Life 2.0 Summit Receives Royal Reproach

by Pixeleen Mistral on 22/09/07 at 3:18 pm

Unexplained avatar bans draw imperial frown

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Gse_multipart61478The Dr Dobbs Life 2.0 fall summit concluded yesterday, but was marred by what may become an international incident – Princess Manqo of Yaximixche’s expression of pleasure at meeting virtual world experts is mixed with strongly worded warnings to event organizers about how to treat royalty – and commoners – if the goal of the meeting is a positive experience.

We learned of the royal displeasure in a press release from the Royal Press office of Yaximixche in which her royal highness Princess Manqo expresses delight in learning more of virtual worlds from experts such as Xconomy, Acceleration Studies Foundation (Ogoglio, Photosynth), Forterra Systems, SLBrowser, Gridocity, Linden Lab, Electric Sheep, Code4 Software, Sun Microsystems, Clear Ink, Eolus, Involve, ESC, AWA, IBM, libSecondLife, Croquet Consortium (Croquet video), Maya Realities, Borland Codegear, Tateru Nino, Multiverse, Pixeltrix, Questar, Intel, and Weather Channel.

However, the Princess also expressed grave concern at the organization of Dr. Dobbs/CMP’s event, saying the organizers were “more concerned in pleasing their sponsors marketing objectives rather than being good hosts by creating a unforgettable experience for visitors and potential customers. Some attendees had to use alternative avatars in order to continue in this event as the committee decided unilaterally that some questions or behaviours were not appropriate. Additionally, the committee did not provide any justification of avatar ban cases or simply they refuse replying to any request for explanation.”

The Herald was shocked to learn that the Princess was asked by event organizers to refrain from wearing her own environment awareness non-for-profit tag because they felt “she was selling”. This amazingly cheeky behavior is simply not how one treats royalty. The Herald calls on both Dr Dobbs and the Life 2.0 event organizers to issue an apology to the princess – lest an international inter-world conflict erupt. Metaverse wars have started over less.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the princess, her press office provides this background

The Princess of Yaximixche a European, Mayan and Inca Princess, has inherited her title from ancestors who were kings and queens from three geographic areas candidates to be the New World Wonders. The word of Yax-imix-che is in memory of the Mayan World, her name Manqo Qhapaq Inca has origins in the Inca Empire, and the royal status as “Her Royal Highness” is in recognition to the European nations grandeur. Her Mayan lineage was intertwined with Inca blood around 1519 during the Spanish visit to America. As a result her family was hidden within the Amazon Rainforest. After this, her family lived in exile in Europe and one of the females of her family married an European King. HRH Princess Manqo lost her last relatives at a tender age of 3 years and had grown up as an intelligent, sensible, and mature young lady who cares about others and the future of the planet. She has been educated in different subjects and in prestigious institutions worldwide.

The Yaximixche Royal press site notes that Princess Manqo is currently engaged in camping on chairs at the Alicia Stella Design Mall in Second Life to earn money for covering her personal expenses (skin, classic animations, and daily dresses).

3 Responses to “Life 2.0 Summit Receives Royal Reproach”

  1. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Sep 22nd, 2007

    I can’t wait to throw melons at royalty.

  2. urizenus

    Sep 22nd, 2007

    Just. Shocking.

  3. Prince Farquar

    Sep 22nd, 2007

    Who is this darling princess – I must meet her immediately!

    Father has been troubled that our royal seed has found no worthy vessel as of late and the pressure is on yours truly to carry on his glorified lineage.

    A royal carriage shall be arranged whereby I shall convey her royal yoni to the highest realms of eros. The prerequisite ritual of the glass slipper will of course be the final determining factor if she is to produce the next male heir to the throne, but while that determination is considered we shall engage in various sessions of enthusiastic communions of carnal recreations.

    Negotiations shall take place in the meantime, whereas a dowry of one Dancing Cow, three Xcite Poseballs of various order, a Linden Certified Starax sculpture of seventy-nine prims or less, Twelve and a half hectare of land and L$300,000,000.00 shall be arranged payable to me by her congregation of devotees and shall be considered a non-refundable deposit.

    For, you see, you must know how to treat royalty if you want to screw them in the backseat of your limo (it’s a Rolls-Royce ladies).

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