The Pearl:Victorian Brothel/Promiscuous Mermaids

by kris on 26/07/08 at 9:02 am

Inventory server mishap creates inseparable siamese-twin stories

Something went horribly wrong when I put the prims holding the notecards for these two stories on Pixeleen’s piano at the Herald offices in Jessie sim – I crashed and when I relogged the prims holding the stories were fused – along with the stories! My interview at the Pearl Victorian brothel is now mixed with an impromptu meeting to determine promiscuity in a mermaid sim – what a mess –Kris.
[we'll try the Linden approach and let the readers sort the fused stories themselves - something like coalesced prims from a bad parcel return - the Editrix]

The Pearl: Victorian Brothel

by Kris Dibou
photos by Bunny Brickworks


When it was suggested to me that I do an interview at a brothel, I was very excited.  I love broth, especially with crackers.  I was hoping they had beef broth, as I have grown weary of chicken and I wondered if broth was prepared any differently in the Victorian Era.  I decided to dress as a Victorian gentleman and be on my best behavior; surely they would offer me some free broth!

Well, imagine my disappointment when I arrived and found there was no food in the whole house; what is more, I think they sold sex there!  I spoke with one of the people in charge, Ms. Hagar Qinan:

You: How big is the Pearl?
Hagar Qinan: its 12k, but a large part of it is below sea level

[7:41]  Cat: Would any lady choose to be a mermaid if she could be mistaken for a whore?

Hagar Qinan: this sim is part of a collection of "ocean" sims
Hagar Qinan: we consider it as a fortunate circumstance, as we can take our guests on a sail

You: ah, so do you get many visits from pirates?
Hagar Qinan: as guests, at times

[17:43]  Cat: Bel, I have had several of the ladies tell me you engaged their husbands/partners in IM and came on to them heavily. I have seen how you act around men. If you are only being "naughty" it is too much

You: How many employees do you have?
Hagar Qinan: Let me count… 17 at the moment, us included
You: wow
Hagar Qinan: some are ladies, but we boast maids too. Someone must serve the refreshments, after all

[17:47]  Bel: His Grace has given his blessing

[17:47]  Cat: Not me personally…you cast a blight on all ladies when you act inappropriately

[18:02]  Bel: These men I was supposed to have come on to.  Who are they?

You: do the townsfolk ever cause trouble?
kington Lane: A Glass of Champagne?
Hagar Qinan: so far we’ve enjoyed good neigbourship

[18:03]  Bel: Was one of them Shawn?

[18:03]  Bel: His Grace perhaps

[18:03]  Cat: Not Shawn. And I thank you for respecting my marriage.


kington Lane gave you Glass of Champagne.
kington Lane: My Ladies
Hagar Qinan: cheers, sir
kington Lane: a glass for yourselves?
Hagar Qinan: I will stick to my teas, if you don’t mind
kington Lane: Lady Luna?
Lunatic Jewell says: "Thank you Kington, I am fine"
kington Lane: lady Pinkpussy?
You: So do you find yourself needing to update the equipment frequently?
You: i.e., keep up with the times so to speak
Hagar Qinan: in what way do you mean, sir ? Keeping things in good repair is part of my job, that is correct
Hagar Qinan: well we moved to this site only recently, so the equipment is quite up to date at the moment
Hagar Qinan: but we do tend to go for quality, certainly

[18:06]  Cat: We’ll both lie in the beds we’ve made.

[18:06]  Bel smiles

[18:06]  Bel: Aye

[18:06]  Bel: I would not have turned on you ever Cat.  And I do not now.

[18:06]  Bel: I hope the best for you.

[18:07]  Cat: Yet, that is exactly what you did

[18:07]  Bel: There are those around you who cannot be trusted.  But I will say not more.

Hagar Qinan: here is the wall with our ladies
Hagar Qinan: each portrait will, when clicked give you the story of that lady
You: very nice
Hagar Qinan: some stories are short, some quite extensive
Hagar Qinan: and over here, as we are staunch supporters of the monarchy, a portrait of our queen

[17:47]  Bel: Lady Cat thinks I am a whore who flirts with other women’s partners

You: Who are your favorite suppliers of ‘equipment’?
Lunatic Jewell looks at her Madame: "B&B are only providing Static or slightly animated poses"
Hagar Qinan: for the dances, surely. For the more intimate equipment we have sexgen and devpose, in the forefront, but we have other suppliers too

Anne: ok formality aside for a while
Rose: frankly these animations bite

You: How many visitors would you say you get in a day?
Hagar Qinan: It differs. Weekends are slow, traditionally, but Thursday evenings better

Anne: and anyone else, know of anyone else coming?
Renee: Like mother like daughter, it seems
Anne: Sarah do you think anyone else will be coming that you know off?
Rose: shrugs and so did Atlas
Cat: LOL
Mary: no, I don’t know of anyone else

Anne: so ladies, lets discuss what’s happening here
Sarah: greetings Horace
Anne: some of you have mentioned some concerns about the Antiquity Sirens
Rose: Horace sit next to her grace
Horace: greeting ladies
Mary: hello
Rose: lol
Holly: sorry I had to change I couldn’t seem to find the right skirt :)
Anne: sigh
Anne: ladies, the subject at hand is how we are going to resolve some of these concerns
Anne: I think if you are agreeable that Sarah, could you explain how you perceive the Sirens group?

Hagar Qinan: the kind of customer that very much likes the companionship of a lady, which may involve some physical aspects, but only as part of the package
You: I see :)
You: May I have a tour of the facilities?
Hagar Qinan: certainly
Hagar Qinan: The garden you have already seen. It boasts a tea spot, a small dancing floor, a dock for our boats and an ‘En Garde ‘ fencing track
Hagar Qinan: .. which you might be forced to use, if we don’t like what you write

Renee: The issue is that your group profile indicates you are "naughtier" and you have issues wondering why people might have issues?

Lunatic Jewell giggles
Hagar Qinan smiles and performs a graceful curtsey
Hagar Qinan: let’s go indoors
You: lead on :)
Hagar Qinan: this is our reception
You: I love the wallpaper
Hagar Qinan: it has a small parlour and, more importantly a set of teleports for easy navigation through the house
You: very nice
Hagar Qinan: the art in here and elsewhere are pre-raphaelite paintings
You: very tasteful
Hagar Qinan: Both bella and I love that period.
Lunatic Jewell stands silently in the corner, her eyes wandering from the visitor to her LadyBoss and back

Renee: I am sensitive to the smell of open sewer

You: I would imagine our readers would want to know…
You: are all your customers men?
Hagar Qinan: most are, yes, but we get the occaShawnal lady
Lunatic Jewell looks at Kington and grins
kington Lane: kington blushes
Hagar Qinan: our ballroom
You: I think it’s wonderful all the artwork you have here
Hagar Qinan: thank you sir. WE aim for a tasteful, relaxing atmosphere
You: do you get your art from the same supplier or have you found it here and there?

Cat: You are promoting prostitution in the name of our sim. I would rather not have that kind of an ambassador.

Hagar Qinan: this is the room that leads to the elevators to the private rooms
Hagar Qinan: at the moment we have 5 rooms, but we are planning more

You: so you currently have 5 rooms to entertain guests?
Hagar Qinan: indeed.

Sarah: hmm I misunderstood that your grace, when invited as in texas we entertain there

You: Roman Baths, Harem, Steampunk, Seduction and DungeonYou: what would a steampunk fantasy be?
Hagar Qinan: it’s an airship. We were planning to replace that one with a verShawn that is more into the Steampunk atmosphere; a more Victorian décor

Bel raises her eyebrows
Renee claps a little for Cat
Anne: I cannot believe that anyone here would want to be seen as less than a lady
Anne: oh you perform there topless?

You: is this the mascot here in the corner?
Hagar Qinan: that is a joke of one of our ladies. It helps break the ice and gives first time visitors a safe subject to discuss
You: lol
You: very cute :)
Hagar Qinan: I think we wrote down a list with all the explanations we make up for it
Hagar Qinan: do you want to see one of the rooms, perhaps ?
You: sure

Sarah: no your grace in public waters we abide by the rules of Antiquity as far as tops and other parts go
Renee: Dearest brother mine, welcome
Rose: I, for one, am not repressed in any way, whichever era I happen to RP in, however, I find the mandate that you represent women in Antiquity as either loose or immoral in anyway a bit personally offensive

Hagar Qinan: Roman baths it is
Hagar Qinan: the moment I go up, please follow quickly.
Hagar Qinan: and I must go up first. It’s members only
You: ok

Sarah: yes your grace
Anne: i am just going to review you charter now
Sarah: lady Cat who told you I promote the mers as prostitutes?
Cat: Your original charter said sirens were available for "play for pay". Is that no longer true?
Anne: I believe that came from an earlier charter?
Sarah: that was changed when I matched it to your sim group

You: What do customers pay for time at the Pearl?
Hagar Qinan: well, if they enlist the services of a Lady or maid, they pay 1000L for 30 minutes
Hagar Qinan: coincidentally, the herald published some figures on our business recently
You: yes?
Hagar Qinan: and while we are certainly not the cheapest, we are still a far cry from the 10.000L that was mentioned then
Hagar Qinan: as the top price

Sarah: no profit; is free
Rose: sirens or visitors?
Cat: So the answer is yes.
Sarah: no they come with whomever they bring, I am not into commercial profit
Bel: Is there something wrong with having sex in private?
Cat: Are you charging for it?
Holly: nothing at all Bele
Sarah: no
Cat: Are any of the sirens?


Hagar Qinan: the Dungeon
You: let me guess…
You: hehehe
You: yep
Hagar Qinan: it’s where we take visitors who refuse to pay, indeed
You: lol
You: fascinating drawings
Hagar Qinan: I have a whole collection of them
You: so are all the private rooms skyboxes set at different heights for the customers privacy?
Hagar Qinan: exactly and soon they will be fitted with a security system to ensure peeping toms will regret trying
You: lol
You: privacy is hard to find in SL
Hagar Qinan: certainly. But our ladies have the power to eject.

Renee: As they say, if you throw a stone into a pack of dogs the one who yelps is the one who got hit

Hagar Qinan: my first real job was managing a sales team in a Mall

Renee: You conveniently changed it once the fur started to fly
Anne: Ladies, sir, just a moment please
Anne: everyone, deep breathes
Sarah: no need for it others are doing it anyway
Sarah: smiles
Rose: doing what Sarah?
Sarah: What you claim I am doing
Cat: Then there is no need for "naughtier" sirens?
Holly: you are aware of the dress code in our sim
Holly: in public of course
Rose: such as? what precisely are you doing?
Sarah: in our sim, yes
Holly: do you consider yourself properly dressed Sarah for a formal meeting with her grace?
Sarah: I am providing a place for mers to frolic and have fun

You: do you work in sales in rl?
Hagar Qinan: no, and I don’t see me doing that.
Hagar Qinan: but that is why this is called "Second" Life, so you can try your hand at unexpected things

You: have you ever considered making more ‘Pearls’ in the other victorian sims…
Hagar Qinan: we toyed with that idea, but we found that residents in those sims are quite apprehensive when the word ‘brothel’ is mentioned
Hagar Qinan: I suppose they associate it with drunken scenes, noise, half naked girls and so forth
You: lol
You: hard to say :)

Cat: Are we talking sexually?
Sarah: I am dressed as a mer you take offense that is your problem
Cat: Are you opening up your sim so people can come down there to have sex?
Rose: ty Cat
Renee agrees with Cat
Rose: for profit?

You: tell them you want to open a billiard hall lol
Hagar Qinan: We considered that too, but i suppose the truth would soon come out
You: I suppose :)
Hagar Qinan: after all, customers must know what it’s about
You: Ok, is there anything else you would like to bring up for our readers?
Hagar Qinan: just a general advice, true for anything in Second Life : don’t forget it’s all about fun, for you AND the others
You: Thank you for the lovely tour, Ms Qinan :)
Hagar Qinan: thank you for visiting us

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