Sammy Barrett – Post 6 Grrrrl

by justine on 25/01/08 at 8:08 pm

[Note from Justine- I've been to a couple of events where Sammy Barrett was spinning the tunes and was rightfully thrilled when she asked about becoming a Post 6 Model. Without further adieu I give you the lovely and supertalented Sammy Barrett. To show off exactly how talented she is, Sammy even gave me the week off and took her own pictures. Enjoy!].


Hello everyone! So you want to know a little about Sammy Barretthm?

I suppose I can give you some insight as to who I am. Firstoff, I do have a career outside of thissilly screen.

I am not neglecting my kids, or my family, or anyone elsewith my time here. (I know how some of your comments are so brutal to thesegirls, I felt it necessary to clear that right off).

Let me tell you about my time here in game.. I came intothis game like everyone else did, horribly ruthed, bad hair, sickly lookingskin, ridiculous clothing. I thought to myself ‘Wow, this place is amazing!’…untilmy friend took one look at me, and said "Girl, we need to get youde-noobed, like yesterday!"


She took me out in to the world of Second Life and I was sosurprised by the creativity and style that was available. I saw the most amazingoutfits, beautiful life-like hair, and found a new and deadly addiction-shopping.

I spent some time learning to build, and co-owned afurniture store at one point. I found that my addiction hadn’t been stifled, Igrew into the role of organizing a couple fashion shows, built stages for them.I even had some of my DJ friends provide entertaining music for the crowds, itwas all a blast! That endeavor was short lived, but I have always had a desireto help people look their best.


So that comes to where I am now. I own a small, but verysuccessful photography studio in-world. I have done snapshots for many weddingsand personal profiles. I am a former Fashion Angel, and my friends still giveme hell about that title. I also work for a blog for one of the wonderfulmagazines that can be found online and in-world.

I have a great friend base, who I love dearly, and wouldtotally be lost without. Perhaps if you stumble into the right club or party youmight even get to hear me spinning the tunes, and making an ass of myself onthe mic! All around I am just a fun loving girl, who enjoys being involved inas much as I can sink my teeth into, when I get the time to come play.

20 Responses to “Sammy Barrett – Post 6 Grrrrl”

  1. marilyn murphy

    Jan 26th, 2008

    beautiful avatar. post sixx done well. ty sammy, i love it.

  2. Angel

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Is the aspect ratio wrong on the photos, she looks ummmmmmm stretched?

  3. A Concerned Parent.

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Ever saw Beetlejuice? Remember the head shrinking witch doctor? .. Well, at least the rest of her is proportionate.

  4. lol

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Wow, only 2 boring poses this week. Too bad the girl’s another generic tanned platinum blonde.

  5. like_ummm

    Jan 26th, 2008

    flat middle gray as the background – couldn’t decide between back and white?

    polygonal knees.

    that front arm has very little definition – if you look it with your eyes slightly crossed it looks like an amputation. amputations are never sexy.

  6. Mason

    Jan 26th, 2008

    Hell I would throw her down and shag her rotten! I think shes hot and mine is the only opinion that matters!!

  7. Lao-Tzu aka Razrcut Brooks

    Jan 27th, 2008

    8 out of 10. Some of the criticisms above are pretty funny, but it seems they are grasping at straws to find some faults. The “polygonal knees” comment made me laugh, even though every SL avatar has them when posed certain ways. The “generic tanned platinum blonde” comment has some merit–yet tanned blondes are very attractive to the majority of the populace so I have no complaints with the choice.

    The best part of the whole article was your comment “I am not neglecting my kids, or my family, or anyone else with my time here”. If that is true, I commend you. No doubt many of these critics above cannot say that about themselves.

  8. MiM

    Jan 27th, 2008

    not bad, not good.

  9. marilyn murphy

    Jan 27th, 2008

    sammy: when the boys have to pick on minutia about your pose and avatar, and especially when they go after the background it’s their poor way of communicating that you are good. they are used to relating to their little friends with the put down and cutting remarks. it’s all they know. in time they will be able to genuinely assess things and make meaningful observations. maybe.
    i appreciate your appearance here and am glad to see you doing post sixx.

  10. Carmen Kirax

    Jan 27th, 2008

    I fail to understand why people feel this urgent need to rip apart every post 6 Grrrrl, every guy here would love a date with a lovely lady like that. Sammy you look lovely.

  11. Toeknee Capra

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Sammy: who cares what all these creatures say about you? I think you resemble Tyra Banks…that can never be bad…I love your attitude too, you go girl… backround, polywhat knees? sounds like they need a 3rd life…hey good idea guys go form your own world and leave us out of it.

  12. what

    Jan 27th, 2008

    “every guy here would love a date with a lovely lady like that”

    Lolwut. Sry but I don’t date pixels on a screen.

  13. Bartok

    Jan 27th, 2008

    As one fortunate enough to know her both in and out of SL, the av doesn’t do the person justice. Beautifully done, Sammy. Stay warm.

  14. Sammy Barrett

    Jan 27th, 2008

    Thanks for the great comments everyone. And I have no intention of letting the bad ones get to me, I actually laughed at them. And yes it is true, my real life dosnt take a backseat to SL. Cheers everyone and thanks again.

  15. Anonymous

    Jan 27th, 2008

    looks like a newbie avatar.

  16. Carmen Kirax

    Jan 28th, 2008

    @ what It was meant tongue in cheek, god has no one got a sense of humour? At then end of the day its a great looking avatar

  17. Snakeye Plisskin

    Jan 28th, 2008

    Beautiful pics Sammy. Your talented in so many ways. Winks. Love you forever.

  18. Nay Demonia

    Jan 30th, 2008

    : ) I really enjoyed reading this and the pictures were quite good, at least they are interesting

  19. SL NAME: Jenna Kumaki

    Feb 4th, 2008

    Please….she IS another blonde avatar. Her skin is mediocre at best, her eye quality is not great and her shape is mediocre / mid line at best as well. Check out Jenna Kumaki, now shes hot and needs a spread like this.

  20. Archie Lukas

    Feb 5th, 2008

    Nice pictures
    pity about her broken femur; girls shouldn’t play rugby if they want to model


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