blood, Royal Blue made their debut with an absolutely fantastic tail coat and capris. The model is wearing a hat by Chapeau Tres Mignon – Megg Demina provided hats for all of the outfits that ran the catwalk.

I’m not sure how they swung this one, since Marni Grut is a virtual unknown in the fashion industry and Tenshi Vielle has a “reputation” for some reason, but the MO Islanders got to present THE PAPER COUTURE FALL LINE!

Please, a moment of silence for exhibiting Paper Couture and its greatness. Even if you don’t like their designs, you cannot put down its quality.




The show was also almost lost after Paper Couture came out. I was spying backstage at the time and I saw several people yelling at one of the coordinators for allowing the script to fail at the end – and then, miraculously, the show did not fizzle. It went out neatly, and we were all sent back to our respective SL homes for the evening.

You can find MO Island by opening your map in-world and simply typing “MO Island” in search.

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  1. Greta Garbo

    Jul 10th, 2007

    im i really being mean or am i just being exactly like all of you? and i spell just fine thanks You are welcome to kiss my ass tho

  2. Marni Grut

    Jul 11th, 2007

    In actual fact I was the sole Idea behind asking paper couture not tenshi. I approached then I talked to them so any comments about how you can ask someone who copies things should be aimed at me.

    I also did not realise about the hazy lines in there past few collections I’m still fairly new to SL.

    As for saying Tenshi is he queen bitch I’d like to correct you. Iv known her for somewhat of a short time but I can safely say she was possibly the most level headed back stage. She also one of the nicest people I’ve had dealings with.

    A lot of peoples comments about Tenshi seem to stem from the fact that its easy to be a hater. Its seems trendy to have an evil blogger. In fact by everyone singling her out you no better than the things she said about Sabrina.

    As for the closed of sim again I was really the one who pushed that idea and I’m willing to say I think the right people were there, yes it was a shame it wasn’t more of a public thing but the photos are all on ana lutias blog.

    (p.s. I know some smart shit out theirs going to correct my spellings so I’m going to jump to and saying it’s a really twatish thing to do to people and makes you look an ass)

  3. Harald Haas

    Jul 11th, 2007

    “It’s not suprising that it came as a shock and dissapointment to most people that they were doing this. Being upfront is on the bloody sign saying “inspired by,” “imitation of,” or “replica of.” That is really all many of us consumers want.” Luthe Brodie

    When a guy I know who makes cars puts out a Porsche in SL, he doesn’t put the logo on it but it is still easily recognizable. And yet no one gets freaked out. No one demands to have a sign up stating that this prim car was inspired by Porsche. What for? As a consumer I could care less whether or not it’s “inspired” by a real life item. If I like it, i’ll buy it and that’s all. I really think all the bitching and moaning people do about sl fashion only happens because people want to bitch and moan, and not for any other legitimate reason. No wonder so many people like Torrid Midnight hate it and have left the sl fashion scene completely.

  4. Anonymous

    Jul 11th, 2007

    Kudos to Luth! :D

  5. Hans Zinnemann

    Jul 8th, 2008

    Nice boats. Almost as nice as Zinnemann ones :o )

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