Hey Girlfriend! – Avatar Of The Month Calendar Contest

by tenshi on 06/09/07 at 10:14 pm

Baby unicorns, furries, neko, robots, elves, gorean slaves, drow, and human girls will compete to be avatar of the month

Monday night was the kickoff for the 12avatars.com contest – where a printed calendar will feature a sexy female avatar for every month. Founder Monkeyface Wooget and Fallon Winnfield arrived by helicopter – no, I’m not joking – along with Callie Cline’s entourage.

Arriving by helicopter… just like RL celebrities! Wait… where’s Brangelina?

The whole concept seemed a bit new and exciting to me, so after hanging around the party for a while I grabbed an interview with co-founder Fallon Winnfield the next morning.

Ally Geer, Bianca Darling and Callie Cline

[9:53]  12AVATARS.COM whispers: Welcome to the 12AVATARS.COM Contest Area.  Enter to compete for the top two winning spots in the first-ever printed calendar of Second Life’s hottest avatars. With stunning women from cover to cover, it showcases the heights of virtual world beauty and fashion.  Interact with our official contest kiosk today!
[9:53]  You: Where is your partner at?
[9:53]  Fallon Winnfield: He’s actually flying out to meet a client
[9:53]  Fallon Winnfield: So he won’t be here
[9:53]  You: Ah, okay. :)
[9:53]  Fallon Winnfield: Sorry . . .
[9:53]  You: It’s okay!
[9:54]  You: Maybe you can give me the full rundown on 12 avatars then… the concept, initial formation, etc.
[9:54]  Fallon Winnfield: I can try . . . .
[9:54]  You: Also who you will be using to print the calendar, etc.
[9:54]  Fallon Winnfield: It was Apollo Interactive’s idea . . . they came to us with the concept of doing a *printed* calendar.
[9:54]  Fallon Winnfield: Giving all the proceeds back to the people who distribute it.
[9:55]  Fallon Winnfield: And with a percentage going to a RL charity of the person’s choosing.
[9:55]  Fallon Winnfield: That was the beginning of the idea.
[9:56]  Fallon Winnfield: Nathan came up with the very cool pose-booth kiosk, and we’re going to be using a voting system similar to what we developed for ING’s Virtual Cha Lounge.
[9:56]  Fallon Winnfield: Those are the nuts and bolts.

I had to sneak a little closer to the HOTTTTT champagne vendor

[9:56]  You: Yeah, those pose kiosks are amazing.
[9:56]  You: Oh, you did the ING sim?
[9:57]  Fallon Winnfield: Yeah, I can see us doing some more things with them.
[9:57]  Fallon Winnfield: We didn’t do ING–just ING Asia Pacific.
[9:57]  Fallon Winnfield: ING is Rivers Run Red.
[9:57]  You: Ah. (news to me.)
[9:57]  Fallon Winnfield: I can’t go into huge detail about the distribution ideas we have for the calendar.
[9:57]  Fallon Winnfield: But they will include RL appearances.
[9:58]  You: RL appearences of the people behind the avatars? :O
[9:58]  Fallon Winnfield: And a way to make sure everyone who distributes the *free* virtual version will benefit from sales of the RL one.
[9:58]  Fallon Winnfield: RL appearances of some of the avs, yes.
[9:58]  You: That should be interesting.
[9:59]  Fallon Winnfield: Yes, I think it will be.
[9:59]  You: It’s been long known that a lot of people’s avatars look nothing like their RL selfs.

TheDiva Rockin and Tenshi hit a pose or two on the red carpet. (Who am I kidding? The red prim.)

[9:59]  Fallon Winnfield: Yes, we’re aware of that.
[9:59]  You: Will you require submission of RL photos from the winners then?
[9:59]  Fallon Winnfield: No, not at all.
[9:59]  Fallon Winnfield: Unless they want to.
[9:59]  You: Ah… ok.
[10:00]  Fallon Winnfield: The idea is virtual beauty . . . which, I guess really is talent . . . creating your avatar.
[10:00]  Fallon Winnfield: Hopefully we can extend this next year.
[10:00]  You: I look forward to seeing the winners – chosen by the people who vote, correct?
[10:01]  Fallon Winnfield: Yes, that’s the idea.
[10:01]  Fallon Winnfield: It should be interesting to see how many submissions we get.
[10:01]  Fallon Winnfield: This may be a big gallery.
[10:01]  You: how many do you have thus far?
[10:01]  Fallon Winnfield: I think in the range of 50 right now.
[10:02]  You: Yes, that should be a rather large gallery. It will be in-world, then?
[10:02]  Fallon Winnfield: Yes, it will be right here.
[10:02]  Fallon Winnfield: Voting only by people in-world.
[10:03]  Fallon Winnfield: We considered web voting, but thought it would be more fair to residents to limit it to SL.

The awesome kiosk you can take photos in for your entry

[10:03]  Fallon Winnfield: We’ve had a couple of people register just so they can vote.
[10:03]  You: Budweiser had a glitch in their voting system that allowed people to click however times they wanted for a maximum number of votes per contestant.
[10:04]  Fallon Winnfield: Hmm, I hadn’t heard of that.
[10:04]  You: That was on a website though.
[10:04]  Fallon Winnfield: The voting system we’re using writes out to a web DB, and it verifies against unique avatar names. One av = one vote.
[10:04]  Fallon Winnfield: As far as we know, it’s working well in ING.
[10:05]  You: Will you be displaying the number of votes per avatar in some manner, or will it be unknown until the contest is over?
[10:05]  Fallon Winnfield: Yes, the number of votes is visible at all times.
[10:06]  You: What is your end goal for this project?
[10:06]  Fallon Winnfield: Actually, two.
[10:06]  Fallon Winnfield: One is to just have some fun–there’s so much serious stuff we work in, this is a nice change.
[10:07]  Fallon Winnfield: The second is to hopefully find ways to stimulate in-world commerce–and reward the participants.
[10:07]  Fallon Winnfield: We’ll see how that goes when we have calendars to distribute.
[10:07]  You: Is being in the calendar the only prize, or do you have other things set up as well?
[10:07]  Fallon Winnfield: Being in the calendar is the main prize, there are some L$ and other prizes as well.
[10:08]  Fallon Winnfield: The people who distribute the SL calendar should be the ones who benefit most.
[10:08]  Fallon Winnfield: I’ll be able to talk in more detail about this as we get the tech worked out, and have something to distribute.
[10:08]  You: Okay. One last question… how do you think people will react to purchasing the calendar? A lot of people in Second Life go to great lengths to keep their RL and SL separate. Do you think this will affect that?
[10:09]  Fallon Winnfield: I think it’s a choice–people can enjoy the avatars like any other virtual representation of beauty.
[10:10]  Fallon Winnfield: But there’s no overt link to RL beyond the printed piece–we’re not asking for details about their real lives.
[10:10]  You: Alright. :) I think I’m good to go… is there anything you want to add that I may have missed?
[10:11]  Fallon Winnfield: I think you covered it . . . thanks for all the great questions . . . sorry to be so shrouded on the actual distribution . . . maybe we’ll talk about that soon.
[10:11]  You: Thanks!

You can’t blame the guy for being a bit vague – in SL, copybot is rampant in the hearts of thousands!

Visit 12avatars.com on their website, or hit them up in-world for more information.

18 Responses to “Hey Girlfriend! – Avatar Of The Month Calendar Contest”

  1. Tenshi Vielle

    Sep 6th, 2007

    Awww, damnit Pix…

  2. Luca V

    Sep 7th, 2007

    These are calendar judges?


    I appreciate that different people have different fashion senses in SL, but that’s just… well… ugly. These people show up looking like the back end of a red light district, set up a calendar competition… and get an article?!

    Whatever, I’ll stick to what I like.

  3. Observer

    Sep 7th, 2007

    Oh look…Callie Cline’s promoting herself again. Let’s see….she does what in SL again?

  4. Jessica Holyoke

    Sep 7th, 2007

    As far as Callie goes, between Maxim and the Pontiac ads, could Callie be a newer public face of SL in the manner of “Sex Sells?” On that same note, what would Robin Linden’s calendar spread look like? Maybe she should get March, seeing as its women’s history month in the US.

    Although seriously, it could be interesting to see a calendar of accomplished women on SL competing with this calendar.
    I’m not even sure who I would pick for all 12 spots. But who are the women you would pick for accomplished women on SL? I would at least nominate Sarah Nerd, Ansche Chung, Tateru Nino and Robin Linden.

    (And before anyone says anything, yes, I thought about whether or not Prokofy is an accomplished woman on SL. Considering Prokofy is a male, then I would say Prokofy would not want to be nominated for such a list. Otherwise I would nominate Prokofy’s typist for the list.)

    Does anyone want to see a Herald Women of SL contest, with the criteria being what you accomplished and not what you look like?

  5. Tenshi Vielle

    Sep 7th, 2007

    Luca, if you had read the damn article… you would notice that the calendar winners are chosen by the residents of SL, not any one group of people. :) Thanks!! Have fun at work today schnookums!

  6. Ali

    Sep 7th, 2007

    Real life apearances of the people behind the avatars…yeah that’s gona sell some calendars :D ;)

  7. marilyn murphy

    Sep 7th, 2007

    im interested to see the 14 yr old boy typist behind the runner up myself. a well thought out idea. i hope it goes well.

  8. Artemis Fate

    Sep 7th, 2007

    “Although seriously, it could be interesting to see a calendar of accomplished women on SL competing with this calendar.
    I’m not even sure who I would pick for all 12 spots. But who are the women you would pick for accomplished women on SL? I would at least nominate Sarah Nerd, Ansche Chung, Tateru Nino and Robin Linden.”

    Well from the looks of things, it seems to be on a submission basis. Which means the only people who are going to be in it are the people who feel the need to enter something like this. So it’s going to be probably something like:

    January – SexyGurl69 Bimbo escort and stripper at TITTIEZZZZZZ CLUB, 5 foot 7 blonde, white and tanned w/ big breasts
    February – 2hot4u Hoochie escort and stripper at BREASTZZZZZZ CLUB 5 foot 9 blonde, white and tanned w/ large breasts
    March – Sexball Sally, escort and stripper at CHESTICLEZZZ CLUB 5 foot 10 blonde, white and tanned w/ huge breasts
    April – luvz2fukk Hooker, escort and stripper at DIRTYBAGZZZZ CLUB 5 foot 9 blonde, white and tanned w/ giant breasts
    May – hottmodel244 Jezebel, escort and stripper at BOOBIEZZZ CLUB 5 foot 8 blonde, white and tanned w/ DD breasts

    and so on and so on and so on, maybe with Callie Cline in there at some point too.

    At least you’ll have the names of the month so you can tell the difference between what page you’re on in the calender.

  9. Shadow

    Sep 8th, 2007

    Wow. Was it just me, or were those avatars distinctly un-hot?

    I guess I’d like to see more originality and “I scanned this!” from Second Life fashion.

  10. anon

    Sep 8th, 2007

    “Wait… where’s Brangelina?”

    No, not funny. Like, at all. Knock it off.

  11. Tenshi Vielle

    Sep 8th, 2007

    I’m completely perplexed by the above commenter. Is there an anti-Brangelina campaign I don’t know about?

  12. Orange Montagne

    Sep 8th, 2007

    Another fake “first” claim – embarrassing.
    Claims still not corrected or retracted.
    Looks like they specialize in stolen ideas – no respect – and no clue.
    Sorry, have to tell it like it is.

  13. Bingmink

    Sep 12th, 2007

    I talk to the wind…

    “Posted by: Luca V | September 07, 2007 at 04:28 AM
    Oh look…Callie Cline’s promoting herself again. Let’s see….she does what in SL again?”

    You certainly know what she does in SL. What a self-righteous tone and pompous attitude. Pity!
    I thought such things never happened in SL and that it was a world of fun, freedom and understanding. Sad!
    But I’ll give you some hints anyway (and thus enlighten others who pretend to be “not aware”).
    Callie Cline is one the most prominent fashion brands and personalities in SL. And she is a hundred percent SL personality who has become a celebrity in RL. In fact thats how I got curious about SL!
    SL should be about tolerance… I think she should be supported for her success that she has built in-life. And has been able to carry it out to RL. And it was Maxim readers chose her! But you already know all that!

    “Posted by: Observer | September 07, 2007 at 08:44 AM
    As far as Callie goes, between Maxim and the Pontiac ads, could Callie be a newer public face of SL in the manner of “Sex Sells?” On that same note, what would Robin Linden’s calendar spread look like? Maybe she should get March, seeing as its women’s history month in the US.”
    If you take the virtual world so seriously why are you there? Why don’t you exist outside it? Why don’t you do something about the wars, the injustice going on… Easy to sit and criticize and write… Why don’t you come over and live where I live…
    I’ll bet you have no idea what 8th of March is about. What it means to not only women in the US but also to the women of the world… Or you would not talk about these people in such a condescending manner.

    My answer to these “much ado about nothing” comments is of sheer disappointment and my answer is:
    “Im on the outside looking inside
    What do I see
    Much confusion, disillusion
    All around me…”
    I also congratulate the Avastar for this fun project… The name of the competition is by the way “Women of Second Life Calendar Contest” and The Avastar invites “Second Life’s most stunning women to showcase the heights of virtual world beauty and fashion”. And anyone meeting this criteria can participate!
    Freedom of choice and expression… Yes, but it also means not tearing those people to pieces because they have made their choices!

  14. anon

    Sep 12th, 2007

    No Tenshi, it was just so rediculously unfunny that I grew very, very angry.

  15. Tenshi Vielle

    Sep 13th, 2007

    Really? That bad? Wow. I must be losing my touch. :( I’ll think of something better.

  16. Tillie Ariantho

    Sep 17th, 2007

    Did this event ever got published elsewhere? I’d really like to participate in events like this if I only knew of them. And I can’t just read all the SL newspapers in hope to maybe find something about an event I’d like.

    Remember the hair expo this year? You just couldn’t miss it. It was announced in groups, there were posters in many shops. You must have been blind to not see this event happening.

    If you really want to get the best for a calendar, spread info. Wide.

    Thank you.


  17. marilyn murphy

    Sep 20th, 2007

    ahem. i have been contacted by several acquaintances and a couple of friends to dash over and vote for them in this “contest”. i truly think, that any time an open contest is held, it boils down to who has the most friends. or some name recognition maybe.
    gather 7 friends and go around to various clubs arriving 15 min before the contest closes and have one enter and all vote for her. you win.
    for years these open contests have been gamed. so your winner will be the person who has worked within the rules and rigged things in their favor.
    this is not about avatar beauty or skill at all.

  18. Dekos Masala

    Oct 8th, 2007

    i sincerely believe that Tillie Ariantho is right about the voting system,but there´s nothing we can do about it,i myself got a lotta times tp-d to go vote on ladies that i know.i´m sure people even created alter accounts to get extra voting,i heard people saying in general chat that they didnt have more alters or others to call and come vote for the person.so yes,this was mainly one of those “let me get my people here to vote on me” contest.
    still,some pretty ones made-it,in fact i think i know some avatars that can really kick-ass near some of the winners,if not,check Innika Ferraris,or Miranda Shepherd,Rona Robertson and a whole lot more ladies that i know look so much better than 90% of the winners.and excuse-me,i havent seen those RL pics on the contest…wasnt-it for avies?

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