Quest Jarrico Post 6 Grrrl

by justine on 14/12/07 at 11:45 pm

[Note from Justine- Quest Jarrico asked if she could be a Post 6 Grrrl many weeks ago, and then added that she would like to use her own pictures. I asked her to send me her shots and the pics you see below are the result. I wish I'd had the opportunity to take her pictures if only to get to spend some time with such a talented person!]


My name is Quest Jarrico, because when I was creating my account I was listening to a Tribe called Quest.  At the time it sounded like a good idea.  I joined SL in 2005, and have mostly used that time for exploring, socializing (especially good discussions/debates on philosophy, religon, history, films, and classical books), and poking at the quivering mass that is the building engine. 

I’ve been just about everywhere around the grid, in fact I used to spend time just walking across the mainland, but got slapped down pretty quick on that one after having red fences became a fad.  Walking down the Linden made roads in between all the bright lines of red isn’t quite the same.  I’ve also enjoyed bouncing around some of the major social structures in SL and watching how they treat things differently, I’ve been around the furries, the militaries, a lot of smaller groups that have since disappeared, and even the goreans, they didn’t like me much.


However, I’ve never managed to get into the club scene in SL,  with a few exceptions everytime I’ve gone to one the builds have been ugly and the conversation inane and stupid.  I worked as a stripper for like half a week before I got fired for not taking it seriously at all.  It was a crappy job anyways, never bothered with that whole run again.  Outside of that, I kinda treat SL as an outlet for nudism, which is something I’d like to do in real life but lack the guts, so for the most part I’m almost always nude when I go about the grid (which, incidentally, didn’t help the stripper job very much since I guess it kinda defeats the purpose), this gets me into a lot of trouble, you’d be surprised how many unheard of and unposted "no nudity" rules get thrown around when I walk into places.   


To segue suddenly into an entirely different subject:  I run a little shop too, I didn’t particularly want to start one, but on the repeated suggestions of Philo Sion, I started one up in Glass Earth where I occassionally toss the random crap I tend to make.  In keeping with my inability to name things, it’s called the Cat Box, which is about as cheesy as it gets, but it’s good for a bit of extra spending money, though when you’re nude all the time, your clothing bill is pretty low.

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  1. like_ummm

    Dec 15th, 2007

    first post 6 grrrl evar to show any evidence of creative talent. I like your work Quest Jarrico.

  2. Kit Mornington

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Wow, I was actually just buying my new hybrid look when this update came. Looking good. You sound like an interesting person and I’ll be sure to visit Cat Box in the near future.

  3. like_ummm

    Dec 15th, 2007

    That first image:

    You pose invitingly, with legs spread wide apart, concealing your “sex” with a cute little bunny. The spiral on the bunnies tummy provides a second mesmerising invitation. This image is the very definition of female seduction: an irresistible tension between invitation and concealment.

  4. Daman Tenk

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Great pictures =) I wish I could make SL photography this good

    And a very hot looking girl too :)

  5. Sveta

    Dec 15th, 2007


  6. Nina A

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Great pics. Plus you get to control how you look. Excellent idea.

  7. marilyn murphy

    Dec 15th, 2007

    wow. way to go, quest. you hit it out of the park. a great post sixx.

  8. Bruno Ziskey

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Very interesting article…we even have a girl like this in my military roleplay group Sparta….shes…interesting o.0

  9. Cocoanut Koala

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Nothing to do with this entry – but, I can’t BELIEVE the SLH still hasn’t covered Cory’s departure.


  10. Penance Sautereau

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Amazing, someone who has yet to inspire a negative comment, unless you count like-ummm’s, which is his usual petty bs so take it as complimentary you got anything nice out of him at all. You are awesome grrl, stay just as you are.

  11. like_ummm

    Dec 15th, 2007

    penance – neither of my comments are negative in regard to Quest Jarrico.

  12. Quest Jarrico

    Dec 15th, 2007

    “penance – neither of my comments are negative in regard to Quest Jarrico.”

    I didn’t see them as negative either, perhaps just a bit overanalyzing, I can’t say I honestly put that much thought into that placement of the bunny hehe, it was more part wanting to make a PG first picture, part wanting to add something cute to fit the outfit, and part product placement since that bunny is something I sell at my store.

    Thanks for the comments

  13. Micheru Mathys

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Quest, your avatar is perfected. I can only imagine how much time you must have put into both designing and collecting the little quirks that make it unique. Love the stripes, and love the bracelets in the first picture. I’d like to party with you some time.

  14. Siobhan OFlynn

    Dec 16th, 2007

    I love your av and your spirit!

  15. natu

    Dec 16th, 2007

    can anybody tell me where i can buy one of those bunnies inworld? (yes im serious)

  16. Quest Jarrico

    Dec 17th, 2007

    “can anybody tell me where i can buy one of those bunnies inworld? (yes im serious)”

    I made it, you can get it at my store in Glass Earth, called the Cat Box, can look in my picks for a direct LM.

  17. Shraud Deadlight

    Dec 17th, 2007

    Blessed be the nudists, for they shall inherit the sun cream industry..

    Blessed be the cheesemakers.. wha? wait.. did He say “cheesemakers”..


    You’re wonderful… Cheers!

  18. Mikael Khalamov

    Dec 18th, 2007

    Hey, I know you! :O

  19. Taylor Barnes

    Dec 18th, 2007

    Fantastic Post !!! Thanks :)

  20. Archie Lukas

    Dec 24th, 2007

    At least this girl knows how to take a photo

    However – SL photos come out dark viewed normally like this, try upping the
    brightness 10%
    contrast 15%
    saturation 10 – 15%

    You’ll like the results much better when viewed on a web page

    Lord Archie Lukas LMPA LBIPP
    Master Photographer
    Snotdown Manor

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