SL Religious Warfare Breaks Out!!!

by Jessica Holyoke on 28/06/08 at 10:45 am

Scientology conflict results in copyright infringement claims, eviction

by Jessica Holyoke

In Sorens, a religious battle of words and accusations broke out between the Church of Enturbulation and a Scientology group. 

The Church of Enturbulation on Second Life has a facility that educates people about the methods and problems with the Church of Scientology.  Next door was the home of a Scientology group called "Scientology, Hey its not so bad!." 

Charity Stohr

Charity Stohr, the founder of the Church of Enturbulation group is a long time activist against the Church of Scientology and wanted to bring her work with her.  Lalinda Lovell is the founder of the “Scientology, hey its not so bad!” group. 

The groups build included pictures of the Scientology logo with phrases such as "Learn while u learn ™" and "Science + Technology = Scientology ™". 


infringing images?

Sorens is a sim owned by BNT Holdings group.  After consultation with IntLibber Brautigan and BNT Holdings President Kaddan Yue, it was determined that having the name "Church of Enturbulation" in the "Scientology, hey its not so bad!" group’s land description, using the Scientology star cross symbol and using the phrases mentioned above was copyright infringement.  As BNT representatives said, this is copyright infringement, against the sim covenant and the ToS.  Therefore, BNT Holdings took back the land and deleted all the items there with no refunds.

Lalinda Lovell asked Charity Stohr after some heated discussion about the issues of what is or is not copyright infringement "Do you really want PartyVan, Enturbulation, goons, the insurgency, and /b/ to find out?"

At the time, Lalinda Lovell was referring to this as a "police matter" as she lost $25 USD over the reclaiming of the sim.

Lalinda Lovell lost $25 USD

While there were claims of extortion from both sides and BNT, no one gave details of what the extortion entailed.

Voland Destiny stated that "this is second life, not rl, you follow sl rules" and that if Scientology enters into Second Life, they have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

A documentary covering the Scientology Belief System from noted South Park religious experts below.

29 Responses to “SL Religious Warfare Breaks Out!!!”

  1. Charity Stohr

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Well she was kicked out for using CoS AND CoE logos w/o permission. IntLibber doesn’t wish to be sued by the CoS himself by some failed troll and ageplayer using their images on his land. I never alleged extortion on either side. :P

    other than that good article. ^_^

  2. Caine Constantine

    Jun 28th, 2008

    If you want a place to put up some anti-Scientology information, come to my place in Jessie. I think it would be a great addition to the scene.


  3. Puck Goodliffe

    Jun 28th, 2008

    The fact that the $cientologists have to run for that old-time excuse, “copyright infringement” to avoid criticism of their space opera mythology and money-grubbing cult says it all about them and their so-called church.

  4. ThetanCreatan

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Remember to stand back a good distance when those ‘tologists start blowing their Body Thetans. You just never know WHERE they will go…

  5. Nikola Shirakawa

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Lalinda Lovell is the last person who should be complaining about infringement. She is a scam-artist who makes money taking freebies labelled not for resale and reselling them.

  6. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Lavinda Lovell is a griefer in any context. The Scientology thing is irrelevant.

  7. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jun 28th, 2008

    There are some innacuracies here. We never evicted Ms. Lovell. What I decided was that she had three days to remove references to the CoE from her parcel description and/or provide proof of rights to use that and other trade names. She is free to resell her land for the duration of her tier. If she chose to abandon the land rather than comply with our reasonable request to comply with the covenant and ToS, that is her decision, this was NOT an eviction.

    As I understand it, Galactic Overlord Xenu (my personal thetan) will be returning from his work enturbulating the speckeled stellar cluster in a few days and will make a statement about His copyrights under the Galactic Agreement on Trademarks and Tariffs. It appears that the Church of Scientology has inappropriately expropriated His intellectual property in trademarks, copyrights, and what is commonly referred to as “scientology tech”. He may be filing a complaint with the Galactic Trade Organization in this regard. Any such ruling of theirs will be enforced by Xenu’s Exalted Renegade Fleet.

  8. wat

    Jun 28th, 2008

    k ur gey intblubber

  9. Jessica Holyoke

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Intlibber is right that Lovell is currently the land owner. But the impression I got and the impression of others who were there at the time I was there was that Lalinda lost the land. According to Lovell, Kaddan told her to leave while I was there and I specifically heard Kaddan say “no refund.” (I hate voice for many reasons, one of which is notetaking.)
    One of the bystanders from the Church of Enturblation state that Lovell should “enjoy the land while you can.” So last night while I was there, it sounded like an eviction, especially when the land description changed.

  10. Darien Caldwell

    Jun 28th, 2008

    how come this Lavinda Lovell person doesn’t show up in search? Is this a fictional person, or was she banned?

  11. Angel

    Jun 28th, 2008

    It’s hard to feel sorry for Lalinda, this is one ageplayer who needs to be fucked over hard.

  12. Razrcut Brooks

    Jun 28th, 2008

    As Stan from South Park would say: “Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here.”

  13. Ava Cartier

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Science + technology = atheism.

  14. Inquisitor ^ban^

    Jun 28th, 2008

    Inquisitor ^ban^ has discovered something this day. Let the exterminatus begin!

  15. Gistya Eusebio

    Jun 29th, 2008

    In what way is it “copyright infringement” to use the name, “Church of Enturbulation”? First of all, “enturbulation” is NOT a registered trademark. Obviously, “Scientology” is, but frankly, the use of the Scientology logo by a group critical of Scientology is PERFECTLY LEGAL UNDER FAIR USE!!!

    Also, any claim by Scientology that they “own the copyright” to the symbol of the cross with some lines sticking out at various angles is HIGHLY DUBIOUS. The U.S. copyright office website says, “copyright protection may be available for logo artwork that contains sufficient authorship”. SUFFICIENT AUTHORSHIP. Adding an “X” on top of a regular old cross (a symbol they stole from Christianity just so they could make their scam cult seem like a religion) is NOT sufficient authorship.

    What this amounts to is Scilons using scare tactics (like they ALWAYS do) to intimidate people into ceasing critical attacks on them. They threaten with lawyers but frankly their crap is weak and empty threats is all they have here, IMHO…

  16. anonymous

    Jun 29th, 2008

    BnT holdings and Intlibber are all stupid assclowns. I don’t know why anyone even notices them. If I was Intlibber I would kill myself. What a faggot.

    Lalinda: NYPA, and no one at partyv& gives a shit about Scientology in Second Life.

  17. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jun 29th, 2008

    Actually it is Lalinda who started yapping about copyright violations, claiming CoE was violating someone elses copyright that she had permission from, so I insisted she provide documentation of both the copyright and her permission to use it. She wanted an email address to send it to (rather than uploading scans) and I requested she give her word to not use the email to harass, which she would not give, so I insisted she upload the images. She has declined and continued on making absurd claims.

    Playing her troll back at her, requiring she provide documentation of her claims, is a rather hilarious replay of Scientology’s absurd RL claims.

  18. Stephanie

    Jun 29th, 2008

    Ah, Lalinda Lovell again. An ageplaying autistic Scientologist now? What wouldn’t this person do to get attention.

  19. Charity Stohr

    Jun 29th, 2008

    Gistya, it was the name of my church, next to my church coupled with photos of my church in order to associate her with us as a way to harass and demoralize the Co€. The fact that she is (even though obvious troll is obvious) using the CoS name and logos and also claiming to be the CoS and claiming she’s authorized to do so.

    Personally, I could care less about copyright laws.

    I know fair use policies inside and out, however, you know just as much as anyone here that Scientology doesn’t care and will sue you anyways. I’m sure Scientology would also love to throw my name around with Lalinda’s as if I have connections to pedophiles as a way to dead agent me.

    Personally, I could care less about copyright laws. But if I can use it to disassociate myself from an age playing attention whore who moves next door to me to to harass my visitors and thus removing me from possible legal issues from the RL cult, fine.

    It’s not like she had to leave, just remove references to us. She’s the one who got ass-hurt and returned the whole church. I wonder if she still knows she owns the land… it’s been sitting there empty waiting for her.

    Also note that no one spearheaded this shit. It was her systematicly pissing off everyone in my church that this snowballed and escalated. I didn’t ask BnT to come out to handle it either.

  20. anon

    Jun 29th, 2008

    >no one at partyv&

    I don’t think this term means what you think it means. Enjoy your INTERNET ARMY illusions. Alone.

  21. Ava Cartier

    Jun 30th, 2008

    “I could care less about copyright laws.”

    Ugh. It’s “I couldn’t care less about copyright laws.”

  22. Ava Cartier

    Jun 30th, 2008

    “Also note that no one spearheaded this shit. It was her systematicly pissing off everyone in my church that this…”

    What’s wrong with this sentence?

    Besides spelling, rarely do you see “church” and “shit” and “pissing” in one sentence.

    Gotta love religion.

  23. Gareth Nelson

    Jun 30th, 2008

    Did anyone bother to look at the close-ups of the screenshots?
    “how many did scientology kill? just a few so shut up already”
    “we put the real into realigion”

    Isn’t it painfully obvious that the whole thing is a parody? Yet people keep on thinking that Lalinda seriously is a scientologist. I find this highly amusing personally. Note also that the owner of the enturbulation group in SL created it after the website was created – did they have permission to do so?

  24. anonymous

    Jul 1st, 2008

    Is Intlibber a member of CoS?

  25. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jul 1st, 2008

    “Is Intlibber a member of CoS?

    Posted by: anonymous | July 01, 2008 at 01:29 AM”

    lol no. having some reading comprehension problems?

  26. anonymous

    Jul 1st, 2008

    me: Is Intlibber a member of CoS?
    intlibber: lol no. having some reading comprehension problems?

    LOL .. yes, I misread. Kudos to you Intlibber! Well handled. I would have done the same. Sorry for the comment.

  27. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jul 3rd, 2008

    “Do you really want PartyVan, Enturbulation, goons, the insurgency, and /b/ to find out?”

    Protip: non e of these groups give a shit about scientology.

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