Dreamland Accuses LL of Aiding & Abetting Griefers!!!

by Pixeleen Mistral on 13/11/07 at 8:46 am

Class action lawsuits or direct e-mail to Philip Linden may be our only hope

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk


Anshe Chung’s Dreamland virtual land business today advocated “a massive outpouring of disgust against this apathy or a class action lawsuit” in attempt to motivate the Lindens to do something to protect their virtual paradise from “abusive racial, ethnic and gender attacks against everyone in second life”. These strong words came in a group notice sent by Dreamland honcho Master Quatro to Dreamland’s customers.

Like many other landowners in Second Life, Dreamland’s virtual land business appears to be in some pain after as long series of PN griefings, culminating in a number of attacks over the weekend. How much pain the land baroness is feeling is apparent Master Quatro incendiary note.

In the message, Master Quatro advocates direct appeals to top lab staff – including the game god himself – Philip Linden. Strangely Robin Linden was not included in Master Quatro’s list – does he know something we don’t? With the current abuse report mechanism widely believed to be ineffective, and a strangely silent Lab, resident frustration is likely to increase further. Whether the Lab cares or not is another question altogether.

The full text of the Master Quatro’s notice is after the jump


Group Notice From: Master Quatro

Please file abuse reports and send EMail to philip@lindenlab.com with copy to jeska@lindenlab.com

Linden Lab refuses to deal effectively with griefers, allowing them to launch abusive racial, ethnic and gender attacks against everyone in second life. Only a massive outpouring of disgust against this apathy or a class action lawsuit will convince philip rosedale to help us. Estate owners need better tools to deal with these disgusting people who cause this harm with the full aid and abettment of Lindens

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  1. d3adlyc0d3c

    Nov 16th, 2007

    “All you PN/b/tard twips are my lulz, watching you prove everything I say without even realizing you are.”

    lulz, did you really think we’d let you have the last word just because you said that? We already know thats not true, if we were your lulz then you wouldn’t be all butthurt posting here in the first place. Anyway I’m going to go ahead and clear up a few of your misconceptions. I crashed the ENTIRE SL grid single handedly, twice. I think Relic may have done it once also. Lindens have never banned me or any other PN in 5 minutes, it usually takes closer to 2 hrs. Also in all of my griefing I have only run into JLUfags once in waterhead and I covered them with a giant mountain of self replicating penises, took pictures and even posted a link in the comments of an article on SLH. Wishful thinking on your part. Oh and I almost forgot:

  2. Anonymous

    Nov 17th, 2007

    SL is a game.

    “Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interactivity.”

    GOAL: Cybersex, making moolah to buy shit, meeting people, or trolling
    CHALLENGES: Making money, lag, shitty economy, trolls
    INTERACTIVITY: You can build shit and have cybersex.

  3. Rape-Ape

    Nov 17th, 2007

    @Witness X

    You obviously don’t know how crashing the grid works. It’s not about crashing the individual sims.

  4. Ava Cartier

    Nov 17th, 2007

    “runs under a game engine”

    Actually, I think it might run ON a game engine.

  5. Ava Cartier

    Nov 17th, 2007

    “I love watching kids try to outwit each other while making complete jackasses of themselves.”

    That’s what makes them kids. :D

  6. Penis =/= Comedy

    Nov 17th, 2007

    u no, if u guyz wud spend moar tiem w0rkin on can has bilding tiemz, and les tiem dicking (BAAAAAAAAAW) arond, u mieght jus maekz som moneyz or who noez, mebbe do sumthing worthweil w ur liefz

    There are some seriously creative, imaginative, and innovative people in SL. I know it must be hard for you, seeing an online community becoming popular, and its creators making more and more money while you’re stuck jerking each other off and making dick, fart, and poop jokes. So what do you do? You start attacking the people higher up on the internet food chain than you. And that includes the furries.

    There was some social theory, by somebody smarter than me, that states that the fringe groups, the outsiders, will all struggle and fight to avoid being at the very bottom. And that’s you. You’re the very bottom. *That* is why you hate the furries. Because they’re slightly more accepted by the general public than you are, and they fuck sweaty, fat, hairy people dressed like sports team mascots and kids cartoon-show characters.


  7. Anon

    Nov 17th, 2007


    Pix or it didnt happen

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