Frankenschnail: The Final Chapter

by kris on 19/06/08 at 5:54 am

Chapter III

by Happy Trails

[confused readers may wish to refer to episodes 1 and 2]


From Oozeff Von Frankenschnail’s personal diary:

…My beautiful creature…so long I have spent in his creation! Now all is lost!  I write to you in this cave with my future sister-in-law, Escargot, both prisoners of the creature. Poor Byron was crushed by the monster when he tried to rescue me.  I only hope someone comes to look in the old caverns beneath the windmill…

I started working my way along the path I charted.  I knew I was on the right track when I found Byron’s crushed shell, with a small pair of legs dangling from it; and that wasn’t all that was dangling- I guessed that Byron was a big hit with the ladies.  Judging from the slime trails, I would say the police had already been here. I could smell smoke on the wind, and I could hear the distant sound of an angry mob.  I moved as quickly as I could in the direction of the sound.

Finally I reached the source of the commotion; the old windmill.  The mob was comprised of the local police and the family of Byron, along with a lot of crying women.  I could see flames shooting up from the bottom of the windmill, and at the top of the windmill, silhouetted in the smoke, was the outline of a gigantic snail!  He reared back like an elephant, roaring at the crowd; in his arms was poor Oozeff!  The windmill, being made of old, dried wood, burned quickly.  I had to find a way in to look for my Escargot; I remembered there was an old cavern around the back and I made for the opening.

Inside the cavern, I could feel the wind being sucked in, feeding the flames of the windmill built above it, and in the darkness ahead, I could hear whimpering.  It was Escargot!  She appeared unharmed, but in a deep enough hole she could not crawl out on her own.  I found some old cord and lowered it down for her.

at the cavern door

By the time I had rescued Escargot and gotten out of the cavern, the windmill had collapsed.  I took Escargot home and returned early the next morning to go through the ruins.  There was no sign of the monster or Frankenschnail; I would have expected to at least find some of the shell.  In the caverns beneath I found Oozeff’s pocket diary and various slime trails, mixed and confused.

To this day, none of us have heard from Frankenschnail including poor Shelly.  Occassionally we would hear tales of Giant snail sightings far to the north, usually followed by reports of a lone snail in pursuit.  They became legend, like Elvis or Bigfoot sightings.  The police covered up the burning of the windmill as accidental, and no one spoke of Frankenschnail again. 

Escargot has blocked the whole incident from her consciousness.  As for me, sometimes I wake at night in a cold sweat…

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