Snooker Whiteberry- Post 6 Grrrrl

by justine on 16/11/07 at 7:09 pm

[Note from Justine- I was blogging about an outfit one day, which means my avie was just standing around in a store, when Snooker Whiteberry walked up and introduced herself. We've been shopping pals ever since. Snooker has a great sense of style and a great sense of humor and as always I hope my pictures do her justice].


My real life boyfriend is a Second Life addict, and that’s why I’m here. I’m not a gamer, and for over a year I wouldn’t touch this place with a ten foot pole no matter how many times he asked, but then my job moved me a couple of states away and I gave in and gave it a try. I’m not entirely sold on the place, but it’s a nice way to stay in touch.  I like Second Life for that.

The one thing I really like is the shopping. I’ve only been here a couple of months but I have already amassed a wardrobe of clothes, skins and hair I just love. I know that all of the Post 6 Grrrls say that, but with me it’s different. I see a nice skin or a well drawn blouse as a little piece of digital art. My avatar is like a gallery I can use to show off the works I like best. Lucky me that my boyfriend is happy to support my shopping habit. (/me waves to him from the page!)


I try to create different looks, combinations of skins and hair and shapes that go well. I know a lot of people stick to one look and wear it all the time, or like Dwight Shrute try to make their avatar as much like their real selves as possible, but I prefer to play Barbie with my avatar, only better, because it’s like I have ALL the Barbies, and can adjust my shape to make even more. I really hope you like the different looks here. Justine was a big help in getting them together and I want to thank her for it.


Before she would let me pose, Justine made me come here and read The SL Herald for a couple of weeks to see what I was getting into. I’m not nervous yet, but I’m sure I will be when I look at my screen Saturday morning and see myself up there. If nothing else its been great to read your blog here, and to hang out with Justine. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving.

6 Responses to “Snooker Whiteberry- Post 6 Grrrrl”

  1. Angel

    Nov 16th, 2007

    More cawk. Less pusseh.

  2. marilyn murphy

    Nov 17th, 2007

    fabulous! you look marvelous. bravo!

  3. Nina A

    Nov 17th, 2007

    Nice to see someone featured with a normal, healthy attitude to SL who sees it for what it is and enjoys it. You look great and I hope you continue to have fun.

  4. 19 year old virgin

    Nov 17th, 2007

    backgrounds are shite.

  5. SDFoxChick

    Nov 21st, 2007

    Any chance you know anyone in San Diego that is an avid Second Lifer? I’m working on a story for a local news station…

  6. Archie Lukas

    Nov 23rd, 2007

    Not too shabby at all.

    However the 2 nd photo is out of context -why bring a vertical corpse into a decent photo shoot? Thats just wrong.

    Photos 1 & 2, pretty good on the whole.

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