Linden Lab Discriminates against Snails

by kris on 28/02/09 at 8:13 pm

by Happy Trails, Snail Activist


Now I'm not one to complain, but this is about as much as I can stand. 

Linden Lab does not cater to snails; there are no snail sims, there are no snail clothing stores, very few snail skin makers, and no snail sex ball makers.  There is one lousy snail animation that came with my avi, and that's it!  How can I entwine in slime with my righteous babe-snail?

And when is the last time you saw a snail apartment building in SL?  Shouldn't snails have a right to affordable housing just like everyone else?

Ok, I don't mean to be tacky, but this whole virtual world thing is one sticky wicket.  I'm making a line in the sand and I dare anyone to step over it.  Give me liberty or give me salt!

15 Responses to “Linden Lab Discriminates against Snails”

  1. LOL

    Feb 28th, 2009

    Linden Lab discriminates against everyone, not just invertibrate avatars.

  2. Corona Anatine

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Linden Lab does not appear to discriminate against those who can’t spell ‘invertebrate’

  3. Iadga Galicia

    Mar 1st, 2009

    I lol’d

  4. Pappy Enoch

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Hillbillies feel yo’ pain. They don’t cater tu us, neither.

    I’d be frends wif more snails but whenever I has ‘em ovur they drinks the beer till it kills ‘em.

    Don’t git in the salt!

  5. Imagin Illyar

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Heh, it really must have been a slow day at the Herald. LL doesn’t provide housing, clothing or animations for any of it’s residents. Residents do. So what’s wrong with the snails in SL? Too lazy to build? You would prefer a socialist SL? Where LL, as the government, would provide everything for you?

  6. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Didn’t I read this article last year?

  7. Erreh Yue

    Mar 1st, 2009

    I demand an apartment building that will only rent to people named Erreh Yue.

  8. Pappy Enoch

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Oh, I forgot tu say, Mistophur Trails: look on the brite side o’ this sad state o’ snail-discrimernashun.

    Yu cood be a slug. At least French folks luvs yu snails!

  9. Rag Tag

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Hell I pour salt on them and watch em dry up and die!

  10. Nidol Slazar

    Mar 1st, 2009


  11. janeforyou Barbara

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Sails got nice hats tho :D I seen snail wagons pulled by a snailslave, maybe a idea to put on wheels? You can do the snailrace.And waterslides for snails and and and,, use your imaginastion : Snail items!! The new business!


  12. Mirageman

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Is Happy Trails really Nexeus Fatale?

  13. :D

    Mar 10th, 2009

    Look up RacerX Gullwing, he likes snails too, even has giant snail races every sunday. XP
    May have things for not so giant snails too.

  14. Mony Markova

    Mar 10th, 2009

    I feel you snaily.. I do I do… Perhaps you are alone in the metaverse and neen to take care for your self?
    Snif, snif.

  15. Archie Lukas

    Mar 15th, 2009

    If you think the Lindens are bad
    Wait till you meet the French……….

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