The Merczateers – One Life, One Fate

by caine on 04/08/08 at 10:54 pm

One of Second Life’s largest military forces — from the perspectives of its members, its allies, and its enemies.

by Caine Constantine

When it comes to armed combat in Second Life, there may beno more recognized military force than the Merczateers.


They are massive, clocking in at 254 members as of thewriting of this article. With fourregions under their direct control – Badnarik, Salamis, Appledore and Amtor – they are the largest military force, in termsof both manpower and land ownership, on the grid today.

With those resources behind them, the Merczateers havecreated a military force that is, at least among the broad and ever-growingSecond Life military community, envied, despised, feared, praised, or admired, dependingon who you talk to.

The group has become one of the centers of the community,and almost everyone in the community has an opinion about the Merczateers. Even when its members leave the group, or areejected from it, they often use their time and experience it to form their ownmilitary forces. 

When I first started writing articles for Herald and coveredthe Task Force Marines, they told me they were no different. Flamethrower Rives, a former Admiral in theMarines, explained.


Flamethrower Rives: i was a mercz

Caine Constantine: What happened with the Merczateers thatmade you leave?

Flamethrower Rives: u don’t wanna know
Flamethrower Rives: wait
Flamethrower Rives: soo boring
Flamethrower Rives: all you do is sit in there base defend

Flamethrower Rives: i base my training offof mercz

A quick searchthrough Second Life’s groups reveals that in addition to the countless officialand unofficial Merczateer groups, there are also a number of spin-off groupswhose main enemy, or even sole purpose, is to fight and kill Merczateers.


The Merczateershave many allies, some of whom are powerful grid-wide militaries in and ofthemselves. Imperator Aryte Vesperia,leader of the Ordo Imperialis and the strongest ally the Merczateers have, putit simply.

Caine Constantine: I wanted to ask you about how the alliance with theMerczateers is working out for you?

Aryte Vesperia: There’s nothing to really complain about. Ouralliance is long lasting and just fine. The Merczateers are a solid group. Theyhave their issues, but so do we.

So with this sortof reach and impact on the community, what is it that makes the group function,and what is it that makes it unique? 

The natural peopleto talk to on this subject were the Merczateers themselves, who I visited firstin Appledore, where they were recently holding up as their main battlegrounds, Salamis and Badnarik, were under redesign.


I first spoke withMàrshal Anthony Lehane about the group, and he told me that there is oneoverriding goal when it comes to the actions of the Merczateers.

Anthony Lehane: There are two types of combat groups.
Anthony Lehane:
People who want to have fun.
Anthony Lehane:
And people who just want to win.
Anthony Lehane:
We celebrate our victories and recognize ourdefeats. But we have fun doing what we do.
Anthony Lehane:
And that’s all that matters.


The first questionI had was one that I almost overlooked, but seemed fair to ask. What is a Merczateer anyway – and where didthat name come from? According toMàrshal Lehane, the original founder of the group, William Cruyff, pitched itout of left field.

Anthony Lehane: He just made it up, off the top of his head.
Anthony Lehane:
It’s always nice to have an original name, ratherthan one like TACTICAL AWESOME MARINES or SUPER SOLDIER SQUAD.


Word to thewise, Mr. Lehane – watch your back. They may not have an original name, but they plan on ending up "victorius," no matter the cost.

And for a group that provides its soldiers with so much inthe way of uniforms, weapons and training, and for a group that pays for foursims, how do the Merczateers afford their wars? In the true spirit of the military-industrial complex, it comes throughweapons sales by Màrshal Lehane’s company, Operations.

Anthony Lehane: The thing that’s great aboutOperations is that many of the engineers of the Merczateers provide for it. Soessentially we work to sustain ourselves, and it’s great to see people sodedicated.


Anthony Lehane: The Kommissariat all puts in theirfair share, Poon scripts everything up, I do concepts, some building and allthe marketing, etc. It’s really a great thing. I don’t sell anything I don’tuse myself.

Caine Constantine: And so you really finance thisthrough work, and not just through donations?

Anthony Lehane: Operations covers EVERYTHING. I laughwhen people accuse us of being communist. Some people donate, but 95% is Operations.


The accusations of communism probably relate to the group’sSoviet look, with its red star, themed rankings, and its Cyrillic text. But do the Merczateers really have a settheme?

Caine Constantine: What would you sayƒ your theme isthen? At least Soviet-esque?

Anthony Lehane: Most people would just say"post-modern Ukranian." I really don’t care, I just wanna get out andshoot some shit under the Merczateer name.

The newly built base fits the idea of a Soviet theme. In what looks like an eternal winter, amassive grey fortress dominates the picture, contrasting a large, commandingstatue reminiscent of Soviet imagery. 


The bulk of the base though is located underground in amassive bunker complex that drives deep enough into the earth to raise a lavaflow into the base.


Only a dank black gate reveals the existence of an above anda below – and falls through this steaming gate often lead to a quick death inthe lava flow.


The weapons and devices the group employs are unique aswell. According to Màrshal Lehane, theyare rooted in a goal of making combat fun, and explained it by comparing thegroup to the Alliance Navy.

Anthony Lehane: Lurdan likes to say "They’readaptive, we’re interactive"
Anthony Lehane: I can explain that, if you’d like.

Caine Constantine: Definitely, please do.

Anthony Lehane: Alright, Merczateers have a moreinteractive approach, for example: Our support troops can build things withtheir wrenches, they choose what to build, then have to click to whack theirwrench until the structure is built.
Anthony Lehane: Then our extensive melee system, inwhich our men can attack with rifle butts, or knives (support guys use theirwrench) then, our combat dive/roll we issued the other day. C4, that can bedisarmed by cutting the correct wire.
Anthony Lehane: All of these things make combat veryfun.

Anthony Lehane: Now, the AN, don’t usually think toomuch for fun. They create new tech to adapt to other’s tech. For example, tocounter fast planes, they invented the seeking missile.
Anthony Lehane: Their gear is linear, ours isdynamic.

Caine Constantine: I have read in fact on one SecondLife wiki that the "Merczateers have an irrational attachment to theirmelee weapons, and will often use them instead of guns when possible.”

Anthony Lehane: Well, our troops, if placed in asituation where they may not be able to get a shot off due to rez offset, willsimply hit < + > at the same time to hit with their rifle butt.
Anthony Lehane: Yeah, and our soldiers have a lot offun using it too. Also a good way to show the enemy "Dude, you suck."

Caine Constantine: And how do they get these weapons,like that gun with the saw on it?

Anthony Lehane: We have a merit, the melee merit. Whenthey get it, they’re awarded the Lancer.
Anthony Lehane: That’s the rifle with the chainsaw onit.
Anthony Lehane: A lot of fun kills with that.


Indeed, the Lancer is a fearsome gun – an assault rifle witha chainsaw on the barrel. From adistance it functions like other weapons, but up close, it cuts melee fightersto pieces in a gruesome display.

Caine Constantine: I know a lot of groups – like Sparta,I believe, for example – have a backstory to give the group a roleplaytheme. Is there anything along thoselines here?

Anthony Lehane: We don’t need a silly backstory.We’ve been in SL so long that our actual history is our backstory.

It is definitely an interesting history. The Merczateers were founded back in 2005 andhave died and been reborn a few times since then. The picture below is from about three yearsago, in their lands in Isere.


Perhaps the greatest crisis the Merczateers ever faced wasthe resignation of one of their leading generals, Christoph Naumova, who todayis the Vorhut Fuhrer of the Vanguard Armed Forces and one of the chief enemiesof the Merczateers.


After many in the Merczateers, wishing for better relationswith the Alliance Navy, grew tired of Naumova’s policy of antagonizing thegroup, Spartann Plunkett, another general in the Merczateers, confronted him overit and the argument heated up until Plunkett told Naumova to “do your worst.”

He did. Naumova, whoat that time was a general with full power over most of the group, includingthe capability to abandon group land and eject members from the group, didso. He himself had contributed a lot ofland to the group, though much of it had also been financed and purchased bycurrent Merczateer Màrshal Lurdan Huszar.

All of it was lost as former General Naumova, wanting quickretribution, abandoned all of the land to Governor Linden immediately, not eventrying to sell it.

As members were ejected one by one, Màrshal Huszar, then aGeneral as well, sent a last transmission to what was left of the group that itwould be reborn, before it was finally disbanded completely.

Vorhut Fuhrer Naumova eagerly admits to doing all of this,and believes it was simply his right considering he was leaving the group.

Caine Constantine: As one of the Merczateers put it,you "left them for dead."

Christoph Naumova: Roger.
Christoph Naumova: Yes, I did.

Caine Constantine: Was that the intention?

Christoph Naumova: Not for dead
Christoph Naumova: But they were on their own
Christoph Naumova: I took what I gave to the group.
Christoph Naumova: Which was, basically everything.

Caine Constantine: So you are saying you only tookeverything you brought to the table?

Christoph Naumova: Yeah.

But Màrshal Huszar disagrees with the idea that he took onlywhat he brought in.

Lurdan Huszar: He was paying for a large portion ofthe land tier, but I bought most, if not all of the parcels.
Lurdan Huszar: I spent 30K buying a plot for ourairfield the day before it happened.
Lurdan Huszar: So no, he didn’t take back what washis.
Lurdan Huszar: He wasted a very large portion of mymoney.

Landless and with most of its members ejected, theMerczateers were basically dead – but eventually they grew back to prominenceas new members and new lands were found for the group. By the time the Merczateers had moved intotheir current home in Badnarik, the group had not just cheated death but hadbecome more powerful than ever before.

The Alliance Navy, long one Second Life’s premier military forces,was even allied with the Merczateers during this time period. But conflict broke out between them over thesim Dorien, the current home of the Alliance Navy. It was previously known as “The Woofer” andgiven to the Merczateers to build on. The landowner mysteriously switched sides – supposedly under the adviceof nearby Alliance Navy personnel according to some – and then gave it to theAlliance Navy. 

Though war was not declared over the particular issue, thealliance was off and neutrality was only fleeting. What started the war and the battle is up fordebate, though perhaps the last spark was Merczateer General Jonathan Arnashooting Alliance Navy Admiral Nanao Mahfouz.

But regardless, now the reborn Merczateers faced theirgreatest challenge in the form of a massive assault by the Alliance Navy ontheir new home, which they entitled “Operation: Crucifix.” 

Màrshal Anthony Lehane recalled some of the conditions thatthe Merczateers fought the battle under.

Caine Constantine: This battle with the Alliance Navyseems like it was a major turning point in the development of your group.

Anthony Lehane: Crucifix was probably the largest SLbattle in history.
Anthony Lehane: They attacked for I think 5 daysstraight.
Anthony Lehane: I remember coming home, getting on mycomputer, logging on, and saying "THEY’RE STILL ATTACKING?!"

Anthony Lehane: We had no AD at the time, justinfantry superiority. So their fleet and AD completely crushed us.
Anthony Lehane: We had to teach our guys to shootdown planes with their rifles.
Anthony Lehane: What I used to do was parachute downfrom 700m shooting at the fleetships with my AK, that was the best we could do.

Caine Constantine: Any kills?

Anthony Lehane: Yeah, hahaha

Caine Constantine: So if they kept attacking for fivedays, you must have been defending that long also.

Anthony Lehane: Yeah, near the final days many of thegrunts had given up, and it was just the Merczateer Elite, and High Commandbasically shooting at their AD from the roof of the Kremlin.


Anthony Lehane: Until it blew up.
Anthony Lehane: One of our Generals, Jonathan Arna,had turned on us and sold the Kremlin to one of the AN marines.
Anthony Lehane: The same Jonathan Arna wasresponsible for the war with the AN to begin with.

Caine Constantine: It blew up? How did that happen?

Anthony Lehane: Yes. Phys-delinked.
Anthony Lehane: Lurdan and some Elites were fightingon top of it at the time if I remember correctly.

And so as their Kremlin collapsed, the battle was clearlyover, but the Merczateers set upon learning lessons from their defeat and rebuildinganew. It became the biggest militarydefeat the Merczateers have ever had, and the Kremlin was scrapped, but thegroup gained many new recruits and worked on improving its air forces – perhapsthe most vital tool for staving off a future assault like Crucifix.


In fact, in May of 2008, the rejuvenated Merczateersunleashed their own assault on the Alliance Navy, calling it “Operation:Crucify This” and using a completely different strategy. While the Alliance Navy attack had usedoverwhelming air power to crush the Merczateers, the invading Merczateers usedwhat has been called the “grunt flood” to control the ground and win the day.

Anthony Lehane: Yeah, nobody can beat the Mercz gruntflood.
Anthony Lehane: Nobody.
Anthony Lehane: We have by far the most activemembers at any given time.
Anthony Lehane: Our men are well-equipped andtrained.

Caine Constantine: So you would take pride in thegrunt flood because they aren’t just grunts – they’re trained at what they do?

Anthony Lehane: It’s a long-term inside joke with thewhole group. We’re all grunts at heart.

Caine Constantine: I heard “Operation: Crucify This”was a definitive victory for the Merczateers.

Anthony Lehane: As have pretty much all the assaultswe’ve conducted on the AN since we re-opened interactions with them.
Anthony Lehane: Not to sound like I’m bragging oranything, but they’ve lost the manpower they used to have.
Anthony Lehane: I respect the AN however, they have alot of good people, and the ways they conduct combat are very fair. It’s justtheir strict treaty makes things complicated.

A ten-minute video made by the Merczateers, detailing theconditions as they saw them during the battle, can be found at

And so now, at the strongest they have ever been, what is thegoal of the Merczateers for the future?

Caine Constantine: Where do you see the Merczateers ayear from now?

Anthony Lehane: I see us being the hub of wherecombat should be in SL, free from drama, bullshit, strict treaties and unfairgear. I see everyone slowly realizing that the way we do things is the rightway, and more militaries forming around our system.

The Iron Symphony alliance is one tool by which they plan tobring this vision to life. I talked toMàrshal Lurdan Huszar who could be considered the de-facto head man at thealliance to find out more about what it was all about.


Caine Constantine: What is the Iron Symphony? I have heard it described as an alliance andas a group of like minded people following similar rules.

Lurdan Huszar: That’s a good portion of it. We’reformally an alliance, and we do also share similar views as to how combatshould be conducted.
Lurdan Huszar: One of our defining features is thatwe don’t restrict ourselves with a treaty.
Lurdan Huszar: Rather, if one group feels thatanother is using technology or performing conduct which is unbalanced, unfair,or unacceptable, we discuss it.
Lurdan Huszar: Before a group can enter the IronSymphony, I have a brief interview with them to make sure they’re reasonableand understand that combat needs balance.

Lurdan Huszar: Another defining feature is that wemay formally, be an alliance, however we soon are going to begin organizingregular battles with each other.
Lurdan Huszar: This is important, because the IronSymphony is really about facilitating good combat.

Caine Constantine: Who are the current members? It seems like people join – or at least claimthey will be joining – fairly often.

Lurdan Huszar: Currently we have Ordo Imperalis,Merczateers, Militant Collective, U.N.I.T., Iron Eagle Navy, [Dominatium], andTarsus Autocratoria 

Caine Constantine: And how is it governed, if atall? Is it run by the Merczateers? 

Lurdan Huszar: That really hasn’t been clearlyestablished yet, if anything, we’re all equals.
Lurdan Huszar: I manage recruitment though.
Lurdan Huszar: Ordo, MC and the Merczateers kind ofset the standard for regulation and policy however, just passively.

Caine Constantine: But it is also a formal alliancetoo, in which members defend one another against enemy groups? 

Lurdan Huszar: If they request assistance, yes.
Lurdan Huszar: If a threat pops up in an IS sim, wecan’t all just pile in, or it’d become an uneven battle, so we only come toeach other if requested.

Caine Constantine: And do all members make similarpolicies, like boycotting Vanguard, for example? 

Lurdan Huszar: I’ve being considering whether or notI should suggest that be mandatory.
Lurdan Huszar: But it’s not at this time.
Lurdan Huszar: Most of our members have decided to doso, however.

Màrshal Huszar also said he believes that the mindset heldby many – that the object of combat in Second Life should be about destroyingthe enemy group completely – should be ended. Though he previously said Vanguard was guilty of this, he also saidothers held it as well.

Lurdan Huszar: We also need to drop the idea that theenemy group needs to be actually damaged.

Caine Constantine: Do any groups seem to be stickingto that philosophy other than, as you’ve previously said, Vanguard?

Lurdan Huszar: It’s part of the Ascendant Initiativemindset.

Caine Constantine: Including the



Lurdan Huszar: Yes.
Lurdan Huszar: Well, you know what?
Lurdan Huszar: Not really, now that I think of it.
Lurdan Huszar: Nevermind.
Lurdan Huszar: It’s not the groups.
Lurdan Huszar: It’s just some of their leaders.
Lurdan Huszar: People like Harlequin Salome (AllianceNavy admiral) likely take pleasure in watching an enemy group suffer.

And so where does Màrshal Huszar believe this will lead theMerczateers?

Caine Constantine: And then my last question is,where do you see the Merczateers, and the Iron Symphony, going in the future?

Lurdan Huszar: I think soon we’ll be setting thestandard for how Second Life combat should be. I believe our mindset is thehealthiest and most productive one, and I’m seeing more and more people hoppingon every day.

Caine Constantine: From what I’ve gathered, the mindsetcomes down to fair and fun, drama-free combat?

Lurdan Huszar: Yes.

When it is all said and done, nobody can seriously doubt thestrength the Merczateers currently have on hand. There is also a definite drive among thegroup to succeed, with new weapons, new sim designs and new creations of allkinds coming down the pipe regularly.


Politically, the Merczateers are certainly helping buildingan alliance that represents perhaps the strongest collection of militariestoday, though as the Merczateers themselves have shown, even small groups canrise to – or recover – great prominence relatively quickly on the militaryscene. Perhaps these Guerilla Warlords,who frequently attack the Merczateers, will someday rival their strength?


Nevertheless, as things stand today, they are a true forceto be reckoned with. It would seem thattheir openness about the group, and about the idea of fighting for fun first,rather than for just simple victory, makes them part of a unique idea of how tofight war in an often cutthroat military scene.


Yet, though they are clearly very successful in many ways,there are many people – former Merczateers, staunch enemies, and even some currentallies of the Merczateers – who claim that the picture the Merczateers put onthe surface veils a host of problems with the group that are only becoming moreapparent as time goes on.

In the next part of this series, we will hear from those whosay that the Merczateers are anything but the fair, fun-loving militaryheavyweight they are often described as – and get comment from the Merczateers themselveson their own views of the subject.

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  1. Anthony Lehane

    Aug 6th, 2008

    This is an article about the Merczateers, guys. Can you take the Bruno/Schuman/Vegna argument in-game?

  2. Blade Syakumi

    Aug 6th, 2008

    Dear Queen Ziskey:

    “Do try, I’d love to see you actually try to meet me in RL and do that. No really, I dare you.”

    Referring back to a previous issuing of the Weekly (Or should I say Weakly) Wisdom.

    “I’ll shake your hand for serving your country, but
    don’t start talking about your group in Second Life if you’re in a griefer group
    (which is pretty much any of our enemies) or I might just turn that handshake into
    an arm pull and kick you in the chest, with my arms pulling you closer to me so my
    boot will go deeper and faster into your body.”

    You, good sir, are a farcical hypocrite of the worst degree.

    That is all.


    -P.S. – Boot fetishes; Not cool.

  3. Vegna Fouroux

    Aug 6th, 2008

    yes disicipline wow funny how i attack today on my alt and 2 of the four fighters are already in planes

    do you realize how pathetic that is? using aerial to take down sole infantry

    Maury uses the fucking thing all the time and does not consider himself “infantry only”

    oh and tych voyager is your 3ic. that er speaks for itself

    dude i’ll criticise sparta where I feel it is due, don’t mistake me for one of ethan’s master-debating (see wut i did thar) buddies.

    but yeah like anthony said i’m contributing to something completely off topic

    this is about the merczateers

    who are awesome :o

  4. Judge Hocho

    Aug 6th, 2008

    This may come as a surprise, but I actually enjoyed this piece. Sure, some of the facts may be skewed, but the author seemed to accomplish some measure of due diligence with interviewing folks outside the Mercz. While there’s certainly more quoting than writing, it’s still far more solid than most articles.

    All in all, nice job Caine.

  5. Ethan Schuman

    Aug 6th, 2008

    I’ll attempt to make this as brief as possible, to detract as little as possible from the core focus of this article, which is why the Merczateers > you.

    “So you’re saying you have some god-like power to wipe away those on Second Life who don’t fit your views or the views of the IS? Hmm..sounds like an attempt at bullying to me. Do you want to make the IS to seem like bullies in the comments section of an article about one of their founding groups? Sad.”
    -Wrong. People can disagree with the IS all they like. That’s their prerogative. You might not like how we do things, and that’s fine. Everyone should pursue what they feel is right. I won’t shoot someone in the face simply because they have a different belief on something than I do. It’s when you stop merely disagreeing with, and begin to stand in the way of, that you enter my line of fire. The Iron Symphony school of thought is something I’ve believed in for quite some time, and I’ll fight for it. See, Bruno… that’d probably be the core difference between you and me. Whereas you CLAIM to believe in things and support them, you actually do quite little besides cry when said things are challenged. Having the gall to stand up for, and defend, the things you value is not only a vital trait of a good leader, but also of being a man. When you’ve actually grown a spine instead of merely pretending to have one, you can speak on this issue. Until then, refer back to everyones’ comments to Eye Korobase.

    “Do try, I’d love to see you actually try to meet me in RL and do that. No really, I dare you.”
    -It’d be the last mistake you’d ever make to challenge me in real life under the false presumption that I’m some scrawny kid. If you think being a stocky farm boy that knows how to wrangle because he’s watched some WWF tapes would be enough, you’ve got another thing coming. While I could go on and on about my real life combat prowess and how you’d be bitching “No fair!” fifteen seconds into the fight, everybody knows that the old “OMFG I WUD KIK UR ASS IRL!” line is the mating call of the e-weakling.

    “There’s also nothing in STABLE that prevents using any movement enhancers or bombs bigger than 5m but smaller than 32, however just yesterday I was told that Anthony Lehane told one of my pilots that Mercz dont allow bombs bigger than 5m….which is fine with me, your house your rules. Care to explain why Mercz are allowed to do as they wish, add on restrictions not in STABLE but Sparta cannot?”
    -The Merczateers do not market themselves as a STABLE military. Our weapons are compliant with STABLE, more so than even necessary. In addition, the Merczateers handicap themselves as well, by sacrificing actual, tangible advantages such as air power and explosives, while you sit there and try to justify your actions with the bullshit hypothetical “Well, you’re not allowed to use this, because Sparta doesn’t have it, and lacks the ability to get it, but if we did, we wouldn’t either!” Nobody buys your crap, and we all realize that the moment you ever have something you prohibit on supposed principles, your tone will change to accommodate it. Your “additions” are just a way to try to take away advantages from attackers, while preserving as many as possible for yourself. It’s illegal to spawncamp Spartans, yet they are allowed to set their homepoints anywhere they choose (even in the middle of a firezone), fire fearlessly from their spawns while being protected by your rules, as well as hubcamp. Compare that to “Merczateer aerial assets are not allowed to engage attacking infantry except under specific circumstances and officer consent.” See the difference there? Everyone else does.

    “I wasnt even there, and neither were any of my people as I require them to report to me any defenses of allies. So yeah, talk to AN about that, not me.”
    -Talk to Tig Spijkers, who IS one of your people. Seriously, with such small numbers of what are supposed to be elite soldiers, you can’t even monitor that? How do you expect to be seen as a good commander when you don’t even keep tabs on your troops?

    -Actually, Bruno, I’m beginning to doubt if you can even comprehend what you read. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I have no desire to destroy Sparta, or any other military group. There are no valid military groups trying to interfere with the Iron Symphony. Please, stop trying to distort my distaste for a supposed king of a group that shrinks more and more daily (mostly because of said “king”), into a dislike for the group itself. You are not Sparta. Sparta is Sparta. You merely provide the tier and act as an idiot figurehead who is the single greatest enemy to his own organization. That’s why you have to go, and that’s why I work to see you gone. You didn’t ban me because I bully your group, you banned me because I bully you, and you’re afraid of more of your troops realizing I’m right. Stop accusing me of wanting to destroy your group, as the only part of Sparta I want gone is you. Speak to that, or go back to sucking your thumb in your access only throne room. For the five on five, drop the bans on pretty much everyone and their mother, and if by some miracle of chance you manage to have five Spartans on base, we’ll be in there.

    While I may disagree with 99% of the things you do, this is a 1% category. Good job on sacrificing a combat opponent who expected you to compromise your values. If the rest of the Ascendant Initiative did this (with Vanguard as well), the community would be much better off.

    “Don’t actually care to be honest. I don’t see huge numbers as being a successful military, it’s how you fight that makes people remember you. I’d rather have a small group of disciplined fighters than a mob of unorganized idiots with no training or self control (nukes anyone?)”
    -A lack of concern regarding dropping numbers, using the excuse of “I’d rather have a small elite group blah blah blah…” reveals an apathetic leader. People are leaving your group and not joining for a reason, Bruno. As a commander, you should endeavor to find out why.

    “So sad Vegna that you were once s staunch supporter of Sparta, even giving me a log of you giving Ethan quite a verbal thrashing in debates about Sparta vs Mercz. Oh well…have fun in life I suppose….Real Life that is….apparently SL isnt going so well for you.”
    -So let me get this straight.. you welcome Vegna with open arms and greet him as an intellectual when he endorses Sparta, yet when he converts, instead of asking him WHY he no longer endorses Sparta and listening to him (as any wise leader would do), you shoot him down, label him a fool, and disregard everything he says? Why is that? Logic would dictate that Vegna is still just as smart, if not moreso, than he was when you met him. Either your pride blinds you, or you just don’t care. Either way, that’s not admirable of a leader.

    Basically, what I see as I look at you, is an individual who has a dedicated group of followers which he cares little about, and is only interested in posturing himself into a position where he can have some feeling of importance and relevance. I’d actually go so far as to say that I care more about Sparta than you do, as I’m far more interested in what Sparta can (and should) become, while you only care about how Sparta can make you look cool, regardless of the cost to your troops. The next time you dare try to question my sincerity on appearances and meaning what I say, perhaps you’d better check twice to make sure you’re not throwing that brick out of a glass palace.


    Now, all that being said, back to the Merczateers.

    Something that this article did not mention, and probably would have benefited from, is that the Merczateers don’t just create a higher standard for the other military groups, they’ll go so far as to send in consultants to help a military adapt to the new code should they switch. Merczateers will train, and even in some cases arm and equip, other militaries that want to fight according to Iron Symphony yet lack the technical capability to adapt quickly on their own.

    The Merczateers, and Iron Symphony as a whole, really just love to fight. We recognize that combat belongs on the battlefield, and that while the guns are silent, we as a community should be working together to increase the enjoyment of combat for all. I know the concept of being opponents rather than enemies is strange and new, but it’s possible. Iron Symphony fights with 2142 all the time, and we have a blast while doing so. But if there was a time where 2142 was having some difficulty with something, I can guarantee you there’d be no shortage of volunteers to go help them.

  6. Bruno Ziskey

    Aug 6th, 2008

    “While I could go on and on about my real life combat prowess and how you’d be bitching “No fair!” fifteen seconds into the fight, everybody knows that the old “OMFG I WUD KIK UR ASS IRL!” line is the mating call of the e-weakling.”

    Bring it on tubby, and thanks but I dont watch fake wrestling..waste of time.
    Seriously…come and meet me.

  7. Nidol Slazar

    Aug 6th, 2008

    “-It’d be the last mistake you’d ever make to challenge me in real life under the false presumption that I’m some scrawny kid. If you think being a stocky farm boy that knows how to wrangle because he’s watched some WWF tapes would be enough, you’ve got another thing coming. While I could go on and on about my real life combat prowess and how you’d be bitching “No fair!” fifteen seconds into the fight, everybody knows that the old “OMFG I WUD KIK UR ASS IRL!” line is the mating call of the e-weakling.” – Ethan

    But… you just did that call.

  8. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Aug 6th, 2008



  9. Artemis Fate

    Aug 6th, 2008

    Ahaha this Ethan/Bruno argument has devolved into backless threats of RL violence already? Awesome.

  10. Mikael Khalamov

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Shut the fucking drama.

    Let the Mercz have their article, shite.

  11. ex-AN

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Nidol, it’s Ethan, he does that, he always does that, like I said he’s an insane man, well rabid dog that needs to be put down.

    but yea the bad thing is Ethan believes the shit he says, all the bullshit and everything. Ethan koolaid is strong, very very strong.

  12. Sherpadurpa

    Aug 7th, 2008


  13. Sherpadurpa

    Aug 7th, 2008




  14. Anthony Lehane

    Aug 7th, 2008

    I’m an estate manager on the Surreal/BnT estate, it was easy to submit a rollback ticket moments after it happened. There was no damage caused except for a closed base for like an hour. Griefing is overrated, and a really lame way to spend your spare time.

  15. Hiro Ketsugo

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Actually, we shrugged your attacks off pretty quickly. I didn’t shed any tears when we put up the bans on you, and returned/deleted your crap. I found it rather entertaining that you have nothing better to do than run around firing 5x5x5 prims in salamis, and then, YOU FELL INTO OUR RIVER AND DROWNED. Seriously, get a life.

  16. IntLibber Brautigan

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Firstly, I am very proud to, in addition to being the CEO of BNT Holdings and Chairman of the Ancapistan Capital Exchange, hold the unique rank of The Red Land Baron in Merczateers (aka Baron von IntLibber), a pilot in the air division, and builder of the attachment MiG Uriel. In the year and a half the Mercz have resided in my sims (all three Mercz sims are BNT sims), I have seen them evolve, mature, and grow from an underdog group with insecurities into the premier military of SL.

    Mercz are a very important part of the community of Ancapistan, and many Mercz have homes and businesses in our non-combat sims as well (including the HQ of Operations in my sim of Friedman). The depth and strength of the organization is an important part of its power, as is its industrial base in Operations. When new militaries come to me for business advice on being successful militaries, I always tell them to follow the Mercz model and develop profitable weapons businesses.

    I wont tell Eye to shut up, I’m just sayin’…. everybody should just lets all get along?

    As for Bruno: Bruno, your utterly unqualified to pass judgement because you’ve demonstrated to me your incompetence both technologically and in leadership.

    You are technologically incomptent when you tried to claim that a real SL aircraft simulates the aerodynamics of a real life aircraft, when anybody who has ever scripted an aircraft knows that that is completely and utterly false (particularly myself, who has not only built and scripted multiple aircraft, but I am a USAF veteran who has worked on many military aircraft systems, has studied aerospace engineering at a top engineering school, and was previously known for, prior to SL, building simulated aircraft for the X-plane simulator system which actually DOES simulate aerodynamics. YOU SIR, have no clue what you are talking about.

    Secondly, that you are so incapable of having a rational, sober discussion with people who disagree with you and are calmly attempting to educate you, without banning/ejecting people, demonstrates not only a complete lack of leadership ability, but you betray the very ideals that the real heroes of ancient Sparta died for, which included, among other virtues, a dedication to the principles of Socratic dialogue to determine truth and resolve disputes. YOU SIR, are NO SPARTAN.

    When you kicked me from Pacific Breeze for attempting to discuss the issues with you, a half dozen members of your group IMd me to apologize for your immature and inane behavior. This demonstrates to me that Sparta has a number of noble, honorable members, even though it is led by a fool. I do believe all individuals with even average intelligence are capable of being led to wisdom provided they can accept the need to listen and learn, so I hold out hope that you will recognise the errors of your ways and seek rational sober dialog in the near future.

    Caine: Fantastic article, keep up the good work.

  17. Blade Syakumi

    Aug 7th, 2008

    At Sherpadurpa:

    Get a real life before you consider a second.

    Damn kids lagging up the grid.


    -P.S. – Can we just have our article without the Schuman/Ziskey drama?

  18. lawlz

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Lol @ Bruno. Wannabe big man trying to be an internet tough guy huh? What is it Bruno, are you at the naval academy this week? Or are you in college? Or what? Your story seems to change quite often.

    Also, Eye – Shut up.

  19. Bruno Ziskey

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Way to go Int at starting drama in here, even though the Mercz HC said not to.

    “When you kicked me from Pacific Breeze for attempting to discuss the issues with you, a half dozen members of your group IMd me to apologize for your immature and inane behavior.”

    1. You were shot by Snake Barbarossa, not kicked.
    2. They didn’t IM you. Show me logs to prove it.
    3. Anyone can IM me for the story of why I had him shot which caused him to whine, as I don’t want to take up a long part of this comments section. I am trying to cut back on the drama in comments as part of a mutual agreement between Anthony Lehane and me, but I had to answer you on that one Int. Good bye.

  20. The Joker

    Aug 7th, 2008

    y so srs? :3

  21. Mikael Khalamov

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Hi, Mikael here.

    Stop drama’ing.

    Let the Mercz have a spotlight for a bit.

    Everyone else has.


  22. Mikael Khalamov

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Also, a few points that need correction.

    “The Alliance Navy, long one Second Life’s premier military forces, was even allied with the Merczateers during this time period. But conflict broke out between them over the sim Dorien, the current home of the Alliance Navy. It was previously known as “The Woofer” and given to the Merczateers to build on. The landowner mysteriously switched sides – supposedly under the advice of nearby Alliance Navy personnel according to some – and then gave it to the Alliance Navy.”

    Mister Rodgers attempted to give it over to us immediately following the removal of the Mercz. However, we refused to accept it due to the fact that we were still allied. In fact, the alliance remained for, I believe, a week or two after the incident, after which the AN broke it off. We broke the alliance because we learned that immediately following the incident, the Mercz had gathered many different military forces and were planning to launch an attack against us in Tethys, which was then our home.

    After we broke the alliance, Mister Rodgers again came to us with an offer. Whereas last time, he was to remain the real sim owner with us as renters, he now offered to sell the sim to us. Because we were no longer allied with the Mercz, and because this was a much better deal than just renting, we took it.

    “Though war was not declared over the particular issue, the alliance was off and neutrality was only fleeting. What started the war and the battle is up for debate, though perhaps the last spark was Merczateer General Jonathan Arna shooting Alliance Navy Admiral Nanao Mahfouz.”

    As above stated, the alliance lasted for about a week or two after the incident. The rest of this is correct though.

    “Anthony Lehane: Crucifix was probably the largest SL battle in history.
    Anthony Lehane: They attacked for I think 5 days straight.”

    It was, to my knowledge, the longest battle. However, it was much shorter than 5 days. It was 37 hours, I think. We started on Good Friday in April, and finished either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

    It ended because the Merczateers turned their land no access and safe. It would have continued longer if the land was still open.

  23. Nidol Slazar

    Aug 7th, 2008

    The PN needs sum /b/lackup if the Mercz are laughing at you =|

  24. IntLibber Brautigan

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Bruno whineth:

    “1. You were shot by Snake Barbarossa, not kicked.
    2. They didn’t IM you. Show me logs to prove it.”

    1. The client dialog did not say “you have died and been transported”, it said “you have been kicked from the estate by the estate owner”. Though this is typical fabrication.

    2. Not only did they IM me, but two met in person with me in various locations that evening. I will not divulge their names or logs because they requested confidence, and I never betray a confidence. They were all afraid of you finding out and being declared a traitor in your hilariously Orwellian newsletter, for even speaking with me or apologizing for your infantile behavior.

    Finally, you did not address the substance of my statements, particularly:

    a) your absurd claim that aircraft in SL operate aerodynamically when there is no air, even simulated air, no fluid dynamics, etc. The physics engine that EMULATES a set of physics rules, which physical vehicles operate on, is inefficient and laggy. Our attachment MiG Uriel emulates the same rules as the physics engine by other means, and does so more efficiently, which is why it produces 1/20th the lag of a physical vehicle (proven fact).

    b) your refusal to discuss things via Socratic dialogue. While it appears you may have started to see the light and reached an agreement with Anthony, I will reserve further commentary on that and watch how you behave in the future. I will conclude this Bruno by saying that you get what you give. You want respect, you need to give it. The way you approach people by insulting them and acting the bully is not the way to win friends and influence people. I hope you start to realize this and act on this advice.

  25. The Voice of reason

    Aug 7th, 2008

    Thank god some one put this on the internet according to logic everything on here is true if someone bothered to take the time to write it and post on a page read mostly by like minded people who also happen to staff the publication itself. good job reporting the truth once again this should keep the proles happy for awile.

  26. Dark

    Aug 8th, 2008

    I lol’d at everything that just went on here. “DUR YU THINK YUR SO TOUGH TRY US ON FOOT”

    I can take on a whole fucking grunt flood by myself, and it gets even more gectic when im drunk, or killing Mercz with Caine.

    Both, and my power level goes over nine thousand.

    But i like how grunts still think they are tough shit.

  27. Lord George A. Zimmer IV, High Inquisitor for his Majesty God Emperor Frizzle of Fry CI

    Aug 8th, 2008

    Da PN is da biggest an da baddest.

  28. Okay. So.

    Aug 8th, 2008


    To everyone except for IntLibber, Lurdan and Blade – Grow the fuck up.

    And to Dark?
    …The whole lulzbringer thing is getting old on you man. It was funny when Vanguard started to form cause of Ethans presumtion of Christoph bluffing.

    Speaking of which.. Ethan, you’ve got a huge fucking mouth and the fact that people see you as an Iron Symphony representative makes both you, and the group look like rambling fools, internet tough guys… Well, fact is, Ethan, Bruno, mr. Ex-AN and that random PN guy are probably the only three people I see in this article who are acting like fucking children. For once in your lives, listen to Steve319; I mean, its a momentous occasion..for once he HASN’T butchered the shit out of the english language, so give him a shot humm?

    Best regards,
    -Okay. So.
    ^Ha ha ha. Yeah.

    P.S. – Eye, thanks for shutting up.

  29. Weasel Blackadder

    Aug 9th, 2008

    All of the interesting history aside. The reason why the Merczateers are successful boils down to an excellent organisation that is fun to be a part of if you like reasonably fair SL combat. The leadership is very serious about keeping things balanced in attack and defence and their public words on the subject are exactly the same as what the troops get told. So, there I was in a bunker in Badnarik with my LMG the other night, supporting my comrades holding the bridge against a pick-up team, who were actually pushing quite hard. The attackers had plenty of cover and my field of fire was partially obscured by trees. My weapon was the standard RPK out of the Operations AK-47 Pack firing basic damage bullets and the only real edge the Merczateers had was in communications and teamwork. Do you know what? It was great! That is what SL combat is supposed to be about. Comradeship and fun, not drama and 17-page treaties. Good militaries get that. Some simply don’t.

  30. HAHA

    Aug 9th, 2008

    Shut up Eye.

  31. James Benedek

    Aug 9th, 2008

    Great article, I would have to agree that during my time in 2142 as commander the most fairest fight and most enjoyable, was fighting the Merczateers,the Merczateers would never instant message me saying “you cheat”, like several other armies would. Nor would they teleport in all their members when attacking, kept the numbers fair.. i even remember one time when it was just me on base and Lurdan showed up and we had a 1 v 1 deathmatch, was very enjoyable .But I do question Nathan(ex 2142 Officer) when he said that 2142 and several other groups are out to ruin the Merczateers group. Its combat, I have spent my time trying to make it enjoyable. Right now I find myself logged out of SL and account suspended for unkown reasons, when I havn’t once broken TOS. If i am not unbanned i wish the best of luck to the Merczateers and several other armies.

    wow seriously people….really stop spamming the comments with abuse, like Intlibber said… why can’t we get along.

    James Benedek

  32. Lance LeFay

    Aug 10th, 2008

    “Sounds like someone ripped off EMPIRES MOD.”

    No, sorry. Team Fortress Classic did it years and years and years ago.

    God, kids these days.

  33. Artemis Fate

    Aug 10th, 2008

    “No, sorry. Team Fortress Classic did it years and years and years ago.”

    Team Fortress Classic didn’t have constructable buildings in the sense of things you walk into. Just turrets, dispensers, and teleporters.

  34. Izaea Qinan

    Aug 11th, 2008

    It’s been asserted several times that the Mercz have been at the stable talks every time – though I know it’s going to be drama, that isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, the mercz were -the most- reluctant to attend the talks; the first one or two, I can’t remember which, did not include them even when invited. Representatives then attended at least one more, after which their command staff supposedly ordered them out, saying that they wanted no part in the talks.

    In fact, for just about the longest chunk there, they refused to attend, despite the willing attendance of the ordo, and Mc’s representation at -every- meeting.

  35. HAHAHA

    Aug 11th, 2008

    Shut Up Eye!

    Also, see the article on the “mafia” for Eye’s response to telling him to shut up, he posted it in the wrong place.

  36. Blade Syakumi

    Aug 12th, 2008

    To Okay. So


  37. im good

    Aug 14th, 2008

    Drama mama… no wonder I prefer SL combat more than any combat… LAWL

  38. Vinzenz Fiertze

    Aug 21st, 2008

    @Anthony: I understand your reasoning in telling me to “leave ordo alone,” however, I am only bringing to attention the truck that is constantly running over many unsuspecting beings. I am tired of hearing that “Ordo is a bunch of furfags,” and, “Mercz can die in a fire,” and best of all, “Ordo and Mercz like to (and I quote) USE LAGGY AND SPAMMY WEAPONS!”

    What the hell?

    Listen, to all of you (and you know who you are, this INCLUDES SOME IN THE PSC) who second those quotes about the Mercz and Ordo, fuck yourselves, unless you are actually going to go out there with a few men and SEE if they have laggy weapons, instead of sitting around base and picking your ass to see if you can find your brain!

  39. Vinzenz Fiertze

    Aug 21st, 2008

    (Sorry for Double Posting) And also, leave EYE alone. He has very informative things to say.

  40. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Aug 21st, 2008

    Vinz, the name of a poster is placed BELOW their post, not above.

    I was the one that quoted you saying “leave Ordo alone,” followed by a Chris Crocker joke that you obviously didn’t get.

    Y’know, “LEAVE ORDO ALOOOOONE!!! ;-;”

    Anyway, I find it difficult to tell just where you’re coming from when you’re spending so much time begging to be let back into Vanguard, and I come here and see you sucking up to the Iron Symphony.

    I offer two pieces of advice:

    1. Ask yourself where your loyalties lie.
    2. Stop trying so hard. :/

  41. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Aug 22nd, 2008

    “the name of a poster is placed BELOW their post, not above.”

    O WAIT



  42. Vinzenz Fiertze

    Aug 26th, 2008

    All I am saying is that I have not been given factual evidence that supports MOST of the insults towards Ordo/Mercz. That’s all.


    Sep 6th, 2008

    “”"Sounds like someone ripped off of Tayste Waydelich’s old idea :O”

    Sounds like someone ripped off EMPIRES MOD.”

    Or Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.”

    SL ripped off RL. :O

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