Ode to a Hug Attachment

by kris on 30/07/08 at 7:58 pm

By Kris Dibou, Warrior Poet

To show how much I love her
In the good ol’ SL way
I bought a hug attachment
And I put it on today

I typed the slash and h-u-g and
Waited for response
As she raised her arms and moved in close;
SL only taunts!

For I became a poodle dog who
Found himself a leg;
My avi jumping up and down, though
Not to proud to beg

I could almost hear her think aloud
"That will leave a stain…"
I might as well be naked on the
PG sims again

7 Responses to “Ode to a Hug Attachment”

  1. dicks

    Jul 30th, 2008


  2. Nidol Slazar

    Jul 30th, 2008

    I thought hug attachments were free :V

  3. KFC

    Jul 31st, 2008

    Haha they are, Nidol
    Just some cost more because people not only want to hug, but they want to hug different parts of another person’s body if you get what I am saying, HAHAH

  4. Kiran

    Jul 31st, 2008

    Did you mean ‘not TOO proud to beg’?

  5. Just Me

    Jul 31st, 2008

    He’s commenting on the glitch in SL that makes you bounce up and down when you hug … hasn’t anyone else noticed that ? Great satire !

  6. Carmen

    Jul 31st, 2008

    @ Just me
    Of course they have not noticed, those that post the caustic remarks are here for one reason! Irritate if they hated the herald that much they would not come.

    I personally loved it, exactly how it is in sl

  7. Aya Pelous

    Jul 31st, 2008

    cute, shorter avies that hug me with it makes the look like they are motor boating me

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