Bells Semyorka – Post 6 Grrrrl

by justine on 29/12/07 at 4:30 pm

[Note from Justine- Bells Semyorka IM'd me weeks ago about being a Post 6 Grrrl. I got to meet her and take these pictures, and THEN I realized the she is the writer behind the This Girls Second Life blog. Bells is a great person and, as you can see, a gorgeous avie. I hope my pictures do her justice!]

   Hello Sweethearts, My name is Bells Semyorka, I am 25 Years old and am from the Lone Star State, Texas. ; ) I first want to say I am very excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to become a post 6 Grrrrl. I have been a fan for a long time, and I finally worked up the courage to ask Justine if I could pose. ( I tend to be on the shy side at times) I have been playing Second Life since Nov of 2006, and seeing as how my rezz day just passed, I can officially say with pride that I am no longer a Noob!  I believe everyone should be treated with kindness and respect even when they don’t deserve it.


For me Second Life is about learning,and new experiences. I try to enrich my second life by participating in as many activities as can handle. I am a Jack of all trades, and a master of none. I own a little store, Bells Boutique: Clothing that wont break your budget; and I also blog, This Girls Second Life.  I am a Mentor and have been known to hang out at help island volunteering to the newbies masses. (Oh yeah, I have the T-shirt and emotional scars that proves it. LOL )

   When I first started SL I found a job working at a club as a dancer. the club had a no nudity rule, so even a shy girl like me felt comfortable there. I have tried my hand at running my own club, but quite frankly I don’t have the patience or time to properly commit myself. I learned the hard way its not as easy as some have made it seem. The one skill I learned for my Club experience was Djing, and that I am always willing do. I am no where near an expert in SL and I never claim that I will be. I will try to go out of my way to help anyone out and I will always attempt to learn something new.


When I am not busy I spend my time making new friends, exploring sims and it goes without saying Shopping. I also spend time  at Kindly State University, where I role play as a college student. I have to admit I am not very good at role playing, but I certainly give it my best shot. My two closest friends in SL, Frankie Palliard, and The Princess Parisi are my partners in crime. They know me best and have the most blackmail information on me. LOL, I love you guys, :) I am taken by Frankie, a total sweetie and hottie. (blows kisses) He is the only guy in SL ever to have my heart.


Feel free to IM and say Hello, I hope you like the Pics. I know the criticism from the group can be brutal at times, but what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. Thanks Again for reading, Bells MUHA!

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  1. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Dec 29th, 2007

    I’m super impressed by your ability to play SL and equip your avatar with a five-dollar skin from SL Exchange. What a stunningly beautiful woman you must be. Let’s pretend to have sex with eachother.

  2. Penny Sautereau

    Dec 29th, 2007

    Very lovely. First Asian avie I’ve seen that actually looks Asian.

  3. Stone Culdesac

    Dec 29th, 2007

    Bells Semyorka – Latest Post 6 Girl

    I just saw the latest post 6 girl from Second Life Herald, Bells Semyorka, and let me just say, she is HOT!

    A little poem about her from her blog:
    When youre walkin down the street
    And a man tries to get your business
    And the people that…

  4. Razrcut Brooks

    Dec 29th, 2007

    Nice avatar…however the age of the avatar concerns me as it appears to be around 15 yrs old.I am not criticizing you as a person at all. In fact, I liked your blog and Im sure you have no ill intentions. However, these pics to me border on child pornography and I would hesitate to to hang out with someone who appears so young.Unfortunately, perception is reality and I would shy away from any appearance of pedophilia. Again, this is only one man’s opinion and others may disagree.

    The narrative of yourself was clear and well-written – a welcome change from some past GRRRLS.

    The other issue I have is that you are from Texas….. GO SOONERS!!! :)

  5. Maniko Manamiko

    Dec 29th, 2007

    She seems very lovely and that avie looks lealy cute:)

  6. milev

    Dec 29th, 2007

    bring back the freaks.

  7. Ginthian Source

    Dec 29th, 2007

    Bells is a beautiful person and an amazing woman. I have known her since her first week in SL and she has indeed come a long way. Took this long for me to finally see her naked…LOL

  8. Someone

    Dec 30th, 2007

    Very cute. Better than most avs I see usually.

  9. Yoko

    Dec 30th, 2007

    I have always wanted to know how you become a Post 6 Grrrrl

  10. Frankie Palliard

    Dec 30th, 2007

    Bells is really a wonderful,pleasant and funny person (believe me,i know her) and really a nice-looking avatar:honestly i never thought her av looks like a child one (and i have seen her lots of times),but instead i appreciate her natural look,different from that of the many tramps walking in the streets of SL.

    Anyway,congratulations sweetie,i am very happy to see u have become a post 6 grrrrl :) )

  11. Razrcut Brooks

    Dec 30th, 2007

    I also appreciate the natural, clean look. My point was that in these photos, she appears way too young. Thats all.

  12. Joannah Cramer

    Dec 30th, 2007

    “Nice avatar…however the age of the avatar concerns me as it appears to be around 15 yrs old.”

    Just take deep breath and rememember there’s reason why breast size scale starts from A and goes through B and C before it reaches common SL dimensions. And on side note perception is *not* reality, especially when that perception happens to be completely warped by stereotypes and media pressure.

  13. Anonymous

    Dec 31st, 2007

    most asians “suffer” from a youthful experience.

    I’d think she was 18 by looking at this. stfu and stop the witch hunting.

  14. Meso Hawny

    Dec 31st, 2007

    If you have never been to an asian nation, particularly vietnam, thailand, the philippines, then you would not realize that women who are rice fed and raised on green tea and such appear to be many years younger than they are, moreover tend to have physical features much less developed than the barbiedoll figures westerners are used to. They arent all bloated from environmental estrogens, birth control pills, binge eating disorders, or diets filled with bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup sweetened foods, or large quantities of transfats.

    Are you therefore claiming that all asian men are pedos? Please get real.

  15. Archie Lukas

    Jan 3rd, 2008

    Nice looking girl
    definitely not a girl to kick out of bed.

    Nuff said

  16. Pounamu Kohime

    Jan 3rd, 2008

    She doesn’t look like a child avvie at all, you’re deluded!

    Gorgeous avvie Bell, so fresh and natural looking :) The narrative gives us a real sense of who you are. Good on you!

  17. Bells Semyorka

    Jan 4th, 2008

    Alyx- if we pretended to have sex with one another would you call me in the morning?

    Razrcut Brooks- Its a shame you make judgments about someone based on appearance. Ive never intended on portraying a child Avie (I don’t have Daddy issues) but rather I tried to bring in different aspects of myself into SL. My Avie is just as tall as i am in RL, and yes for 25 I do look young; the women in my family age like fine wine.(LOL) My stepsister is from Oklahoma, we call her Amazon woman. I think that is the kind of woman your used to seeing. BTW, Hook ‘em Horns!!

    G- See good things really do come to those that wait. *huggs*

    Frankie- *Smiles* Always my knight.

    Penny,Maniko,Someone,Joannah,Archie,Pounamu,- Thank you, for your kind words.

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