New Game – Sentinel 2.0

by onder on 12/08/07 at 3:19 pm

by Onder Skall

I’ve received an urgent transmission and need your help! Beware the pink pony-tailed menace!

BEGIN TRANSMISSION 1 (07.31.07). S.O.S. – S.O.S. – IBMCODESTATION is breached. Infiltrator appears to be horrible pink beastwith devastating pony-tails. Our defender, SENTINEL, is defeated –broken in four and scattered across Second Life. [See attached movie.]You are our last hope. Find the four parts and rebuild SENTINEL. Theblack boxes will lead the way. Prizes and glory await all those whocomplete the challenge… END TRANSMISSION 1 (07.31.07).


The basic idea is that, scattered around Second Life, there are fourpeices of the Sentinel. Eventually, when you get all four, you can wearthem and you’ll BE the Sentinel and get to participate in a kick-assdrag-out fight with the Infiltrator. Each bit gets released on aschedule:

  • Black Box 1 (Arms) – Tuesday, July 31
  • Black Box 2 (Body) – Tuesday, August 13
  • Black Box 3 (Legs) – Tuesday, August 27
  • Black Box 4 (Head) – Wednesday, September 12

Not a bad way to keep people coming back to the sim, don’t you think? Here’s a link to the official IBM page on it:

Getting started is really easy. When you first get to the buildyou’re treated to the above video and a kind of scoreboard that tellsyou who the latest participants are. You also get to pick up a copy ofthe first “black box” that should lead you to picking up the Sentinel’sarms. When rezzed, this is what you get:

IBM CodeStation - black box number one

Click on it, and you get a landmark. Next thing you know, you’re in MTV’s Laguna Beach build!

IBM CodeStation - Laguna Beach

Up until now I had thought that MTV’s Laguna Beach was all about abuild using Makena’s technology, but I guess they have a sim in SecondLife too. It’s gorgeous, as all Electric Sheep things tend to be. (Nothey didn’t pay me to say that and I’m in no way affiliated.) I didn’treally look around all that much because I didn’t have to: directly infront of the TP was a little sign. One arrow pointed to where the armswere, and the other direction pointed at this SCUBA gear you can pickup for free.

Now, I admit, I figured I could get away without the extra gear. Ihad a meeting coming up and didn’t want to mess up my hair. So I justheaded over to the buoy in the water and right away I could see thearms floating underneath it. Hunh, neat shark decoration…

IBM CodeStation - shark

AAaaah! Not decoration! Not decoration!

Alright… I’ll come back and figure out what the trick is after I get my arm re-attached.

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