Here’s Pud in Yer Eye! Bukkake Bliss Serves up Buckets of Virtual Facials

by Urizenus Sklar on 02/08/07 at 7:41 pm

by Urizenus Sklar


Bukkake is a fetish, originating in Japan, in which dozens of men masturbate and ejaculate into the face of a woman. The fetish has since been popularized in the United States by a series of porn movies entitled American Bukkake, some of which have run into legal trouble according to the Wikipedia. American Bukake 7, 8, and 13 have all been considered “obscene” by the Justice Department and Federal Court. The fetish has also been criticized on the grounds that it is off-the-hook misogynistic (for obvious reasons).

I naturally wondered if Uri’s Law would hold in this case. You know, the law that “There is no Real Life fetish such that a virtual counterpart does not exist in Second Life.” I searched ‘bukkake’ and found the very popular Bukkake Bliss club at Nampo 67, 33, 516. Grizzly Mountain, the proprietor, was kind enough to grant me an interview, and the result is another Herald Instant Classic ™.

Below the fold is Not. Safe. For. Work. By any stretch of the imagination.

Bukkake Bliss proprietor, Grizzly Mountain

What is bukkake?

Urizenus: some of our readers won’t know what bukkake is, how do *you* prefer to describe it.
Grizzly Mountain: Hmmm… It’s a Japanese term. But in American terms, I’d call it the ultimate in pornographic facials
Urizenus: meaning many guys spurt on a woman?
Grizzly Mountain: Many many many
Urizenus: how many?
Grizzly Mountain: I think the minimum number to call something a bukkake is 10 guys and 1 girls. Less than ten is just a gang bang.
Urizenus: yes, how old fashioned that would be
Grizzly Mountain: I’ve gotten pretty jaded in the last year of SL
Urizenus: 10 or fewer is like a group hug


The scene at Bukkake Bliss

Urizenus: so when you do bukkake events here how many people can you get involved?
Grizzly Mountain: Oh… Lets see… The biggest setup I have is one girl in the middle of 12 guys
Urizenus: but you can rotate new guys into the circel, no?
Grizzly Mountain: Yes, you assume the guys will rotate in and out
Urizenus: Do you have events every night?
Grizzly Mountain: Well, I don’t really hold events, events just kind of happen
Grizzly Mountain: A girl will get in a certain mood and just go a little nuts
Urizenus: I see, and I see you have enough traffic so that things are always spurting here
Grizzly Mountain: Pretty much. It’s rare there are less than 15-20 people here

A pudding pad at Bukkake Bliss

The joy of bukkake

Urizenus: Well, why is bukkake fun — for you and all the others.
Grizzly Mountain: I’ve talked to a lot of guests about that.
Urizenus: do they give different answers?
Grizzly Mountain: For the guys is mostly a power thing.
Grizzly Mountain: Some girls like the idea of being the object of lust for a horde of men
Grizzly Mountain: Some girls talk about it being a kind of magic spell powered by lust
Urizenus: getting buckets of nut sprayed onto their faces?
Grizzly Mountain: Yeah, a kind of Gaia/Earth/ Pagan thing
Grizzly Mountain: Beltane on steroids
Urizenus: What’s beltane?
Grizzly Mountain: Beltane is the Pagan celebration of Spring. Usually a lot of nudity and outdoor cavorting
Urizenus: Oh yeah, I never get invited to those.
Grizzly Mountain: Me either, sadly
Grizzly Mountain: But mostly, I think the girls like the fantasy of being a complete slut without any of the nasty RL problems.

The misogyny of bukkake

Urizenus: So, listen, you know that some people complain about bukkake and say it is immoral… for example it has been argued that “bukkake is symbolic group rape, and its primary purpose is the humiliation, degradation and objectification of women.”
Grizzly Mountain: Actually, that was the original reason for it in Japan. It was a punishment. If a woman was convicted of something heinous, she was taken out and bukkaked. Then she’d commit suicide from shame
Urizenus: Soo isn’t that an argument that fetishizing it here is wrong?
Grizzly Mountain: If it was involuntary, I would agree. But none of my bukkake circles have any kind of restraint fantasy on them
Urizenus: OK, but what does this say about the guys doing the spurting — is it good to be feeding their need to dominate and humiliate women?
Grizzly Mountain: Hmmm. I think a little fantasy does a lot more good than harm. I don’t think SL is going to make anyone sane go on a rape rampage.
Urizenus: So you dismiss arguments that fantasizing about this here might fuel misogyny in real life.
Grizzly Mountain: I don’t think it’s going to change anyone’s basic personality. If someone is an asshole, nothing in SL can fix it. If someone is a nice person, SL won’t make them nasty.
Urizenus: It might not change it, could SL intensify it?
Grizzly Mountain: No. I think violent shooter games like Halo and Doom and such do a lot more to make people violent than bukkake.


The inevitable crackdown

Urizenus: As you know, Linden Lab has been cracking down on all sorts of activities from ageplay to gambling, are you worried that you might be their next target?
Grizzly Mountain: I’m assuming it will happen eventually. I ‘m not doing this for the money. I lose money actually. So if LL shuts it down, I won’t be all that bummed. You gotta understand, I started this as an experiment
Urizenus: Give the case for them not shutting you down. Why should they let you stay open?
Grizzly Mountain: Well… Considering that sex and porn are the driving force behind the internet in general and SL too, I think I do a pretty good job of keeping it friendly. When I started all the free sex clubs were nasty “crack den” places. It was all about being evil nasty and dangerous.
Urizenus: so this is classy bukkake?
Grizzly Mountain: Friendly. No one is demanding money. No one is being intimidating.


The experiment

Urizenus: you said you began this as an experiment. What kind of experiment? What questions were you investigating?
Grizzly Mountain: Like I said, all the places at the time were “Crack den” places. They looked like ghetto alleys. I wanted to see if I could make a popular sex place without escorts, camping, trash, etc
Grizzly Mountain: Someplace where you could experiment in a nice atmosphere.

Legal Issues

Urizenus: I was just looking at the wikipedia entry on bukkake, and it suggests there are legal issues about bukkake, or at least some of the American Bukkake movies…
Grizzly Mountain: I’m not familiar with those.
Urizenus: classics. Not that I’ve seen them.
Urizenus: Here is a quote: “On 31 May 2006, owners and distributors of the American company JM Productions were indicted for distribution of obscenity; one of the four named movies was American Bukkake 13 which the U.S. Department of Justice considers to be obscene.” Are you pretty confident that you won’t get some of anti-bukkake witch hunt coming after you? Do you worry about that?
Grizzly Mountain: The only harrasment I’ve ever gotten is from my neighbors because I was maxing out the sim
Urizenus: haha
Grizzly Mountain: I’m sure there are anti-bukkake protestors.

Advice for the curious

Urizenus: So if someone is curious and want to check out your place, do you have any advice for them on what they can expect and what they should do when they get here?
Grizzly Mountain: I should clarify, that the club isn’t JUST bukkake. Actually there is the broad range of human sexuality. But what you can expect… There is nothing involving pee or poo, there are no hug bondage setups. It’s a hedonistic atmosphere. You can expect a lot of people interacting. You will probably get hit on. You may not even participate.
Urizenus: I think I’ll pass, btw.
Grizzly Mountain: Yeah, I haven’t played here in about a year

The future of bukkake in SL

Urizenus: and is bukkake here to stay or is it a passing fetish?
Grizzly Mountain: When BB started no one, NO ONE, was doing bukkake. When BB got popular then EVERYONE started doing it. Eventually, someone else will come up with the next big idea and then everyone will do that and bukkake will disappear.


18 Responses to “Here’s Pud in Yer Eye! Bukkake Bliss Serves up Buckets of Virtual Facials”

  1. Soleil Cassady

    Aug 2nd, 2007

    Just for clarification here, the pagan celebration of Beltane has nothing to do with this sort of sexual act. Is there sexual activity? Yes, sometimes. But Beltane is a sacred recreation of the Goddess and Her Consort coming together to make life. The only thing a man will make with a woman by doing bukkake is a mess. ;-)

  2. mootykips

    Aug 2nd, 2007

    “Urizenus: So, listen, you know that some people complain about bukkake and say it is immoral… for example it has been argued that “bukkake is symbolic group rape, and its primary purpose is the humiliation, degradation and objectification of women.”
    Grizzly Mountain: Actually, that was the original reason for it in Japan. It was a punishment. If a woman was convicted of something heinous, she was taken out and bukkaked. Then she’d commit suicide from shame”

    lol this is complete bullshit.

  3. Bobby Troughton

    Aug 2nd, 2007

    I think mainly the lindens just wanted to come down on the kiddie porn. I’d doubt they’d police anything else, as everything else is consensual adults in SL, even the virtual “rape”. Then again, probably so were the age players. Eh, maybe it was just a PR thing, with people freaking out over unparented kids on MySpace and the rest of the net in the media, the Lindens didn’t want to seem lacking. Note all the crackdown started when that German media saw it.

    Not only that but long before the crackdown there was a bunch of people protesting ageplay in sl, even the people who did nonsexual age role-play hated sex age players. There doesn’t seem to be as much in-world protest or rl media coverage (that isn’t laughable) over virtual rape or beastiality or any other naughty thing. Most people seem to understand it’s consenual and those virtual animals have no feelings and aren’t real. :)

  4. Mr. Irwin

    Aug 2nd, 2007

    Bukkake was made so that Japanese pornographers could get around the censorship of genitalia, since semen isn’t censored there.

    Bukkake is a combination of several different Japanese words but litterally means, “to splash hard in victory.”

    The more you know!

  5. Second Lulz Vigilante

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    “No. I think violent shooter games like Halo and Doom and such do a lot more to make people violent than bukkake.”

    Somebody tell that faggot to stop talking shit on my violent shooter games. He sounds like Hillary-fucking-Clinton.

  6. Benjamin Duranske

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    Last 3… Bukkake, BDSM, and Pix’s boots.
    You guys are on *fire* since you got rid of the gadfly.

  7. Eric Rice

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    Did I just see the words ‘flexiCum’?

  8. Anonymous

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    Not safe for work below the fold?

    How about the title of the article?

    Uri needs hits I take it.

    Anyway, this is pretty important stuff!


  9. Loloz Oh

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    What a stupid story

  10. urizenus

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    Eric, it’s not just FlexiCum. It’s FlexiCum 4.1!

    SL just keeps getting better!

  11. N3X15

    Aug 3rd, 2007



  12. Kryss Wanweird

    Aug 3rd, 2007


  13. Zing

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    I swear the Herald has gone downhill, why do I even bother having an rss feed here. Sad, not even worth a spot on my homepage even way at the bottom.

  14. Brent Recreant

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    You can certainly see that the Quality of the Herald’s Stories after Prokofy being fired have gone way up!

  15. Pirate Cotton

    Aug 3rd, 2007

    SL Herald has gone downhill? Hmm, has anyone SEEN sl recently? I think the Herald reflects the world’s content pretty accurately!

  16. moses

    Aug 4th, 2007

    feh ! i think if some one will write a special report of nose picking you guys will probably post it. is this what happens when no news is happening ?

  17. Bailey Yifu

    Aug 4th, 2007

    I am trying to understand why there are so many people who complain about articles like this?

    If you don’t know anything (or much) about bukkake then this article is a great primer, so when you do run into some type of bukkake play in Second Life then you have some basic information to help you understand what is going on. Articles like this also promote acceptance of other peoples activities / fetishes and gives people an insight into why this particular fetish can be appealing to some people.

    Although i read this article knowing quite a bit about bukkake, I did learn some things and I found the interview both entertaining and educational.

    What did annoy me is instead of the comments section being used for discussion about the article and getting other peoples opinions, I instead had to read people bagging the herald / this article. Seriously, when you read the title, what did you expect it to be about?

  18. archie lukas

    Aug 10th, 2007

    Once again the Americans think they hold the patent on sexuality.

    Look Europe and Japan have more lenient lifestyles and where did the yanks emigrate from?

    Chill a little my children.

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