Human Trafficking Mansion Is Not Just About Sex

by wendell on 27/03/08 at 11:34 pm

“I came here to roleplay a rape, and all the guys just want to hold my hand! Do I have to beg?”

by Wendell Holmer


Through the hobnailed oak doors of an old monastery, I saw three women huddled around a bar. Their whispers echoed across the stone floor.“Anyway, hun,” Mary was saying, “the reason you can’t just go home is that the mansion is full of girls from all over the world that have been kidnapped and brought here against their will.”

“My boyfriend?” said the new girl, shaking her head as if to clear it. “He SOLD me?”
“Nice boyfriend,” Jane said bitterly.
“So what goes on here is highly illegal,” Mary went on. “If one girl gets out alive and brings back the authorities, the whole place crashes down on the cartel’s head. That’s why you can’t leave.”
“I would dump your boyfriend,” Jane said.
“Yes,” I said, walking over to join them. “Once they sell you into slavery, that’s a sure sign the relationship is in trouble.”

No reporter had ever made it this far. There were just rumors. All these movie actresses and prom queens were disappearing. I had seen some blurry footage on YouTube, but it could have been a hoax. Months in Singapore’s seedy waterfront bars had finally led me the Human Trafficking Mansion (Oraenji 31,39,609). I was in.

I was trying to pose as a customer without actually raping anyone. That was harder than I thought.

The first thing they gave me was a notecard that said, “Have fun. This is a forced fantasy site, if you see a captive girl you like, don’t be ashamed to grab, rape, abuse, or humiliate her.” The card went on, “Women, if you are not wearing an observer, predator, or OOC title your avatar may be subject to rape, torture or humiliation at anytime.”

Although I didn’t want to rape anyone, they tagged me with the title, “Cartel Rapist.” Note to self: remove the tag the next time you go to a fashion show.

As a man, I don’t understand why women fantasize about rape, but there’s no doubt that many do. "Rape does for a woman’s sexual fantasy what the first martini does for her in reality: Both relieve her of responsibility and guilt,” Nancy Friday wrote in My Secret Garden. “She gets him to do what she wants him to do, while seeming to be forced."

The victims approach that fantasy in two different ways. Some abjectly submit. “The more i’m used the more i want to be used,” one admitted. “It’s addictive for me. i’m into about anything, especially public use. i love to be stripped of my shame and self-respect.”

The other sort are fighters. “I do like the idea of a little force being used,” one said. “I don’t want to surrender. I want to fight tooth and nail and sometimes lose.

“My RL boyfriend and I take turns,” she went on. “He controls one day. I control the next. A little play slapping some gentle choking. Is it really being forceful if I ask for it?”


The fighters resent being captives. They are rude and contrary. Their goal is to get you so fed up that you want to bitch-slap them. But I couldn’t bring myself to hit or rape anybody.

One night I sat with a girl who was bewildered and frightened. I comforted her, reassured her, talked about escape. Eventually, she broke character and sighed, “I came here to roleplay a rape, and all the guys just want to hold my hand! Do I have to beg?”

She patiently explained that the Human Trafficking Mansion is not primarily about sex. It’s about improvising a scene. “Do you think I sit in my living room and masturbate?” she asked me. She works hard to make the scenes realistic, then prints out the chat logs and red-pencils them. The experiences turn her on, but she spends her personal, private moments with the transcript, not in front of the monitor.

Members receive tips on roleplaying. Don’t decide everything that happens, but let the other players make choices consistent with their characters. Keep a complete thought in a discrete paragraph, but avoid posts that are too long. Stay in character. A notecard concludes, “Be realistic. You are human, in this sim.You cannot ejaculate 4 times in a row or shoot gallons of semen, you cannot see behind you unless you turn your head….”

It’s a distracting environment. Someone is always getting raped or tortured nearby. Meanwhile, in the interest of verisimilitude, the trainers are giving advice. It sounds like this:

Victim: mmmm
Rapist: You can enjoy being a whore if you accept it.
Victim: oooohhhh
Victim: ooohhhhhhhhhhh
Victim: mmmmmmmmmmm
Victim: oooohhhh
Rapist bites her neck as he accelerates his pounding.
Enforcer–from a different floor of the mansion: ((please keep the oooh’s and aaah’s to a minimum, use words! ;) ))
Victim: hmmmm
Victim: oooohhhhhhhhh
Victim: mmmmmmmmmmmm
Victim: aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Enforcer: ((Victim, no more mmmhs and ooohs, try using sentences!))
Victim: ok……
Enforcer: ((thank you))

Edicts are always coming down from Father Bracken, who seems to be in charge. Recently, he wrote: “Let me remind you that escaping from the compound would be DAMN near impossible. There are 20 foot walls, armed guards, and a frozen wasteland beyond that stretches for miles and miles. You’d die. That’s it. On top of that most of the prisoners and trainees are wearing very brief clothes and high-heeled stilettos. Not even Rambo could pull it off in an outfit like that. So knock it off.”

Wait a minute. This is Singapore, right? But I reminded myself that life in the mansion is all about acting. If someone like me could be a convincing rapist, I should be able to envision a frozen wasteland in a tropical country that is largely rain forest.

I squared my shoulders, curled my lip into a cruel sneer, and walked into the mansion. I was going to mess somebody up good.

20 Responses to “Human Trafficking Mansion Is Not Just About Sex”

  1. Zetaphor Tengu

    Mar 28th, 2008

    Only in a place like Second Life…
    Wow, wouldn’t this be subject to some kind of regulation?
    Are we going to get grid wide b&’s on rape?
    Implement new features to allow another avatar to give sexual consent before being positioned on a poseball?

  2. Cntrl Alt Del

    Mar 28th, 2008

    Human Waste.
    No better place then here.

    More like Thailand.

    Must be addicted to watching Hostel 4 times a week.

    Very typical.

    Cartoon sickness at it’s best.

    Time to crawl up out of the depths of the basement.

    Cntrl Alt Del

  3. anon

    Mar 28th, 2008

    “Months in Singapore’s seedy waterfront bars had finally led me the Human Trafficking Mansion (Oraenji 31,39,609). I was in. ”

    Way to make light of child rape dens you dick.

  4. jumpman lane

    Mar 28th, 2008

    I used to go into places like that butt naked with my whip!

  5. Angel

    Mar 28th, 2008

    The ability to “play a scene” and convince your partner that you are being genuine is a real skill, one to be treasured.

    Somehoe Ooooohh, Oohhhhh, Mmmmmmm doesn’t cut the mustard does it?

  6. Cartel Escapee

    Mar 28th, 2008

    I LOL’d

    Because I used to be there >.<

    Things were fine and good until Bracken came along. The place had a sense of family, believe it or not, and a gallows humor kind of warmth. He didn’t care for that. No fun allowed. It all had to be veddy series.


    Most of the old timers are gone. I don’t really miss it.

  7. Ric Mollor

    Mar 28th, 2008

    And to think that Linden Research is concerned about inappropriate use of their trademarked terms.

    A viewing of the YouTube video referenced in the article and it’s companion sequel easily generates a far worse impression of Second Life then hundreds of bloggers using trademarked terms and logos in their writings.

    It would be easy to say “this just isn’t normal”. But unfortunately, in the bizarre culture of Second Life, it’s very commonplace.

    One has to wonder if Philip Rosedale and the other founders ever imagined things would turn out like this when they coined the phrase “Your World. Your Imagination.”

    No wonder real world businesses are stampeding out the virtual door.

  8. Winter

    Mar 28th, 2008

    Meh. I prefer my prey unbound.

  9. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 29th, 2008

    Gary Glitter owns a sim now?

  10. Projectile Vomitus

    Apr 2nd, 2008

    This is just bad press. A seedy sick side of SL that does not need to be brought to the surface. And that video..was just wrong. Gawd I hope my kid never comes across that video, because he’ll associate that video with the real fun of MY SL which is nothing even remotely close to this fungus. Seriously sick fucks.

  11. The Tod

    Apr 8th, 2008

    I seriously doubt that many women fantasize about rape.. I’d go so far as to assume that almost all (if not, all) of the female avatars in places like this are actually men.

  12. Maggie

    Apr 9th, 2008


    Not true at all. A lot of women fanasize about it. It’s called “fantasy”, remember? It’s always funny to see people in denial or call something “sick” (@Alyx), just because they don’t understand it or it’s not for them. hhmm…nothing new, I guess.

  13. Maggie

    Apr 9th, 2008

    Sorry, that was for Projectile, NOT Tod. uugghh, it’s 1:00 am here.

    Plus – as the article says, it does have a lot do with not being responsible or feeling guilty about doing whatever it is that you’re doing. If women weren’t so brainwashed about what a “good girl” should or should not do, then maybe rape fantasies wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    Ok, I’m going to bed.

  14. anon

    Apr 9th, 2008

    “Gawd I hope my kid never comes across that video, because he’ll associate that video with the real fun of MY SL which is nothing even remotely close to this fungus”

    Ignoring of course the fact that SL is only about cybersex anyway, I think subjecting your kids to even knowledge about Second Life should be prosecutable as child abuse.

  15. Jay Skall

    May 10th, 2008

    What exactly is the question here in are article?

    Is it the validity of the roleplay in the Mansion?

    Or the morality of alternative roleplay in Second Life?

    Really this has no direction and is poorly written, despite interesting anecdotes and ideas it has no purpose, and thus has spawned a couple of rants by SL’s moral brigade, and it seems to portray the Mansion as a place for roleplay, when quite frankly, it isn’t.

    The mansion deals in basic cybersex scenes, that effectively end when a person logs, and half the time it’s a big cuddle or an IC/OOC mixup with unrealistic, boring characters.

    Real roleplay might include rape, torture, snuff, whatever… It isn’t the content that dictates if a place is a roleplay area, but rather is is the skill of the players and the craft of the setting, I see roleplay as a vast interactive multidomensioned and improvised film set. People play characters and craft a story as actors, noone wins, noone is abused, the story line is fluid and anyone can influence it, and it is all about creating an interesting atmosphere and having a good time.

  16. Tejan

    Dec 12th, 2008

    I’ve met several women who fantasized about men “having their way with her” and “rape.” In one discussion with a female friend of mine, we distinguished that calling it “rape” is really a misnomer, because what many of these women want is to be “ravished” where they give themselves to the man and the man does what he wants with her. They want to be desired so much that the man “MUST” have her, and she surrenders herself to his sexual desire for her. It really isn’t rape because the woman wants it. Technically rape is when the woman does not want it. Most (if not all) women don’t want to be raped, but I have met a lot who would enjoy being ravished. They can look similar, but they are not.

    Most people confuse “rape” with “ravish” and that is probably why most women who like to be ravished call it rape.

  17. Jenny.

    Apr 2nd, 2011

    I’m female with a rape fantasy that I’m currently trying to act out on second life, but i’m having no luck with it. I was looking to join this group as I thought it might be what I am after. The rules on decent role playing and having IC back stories sounded promising but after reading this article I don’t feel it can offer me what I desire.
    It sounds like a lot of the male av are just there to knock one out, I’m not after cyber partners, I am after creative partners who want to develop are role playing to make are fantasy a second life reality.

  18. a go

    Nov 28th, 2011

    THAT would stand up in court.

    “sir, I wasnt raping her, I was ravishing her!”

  19. Yep

    Nov 28th, 2011

    All the people who visit these forced sex RP sims have a few screws loose.

  20. lolol

    Nov 28th, 2011

    @ a go

    LOL or try using this as a defense.
    “Rape does for a woman’s sexual fantasy what the first martini does for her in reality: Both relieve her of responsibility and guilt,” Nancy Friday wrote in My Secret Garden. “She gets him to do what she wants him to do, while seeming to be forced.”

    What a bunch of nut cases.

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