Missing Mile to Rise from the Ashes of Virtue

by lavinia on 17/12/08 at 10:46 pm

by Lavinia Carver

Virtue City

Serious roleplayers may know of Virtue City, a roleplaying sim based on a futuristic world with body modifications which have caused the creation of villians and heroes. Alas, Virtue City is no more. That's right, the Virtue City storyline and sim have closed permanently.

In its place a new sim has been constructed, a dark rural roleplaying community with few restrictions and a storyline made up by the players and the players alone. I conducted an interview with sim owner Loch Newchurch on the destruction of Virtue City and the creation of Missing Mile.

Loch Newchurch

Lavinia Carver: First of all, what was the Virtue City  story all about, for those readers who don't know?

Loch Newchurch: It started as a role-play inspired by the City of Heroes game. it was set in the year 2033. The basic theme was that in the future body modification was the rage a lot went wrong and heroes where born from it to battle the evil in the city.

Lavinia Carver: What prompted the destruction of Virtue City?

Loch Newchurch: Running a role-play sim takes a lot of time and effort and reliable people to help are very hard to come by. I kind of missed having time to myself and do other things freely. It became a job I didn't want anymore so that’s the main reason. Missed the carefree days do just be goofy with my friends; sometimes RP gets too serious and too much drama.

Lavinia Carver: And how did the story end?

Loch Newchurch: some of the more known villains got together and formed a plan to destroy the city. The Gates of Hell were open in the middle of the city where heroes had to battle with demons and such at the end when the portal closed it sucked the city in thus destroying it.

Lavinia Carver: I see

Lavinia Carver: How were the players' reactions to the news of destroying Virtue City?

Loch Newchurch: there was a lot of disappointment because many considered it their home. It was a hard decision for me because I like to please people but I told them the new sim will still have some RP just more layback and less rules. So they eventually accepted the idea.

Loch Newchurch: the regulars anyway.

Lavinia Carver: So, what are your plans for the next sim, and what will the storyline be like?

Loch Newchurch: the sim is lightly based on a vampire book called "lost souls" from Poppy z Brite but the sim won’t be just that. The background is very simple and basically the players will make most of the story. It is set on a dark rural town the year is current 2008. There aren’t many limits of what stories they can play in this background.

Lavinia Carver: Do you have any regrets or things you wish you did differently?

Loch Newchurch: Not really all though Virtue was mostly created more to please others than to please myself I enjoyed it a lot and met great people. Now I’m kind of following my heart. Doing things I like more and hopefully others will like it too.

Missing Mile

    Now that Virtue City is now closed and Missing Mile is soon to open, many players have abandoned Virtue City are now lined up to start at Missing Mile. I am going to give Missing Mile good hard look, and then decide, but the choice is yours. From the ashes of destruction will birth the phoenix of creation.

5 Responses to “Missing Mile to Rise from the Ashes of Virtue”

  1. Orion Shamroy

    Dec 18th, 2008

    Umm, forgive my confusion but didn’t Missing Mile first close to make way for Virtue? And now its coming back?

    Orion’s head starts spinning round, out of control on its base until it promptly pops off, teetering down to the floor where it soon collides with a wall causing it to shatter into a million tiny little pieces…

    Ahh, super glue anyone? :)

  2. PoopScoop

    Dec 18th, 2008

    Missing Mile changes about every 6 months. Big whoop.

  3. Loch Newchurch

    Dec 18th, 2008

    About Orions comment. Yes it used to be Missing mile before Virtue so it’s a return of the old theme which I loved more than virtue and many did too. My heart wasnt into superheroes and I don’t want to have something I can’t give my full attention to and about the sim changing every few months well that is kinda the charm of Missing Mile. Always something new to come see.

  4. Orion Shamroy

    Dec 18th, 2008

    At Loch, I never had a chance to see Virtue sadly enough but I loved Missing Mile. Never had a chance to rp there but I did love that homely yet grungy / crunchy type of feel it had. Good job!

    I personally am working on my third (technically fourth if you count a sim move) RP project, but not on SL. I grew tired of the drama, tech problems, and economic issues destroying months of hard work and causing tons of my hard earned money to be dumped down the crapper. :P :)

  5. Roy nieuport

    Apr 30th, 2009

    I think that MM adds more space to drive around than VC which in Vc its really hard cuz its so crowded

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