Music Not Politics – An All-Weekend Live Music Event

by Jessica Holyoke on 22/03/08 at 1:07 pm

by Jessica Holyoke

Starting Friday night, Money Island and the neighboring Money Tree Island and Freebie Island are holding a 48 hour event celebrating live music.

Chelseamarie Noel

While listening to the silky smooth stylings of Chelseamarie Noel, I had a chat with Throughthesewalls Moody, a promoter/manager of live musical acts on Second Life. Throughthesewalls talked about the Music Not Politics Group.

"Music Not Politics is about bringing music and fans together. Live Music is spontaneous, unpredictable, fresh. It wraps its arms around the audience and embraces them as part of whole, giving everyone the experience of belonging, a sense of ownership of the day or night . It lives, it breaths. This is what you will find at every MUSIC NOT POLITICS promoted show."

Chelseamarie’s set was followed by Shamrod Watanabe, and Throughthesewalls and I continued to talk about how the major labels are not doing enough to get these voices to their fans. But there is hope, as Throughthesewalls points out, "Through the internet, we have the ability to play to more people than any concert hall could ever hold." If you are a fan of pop, rap, jazz or even opera, check out the live music event this weekend on Money Island:

8 Responses to “Music Not Politics – An All-Weekend Live Music Event”

  1. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 22nd, 2008

    Personally I find the large pyramid in the background to be rather political.

  2. derp

    Mar 22nd, 2008

    Isn’t she just singing to a bunch of bots camping?

  3. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 22nd, 2008

    This is Jessica’s way of saying, as a the big booster of China that he is, “Don’t pay any attention to those demonstrators being killed in Tibet, kids, just listen to the music and don’t pay attention to politics!”

  4. Razrcut Brooks

    Mar 22nd, 2008

    I think I will check out the live music. Hopefully these island owners will have their constant chat spam turned off…”FILL OUT SURVEYS FOR EASY MONEY!!!!” blah blah

  5. Camper Hater

    Mar 22nd, 2008

    What a shame. I love live music but campers are the disease of SL. Can’t tolerate the scum. I certainly don’t fancy going to camper central – might catch something.

  6. adding a little perspective dont mind me :)

    Mar 24th, 2008

    “This is Jessica’s way of saying, as a the big booster of China that he is, “Don’t pay any attention to those demonstrators being killed in Tibet, kids, just listen to the music and don’t pay attention to politics!”

    say, do you have ANYTHING at all in your house that somewhere states “Made in China” ?

    If you’re so politically correct, you have already thrown away all those items and replaced them with products made in other parts of the world.

    Be sure to check all your electronic devices too, on the inside. Quite often circuit boards are produced in china, then shipped off to other countries for assembly… and ‘made in china’ wont state on the outside of the device. So propably everything from Japan or Malaysia for example can still contain Chinese components.

    And yeah, if you have those, you’re supporting China’s government. But hey, you can choose to ignore it, and just listen to the music.

  7. Plot Tracer

    Mar 26th, 2008

    LOL! Another empty meaningless event, which is meant to lecture us all that it is better to get stoned and drink etc than to try to make a difference. Jeez – this was already passe in 1968.

    Anyhoo, the new TOS LL have tricked us into signing are VERY political. The basically sign away all your rights – including the rights to your group name (Sl/ Second Life have now been heavily copyrighted). This means that if you do something they dont see as part of their *desirable* corporate image you can be TOSsed off.

    This of course crosses many civil liberty issues.

    There will be a meeting about this on Oculea today at 3pm PDT/10pm GMT. IM me for a TP.

    Don’t seel your ass to the Lindens!

  8. Plot Tracer

    Mar 26th, 2008

    Ha. How passe. Pre-1968 some middle class hippies were saying the same thing, ie. lets just get stoned drunk and listen to music, coz there’s not a thing we can do. Glad that became passe 40 years ago and todays young people are no longer fooled by the “leave the politics to the people who own the nukes” etc.

    Anyhoo, anyone else fecked off with the fact the Lindens have decided they own you and everything you create (new TOS you signed up to over the past few days). They have copyrighted “SL” and anything with a name with SL as part of it. And if they don’t think you fit into their corporate image u are fecked. Basically any groups who don’t comply will get the boot. Smile and up your profits! Groups like SLLU will of course be booted straight away (anti capitalist).

    There will be a meeting about this at 3pm pdt, 10pm GMT. PM me for a TP.

    They aint gonna own my ass!

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