Under the Pixel Sun

by kris on 27/11/08 at 2:36 pm

by Kris Dibou

In the virtual life you’ve led
You’re neither living, nor are dead
You’ve met them all but met no one
Drifting under the pixel sun.

And as you tire of this place
The sun that doesn’t burn your face
The water that won’t make you wet
The death that never will be met

The wind that cannot touch our faces
Wand’ring through virtual places
What then is there in here for you?
Or should I ask you, perhaps, who?

2 Responses to “Under the Pixel Sun”

  1. Becca Imako

    Nov 27th, 2008

    That actually is quite beautiful :)

  2. Envi Teardrop

    Dec 8th, 2008

    In this virtual life I lead
    I get tomorrow for a deed
    to meet you – or anyone
    to take my leave to feed my sun

    And I won’t tire of this place
    I feel the sun wind light my face
    the water always make me wet
    my SL Death will not be late

    And I don’t know what’s here for me
    one pixel perfect drifting prim
    through smiles and lies I just ask who
    In fear of answer, maybe you?

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