Wikipedia Helps You Create Your Own Bots — For Free!

by kris on 31/12/08 at 6:33 pm

Wikipedia links to ready-to-use Copybot V4 download

by Kris Dibou, part-time bot

Wikipedia – external links section includes open source copybot

So you've visited some of the big stores in SL, and noticed the models who look exactly like avatars, but never say anything; in fact, they may even have a tag over their heads saying 'Bot'.  How do they do that?

I am no expert, but through my research I have found that bot programs and similar programs such as SecondInventory, seem to be based on the same program. 

What is a bot?

The first thing you need to realize is that a bot is just an avatar.  Usually it is an alt and 'bot' status is not necessarily permanent.  Hypothetically, you could log into SL on your regular account, turn off the inactivity switch and walk away.  Suddenly, you are a bot. 

Easiest Course of Action

Of course, you will want to have a bot while you are doing other things with your main character.  You can log two or more avs in on your computer if you have the power and memory to handle it all.  Simply go to your SL icon, right click and go to properties, and go into the target line.  At the end of the target line add a space, two dashes and the word multiple.  I will look like this- " –multiple".  Now you can open more than one instance of SL on your computer.  The downside is massive use of your resources.  This brings us to the bot programs.

Another Approach

You need something to run these alts without using up all your resources.  This means, generally, no view screen for the bot.  There is a program a young lady wrote called AjaxSL which allows you to view SL through a web page and seems to have similar functionality of a bot program; however, she has taken the site down in protest of SL not fixing the TeenGrid ( she was 15 when she wrote the program); so scratch that one.  Then there is one called SLeek.  Apparently it is possible to modify this, although I haven't gotten that far, but you can login to SL without a screen and stand there, tp, talk, etc, without being able to see anything.


If you want to give your bot artificial intelligence you can purchase bot access through Thoy's Bots for $2,000 an avatar, and he has made it possible to connect to through it, so your avatar can talk on its own.  This doesn't work for MAC's tho…

Making Your Free Bot the Wikipedia Way

Step I:
    Follow this link to a wikipedia page

Step II:
    Go to the references section at the bottom of the page and click on Copybot 4.0

    This will download the program to your computer.

Step III:
    Open SLBots, the program that downloaded.  It will first give you a 'you are not registered' error, but open anyway.

Step IV:
    Login your Alt(s) and list your main avatar as their master.  Then login to SL with your main alt and type 'help' in the bots IM line to get the commands.

Happy botting!

Notice to those that have 'eyes':  There is much power hidden here – be cautious. Note also that software you download from the Internet may have all sorts of dangerous side effects – viruses, trojans, and other scarey stuff, and the Linden Lab TOS forbids copying other people's intellectual property.

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  1. FlipperPA Peregrine

    Dec 31st, 2008


  2. you moron

    Dec 31st, 2008

    Gee, thanks for fueling the newest influx of bots, asshole.

  3. George Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Men's Warehouse

    Dec 31st, 2008

    It’s still amusing how you all seem to think !quit actually works.

  4. HA HA HA

    Jan 1st, 2009

    I am going to make use copybot to make my own copy of the Freebe Noob Penis so Linden Labs can Suck it! Maybe I’ll copy the Free Furry Penis too becuase LL is full of FurFags!

  5. Steve01 Denimore

    Jan 1st, 2009

    thanks for the info, but my question is: won’t this clog the servers and slow down the system even more than it already is?
    i mean if everyone decided to bring in one bot, would that not double the population? not a good idea…too much lag in world as it is…

  6. deadlycodec

    Jan 1st, 2009

    Yet another site hosting the source that doesn’t credit me for reverse engineering “SLBot” and leaking the code, which was leaked to the PN who gave it to everyone else (resulting in it being available here) as part of the dissention project, all while I was still writing for SLH. Of course they could have just downloaded the libsecondlife source code, removed two lines of code from testclient, compiled, and had the same exact functionality without the gui, but hey, N3x was a retard as are the majority of other SLers.

  7. oh noes!

    Jan 1st, 2009

    A thief complaining that someone stole something from him!

    You shouldn’t be credited, you should be blamed.

  8. WTF

    Jan 1st, 2009

    Ok. So you’re complaining about Wikipedia linking to Copybot 4.0?

    This is the full link:

    See where that links to? To the herald. You bunch of hypocrite cunts.

  9. pixeleen mistral

    Jan 1st, 2009


    The Second Life Herald’s domain name is spelled as “herald”:

    The individual publishing CopyBot V4 spells that site’s name as “harold”:

    I’m sure you have been around long enough to know that this sort of misleading misspelling is a classic tactic for various trolls – remember the “AIIiance Navy” group created to mock the “Alliance Navy”?

  10. deadlycodec

    Jan 1st, 2009

    @oh noes (intlib)

    They didn’t steal something from me if I purposefully leaked it. I had self replicating objects spamming and rapidshare download links to it. I should be blamed. That’s the whole point. I WANT to be blamed. So like, now you know that I fucked up your precious SL. My work here is done.

  11. The Patriotic Nevas

    Jan 1st, 2009

    The Green Lantern Core will find you ALL and they will get you… ha… hahaha…

  12. Darien Caldwell

    Jan 1st, 2009

    Yes, it’s hardly surprising that a griefer (or retired griefer) wanted to ruin SL.

    The real question is why Pixleen and her staff want to by directing people to get the bot. Unless they too, are just another form of griefer.

  13. Eva Ryan

    Jan 2nd, 2009




  14. FlipperPA Peregrine

    Jan 3rd, 2009

    @George Zimmer: It is more amusing that you thought I was being serious. More amusing that those who originally thought it actually worked in the original CopyBot 1.0 hysteria.

  15. Kris Dibou

    Jan 4th, 2009

    Interesting note- not long after the story came out, the link was removed from Wikipedia.

  16. LOL

    Jan 6th, 2009

    17:20] Copyright Protection Version 3.000103a: !quit
    [17:20] Copyright Protection Version 3.236899a: !quit
    [17:20] Copyright Protection Version 3.000103a: CopyBot Protection Mark III
    [17:20] Copyright Protection Version 3.236899a: CopyBot Protection Mark III
    [17:20] Copyright Protection Version 3.000103a: Featuring:- Dynamic Protection with Low Spam.
    [17:20] Copyright Protection Version 3.236899a: Featuring:- Dynamic Protection with Low Spam.
    [17:22] Copyright Protection Version 3.022683a: !quit
    [17:22] Copyright Protection Version 3.022683a: CopyBot Protection Mark III
    [17:22] Copyright Protection Version 3.022683a: Featuring:- Dynamic Protection with Low Spam.
    [17:22] Copyright Protection Version 3.164299a: !quit
    [17:22] Copyright Protection Version 3.164299a: CopyBot Protection Mark III
    [17:22] Copyright Protection Version 3.164299a: Featuring:- Dynamic Protection with Low Spam.

  17. D1

    Jun 23rd, 2009

    @oh noes

    WOW thanks dude! that CB4.0 works great — i mess up my CB2.2.

  18. D1

    Jun 27th, 2009

    @oh noes

    yo is there a fix the copybot? it cant copy sculpties, all appears torus forms.
    is there any fixes or anything?

  19. Muziekfreak1980 miles

    Oct 31st, 2009

    How fun, a bunch of thiefs right here on the spot. All to lazy or to increative of mind to create there own content.

    I condone bots for traffic, i do not SEE that as cheating. I see that as doing business your way. But stealing work of others !

    You all should be banned (the ones that have it and even dare to ask how to rip sculpts) Ppl in there create for your pleasure and there business. If your so fixated on shutting down those ppl, then soon nothing is left to copy for you ppl. Do you realise your destroying the great thing about sl the freedoms you have.

    For real i hope the track you down and simple ban you of sl. Your a disgrace for that community!


    Twisted Creations
    Content creators since 2007

  20. Isabel Gallagher

    Jan 7th, 2011

    You guys are a bunch of retards. He’s not necessarily talking about copybots he’s talking about bots in general. I.E. Commercial bots. Like greeters or group managers or ones that can perform functions for your business. If you wanted a copybot this certainly does not tell you how to do it.

    Thank you very much for this info I was paying a ton of money to have a bot manage my group for me.

  21. Jane1214

    Jun 12th, 2011

    I have a mac though… and would like to make a commercial bot. any idea of how to do that if you’re not running windows?

  22. Me

    Jul 18th, 2012

    The influx in bots isn’t necessarily a tragedy, unfortunately it is a necessity in terms of “keeping up with the joneses”
    The downside to botting is simply sim resources, so if you don’t like it don’t use it, do not blame others for helping, that’s what we are here to do asshats, if you can’t figure it out, good..your too stupid to use it. Same as population control in RL.

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