The SL Christmas List

by wendell on 01/12/07 at 2:38 pm

Gifts fit for a queen – or a porn star

by Wendell Holmer

Second Life is brimming with choices. There is so much content, expanding all the time, that no single person can adequately sift through it and pick out the best offerings. We need your help. This month the Herald begins a new feature—The List. We pick a subject and start ticking off examples recommended by people who should know. Then you take over. Use the Comments at the end to complain share the great things you’ve discovered.

In December, we were looking for romantic holiday gifts. We mainly went to merchants and asked them to make choices from their own inventory. Here are some of their picks.

The Hostess

Sky’s scene

Whenever I go to Sky Everett’s place, I’m bound to meet somebody interesting, and this party was no exception. Sky Designs has a wide range of contemporary and Moroccan influenced furniture—the wood textures are really remarkable—but when I mentioned romance, she grabbed me by the collar and dragged me over to the BDSM section. The SevereReign trompe l’oeil (L1150) accommodates seven women and two men, when you add the optional overseer throne (L495). For a festive touch, Sky placed two candles (L50 each). They let me sit on the throne for the shot—since it’s designed for a man—and I’m wearing RFyre Pretense. Sky, standing, wore Gisacaci. At my feet is fashion writer and photographer Harper Beresford in Solstice by RFyre. Fashion model Shelby Robbiani, reclining, wore the Entwine Gown by Blaze. I suggested that the four of us might try some of the more interesting poses, but the girls pled urgent appointments and disappeared as soon as the shoot was over. Photo: Harper Beresford.

The Queen

Natalie Niven

Natalie Niven rules the Gorean sim of Port Victoria. When her husband, the Ubar, is off to war, she is the one who has to deal with the merchants and visitors in this busy market town. Natalie also publishes the gossip and fashion mag, slinworldtoday. In her spare time, she decided to open a flower shop, Blooming Fabulous, and that’s where we got the roses (L60) and the tree (L150). Natalie wore the Red Christmas Angel Dress from French Spirit. I wore the Phantom Stranger Trencher from Sinistyle. Photo: Natalie Niven.

The Porn Star

Stacks Kowalski

There is a lot of competition for the position of Second Life’s bad girl, but Stacks Kowalski is definitely in the running. She probes every aspect of sexuality and writes up her experiences in her blog. She doesn’t name names, but she holds nothing back. She may rhapsodize over how you turned her on, or you may be stuck at the bottom of the barrel with the man she calls the Worst Fuck Ever. Stacks describes herself as a “gal about town, sexual journalist, and fucktoy extraordinaire.” Her motto: “I do it so you don’t have to.” If you want to get next to Stacks, give her shoes—it’s kind of a fetish. And some of the most stylish, realistic shoes in SL come from Storm Schmooz, a real life shoe designer. In this photo, Stacks wore Elegance Gold (L400). Also from Schmooz, from top to bottom, are Essentiel Light Brown (L300) Essentiel Leopard (L300), and Desir de Noir (L350). Desir comes with the stockings stacks is wearing. Photos: Harper Beresford.

The Victorian

Jeannie Moonflower

The Victorians were a little more restrained. Their idea of a romantic evening was a good game of whist by the fire. Jeannie Moonflower dominates the Victorian furniture market in-world. Her store, Bygone Days, takes up an entire sim and is about to double in size. Her textures—leather, wood, wicker, marble—are exquisite. She recommends the gift of a cozy fireplace (L800). Also in the picture are Staffordshire dogs (L50 each) and a mantle clock that keeps accurate time (L500). Jeannie sits in a bentwood rocker (L500) in a dress by Thalia Talamasca. I am wearing Regent by RFyre. Photo: Harper Beresford.

The Jeweler

Lizziey Whittenton

Diamonds remain on every woman’s friends list, and one jewelry designer I like is Lizziey Whittenton. Her wedding jewelry is really great, and she does custom orders at no extra charge. She is modeling the Paris Necklace (L350), Paris Earings (L200) and Paris Bracelet Set (L200). She designs shoes and boots too. Her dress is Baccara Rouge by Rebel Hope. Photo: Harper Beresford.

There are the first five items on the list. Now it’s your turn. What romantic gifts do you want for the holidays?

3 Responses to “The SL Christmas List”

  1. Morgana Fillion

    Dec 1st, 2007

    Good topic, and interesting picks.

    But to make this article usable, it needs a little more information:

    - consistancy in identifying sources… you’ve got some avatar names here, some store names here and it’s random which you’re offering. This makes it difficult to find the items in question.

    - how about adding SLUrls so people don’t have to guess?

    - finally, since the topic is gift giving, can you confirm that each item mentioned is transferable?

  2. Nacon

    Dec 1st, 2007

    Snore… good list for Tenshi and Pixeleen.
    (lame way to do products advertising, eh?)

  3. natalie niven

    Dec 4th, 2007

    Hey Wendell pop over to mine on xmas eve for a good xmas present lol

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