Red Light Center Exposed — Part 1

by Jessica Holyoke on 23/02/08 at 2:52 pm

Free basic account for clothed platonic friendship – VIP accounts for naked pixel-sex
The Herald explores worlds beyond Second Life

by Jessica Holyoke, virtual world explorer

Jessi_in_rlcRed Light Center (RLC) is a virtual world that touts itself as a socialized meeting place where you can make friends and even have sex with them. Because some residents would like to see the lascivious go there, because they are not welcome here or There, I decided to check it out.

Accounts come in Basic or VIP. Basic accounts are free to play but you cannot have sex, and therefore, you don’t know what you look like naked. VIP accounts cost $20 US per month and allows for fuller access. I started with a basic account as Jessi_angel.

In opening an account, you have two things to create. One is your avatar. The customization is limited to either what RLC gives you or what you can download onto your PC. Downloaded textures can change your avatar’s clothing or tattoos. No one else can see these textures unless they also download those textures into their PC.

One way to get those custom avatar textures is off a person’s web based profile. When you click on a RLC avatar for their profile, the program opens up your web browser and gives you a MySpace like web layout for that resident. This profile is customizable to the same extent as a MySpace page, except you can include pornographic pictures of yourself and others. The age verification comes by having certain pictures viewable only by VIPs or by your friends.

The use of the web browser is frequent as any tips or special rules are opened in an outside web browser and not in the game itself. FAQ’s, as limited as they are, open outside of the game. If more in depth help is needed, one either learns from others or goes onto the RLC forums which are linked to the profile system.


Rays are the in-world currency. They can be earned either by spending time in RLC or there are escorts, called Working Girls or Guys, who work in certain areas and earn Rays by having Sex. I was able to talk to a few working girls but none that have had that same experience in SL to compare. In return, Rays can be bought and sold for currency and some residents are able to earn their VIP memberships by having sex for Rays.


When you enter RLC, you enter in a Transportation Center. From there, you can teleport to certain areas, such as the Alley or the Bareback Bordello. There is also an option to change dimensions or dimes. If you want to be around Straight people, you click on Dimensions and click an area that says Straight. You can change those dimensions from Straight, BDSM, Furry or Anything Goes.


Your avatar is not as customizable as it is in SL. The options are fairly standard and I’ve run into myself a few times in exploring the streets. And by exploring, I mean walking or running. There is no Point to Point teleportation or vehicles. The only flying is done in a specific sports club.


There is shopping in RLC. However, it is for businesses that have paid up to $50,000 US according to the website. Those businesses sell RL games, art or clothes and clicking on those icons will direct you to the websites for purchase.


Beyond the textures for things like collars and tattoos, there is no content creation. Everything is pre-fabricated by Utherverse, the overview name for the RLC properties which include Red Light Center, Virtual Vancouver and other future worlds.

In future stories, I’ll be exploring more of what RLC has to offer. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a Moment of Zen®.

Colbert Report in Red Light Center

17 Responses to “Red Light Center Exposed — Part 1”

  1. An Onny Mouse

    Feb 23rd, 2008

    The Moment of Zen is The Daily Show.

  2. anon

    Feb 23rd, 2008

    It’s like a Second Life that is honest about its goals, lol

  3. Winter

    Feb 23rd, 2008

    How dull. I’ve never had to pay for sex – in either realm – and I don’t intend to start. SL has more on offer as regards to an all round experience. I’m quite happy in my bunker here, thank you.

  4. Argo

    Feb 24th, 2008

    You said there’s a furry zone. Are there even furry avs here??

  5. Kiran

    Feb 24th, 2008

    Looks like they’re already dead set in their furry-bashing ways.

    Just go to their forums and search for ‘furry’.

  6. Glendon Bade

    Sep 8th, 2008

    I entered Worls of Warcraft Everquest,SW Galaxies and many free based virtual worlds and the same thing keeps me hooked to Second Life. The fact that i can be and look like anything my imagination can conjure. so until another world is invented that is as open to creative thought as sl, Im staying home in Mos Espa(second Life Sim).

  7. Brashley

    Apr 21st, 2009

    I luv this game

  8. madison

    May 23rd, 2009

    were would the icon show up for the red light center?????

  9. TxDave

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    I have been playing Utherverse for a week now and my wife got her account Friday night. You guys focus on the adult content and yes it is a very adult world. But there are other things to do and other ways to make Rays besides being a “Working Girl or Guy”. I am a budding club owner and my wife a new decorator. One of my brothers (in game family) has his own clothing business, that sells to AVs in game. Explore past the RLC and the Bordello, I believe that if you take time to really check this world out your review may not be quite as negative.

  10. DarlinWhisper

    Oct 23rd, 2010

    I have been a Loyal memeber if RLC for over a year and my experiance with SL left me wanting more RLC.
    The avatars on SL may be more customizable but at what cost?? Everything cost so much more on SL just to make your avi Hot or attractive when you first come into SL your avi looks Not to be mean but hell they are retarded looking there bodies are deformed and it takes alot to make them Hot.
    In RLC at least you can look Hot without spending Hundreds just to get that way yes you will spend some money customizing your avi but you can earn those rays without having sex and if your good at what you do there IE: Deco,DJ, Designer ext ext… you can make alot of rays to do all the customizing you want and be happy with the out come.

  11. Luna

    Nov 3rd, 2010

    I would like to make a note about when this article was posted. If everyone can see it, it was posted back in 2008. I have been a RLC member for about that long maybe even longer. Last I saw one of my old profiles on this site it said March, 2007. I had changed my profiles around with the ever growing world of RLC, and man has it ever changed since this article came out! Not to boast or any thing but for myself I love RLC, because I have met a lot of people on there over the years. Including my now boyfriend that I married and run a World on RLC with, and live with in real. There is much more to this world then this article gives credit too. Like for one you can get your own properties with the now VWW properties option. Even though you have to pay more to have more then the average VIP it is worth it in the long run if your willing to put your extra funds into it. To be exact an extra $15 dollars US per month along with 100 rays here and there for more capacity in your world you can make your own virtual world come to life all on your own or with others as friends in a social group. The second option, if you so choose it, you can become a volunteer in world now. It’s not that hard to find out and sign up to get some extra perks. But I will leave that up to the experts that run this wonderful virtual social world to explain once you choose to do so. You just do a staff search on your own personal client and ask questions about becoming either, event staff member, tech support, protector, and maybe even a guide to help others understand and have a great experience. I feel, and this is my own personal opinion, if you want a virtual experience you gotta put the right kind of energy into it and it’s not just about the sex for many Red Light Center members.
    Thanks for reading: Devoted Red Light Center member :)

  12. myumi

    Mar 12th, 2012

    im having a hard time logging in i already have my account but still i cant log in! please help

  13. Andrea

    Apr 12th, 2012

    Extra ingame currency using this link:

    On register u get 25 rays and 150 more on upgrade to vip or universal vip

  14. pabitch

    Jul 27th, 2012

    how do you get paid to have sex on redlight center. I need to start making money.

  15. David 45

    Dec 31st, 2012

    can you bet eaten by the shark in that under water picture

  16. Dan

    Apr 25th, 2014

    @DarlinWhisper I know that post is many years old. So I’ll mention this to anyone that may read this page.

    RLC/3DSex/etc ones under the Utherverse engine :
    * $20/ vip

    * horrible in game inventory system

    * models that look like the sims

    * must be VIP to gain/keep access to anything you buy (talking mainly about clothing here)

    * pay to have sex

    * need VIP to sell rays

    * content creation is pure fabrication, developed by RLC devd by users

    * limited graphical options (the world looks worse than a paper cut-out)

    * no customizable dances or sexual encounters,e etc (its all predone by RLC)

    * could keep going but well stop here

    Second Life:
    * uses havok, windlight, and many other top of the line features to bring you not only the most detailed and beautiful world, but avatars as well

    * no need for VIP to sell lindens, you can sell as FREE unlike RLC (so you can buy/sell lindens as a free user)

    * yes it does cost some money to customize past the default avatar, but thats with any world even RLC. And I’m sorry you have to pay $20/ mo to buy/wear clothing and keep payingto use it. I could take $10-20 buy a full SL avatar with mesh clothing and keep using it for LIFE as FREE.

    * as a creator sky is the limit, create anything you wish

    * more graphical options than there may be pages in a phone book (not yet but one day itll get there)

    * do not need to pay for sex

    * well managed inventory (even if its buggy because frankly even RLC has had those days as well, same as IMVU, and any other world)

    So in the end there isnt much to compare between the two one is a Ferrari the other is a Pinto. People need to stop trying to paint the Pinto up like a Ferrari. You can do actually FAR more in SL for FREE that you otherwise have to pay for in RLC. Yet RLC is more limited and sim-ish. Why bother? Oh right some mention the community. I was part of the RLC community for 5 years. I’m sorry what community do you speak of there. Oh I wasn’t in the right spots? I roamed some of the top spots on RLC. And let me just say stop smoking whatever you are smoking. SL may have its issues, its share of problems, even its jerks .. but it has a much wider world to explore,socialize in, be engrossed in visually and in mind. If you hang out in the SL sandboxs and starting areas no wonder you have the perspectives you do. Do you hang out in Toys R’ Us looking at porn?

    So while I have always hoped another business would come along to compete. I am not going to sit here doing the whole this is better because like it is. There are many facts itself that make SL outshine anything currently. And no matter how much light anyone shines elsewhere, does not destroy this fact. Admit facts. SL is currently still one of the best places for adult community, fun, or otherwise.

  17. assking

    Jun 1st, 2014

    Can I earn residual income? Tangible? I have real life bills to may. Srrious only need to reply

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