Peace March Saturday

by Jessica Holyoke on 17/04/08 at 10:04 pm

straight talk about violence

by Jessica Holyoke

Drive By Agony along with The Blue Angel Police and Firefighters Memorial, victims of crime and concerned SL citizens, will hold a March for Peace  in SL April 19th at 1pm by marching on the Virtual Capitol Hill .  In conjunction with the march, a live music festival for peace will be held from Noon to 6pm SLT.

Carmen Gray organized Drive by Agony, an anti-violence group that started in the 1990′s in Los Angeles.  Drive By Agony is a RL non-profit organization, that has helped over 75,000 youth since 1988.  Having offered anti-violence training to over 50,000 LA youth alone, she is fighting for Congressional Legislation to expand anti-violence training nationwide and worldwide, starting in SL.

Carmen Gray decided to bring her passion of educating the public about the affects violence has on communities, the health care system and victims of crime, and also to allow people that have been a victim or lost someone to violence the opportunity to talk about their feelings and share in a safe and friendly atmosphere and share with others that have gone through the same thing.  Many people have lost children in America to gun and other types of violence and this is also a way in which they can honor their child’s memory.  I had two innocent son’s murdered one in 1988 and another in 1992. Her real life name is Lorna Hawkins and her story has appeared in many media outlets.  She hopes to bring awareness about HR 3826 sponsored by Congressman Robert (Bobby) Scott from Virginia. The Youth Promise Act looks to reduce crime before it happens by investing in research based programs in the United States.  By holding the March for Peace in the Second Life world, she hopes to encourage people to write and call their Representatives in support of this bill.

One of the programs created by Drive by Agony is the "Straight Talk about Violence" program.  The "Straight Talk About Violence" aspect of the program is designed to address the feelings of elementary school children, teach them anger management, and help them to channel their emotions in productive ways.

Visit for more information.


MC FOR EVENT is MzSweetnezz4U Laval of 105.5- SL Radio Station

12:30 – 1:00 DJ – Brixxx Jameson DJ (Old school R & B)
2:00/2:30: – Freestar Tammas
2:30-3:30-Takamura Keiko, 
3:30/4:30-Dymands Davies,  poetry hour,
3:30/4:30- HatHead Rickenbacker
4:30/5:30 – Jano Runo 
5:30 – 6:30 – Thumper Boucher

17 Responses to “Peace March Saturday”

  1. Angel

    Apr 18th, 2008

    >> “she is fighting for Congressional Legislation to expand anti-violence training nationwide and worldwide”

    Well, your congress holds no sway over the rest of the world, so those two last words are pretty redundant, additionally as most civilised countries have banned guns, especially hand guns which I believe are what are used in drive by shootings the problem doesn’t really exist for us.

    You yanks are welcome to your violence.

  2. anon

    Apr 18th, 2008

    durp i am angel fluffy and i have never heard of foreign aid and additionally don’t know what a handgun is durp

  3. Angel

    Apr 18th, 2008

    you must be new here anon, I am not Angel Fluffy.

  4. anon

    Apr 18th, 2008

    you’re kalel venkman

  5. Corona

    Apr 18th, 2008

    Re additionally as most civilised countries have banned guns, especially hand guns which I believe are what are used in drive by shootings the problem doesn’t really exist for us.

    You yanks are welcome to your violence.

    the problem doesn’t really exist for us.

    where you been Angel

    ONDON (Reuters) – A 20-year-old man charged in connection with the death of Liverpool schoolboy Rhys Jones was remanded in custody in Friday.

    James Yates, from the Croxteth area of the city, is accused of dumping the murder weapon and burning the killer’s clothes, the BBC reported.

    He is the seventh person to be remanded in the case and appeared at Liverpool Magistrates Court.

    On Thursday, a 17-year-old youth was remanded in custody, charged with the boy’s murder.

    The 11-year-old was shot in the neck in Croxteth last August after returning from football practice.

    and no black teenages have died in London – course not – this is England
    drive by shootings just dont happen here do they ?

  6. Angel

    Apr 18th, 2008

    Ah come on Corona, you can do better than that surely? One case in England when in America one white male under 17 is murdered every 30 hours and one black male under 17 is murdered every 24?

    I stand by my statement, America… thanks to the “right” to bear arms… is a dangerous place that deserves the violence it breeds.

    What is wrong with this statement… “the program is designed to address the feelings of elementary school children, teach them anger management, and help them to channel their emotions in productive ways.” It shows how rotten your society really is when your elementary aged students need a program for anger management so they don’t shoot each other!

  7. Angel

    Apr 18th, 2008

    > “you’re kalel venkman”

    Damn… my cover is blown!

    *puts on ghey lycra tights and starts spouting crap about TOS violations*

  8. DaveOner

    Apr 18th, 2008

    And nowhere will this call to stop violence be heard than in a barely-functioning video game!

    Go outside sometime, guys.

  9. DaveOner

    Apr 18th, 2008

    And Angel, you’re a moron. You can keep with your Eurocentric bigotry and paint the U.S. with the wide brush your TV gave you.

    Or you can look at some facts.

    Look at the London bus bombings and the people that carried it out. They were citizens of your country!

    Look at the Moroccan youth riots in France and how they couldn’t be stopped for over a week!

    Civilized indeed!

    Apparently “civilized” now means “tell other people how to live and be a dick to anyone that doesn’t think like you do”.

    The fact of the matter is that each country has its own social problems that outsiders won’t understand (such as you). You can either continue with the bigotry (I guess it’s hard to break a centuries-long national tradition. Ask the Irish, Scottish, Native South Africans, Indians, etc.) or actually take an open-minded approach to actual problems where you live and start trying to do something about it instead of just talking ignorant shit anonymously on the internet.

  10. Witness X

    Apr 18th, 2008

    It’s amazing how full of crap all you people are. You all think you know who each other are, but you don’t. You all think you know politics, but you have no idea. You all think ‘anonymous’ is spelled with a capital ‘A’, but the ‘a’ stands for ‘ass’ not ‘superior’.

    Half the leadership of the PN turns out to be gay furries. The other half is in denial, either that they’re gay furries or they’ve been following a gay furry as their leader.
    Half of Woodbury University is PN hiding out – the other half is in denial.
    The same ten people keep posting on the Herald, thinking it matters. They’re in denial.
    Kalel Venkman thinks he can make a difference. He’s in denial too. Bigtime. It’s futile, Kalel, give it up already. Assuming you even read the Herald anymore, which I sincerely doubt, given the cesspool this place has turned into.

    You should all just move to Egypt.

  11. RoFLKOPTr

    Apr 19th, 2008

    @Witness X:

    It’s just like you (and you and you, or however fucking many there are of you) to bring up the PN in an article that is totally unrelated to us. Seriously, get a fucking life.

    Back to the topic at hand.

    Fuck you guys and your anti-gunnedness. In England where guns are banned and have been for quite some time (thereby causing them to be nearly inexistant in your country), there are bus bombings, muggings, etc. If you take guns away from troublemakers, they will only find other ways to cause trouble. Most anti-gunnists, though, want to take guns away from everybody. What do you faggots think that is going to solve? I am an avid hunter and sportshooter, and I have never killed a person with any of my guns. I do have one gun within arm’s reach in case somebody carrying a gun comes into my house and threatens my life and property. Well, if we just took guns away from everybody, then there would be no problems, right? Wrong. Most people who commit gun-related crimes already have serious marks on their record which restrict them from purchasing a gun by legal means. That means that they buy guns on the black market. Since they buy guns on the black market ANYWAY, what’s to stop them from doing so when guns are illegal? Nothing, right? The anti-gun laws that you folks try to pass in congress should be the exact opposite. EVERYBODY should be required to own a gun, have ammo for it, and know how to use it. Gun-related crime rates will go down considerably nationwide. Very few criminals are actually ballsy enough to shoot somebody, and even fewer will actually shoot somebody who is pointing a gun right back at them. Give everybody a gun, and criminals will flee.

    Also, fuck you fucking anti-war faggots, as well. You should all go die in a fire with the furfags.

  12. Lord Kamina

    Apr 19th, 2008

    RoFL knows what the spirit of the American people is.



  13. Mark DeDay

    Apr 20th, 2008

    Hmmm… the original article had something to do with promoting peace. The organizers spoke of the surfeit of anger leading to the plague of violence, and they promoted support for real alternatives and solutions.

    Thank you for your demonstration of base and unbridled anger in the comments here – it helps to focus people on the need for organizations like Drive-By Agony and for grass roots efforts to stop the violence.

  14. 2 cents

    Apr 21st, 2008

    I want to point out that allthough in the right to bear arms VS no guns for the peole discussion, England is named often, if not all the time by the ones who are in favour of having the populace armed.

    In Great Britain, the police is not armed with guns either.

    When we look at a different nation, for example the Netherlands, the police is armed with pistols, and even a switchblade is concidered an illegal weapon for anyone to have, let alone a gun.

    It is possible to own one, for on the shooting range, for sports. This includes a lot of paper work, and even more trouble.

    In the Netherlands, in the past 30 years or so, one cop was killed during a firefight with criminals. The whole nation was in shock.

    Any mugger on the streets in the Netherlands, us unlikely to be carrying a firearm: most guns in hands of criminals in the Netherlands, are better oganised criminals, not some low thieves or muggers.

    There is no *need* to carry a handgun for anyone here, as it is in the US, because you have a bigger chance of getting killed by an airlineer then a gun in the hands of a criminal (unless of course you’re in the criminal circuit yourself)

    The fact that the police does carry guns, makes it only safer here.

    The reason people in the US feel the need to carry a gun, and will not give up the right to bear arms, is because they are afraid of anyone else to have a gun.

    If noone has guns, there’s no more need for that.

    Of course getting rid of the guns in the US will not work in a million years, the culture is too different then from European countries… it’s the basic fear of people with guns we dont have.

    I guess the solution would be in making peoloe feel safer on the streets in America, but witht he fearmongering the American television and news does… fat chance.

  15. Penance Sautereau

    Apr 22nd, 2008

    Ahh, ROFLkopter, still a walking advertisement for birth control.

  16. FuckAmerica

    Apr 22nd, 2008

    “EVERYBODY should be required to own a gun, have ammo for it, and know how to use it. Gun-related crime rates will go down considerably nationwide”

    Gun related accidents, and little fun things like the many many high school shootings will be on the rise, as well as gun related crimes. So, I call BULLSHIT on the above statement.

    “Give everybody a gun, and criminals will flee.”

    It’s hard to hold up a liquor store with a knife, and it’s easier to decide to rob a store if you already own a gun, then having to get one (legally or illegally) for it. So if everybody has a gun, I’m pretty damn sure that there will be MORE criminals as opposed to less.

    I mean, history has shown that the more guns are around, the more people will get shot. It’s ridicilous to state that if there’s less guns, more people will get shot.

    Also, Why do the US have the right to bear arms?

    The law comes from the time of the war agaisnt the English: The populace has the right to bear arms to defend themselves agasint an opressive government.

    In the last few years, your government has been raping their own people, as well as several countries worldwide: It is now legal for them to tap any and all phonecalls, and arrest anyone on the assumption they might be a terrorists.

    For a land of the free, you’ve had a lot of liberties stripped from you…

    So where are the angy people with the guns to kick the current president out of the whitehouse: For the past 8 years?

    Those who give up freedom for security, deserve neither…

    You guys have the right to bear arms and the possibility to set things right in the USA. Why hasm’t that happened yet?

    Are you so very glad with the way your government keep on raping you and screwing you over?
    Taking your sons and daughters to send to their deaths in the middle east?

    Grow some balls America, and USE your guns. If you dont to it for yourselves, do it for the rest of the planet.

    Or are you afraid of your government?

    Your government should be afraid of their people, not the other way around.

    you say you need to carry guns to feel save Witness… Thus proving you’re afraid.

    If there’s no guns, there’s no need for fear of your fellow American.

    But, maybe that’s whisful thinking, cause even without guns you’d be scared shitless of your fellow countrymen. Guns arent the problem, it’s the way of thinking of Americans that is the problem.

    Example of how it can work, *with* guns… Canada.

    More guns per head of the populace then the US, and people dont even lock their doors sometimes, cause they’re not scared shitless like you guys.

    A gun comes with great responsibility. In history, Americans all over the place have proven that they cannot handle the responsibility.

    Any cop in the US that I ever seen on TV pulling over any car for whatever reason, walks up to the car with his hand on his gun. I think that’s a clear indication of the problem… they of course have to, you never know what kind of a complete retard is in the car or what kind of caliber shotgun he has under his seat.

    I’d say as a solution, nuke the entirety of the nation. Problem solved for the rest of us, and not only the problem of voilence or stirring up shit and starting trouble wherever there’s something to get, also the problem of the tons of CO2 being pumped in the air while refusing to do anythign about it.

    Theres a lot of peope who dislike America, Al Quaida not being the only ones.

    Gee, I wonder why?

    disclaimer: I have many American friends, I am not the one to judge people on nationality. Interresting tho is that my friends all think about gun control the same way as I do. Guns in the hands of every person in a country, BAD IDEA.

  17. Lorna

    Sep 9th, 2014

    I was going through the internet to see what they have in my name and came across this. I did this march for peace in SL to start dialogue about guns and violence. I see it did hit a lot of nerves. Good at least it is out there and has been finally for many years, Yes lets talk about guns and violence, because it is real

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