Lab Moles Dig Up Second Life Adult Mainland

by Jessica Holyoke on 17/06/09 at 7:46 pm

Empty adult storefronts just as boring as PG/mature mainland

by Jessica Holyoke

Zindra 1 

Mixed messages from LL: a safe hub on the new Adults-only continent

Today I had a chance to travel to Zindra, the new adults-only continent, and plumbed new depths of dullness for what was supposed to be a continent of sex and violence. Granted, this was the preview period where residents who have adult content plots on the older PG and Mature mainland continents are able to scout out where they would like to be placed when they have to be get to be moved in the upcoming weeks.

Wandering around, I got to see long beaches and unfilled plots, except for those with buildings that would look perfect as stores near the Mosh infohub – I am certain other adult content landlords are happy that the Lindens are providing that service.  For some reason, there are at least 5 sims of ocean.  Really, if I am going to do a Red Light District, do I want 5 sims of ocean? [Lindens expect strong demand for adult watersports? - the Editrx]

Zindra 2  

residents inspect LL moles' work

Everyone at the infohub was concerned about the coming strip clubs and the lag they will bring. I predict that the competition between the clubs will show up in new and different ways.  Prices will probably become more uniform and possibly lower, unless all the nearby clubs essentially form a trust and collude to keep their prices the same. It was interesting to find something called a safe hub with a few people in it. I suppose people need to take a break from all the evil content sometimes, so it is good to have a safe hub there. 

Zindra 3

no sex yet – but plenty of empty storefronts

I can't wait to see the Adult Mainland to fill with Gorean shops.  After all, one of the adult content banned search words is Gor.  So even if you provide clothes for Free Men and Women, manufacture weapons, or even make those lovely chores, you're still adult content and must be hidden behind age verification unless you don't advertise that you are Gorean in nature. 

Adult babyfur2

A young fur resident accompanied by adults inspect the soccer field

But no real commercial activity has started yet, and residents sightseeing on the continent just seem to fly around to see plots of lands and buildsby the Linden Lab's moles and the DPW.  According to at least oneexcitable vanity blogger, child avatars shouldn't even be able to view the emptystorefronts of the not yet open for business Zindra Adult Mainland because:

1. Even though there are places without sexualized content – which achild avatar cannot be near nor can sexualized content be near thingsassociated with childhood, like a swingset – and even though there areplaces where adult content is not allowed on the Adult Mainland, achild avatar would only go to the Adult Mainland to take part in sexualconduct and be a child rapist.

2.  Even though this is a preview period and there is no adultcontent on the no build areas, a child avatar should not be on theAdult Mainland because it would mean she's a child rapist

3.  Even if a child avatar is present somewhere, anywhere, andsomeone else puts out mature or adult content, that child mustimmediately teleport away or else she's a child rapist.

[Could the Lindens set a minimum height requirement for visits Zindra to avoid this vexing moral dilemma? Should tiny furs be exempt? - the Editrix]

Adult babyfur 

WIll this sort of avatar be allowed in Zindra?

21 Responses to “Lab Moles Dig Up Second Life Adult Mainland”

  1. Joelle Robbiani

    Jun 18th, 2009

    After spending a couple hours exploring (read: crashing, lagging, and drifting off-world) in Zindra, I have to say that I’m very concerned about this new continent that I’ll eventually be moving my business to. I’m reading a lot of negative comments on the LL blogs and I agree with many of them. Zindra (green living for the future???) is going to be one big mess once it finally opens up. So much for adult entertainment in SL…it’s at Zindra where the fantasy ends. :(

  2. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Jun 18th, 2009

    What it looks like is what I thought it would be:

    It’ll be just like the current mainland, while the current mainland will be toned down, so it’ll be basically the teen grid, except where adults and kids can intermingle..

    yeah am I the only one who sees how dumb of a move this is?

  3. George Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Men's Warehouse

    Jun 18th, 2009

    >it’ll be basically the teen grid

    So that pedophile Blue Linden finally got his wish. Sounds like Chris Hansen might need to be involved here.

  4. Lawinia Thorne

    Jun 18th, 2009

    Loool ,first of all dont blame Hexi for you beeing pissed about the new continent ,she is nice person and SL is free!!Everyone can bee how he/she like! I would show her the thread!!!
    She is Age Verified and its her choice to play this character!

    And if you can see it dont go there,its the adult continent,NO RULES,all you stupid ppl want it!!!

    BTW: Mutet you inworld!!! Dont wanna talk with dump ppl

  5. Lawinia Thorne

    Jun 18th, 2009

    I can’t wait to see the Adult Mainland to fill with Gorean shops. After all, one of the adult content banned search words is Gor.

    Thats good,SL Gor is just for creeps who uses a good story to live out thier perversions!!! Never seen a good RP Sim in nearly two years!!!

  6. Monalisa Robbiani

    Jun 18th, 2009

    Hexi is my friend, and I hereby OBJECT to posting her pic and name in a manner that might incrimate her to be involved in any activities that are against the TOS. Loco pocos tinies are NO KID AVATARS, they are dwarfed grown ups, much like little people are in RL. If you look closely you can see that the female shape has breasts, which kids don’t have. I have a Loco Poco tiny avatar as well, and I was visiting Zindra in that form as well. Although tinies are no kids the tiny community is as PG as you can get.

  7. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jun 18th, 2009

    Why didn’t they just put up a big sign saying ‘NO FUN.’?

  8. Darien Caldwell

    Jun 18th, 2009

    Well, it’s great for LL, because they get what they want. They really don’t care what is done with the land or on the land, the goal all along has been to get adult terms segregated out of the general search. Everything else is tied to accomplishing that goal. The fact that LL is treating Adult land exactly like Mature land only reinforces this view. To them there is no difference. It’s simply one houses the search terms they want to hide, the other doesn’t. Otherwise, they are the same.

  9. Alazarin

    Jun 18th, 2009

    Well the regular mainland might be a more pleasant place once the Zindra migration is completed. No doubt there will be huge swathes of yellow and purple (abandoned) land on the mainland which might not be a bad thing. The only thing that really concenrns me about Zindra is that I’ll probably need to set up a storefront there as that’s most likely where the commercial centres will relocate.

    I wonder how long it’ll take Zindra to transform from it’s current empty blandness into a trainwreck of blinged-out money-grabbing tackiness?

  10. Anti-matter

    Jun 18th, 2009

    “have to be (scratched) get to be”

    G.E.D. much dipsh!t?

    Stick to tweeting, no one will laugh at your diminshed brain cell capacity there.

  11. janeforyou Barbara

    Jun 18th, 2009

    I was there 2 days to get some info on it.its limited sims up to 40 avs.even with no vendors and only buldings there it was bad with 30 avs.If anyone put up shops and scripts and textures and filling havy on prim it wil not be a place to go shop, i added a new island to my old island mall and i think i just set that with 12 huge shops and 5 smaller for the sex stuff

  12. Ari Blackthorne

    Jun 18th, 2009

    I’m just waiting for the (compelled) mass exodus from the mainland to Zindra so I can snarf-up primo (virtual) real estate at cut-rate prices when all these deviants are forced to move and either don’t want or can’t handle double tier after the transition period.


  13. Jumpman Lane

    Jun 18th, 2009

    zindra is craptacular to say the least. laggy as fuck already and aint shit there. the moles are worse builders than chelsea malibu lmao. iwouldnta put shit on the old mainland. why would anybody but a fool put crap there lmao.

  14. LOL

    Jun 18th, 2009

    no matter how fuct the economy is you can allways count on one thing, SEX SELLS! Linden Lab knows this all to well, they see the transactions and withdrawls made by adult content producers.Linden Lab just wants a bigger % of the adult industry in SL. Just like the lab set up a retail monopoly after making that retard apotheus silverman a Linden and Buying SLX, they are doing the same here with the adult industry in SL. Now after wasting a huge ammount of thier time and your money, the lab is ready to once again to swoop in and take over. The SLX to Xstreet changeover was & still is horrible. If this is any measure as to how Linden Lab is going to handle the now forced relocate->rebuild->reopen of what I can only assume is multiple thousands of residents. Then we are all FUCT!

  15. Joshua Philgarlic

    Jun 19th, 2009

    I can’t imagine that it’s TOS compliant to post pictures of residents with their name tags – especially without their permission! I also disagree your weird theory that tiny or Loco Poco avatars are equalized with child sex. I therefore demand to remove those pictures! I really think about an abuse report.

  16. Gomalt

    Jun 21st, 2009

    The mole’s work on this is just awful, I’m sorry. The primwork, the style and just everything about these builds is…so 2006 and noobish.

    Not to mention, WHO THE FUCK BUILDS THEIR ROADS?! Why are there so many just…F’d up, and phantom?!

  17. Reality

    Jun 21st, 2009

    Joshua … This site is not a part of Second Life and is outside of their jurisdiction.

    An Abuse Report will do nothing.

  18. Arwyn Quandry

    Jun 21st, 2009

    I must object to the comments about it being like the Teen Grid – you know nothing about the TG. Saying it’ll be like the Teen Grid is saying that it’ll be a barren, boring place with a very, very tiny amount of residents and a crapload of prim garbage with few redeeming qualities. Also, Blue rarely, if ever, shows up on the TG anymore – same with all the other Lindens. Take it from someone who knows – if the Adult mainland is anything like the Teen Grid is now, LL will pull the plug on it within a month.

  19. roxannequest

    Jun 22nd, 2009

    1. agreed: crappy dated build
    2. agreed: future blingtard capitalism
    3. agreed: they will never successfully handle the innocent and/or child avs.
    is M gonna social-engineer the fun out of sl?

  20. Rho

    Jun 24th, 2009

    LL is prostituting itself to be bought up. Like an over-the-top whore LL thinks a few layers of make up will make her attractive in the market again. I am just curious to see who’s attention they are vying for. Must be a company with a lot of cash and a squeeky clean reputation. prolly asked to get rid of all the ugly adult nasty ness so that the new owner will not be blamed for impopular decisions. You really think that LL, which has been ripping people off for money for so long, really gives a damn about ‘morale values’ ?

  21. Alex

    Jul 4th, 2010

    Well, here we are a year later and all the pissing and moaning has subsided. Wonder how folks see this issue one year on?

    Have the adult content creators seen a lag in business or a pick up?

    Are the folks on the mainland healthier & happier for not having seen bare titties and pudenda for a year?

    Was this whole thing a true attempt by LL to ruin SL or merely a tempest in a teacup?

    Are the moles still terrible builders? oh…. wait……

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