NeilLife Blog Blown Up – Copybot Client Claims Script Exploit

by Pixeleen Mistral on 16/03/10 at 12:23 pm

The NeilLife blog became the latest casualty of a conflict that pits developers of open source Second Life clients against each other in a battle for fame, popularity, and control of the metaverse in-game user experience. While some developers compete with features with broad based appeal, others cater to the desire copy copy without permission – and so the copybot client wars rage on.

Lonely Bluebird claims victory
Lonely Bluebird claims victory

Members of the Emerald client faction claimed a partial victory after the conflict has spilled over into the blog-o-sphere. Taking a break from working in their volunteer GPL code factory, the Emeralds filed complaints against "Secondlife Neillife Open Source" ( and blew up the NeilLife faction’s propaganda arm. The Secondlife Neillife Open Source site no longer exists, except in the Google cache – because Google almost never forgets.

Emerald developer Lonely Bluebird told the Herald, "Yeah it’s amazing what a legal@registereddomain address and a few DMCAs can do isn’t it? Inf is next". Asked for clarification, Bluebird continued, "Well he was violating the GPL in over 40 posts, not to mention various other license agreements. This was actually the second time, the first time google went through and deleted a bunch of his posts, this time they deleted the blog it seems. I’m sure he’ll pop back up somewhere, he’s not gone, but this will hurt him."

But the story does not end here – a visit to Google’s cache shows the final days of the NeilLife blog included claims of a script exploit that allowed in-the-know NeilLife users to copy scripts from objects, opening the door to the code behind the popular Bloodlines game and Aargle Zymurgy’s Zingo games of skill.

However, both Mr. Zymurgy told the Herald that the leaked code was actually from a Second Life exploit from last fall and Lyle Maeterlinck of Bloodlines fame dismissed the leak as old code – could the NeilLife faction be overstating its abilities in an attempt to gain followers?

Reading through thed NeilLife blog is appears that the recent anti-copybot Onyx project drove NeilLife to escalate the conflict – as NeilLife strikes back with claims that the Emerald client may compromise privacy in one post, followed by the claims of script export capabilities.

NeilLife does not like modular systems
NeilLife does not like modular systems
involuntary open sourced bot scripts?
involuntary open sourced bot scripts?
Bloodlines and Zyngo license scripts in final NeilLife posting
Bloodlines and Zyngo license scripts in final NeilLife posting

Over the weekend, the Herald alerted both the Bloodlines and Zyngo developers that portions of their source code had been published, but neither seemed greatly concerned. Lyle Maeterlinck dismissed the script exploits as old news, saying, "The script that Neil published is not the script that’s in the current version of our Thist:Bloodlines HUD, it’s a script from a very old version of the Thirst that was cracked about a year and a half ago, I believe. This version of the script was being passed around before I had ever even heard of him or his viewer".

Aargle Zymurgy pointed out that he had not seen any script exploits since November:
Pixeleen Mistral: Aargle , I am checking out a tip that the Neil Life viewer has the capability of grabbing scripts
Aargle Zymurgy: at one time, maybe. I think LL closed that loop.

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe not
Pixeleen Mistral: what appears to be source code for one of your scripts is out on the web
Pixeleen Mistral: let me give you a link
Aargle Zymurgy: ok

Pixeleen Mistral: this is the google cache for the Neil Life guy’s blog
Pixeleen Mistral: which was taken down
Aargle Zymurgy: I’ve seen the bloodlines one before

Pixeleen Mistral: if you scroll to the bottom of the story there is one of yours
Pixeleen Mistral: the Zyngo License script – Copyright 2008 Aargle Zymurgy
Aargle Zymurgy: yeah… I know that one, too. it’s not especially useful by itself.

Pixeleen Mistral: ok – but that is one of your scripts?
Aargle Zymurgy: yes… gotten during when that loophole was available.
Aargle Zymurgy: that was brought to my attention back in november

Pixeleen Mistral: so this could all be old news that the Neil Life guy is making out to be a new exploit?
Aargle Zymurgy: the code for the xstreet magic box was out back then, too.

Pixeleen Mistral: well hopefully there isn’t a new exploit
Aargle Zymurgy: I doubt it since this is just a rehash of what I knew in november.

Pixeleen Mistral: how long did the November exploit run?
Aargle Zymurgy: from the time I found it until rolling restarts happened in SL because of it? less than 12 hours.
Aargle Zymurgy: you can probably blame me for 2-3 rolling restarts in the last year. :-)

Pixeleen Mistral: LOL
Aargle Zymurgy: and me simultaneiously with a couple others for the last one.
Aargle Zymurgy: when I did something that made my private sim crash repeatedly, I had to get that one reported.

Pixeleen Mistral: I suppose you would notice when things have been compromised fairly quickly – your games would be tempting targets
Aargle Zymurgy: yes
Aargle Zymurgy: I CAN tell you that no-copy exploits are still active.
Aargle Zymurgy: I can’t say how I know, and it’s no longer my stuff, but they still exist.

43 Responses to “NeilLife Blog Blown Up – Copybot Client Claims Script Exploit”

  1. Judge Joker

    Mar 16th, 2010

    @Drama yeah, sure, whatever it’s just another wackamole game.

    A more interesting topic would be:

    @Lonely Bluebird Why do you have what appears to be a CD in your crotch? and dude the hat ruined the rest of the avatar.

    And personally I thought you were some avatar fanboi before I had seen the rest of your pic in the full article.

    Can we have Lonely Bluebird as a Post 6 Model, just to update that photo on this post?

    Come on Pixeleen! I thought Post 6 set the standards of quality for photos and i very rarely read post 6 content.

  2. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Mar 16th, 2010

    Yeah, that copybotted code is old news.

    AFAIK The bleeding edge in copybot ATM is Emerald with some code from the Orange Thirsty guys. Orange Thirsty was shut down after it was discovered by Onyx, but it’s still in the google cache, and it’s only 2 lines of code to disable Emerald’s permissions check:

    Before the thirsty blog was taken down by the thirsty developers (voluntarily taken down!) they had also published how to disable perms checks on meerkat. I think this kind of thing will be how copybot will work in the future. It will be a plugin, like Restrained Life.

    Good luck detecting that, Skills Hak! I mean, not that your copybot protection works now, but hey, good job making content creators feel all fuzzy and warm and secure.

  3. cheeeeeese

    Mar 16th, 2010

    i’m sorry but this just stinks of JLU and modular systems making fake dcma reports.

    neillife allowed much more the copybot part was just one function which is in a grey area but the rest of the options in neillif are actually coming into emerald.

    emerald stole a few ideas from neil (i should know i decompiled modulars client and saw they had some items in there which were still marked “owned by neillif” but reguardless this is a dark day as this is one of hundreds of 3rd party clients which do much worse.

    remember emerald still has copybot capabilitys its just been removed from the menus BUT it still allows the importing of xml files which is 1/2 copybot.

    if emerald wants to take down other people maybe they should actually work with them and not against them.

    i used to use emerald all the time but i read the small print. yep modular systems does scan your system, it does collect information about you and your browsing habits, the small print does say that even if you decline to share information it will still do it.

    modualrs motto should be “emerald shitting on the little guy”

  4. Little Birdy

    Mar 16th, 2010

    For the record, if you were using Neillife to copy things, even if it was your own garbage, and then afterwards, logged into the Emerald Client, don’t be surprised if you find your account permabanned, and your computer hardware banned.

    Rumor has it, beings that Neillife was based off the Emerald client code, the client reports back to homebase with everything that was exported using Neillife. The Devs then take that info and give it back to Linden Labs, to get you banned.

    I knew something was up with Emerald a long time ago, which is why I don’t use the client. I stuck with plain old Vanilla SL. You can’t trust these nerds.

  5. Darien Caldwell

    Mar 16th, 2010

    It is a good point that he makes, People may not realize crash logs that happen in Emerald go to Modular Systems, and not Linden Lab, thereby exposing their IP to a 3rd party (Modular systems)

    I believe this kind of thing is addressed by the new Viewer Policy. People need to be informed their privacy can be compromised in such fashion.

    As for the rest, good riddance, we don’ t need people helping others steal scripts and copy items.

  6. Anony-Mouse

    Mar 16th, 2010

    Little Birdy – Its no wonder the Emerald devs no longer allow public access to their SVN (code repository) but instead only allow downloads of specific releases. The reason they gave is that prior revisions contain “dangerous things” that can crash Linden’s grid, but I don’t buy it. To date I’ve NEVER been able to get the source versions of Emerald to successfully compile, which tells me they’re intentionally breaking it to discourage others from building off of their work. Technically legal by the GPL, but not at all ethical and by far against the spirit of the license.

    More to the point – any organization that releases code thats intentionally broken and likely censored cannot and must not be trusted.

  7. OMG!

    Mar 16th, 2010

    This is completely nuts. Of course anyone who gives there account name and password to any third party viewer is nuts too.
    It is a matter of time before emerald or another viewer uses this to rip-off people then take the money and run.

    Complaining to Linden labs after being ripped -off will not get you to much sympathy from linden labs for being stupid enough to give this information out. Especially after Linden labs has said over and over again not to give out your password to anyone.

  8. K.T.D.

    Mar 16th, 2010

    On the Emerald source needing 2 modifications to break it’s permissions checks:

    I’m not a C programmer.

    But I downloaded the code and looked through it out of the same curiosity and with my own experiences with other languages I’d come to the exact same conclusion Orange Thirsty did.

    So, Skills… Are you going to add Emerald to the CDS banned viewer list? After all, your system surely can’t tell the difference, and you never know if someone’s already circulating a modified version. Oh no! Fear! Uncertainty! DOUBT!!!! Let’s automatically ban all the Emerald users because someone might copy something!

    Fucking mental retardation. Of course, FUD is one of the main forces driving the sales of Skills’ little TOS violating cash cow.

    Of course… if it could tell the difference between stock Emerald and Emerald recompiled with permission/owner checks broken based on the checksums of the compiled binaries, then you’re looking at things on residents PCs without consent in violation of the TOS and the law and need to be permanently hardware banned immediately. I’m guessing CDS can’t, and you can’t really offer your customers the security of protection from rogue Emerald users.

    And as for Emerald, and any other viewers mining PCs for data, here’s a suggestion that will fall on Helen Keller’s ears:

    All third party viewers should be forced to disclose any and all information sent to parties outside of Linden Lab. The disclosure should cover not only what that information is, but also what methods are being used to obtain and collect it, the exact intended purpose of gathering said information, AND the security measures in place to protect the information from being intercepted or compromised by third parties, if any.

  9. OMG!

    Mar 17th, 2010

    This viewer with this exploit and data mining abilities is going to make Linden Labs A list as approved Viewers? I hope they know about this too.

  10. NebulaCS

    Mar 17th, 2010

    no comment, emerald devs are as retarded as neil, the only two smart ones are lonley and chalice.

  11. DarkAngel

    Mar 17th, 2010

    I have seen a lot of this copybotting, and I wouldn’t put it past the emerald developers really placing bugging devices inside their emerald client, After all who knows what they actually put in their viewers anymore. I know From experience that CDS does not work good at all, I use a LibSL/Copybot Myself, not for theft, or illegal use, but for backup of my own stuff, and I walked into a sim secured by CDS, and it failed to detect or ban my ass. When CDS was released he made it public, which means anyone can easily crack their scripts, Its no secret to how they are doing it really, just spoofing assets, Falcifying that they are the creator from their viewers, and it views, Ive seen my friend Full Perm Items, and scripts of Skills Hak Right in front of me for evidence.

    As far as Emerald I no longer Support them Due to all of this, Emerald team itself, JLU, and SKills Hak have all brought destruction to our SecondLife Community, I more less support Neil Personally, and The Wrong Hands more than I will support anyone else. Not that I support theft, But I support LIBSL, and Alternate viewers. What Gives emerald the right to say I cant use my own custom viewer in a sim, and get instnatly banned from over 1000 sims without being Fully known if im a copybotter or not, OR CDS who has been working with emerald. They trying to take over SL themselfs?

    Honestly I Like Onyx Viewer, and its source a lot more than emeralds? Why Because it gives me a lot of advanced detection Systems more than anyone else has in SL, emerald has limited everything.

    OH yeah and look around too people commit First Life Copyright Violations Renting Movies to everyone too in sl.

  12. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Mar 17th, 2010

    Speaking of Onyx, here is a YouTube video from 2 days ago on how to unlock Onyx from Emerald:

    Looks like Emerald is the target of a lot of hacks lately. Maybe this is a sign that they have been too aggressive in chasing market share?

    Then again, it could just be a sign that people hack stuff. It’s the way the internet works.

    IDK, either way, use that video at your own risk. I haven’t tested it at all.

  13. OMG!

    Mar 18th, 2010

    Watch this video made today of Gotikats and their customers being copied.
    Who ever this is seems to be copying the stores that use this new device that detects neillife users.

  14. Darien Caldwell

    Mar 18th, 2010

    @ Bubblesort: that video is of SLPE, not Emerald. It’s a known ripping client made by Day Oh.

  15. who knows

    Mar 18th, 2010

    The scripts from the Zyngo machines was ripped with help of Jcool aka. Fractured Crystal ages ago. It was with the help of the viewer called Vlife.

  16. Yulli

    Mar 18th, 2010

    i’m completely lost in this article…someone tell what we talking about lol

  17. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 20th, 2010

    No one gives a shit aside from power-hungry coders and butthurt content creators who can’t deal with it.

  18. XicoTreva

    Mar 21st, 2010

    and in the middle of it all … where this INF, releasing copybots that were once a distant dream para copyboters?
    in new site:

  19. Wowowie

    Mar 21st, 2010

    Thanks Xico for the link I checked out the site and it seems like they’re about to release their own viewer. So all the things he said about “all 3rd party viewers supposed to be available for everyone for free” that’s why he cracked lots of private viewers and handed them out for free is all just a bunch of bull and he just gave those out for free to eliminate all the competitors before he releases his own modded viewer? Right now he is selling a cracked version of SLPE Final to fund the making of the about to be released Second Life Infinite v2.4.

  20. Zuma

    Mar 21st, 2010

    There will be no release for second life infinite, it is the name and version of the website.
    I don’t think closed with fake DMCA reports, they didnt work on wordpress website and these guys had a post about it (now it seems like its removed). Poor lonely bluebird.
    Everyone knew he was poor but this time its public.

  21. OMG!

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    I think this whole emerald vs neillife is both developers working together in some type of shell game.
    Neilife rips peoples creations and along comes cds from the emerald team to save the day. (if you buy their product along with a monthly subscription.)

    I can see that all of the You-tube video’s were taken down before Lindne Labs could see the damage being done by this viewer.

    Instead having to buy an item to make you “safe” from rogue viewers, Linden Labs should just end this open source nonsense and require log ins to be done on the offical Second Life viewer.

  22. XicoTreva

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    INF showed on their website that has the source of onyx and probably will be used in your private …
    This will surely attract the team looks grim Esmeralda.
    open your eyes to the world …

  23. Gundel Gaukelei

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Instead having to buy an item to make you “safe” from rogue viewers, Linden Labs should just end this open source nonsense and require log ins to be done on the offical Second Life viewer.

    The protocol has been reverse engineered before they opened the source code of the offical viewer to the public. If you beliefe in security by obscurity, you’re a fool. Even more, the whole digital rights management attempt has been doomed to fail from the beginning. You can’t transfer objects to my computer and keep it away from me at the same time. Thats the perpetuum mobile of information technology.

    Stop this closed source FUD. Get yourself educated.

  24. K.T.D.

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Well, your post is at least half right. I’d say there’s something that stinks about the whole CDS/Skills Hak thing, but closing the viewer and grid to official LL builds only will not fix a thing. The source is out there, the protocol is well known and people can spoof things to look like the official build.

    Another interesting bit about CDS and these so-called malicious viewers: If I use them to connect to my own OpenSimulator that is between me and God, so to speak. It is a fact that the CDS cannot make any distinction between past use on Agni, or past use on If I want to “grief” my own empty sim run on my own hardware? That’s my right, and my mess to clean up after. Not anyone else’s problem.

    Why would I want to do that? Because I believe the best way to understand an attack is to know how it works and what it does. Simulating one in a controlled environment is responsible as it does not affect other users or LL’s grid in any way.

    Nobody else, not LL, not Skills Hak, and not a single content creator in SL has any right to dictate what I can and cannot use on my PC to connect to my own sim. So why should I be penalized for doing so in SL, for non TOS violating actions that the Lindens don’t even give a shit about? CDS detects past use of a blacklisted* viewer regardless of the avatar in use, *or the grid it was used to connect to*.

    I don’t support content theft, I create content myself and I’ve spent thousands of L$ on various outfits and hairstyles just so I wouldn’t get bored of looking at an ugly freebie-clad avatar. I’m about to release a few items on xstreet to try my own hand at selling stuff to see if I can add to what I make as a DJ, as it’s not much. What I do support is everyone’s right to privacy and the CDS violates that right.

    * (I refuse to say banned, as Skills has no authority to say what is and is not “banned” on SL, or outside of it.)

  25. Tux Winkler

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    @ KTD
    (I refuse to say banned, as Skills has no authority to say what is and is not “banned” on SL, or outside of it.)

    Just a side note: Skills only provides a service the land owners are the ones implementing it. It is no different than someone asking the JLU to ‘protect’ their land. This would remove the blame from Superman and place it on the land owner.

  26. K.T.D.

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    @Tux: “no different than someone asking the JLU to ‘protect’ their land.”

    Except that the JLU does not charge L$700/mo for their services, and then only show up to respond to a fraction of incidents.

    When you consider that Emerald is not on the ban list of clients despite it’s export permissions checks being broken with 2 lines removed or commented out from the source, that Skills Hak is an Emerald developer who is surely aware of this, and that her system can not tell the difference between standard and copybot capable Emerald… Plus the fact that all CDS really does is kick a user out of a shop full of boxes that would be empty and useless when you import them back in anyway. The thing stinks of a scam based on FUD to liberate money from paranoid fashionista pockets. (Isn’t it amusing how the system’s defenders accuse anyone criticizing it of trying to spread FUD, when the system itself is exactly that?)

    CDS does absolutely nothing to prevent theft via purchasing an item on xstreet, going to a non CDS area, and then exporting the content there. Nor does it stop a malicious viewer from ripping the content off of an avatar walking around in a public area. Basically all it’s really preventing anyone from stealing is a bunch of empty boxes. Hardly worth the L$700/mo in my book.

  27. Danziel Lane

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Just a question: Is it true, that the CDS system promises to detect an environment as KTD described it?
    In short that would be: I use the official SL viewer for SL and try a “bad” viewer for my own grid on my hd.

    And if it’s true that they promise it and put me in their database for that, how can they find out without inspecting my harddisk, when I stand near their system? And what else data can they read from my hd then?

  28. K.T.D.

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Wouldn’t we all like to know what it’s reading and how it’s doing it? She refuses to disclose this information, of course. Go ahead and test it yourself on a throwaway alt if you’d like to know for sure, I encourage that.

    Of course, I wouldn’t recommend doing so on a system your main connects to the grid using, unless you know how to completely remove whatever it is this thing is looking at…

    Or as a rep for the CDS told one person who appealed, you feel like reinstalling Windows so that the CDS won’t keep picking up the “signatures” the blacklisted viewer left.

  29. Tux Winkler

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    @ KTD
    “Except that the JLU does not charge L$700/mo for their services, and then only show up to respond to a fraction of incidents.”
    - I agree, I do not like banlink systems (unless they did something really useful), but it is the price people are prepared to pay for peace of mind.

    @ Danziel
    “Is it true, that the CDS system promises to detect an environment as KTD described it?”
    - If you have installed and run a dodgy viewer, then this system will detect you. Even if you uninstall it. I went to Skills because I thought for sure it was accessing the file system. I know it isn’t now.

    @ KTD
    “Or as a rep for the CDS told one person who appealed, you feel like reinstalling Windows so that the CDS won’t keep picking up the “signatures” the blacklisted viewer left.”
    - I assume you refer to the message from Ash. Whilst not well put the advice was valid. Agreed the signatures are hard to remove, but the risk of abuse supports a reinstallation. Simple because it has been proven some dodgy viewers send your login information to a non-SL server. Now, if the viewer was built on Emerald source it could therefore have access to all your accounts (as Emerald stores these for your ease of use). Personally, I would hate to think someone would experiment with a dodgy viewer. And if you do, don’t be surprised when you have no L$ – XD.

  30. K.T.D.

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Yes, I am referring to the message from Ash, and I agree, the advise IS valid, I’ve confirmed that myself by reinstalling Windows, and creating an alt which is not detected and banned by CDS, even after a banned one on a clean install of windows was used. Will I disclose that alt’s name? Fuck no. LL can see who it is, it’s age verified just like my main. I don’t mind the Lindens knowing who I am, I don’t grief and I don’t steal. I do however, firmly believe that what goes on between me and my OpenSim is nobody on SL’s concern, it’s a closed system and I have a right to dictate what clients I am allowed to test out on it. Even the Lindens wouldn’t bother arguing with me there. Maybe Prok would but I really don’t care about the crazy chicken lady’s opinion.

    “Personally, I would hate to think someone would experiment with a dodgy viewer.”
    Are we counting Emerald in that list of dodgy viewers? Given the dev team’s history of coding dodgy viewers in the past, and their association with the CDS through Skills, Emerald is one I choose not to trust.

    Sure, it’s got some nice features. Ones that work great if you’re an Emerald user, and fuck up your appearance for… everyone else? The average Emerald user’s response? “Just switch to Emerald!”. I don’t think so, they can keep looking like a twat with floating clothing/body parts for all I care.

    Has anyone even pointed out that with Emerald based copybot clients (such as a hacked Emerald with those infamous 2 lines of code cut out) having the ability to set draw distance to 1024m, that CDS on a sim with neighboring sims that do not use it *could* be worthless? If anyone has tried to export from 512m away or more via Emerald I’d like to know if that works or not. If not, just how trivial would it be for someone to make this work?

  31. Bourne

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Firstly there is nothing wrong with emerald. Clearly you morons have nothing better to do than throw mud because your all upset neillife had his chips. Emerald has been approved many times by LL as a good alternative to the standard sl viewer..infact the majority of the code is LL’s. I have never read so much crap in all my life….bunch of losers…lol get a life little girlies!

  32. Muziekfreak1980 miles

    Mar 26th, 2010

    What a bunch of bullshitters in here my god!

    “Emerald, breaches privacy by logging you ip”

    GET OVER YOURSELF! , any simple website does that DAY TO DAY, when you surf. Jeeezz bunch of chaos causing ppl you all are.


    !00% correct, Emerald uses mostly LL code and i simply adapted allot of the HIDDEN features in the normal client and made them easy accesable for users. And the fact is Emerald know MORE users then the LL client atm.

    So please, get a life, or simply stick to any other viewers you might want to use. CDS will pick the idiots out of it anyways and blacklist you as such.

    Tssss…whatever lol

  33. NebulaCS

    Mar 30th, 2010

    Shit cakes, I think Neil owns them all. He just gave out the xstreet scripts.

  34. SMH

    Apr 19th, 2010

    You know whats even funnier you all claim Emerald and Gemini are so good!
    Emerald has IMPORT LINKSET. Which is also a copybot function. As for Gemini CDS ban and Blacklist its a crock of bullshit. Theres youtube videos and people getting around them all the time. You think for one minute inf and neil are done? theres worse ones then these 2 you have no clue about. Inf and Neil are just the ones who got your attention.

    Secondlife and Emerald are who there is to blame for the viewers and copybots . You’s handed out open source codes to the viewers so you’s caused the chaos going on in Second Life.

    I myself am a builder, scripter and designer in SecondLife and have had over 50,000 USD stolen from me in game due to these viewers. Unlinking them DOES NOT work the viewers still take them. So i write reports? NO FOR WHAT? So you can ban them they reload windows and come right back to SL and do it all over again and now its worse because you pissed them off. If anyones to blame its Linden Labs and Emerald for releasing open source codes. As Far as INF and Neil stand they aint putting out viewers nomore now its more dangerous stuff you gotta watch for.

    With that said you all have a nice day.
    and PS. Bloodlines is old news already your stupid little vampires are already banned from hundreds of sims. So quit cryin
    and Zyngo stop bitchin u stole ur idea from Slingo and just got rich off scripting shit where people can hardly ever win.
    Dont take a scientist to script get rich quick scamming games.

  35. Jocelyn Pawpad

    Apr 19th, 2010

    And it doesn’t take a scientist to take the tools readily available through SL and a few third party apps (legally purchased OR otherwise), marry them with a bunch of textures and/or scripts (again legally purchased or otherwise) and create builds and/or clothes. You need to get off your high horse SMH, there’s nothing Zingo or Bloodlines are doing in selling their work and having it ripped off them and what you do. Ultimately all of you are creating content of one sort or another, which in a metaverse boils down to *entertainment* and expecting a little cut for your time… and these rogue users are muscling in on that.

    Worse, you bitch about Emerald having to shoulder the blame for having the audacity to showcase their prowess… and yet they haven’t required linden one for any of their efforts. And as for blaming Linden Labs… ffs! Who provided you with the infrastructure to make your piles of cash in the first place? If you’ve lost 50,000 USD, I have to figure you’d made a lot more besides, yet here you are snapping at the hand that feeds you?

    Jesus, get a grip already. Running about snarling at other *creators* in the game and the people who enjoy their content (as you did when you spouted about Bloodlines users) is not going to win you any friends here.

  36. Armeiro Bellic

    Apr 19th, 2010

    Rogue viewers are dangerous, as they are closed source and may relay passwords to their creators at any moment.
    Worse than that … rogue viewers can relay also lindens and inventory items.
    If someone wants to “go haywire” on SL, I would recommend a proxy. has one of the best proxies around, and it is free, and opensource.

  37. Tux Winkler

    Apr 19th, 2010

    Is the Emerald source is the same as the distributed compiled viewer?

    Any TPV is at risk from a coder going haywire without anyone knowing!

  38. Jocelyn Pawpad

    Apr 20th, 2010

    @ Tux

    I honestly couldn’t tell you if it was or wasn’t. I imagine LL would at least make a cursory attempt to establish if the code tallied with the compiled version, otherwise their revised TOS is little more than a bag of hot air. Only if you and I were physically standing behind them when the act was done would we truly know if they had done this.

  39. Tux Winkler

    Apr 20th, 2010

    From 3PVP:

    “8.b. We may analyze any Third-Party Viewer and its code, content, and data for any reason, including to ensure that the application complies with our policies and is safe for users. Although we do not guarantee that we will conduct such an analysis, we may do so in our sole discretion.”

    MAY being the key word, LL cannot possible police the various source code. Which is why the 3PVP is simply a massive get out clause for LL. So, once your entire works are copybotted, you cannot sue LL because they will say ‘Well we have told people they are not allowed to use a copybot enabled viewer, We have done our bit!’.

  40. JuanFra

    May 11th, 2010

    (En otro foro anglófono me han borrado el mensaje sin explicación alguna. La única norma que rompe mi mensaje es decir la verdad –que debe de ser considerado algo muy grave y peligroso, por lo visto–. Esto me ha decidido a informar de su existencia a varios medios, así como a publicarlo en otros medios de Internet por si acaso, para que todo el mundo conozca esta realidad cuanto antes. Además, lo amplío más cada vez que me sea borrado, pero siempre en el siguiente foro.)

    Una de las pruebas que hace pensar a todo el mundo que LL no es trigo limpio tampoco en esto es que permite que el Gemini CDS haga lo que quiera a pesar de estar claramente infrigiendo normas del propio TOS (cuando menos). Evitar que ***nadie*** pueda copiar ***nada*** en SL es facilísimo: basta con programar desde el lado del server unos filtros que impidan que se pueda descargar a un ordenador nada que no cumpla unas determinadas condiciones. Si LL no lo hace es porque de algún modo no le conviene. Algunas de sus facciones está queriendo ahora hacer que creamos que el CDS es un sofisticadísimo sistema de deteccion :-) Pero nada más lejos de la realidad :-D

    Hay una explicacion muchísimo mas sencilla sobre cómo funciona el CDS. Si aplicamos la navaja de Occam seguro que muchos estarán de acuerdo en que es la más probable:

    La mayoría de los visores con funciones ilegales han sido hechos por el mismo equipo de hackers aparentando ser distintas personas (incluso peleadas entre ellas, para dar más veracidad al engaño). Estos hackers venden sus visores ilegales trucados y con dichos visores, además de sacar el dinero a la gente en la venta, sin que ellos lo sepan les toman sus datos de nombre de avatar y password al conectarse (es extremadamente fácil de hacer y todos recordarán la cantidad de comentarios que se han leído en los foros acerca de que al conectarse siempre fallaban la primera vez con cada avatar nuevo, misteriosamente) :) Estos datos van directamente a la base de datos que hoy se usa en el Gemini CDS, junto con el nombre del visor utilizado y alguna que otra información más.

    Después este mismo equipo finge haber inventado un gran sistema de detección de visores ilegales (como el CDS) y cobra dinero también por utilizarlo, así como cobra dinero por quitar de esa base de datos los nombres de quienes lo paguen (sin hacerlo público, claro). Por cierto, en esa base de datos hay mucha gente que jamás ha usado un visor ilegal, pero que ha sido incluída ahí por Skills Hak para perjudicarlos por ser competidores peligrosos o gente de la que se quería vengar; como no tiene que demostrar nada puede hacerlo cuando le venga en gana. Es decir, es todo un negocio pensado así ya de antemano desde el principio. Un negocio que LL debería abortar ahora mismo si es que no tiene nada que ver con dicho negocio.

    De ese modo es fácil comprender por qué y cómo los nombres están en esa base de datos y por qué puede saberse de antemano cuáles son todos los alters utilizados por la misma persona y por qué esa persona queda baneada automáticamente a través de cualquiera de sus nombres de avatar, aunque ya no utilice nunca más alguno de los visores ilegales por los cuales averiguaron sus datos.

    Los expertos en estos temas aquí sabrán que lo que he dicho es muchísimo más fácil y simple de hacer que cualquier sistema de diálogo HTTP interno mediante scripts hacia el parcel multimedia :)

    Por cierto, he podido comprobar que una de las cosas para las que sí que funciona realmente el CDS es para enmascarar cualquier labor de copia ilegal que Skills Hak quiera realizar con su script en el terreno de quien lo instale (y tambien con bots no necesariamente en el mismo terreno) :) El aparato permite copiar libremente al disco duro de Skills Hak y sus secuaces (Ash Qin, LukaStar Mattercaster, Cinndreia Messmer, GEMINIbot Inventor, Lonely Bluebird, Fractured Crystal) todo lo que se halle en el terreno que lo tenga instalado, constantemente. Incluso cualquier cosa que se ponga después. Además, también permite que algunos visores ilegales fabricados por ella puedan conectarse a ese terreno sin ser detectados ni por LL. ¡Menudo negocio han hecho los dueños de tiendas dejándose engañar por hackers! :-D DD Les está bien empleado por creer ciegamente en algo que jamás les han mostrado ni demostrado y que encima perjudica a sus clientes actuales y a todos sus clientes potenciales.

  41. Amber lier Seondlife

    May 16th, 2010


  42. [...] that all-out war has erupted between Emerald factions, the most notable being over the longstanding NeilLife [...]

  43. Father Jones

    Sep 1st, 2010

    In case you did not know: Aargle Zymurgy is a friend of several linden employees and has a criminal understanding with some of them. They are protecting him and what more is: give him information he should not know about inside facts comming out of the Linden Lab databases about other residents and their projects. G-team members of LL are brutally raping the principles of their company by providing private information about SL-members to their friend Tim (Aargle Zymurgy). He doesn’t like a resident getting in his way? He contacts his crooky friends at LL and gets the info he needs. He wants someone to get banned? He uses a simple trick they thought him: gather enough friendly residents in the sim where your target resident is logged in -> all file abuse report against that target resident at same time -> meanwhile Tim contacts one of his crooky linden friends and BAM: the target resident gets banned and afterwards perma-banned. The G-team is covered that way by many abuse reports so it all looks normal procedure. That is how things work. We proved this towards Linden Lab management with material including voice messages between Tim and the crooks. They like to talk through voice you know and are that dumb to believe nobody is recording… One of the crooks at Linden Lab already busted for such activity’s is Teagan Linden. She was fired a while ago… More to come !

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