Lab Nerfs SL Combat – Players Demand Server Rollback – Lab Surrenders

by Pixeleen Mistral on 03/07/10 at 9:35 pm

Friendly fire has become a serious issue that even the best of us can no longer control

Non-violent protests at Help Island Public – demanding more violence in Second Life – and a furious Jira thread have resulted in a rollback of the most recent Second Life server update – an update which crippled combat and brought un-wanted peace to the players of Second Life.

Accusations began flying as players discovered that what Falcon Linden called anti-griefing code in the new server release could cause bullets and arrows to act oddly – first being added to an invisible queue without appearing in world – then suddenly appearing in uncontrolled waves washing across the sim. Fair combat was clearly impossible under these condition – so the battle moved to the Jira bug tracking system and Help Island.

combat protests 002
nerfed combat protests on Help Island Public

Players used the Jira bug tracker to point out that the sim performance throttling can occur on even lightly used sims if others sharing the same physical server are overloaded, and an uhappy Suzanna Soyinka said, "This throttling logic is ridiculous ill thought out and I’d like to personally slap the programmer that thought it was a good idea".

Other unhappy combatants took up signs and crowded into Help Island to demand action. This created a classic in-world confrontation between Help Island regulars concerned that players needing help might be frightened by the sign wielding protesters, and the protesters anxious to get the Labs attention by any means necessary.

help island
help island regulars take time from scolding nearly naked avatar to complain about protesters

Over on the Jira, thamala aabye risked a ban for dissing Falcon Linden: "Horseapples, Falcon. Every time you folks break something the next thing we hear is "UM UM UM WE DID IT TO STOP GRIEFERS!" and none of us are buying it anymore. We’re more than capable of handling griefers ourselves without your interference and wrecking the roleplay/combat systems that thousands of your residents enjoy every day. Telling us that all of our bullets and arrows queuing up and then releasing all at once in a hellish storm ISN’T A BUG makes you look like a complacent fool whose never actually logged in to secondlife."

Luckily, über coder Andrew Linden stepped in to help out Falcon with something more substantial then well worn anti-griefer excuses.

A veteran of countless server deploys, wily Andrew actually did some experiements then concluded that there was a real problem. A rollback announcement came ahortly after Andrew Linden, exhausted from the jira-battle raised a white flag over server release 1.40 saying, "Thank you Thord and your armies of combatants. We tested my experimental server-1.40.2 and then a server-1.38.4. The results were pretty clear that server-1.38 has much less lag: single digits simulator FPS in 1.40, while 1.38 tended to be in the 20′s and 30′s during the fighting –> something is messed up in server-1.40. I’m going to recommend to the deploy team that they rollback or at least provide a rollback option. We’ll see what happens."

Lab admits defeat, rolls back server update

Could this be a sign of a new, more responsive Lab? Perhaps, but one might also wonder why it took a manic Jira voting campaign and protests in-world to spur the Lab into action. Testing – we’ve heard of it.

With both regular militia and Gorean combat affected, the potential impact on Second Life was frightenting – as Xerxes Trevellion explained "Arrows to cease moving, sure, we all were used to that, it sucks mind you, but again, expected. But with the new H7, what now happens is not fair to any of us whom play the way we play. You fire in heavy lag, and all of the shots you should have hit, miss, because they are throttled, but the Avatars still move, and because of this, Friendly fire has become a serious issue that even the best of us can no longer control. Before with H4, when the arrows were sticking or hanging in air, you moved around them as best you could, you learned this from experience, now you can’t, as you have no clue where any of them are, then BOOOM!!! Your lit up like the 4th of July sky. Also, Avatar movement is greatly inaccurate, as the original poster, Jara, specifically accused me of using a scripted movement enhancer, of which I do not have nor would ever use. "

combat protests 004

Will friendly fire on the part of the Linden developers cripple the virtual world? Kagehi Kohn made an impassioned plea on the Jira for a better approach:  "Every damn time someone has even an idea about expanding script function we also get that same excuse, "But griefers might use it!" Bull! And, even if true, that is what fracking ban lists are for. You want a sane solution, how about being able to ban a product, by original key. That way if some moron shows up to grief the sim their damn device flat out doesn’t work? That would be logical. But, the problem here is that **legit** products use the same sort of code that some of those griefer devices use. Thus, you throttle a minor annoyance, and fuck up 10,000 legitimate products in the process. Worse, all the bad, stupid, logic in the system to handle this is wasting processor time, physics logic time, database time, etc., which just adds to a fracking mess that you are fixing not by putting a stop to the defective products, but by hosing 100% of everyone else’s, including basic stuff, like the physics of the avs, and non-griefing scripts, which are also, apparently, fracking mixed up in the same damn mess. I bet you people deflate your tires, to keep people from stealing your car, because locking the doors is too complicated too, right? "

49 Responses to “Lab Nerfs SL Combat – Players Demand Server Rollback – Lab Surrenders”

  1. Tux

    Jul 3rd, 2010

    The Help Island Clique report anyone and anything their little minds fail to understand. They forget some people are new. Or are testing. FFS I got 17 reports for griefing because I have a link to a youtube video showing me deform Teeple Linden in my profile.

    As for this server release, I think it was a case of get it out so we look like we have done something recently. Seriously though, try testing your shit before releasing it (those of us who like to play would get banned for less).

    If fact give us a threshold suspension system for fucked up Lindens. Thats right, let the people point out the tossers!

  2. Yep

    Jul 3rd, 2010

    The script throttling is a good idea if one sim filled with 20-30 people shooting machine guns and other rapid firing weapons since it seems to be able to borrow script time from other sims in the same server box. One sim hogging all the scripts is hardly fair to the other sims in the box making their performance drop. I would like to see this borrow feature stop, once a sim uses it’s allotment of scripts that is it no more scripts can work until the usage slows down and not take away from someone elses sim. I t is kind of ruse if sim A in a server box is a script hog while the other three sims in the same server box are being responsible about their script use but only to find themselves lagged out by other peoples actions in another sim..

    I am happy the are rolling this back, the other problems that seem to plague other non combat players is the massive lag and crashing for no apparent reason

  3. SlShapeshifter

    Jul 3rd, 2010

    Yep, from what I’ve seen in the majority of CCS sims is NOT 20-30 people firing machine guns. I’d be lucky if I saw 10 melee users. I think you’re exaggerating.

  4. Wahwah

    Jul 4th, 2010

    Isn’t SL Combat kind of fucked up to begin with? I don’t understand how these milita rpers and such, gleefully put up with it, considering there are far more better alternatives out there for PVP Combat.

    Oh wait I know why. Immersion. Yeah because pew pewing through sim lag, like walking knee deep through a pool of chilled butter, is a very immersive experience.

  5. Kiddoh

    Jul 4th, 2010

    “all of our bullets and arrows queuing up and then releasing all at once in a hellish storm”

    That actually sounds pretty cool. I would have loved to see it in action.

  6. Gaara Sandalwood

    Jul 4th, 2010

    What Kiddoh said. My exact thoughts when I read that line in the article:

    “Sounds like a lotta fun.”

    That aside, it looks like we at least have some responsive people in LL yet.

  7. Judge Joker

    Jul 4th, 2010


    “all of our bullets and arrows queuing up and then releasing all at once in a hellish storm”

    Anyone else think Max Payne bullet time? though with higher time dialation on the bullets, compared to the game version.

  8. Kendra C

    Jul 4th, 2010

    I have seen many strange things myself in the Vice combat sims. Ten airplanes dogfighting shooting a non stop stream of bullets and dropping bombs on the tanks and other ten to twenty people on the ground shooting machine guns and bazookas creating such a lag pool that bombs lay on the ground for a minute before exploding. Bazooka bullets bouncing off the people that you hit without exploding and everyone moving in slow motion and snapping back and forth.
    There is a big difference in script time’s in a sim using Vice vs the CCS Melee weapons sims.
    I am in total agreement with a sim being limited to their fair share of script usage without leaching from the other sims running in the same server.

  9. Dee Ramaqueen

    Jul 4th, 2010

    “all of our bullets and arrows queuing up and then releasing all at once in a hellish storm ”

    Hmmm. I’d pay to see that: A new kind of SL divorce, and a whole lot more drama than just unpartnering. Can we set up a new kind of RP sim and let ex-partners duke it out? Or the old one and the new one? And if it is a European sim, can we gamble on the outcome? Guns and gambling! Oh, my!

  10. Yep

    Jul 4th, 2010

    Oh the Vice WW2 sims are horrid with the lag. This is a lot laggier than a few people fighting with swords in a ccs rp sim.
    My personal favorite is the lag causing the Vice rockets to rezz outside the launch tube and sit there a few seconds before exploding in your face. When those sims have their battles it is 10 minutes of fighting (Lag and each other) then 30 minutes of drama time when the drama huddles form up because someone is mad because someone shot someone (it’s a combat sim deal with it or TP to a PG telehub) or because another person has a better airplane and shot them down in combat (save up and buy a better airplane). Yep ccs and Vice are apples and oranges. If your sim is allocated 22ms of script time then thats all you get and keep your mitts off the other 3 sims script time sharing your box.

    “all of our bullets and arrows queuing up and then releasing all at once in a hellish storm” this sounds like the ending in the movie Hero where Jet Li had the black cloud of arrows fired at him at once .

  11. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jul 4th, 2010

    Falcon Linden sounds like the same sort of idiot who thought adding “Assault > Damage Land” would be a useful abuse report category. I would not be surprised to find out that he is a JLU alumnus, he exhibits that level of retard.

  12. swedishfox Ghost

    Jul 4th, 2010

    i noticed something missing here, what about the anti-protesters who were involved, like me for starters? i was there, many others were, protesting the protesters since they’re disrupting a sim, i told them to take it to the forums, lagging an already laggy sim does not help one bit, plus lindens might tend to read the forums a little better than seeing the stupid signs from the millions of sims of where it could take place

  13. Ric Mollor

    Jul 4th, 2010

    ——–Someone said———————————
    Isn’t SL Combat kind of fucked up to begin with? I don’t understand how these milita rpers and such, gleefully put up with it, considering there are far more better alternatives out there for PVP Combat.

    Oh wait I know why. Immersion. Yeah because pew pewing through sim lag, like walking knee deep through a pool of chilled butter, is a very immersive experience.
    ———End of Quoting——————————-

    This comment deserves to be reposted endlessly. *NOTHING* of the SL combat scene even begins to approach what is available in modern gaming. Either the participants have never played/seen/heard of REAL gaming of the lure of a possible game of ‘humpin avies’ has blurred their thinking abilities.

    First time I tried SL ‘flying’ immediately realized that a Commodore 64 from the 1980s had better flight physics and playability. To accept the level of fail that SL is in 2010 is simply incomprehensible.

  14. Gilligan Meriman

    Jul 4th, 2010

    Isn’t it amazing? Nobody can make a decent metaverse?

    Ric is right, yer all right, but who is going to make something that works?

    I am willing to log-in the triumphant successor to SL, when one of you geeks makes it… I’d even pay for the pleasure (assuming you honor the value of Lindens).

  15. Pappy Enoch

    Jul 4th, 2010

    Yep, SL am about shaggin’ an’ makin’ fake money. What am wrong wif that?

    I’d rather shag than fight, y’all. My uncle Enos Timberlake Enoch died while in the act, but I sho’ lost mo’ friends an’ relations to shootin’, bein’ cut up, an’ set on fire than I did to lovin’ and that am a fact.

    Now if’n LL turned off the love-mersheens, then y’all would see yo’selfs a protest!

    You fellers who wants to be The Duke in “Sands o’ Iwo Jima” needs yo’self a real game so’s you can shoot folks, get blowed up and catched on fire an’ whatnot. Leave that pretty gals wif me in SL–tho I knows that a bunch of ‘em are nekkid fat men, just like me (but I are wearin’ boxers rite now).

  16. Kendra C

    Jul 4th, 2010

    I always laugh at the WW2 combat sims. They run around screaming and yelling about being realistic while wearing a fur -fag avatar. I didn’t know that they had fur-fags in WW2. maybe a few lab experiments that went wrong.

  17. corona anatine

    Jul 4th, 2010

    Yep, SL am about shaggin’ an’ makin’ fake money

    shouldnt that be

    Yep, SL am about fake shaggin’ an’ makin’ fake money

    so SL has strangeness in relation to WW2 – nothing new there

    this is after all the world where rape and murder are ok but body parts and the swastika [ an ancient vedic religious symbol]
    are banned

  18. Kendra C

    Jul 4th, 2010

    I completely agree with you, Roleplay rape is disgusting, why drag something so horrible from the real word into roleplay world?
    Its horrible, Roleplay is for having fun and talking to friends not having disgusting scenes like rape.

  19. Starfire R.

    Jul 4th, 2010

    On this subject matter, The regulars that were there simply stated that Help island public was probably not the best place to Protest the combat stuff. We told them to file a ticket or to either go find a linden office. Some of the protesters WERE being rude to us as we tried to help. It was only then that i started saying something back to them. Plus half of them were not even heard with the chat spam they caused so most residents muted them. So we could ACTUALLY help new residents that came in. Now I am not saying that i do not support their issue but that it could have been handled in a much better matter. And further more since the lindens handled this issue, a friend made a good point. why don’t we go somewhere and stomp our feet enough and cry so that they bury the crapgrade called 2.0 and get on with the viewer that was not broken to begin with or go back to emerald. But as i said to the protesters after they refused actual help “Ron white said “You cant fix stupid” and from what i saw most of them were. *ends rant*

  20. Roleplayer

    Jul 5th, 2010

    Tux with the first post – 100% correct. As a noob I stood around for all of a minute and a half while afk with one of those click to get a L$ things on, didn’t know any better. In that 90 second period one of the people hanging around there IMed me asking me to take it off and then reported me before I even got a chance to take it off. Got banned for an hour – no real effect on me but, uh, wtf?

  21. Roleplayer

    Jul 5th, 2010

    Oh, and to Kendra C: Roleplay is to have fun yes, but not so much standing around talking to your buddies. That’s what the SL club scene is for. RP is for making stories, and sometimes those stories are dark.

  22. Pepper

    Jul 5th, 2010

    I’m not sure why there is still a Help Island Public since there is no longer a Second Life Mentor program, even though the Discovery Island Shopping Experience is such a poor substitute for Help Island Public as it used to be.

    Help Island Public still has some information resources and freebies, even a small sandbox area where you can rez things for less than five minutes. It is also a place that for various cohorts of new residents over the last few years has become the social hub of their Second Lives.

    Yes, you can sometimes still find mentors there from the Resident Help Network groups but it is very spotty and random strangers sometimes stand around there and give out BAD information.

    But where else is there to go, as the Discovery Island Shopping Experience, which was supposed to replace the Help Islands, has no help in terms of actual people able to solve your problem or get you more help?

  23. Yep

    Jul 5th, 2010

    “and sometimes those stories are dark.”
    SL seems as if it is a mecca for the worlds sex offenders and other sexual deviants. Upon seeing what type of content is in most of the RP sims I walk away with the feeling that there are a lot of sick people in the world who really need help. To even think about it and act out on this type of behavior is not something a normal healthy would do.

  24. SlShapeshifter

    Jul 5th, 2010

    Yep, what kind of RP stories do you consider healthy, if you would enlighten us?

  25. Yep

    Jul 6th, 2010

    I would say anything that does not involve glorifying the sick and disgusting acts involving rape and sexual violence. A normal healthly mind does not even think about rape except in a disgusted manner. People who enjoy this content obviously have a few screws loose in their head. (if you can call them people) and have no place around normal people. Banishment to Zindra and other freak sims is a good start. Even better would be a knock on their RL doors and a trip to a mental ward for treatment would be even more ideal. then placed in a registry for questioning later should an unsolved rape in their city happens.
    Also such animals should also be prevented from working in our schools, daycares and hospitals. This would help eliminate the sicko teachers that passed a background check that molest children. If a person would rape an adult , who says they wouldn’t harm a child? Funny how the pediphiles in the news always have pornography when they get caught.

  26. SlShapeshifter

    Jul 6th, 2010

    Yap, we are obviously thinking of diffrerent things. You’re thinking about Gor and Hard Alley, while I was talking about City of Lost Angels and Dark City, where we beat each other up, but I havn’t seen anything sexual beyond *maybe* some flirting. Most CCS sites are moderate, so there’s violence, but no sex. If you can point out a CCS sex sim, let me know.

  27. Kendra C

    Jul 6th, 2010

    I think a bullet to the back of the head is the best treatment for these creeps.

  28. darkfoxx

    Jul 6th, 2010

    As they always say, a better world begins with oneself. Kendra, you’re more then welcome to fix your own creepyness. After all what you are suggesting is murder. If you dont own a gun, i bet we can hold a little donation drive.

  29. Kiddoh

    Jul 6th, 2010

    I would think a good amount of therapy would be a preferable alternative. Bullets are for lazy people! D:

  30. Suzanna Soyinka

    Jul 6th, 2010

    I didn’t actually organize this protest but several members of my staff decided to get people together on their own in regards to it.

    CCS sims are not rape sims, sexual RP that goes on between characters is consensual and agreed on between the users and is not any part of the storyline model of CoLA, bad things can happen there, but only if both parties involved want it to. So other than the mild violence, CoLA would and most CCS sims, on its own content presented alone, fall under a T or M rating on the ESRB scale.

    Far as my involvement in all this went, I was simply standing up for everyone that was affected. Even if this hadn’t affected CCS in any way I’d have stood up behind GM/GLM or any other developer that was affected because deploying server versions that inherently break functionality that communities are developed on, or around, is ludicrously stupid.

    There was only one combat system developer that refused to stand up and join this fight against 1.40.2 and it was because they personally believed it would not affect them.

    So yes, who cares about the rest of the grid as long as my money farm is okay, to hell with the rest of you.

    Combat RP issues aside 1.40.2 had more bugs in it than a cheap New York apartment. It had no business being on the live grid at all, 10 of the 20 pilot region owners that returned my IM’s said they specifically requested that 1.40.2 be removed from their regions due to its horrible performance but never got a response then a day later it got pushed to the live grid.

    I apologize personally if the protesters at Help Island bothered anyone or was rude to anyone, as stated, I did not organize nor encourage it, but I also, didn’t tell them not to do it either, so I am, in some way, responsible for it.

    Regardless I wanted to ensure I said my piece.

  31. Kendra C

    Jul 7th, 2010

    “CCS sims are not rape sims, sexual RP that goes on between characters is consensual and agreed on between the users and is not any part of the storyline model of CoLA”

    I see someone should be worrying about tagging their sim adult instead of wasting time on combat meters.

  32. SlShapeshifter

    Jul 7th, 2010

    Godsdamnit Kendra. Show me where the sex occurs in a CCS sim, because I’ve played quite a few and I’m not seeing it.

  33. Suzanna Soyinka

    Jul 7th, 2010

    I’m not worried about tagging my sim as adult. The Lindens and I have already agreed on the fact that the CoLA environment, in particular is Mature or “Moderate” as it is now called. Its a forgone conclusion and an forgone argument.

    Theres not a single sex pose ball in the CoLA environment placed by me or any member of the staff. CoLA is not a sexually oriented business in Second Life it is an entertainment medium and the equivalent of an R rated movie, in content, as both myself and the Lindens agreed upon when the ratings system came into play last year.

    Sorry Kendra, I’m not worried about anything and I’d hardly call CCS a waste of my time. Its made far too many people happy.

    Now, if I put a RAPE-1 skill in CCS, you might have a point, but since I haven’t, your argument is more or less invalid.

  34. Sara1982 Jenkins

    Jul 7th, 2010

    1.40.2 ate my invintory.. as a topic,, then body.. the wonderful 1.40.2 after crashing one day in help island i return to find that EVERYthing i had attached was gone,, missing,, not just detached buit gone from my invintory.. ive done the clear cache and stuff,, no luck,, its all gone,, anyone know A way to get my stuff back ?

  35. Little Lost Linden

    Jul 7th, 2010

    Holy Moly!

    The Lab surrenders, and then, Hamlet Au ‘almost’ surrenders shortly after. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. It’s always the quiet ones:

  36. Mark

    Jul 12th, 2010

    “Holy Moly!”

    Linden Labs really messed things up for us now since the roll back. Nothing loads, lag is at an all time high. To change my hair or any other attachment I must relog before they will attach. If I TP I must relog again so that textures or avatars will load. I am using a fast computer with Win 7 64 bit. 8 G of ram and other 1g of ram on the video card a quad core Q8300 CPU with high speed cable internet.

    I was getting much higher FPS on the new Havok 7 with a better overall performance increase. With the roll back, Linden Labs has taken two steps backwards. The Tech’s should have left things the way they were and just patched the issue listed above on the next update instead of giving us what we have now.
    This is just plain ridiculous!

  37. Yep

    Jul 13th, 2010

    I have noticed this too. Since the roll back I am unable to much of anything in SL either with all of the lag. I am having to relog in an empty linden water sim at times just to fully rezz or everyone sees me as smoke.
    Who knows what is going on. Maybe this is LL’s way of spitting on your hamburger at the fast food drive up window when a customer complains to much like a teenager working at Micky D’s.
    Maybe next time fill out a Jira and go through proper channels instead of pissing off LL and making a fool of yourselves at help island. Now your little complaining has ruined SL for the rest of us. I am sure there are more people who do not use weapons or combat hud’s in SL than there are who use them. Instead of LL rewriting code to fix your combat hud’s why not rewrite the code in the hud to work with the new havok engine?
    Leave to the pervy sims to mess things up for the rest of us.

  38. Miss J

    Jul 13th, 2010

    Lindens have been testing ccs sims lately so I believe they will be deploying server updates soon 0_0

  39. had enough

    Jul 13th, 2010

    Is this why Second Life is so F*cked up lately? I have had enough of paying for a service that just gets worse and worse with each passing day. I sold my properties at a loss and down graded to a basic membership. This is B.S.. It is no wonder that new people arrive in world and leave soon after. There are many other games that have a much better first hour user experience minus lag and protesters griefing the help areas. Breaking Second Life so that a few gadgets and gizmo’s work for a select few isn’t helping the rest of us. The Lindens need to get their Priorities. straight.

  40. Yep

    Jul 13th, 2010

    “The Lindens need to get their Priorities. straight.”
    That will be the day.

    I hope they are doing something. Just about every group I belong to in SL has people complaining about the way SL is running right now. Instead of giving in to some greifing lynch mob LL should have just ejected them from help island and sent them a link to the Knowlege base and provided them with information on how to fill out a jira and go through proper channels instead of leaving us with this mess we have had the past week and a half with no sight of a fix anywhere close. I mean these people who caused this belong to RP sims. why not RP out your little combats in text? Then the few you guys who are having trouble can still RP and the rest of us can still function in SL. I tell you, you buy them books and send them to school and they eat the teacher.

  41. Miss J

    Jul 13th, 2010

    Blame M linden for getting rid of volunteers. The mentors were there helping for free and no others were allowed there. They want better first hour experience other than protests bring the mentor program back!

  42. SlShapeshifter

    Jul 21st, 2010

    “why not RP out your little combats in text?”

    What’s to prevent someone from godmoding via a paragraph that looks like it was written by a lawyer? Have you not played Cops and Robbers as a kid?

  43. had enough

    Jul 22nd, 2010

    So you god mode with xp or who ever has the better computer wins.
    Text based combat is less laggy than metered combat and it works with any version of havok released. Also it does not require the grid to be rolled back helping a few morons while the rest of Second Life has to suffer from the mess the roll back made.

  44. Yep

    Jul 22nd, 2010

    Had enough
    Don’t argue with a fool; onlookers won’t know the difference.
    Text combat requires skill and a brain. Anyone can be a button masher. As for godmoding, The person who stood with their finger up their ass in the sim the longest gains XP making them stronger. A new person to the sim, regardless of their button mashing skills, is weaker through the use of XP. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Next time pull your heads out of your ass (or your finger) and file a jira.

  45. had enough

    Jul 22nd, 2010

    Well the little dorky roleplayers like having things stuck up their ass. I agree that next time the little dimwits should follow the procedure for software bugs and fill out a Jira form.

  46. SlShapeshifter

    Jul 27th, 2010

    There was a jira, you dolts. But it takes forever for LL to do something with them. We were desprate.

    I did the text combat thing years ago, in Furcadia. The number of twits playing near-gods slinging about hugeass attacks, plus all that OOC arguments that boiled down to:
    ‘Bang I shot you’
    ‘You missed’
    ‘Nuh uh’
    ‘Yuh huh’
    *repeat ad nauseum*
    It got so bad that the owner of one RP hangout had a nervous breakdown and shut the place down. I’m not going down that path ever again. At least with stats, there’s some semblance of fairness, and I can concentrate on such things as plot and character development.

  47. a furry

    Jul 27th, 2010


    You’re right,because there are articles on the Pjira about vehicles failing at sim crossings,now only if there where protests about the glitch with vehicles then LL would stop sitting on their asses and fix the bug,so we can use vehicles again.

  48. Grendel

    Aug 20th, 2010

    you want RP without rape? try sims like New Babbage, stories get dark, there may be some murder, but generally, not much rape goes on

  49. Confused

    Aug 24th, 2010

    Ok, seriously, this has devolved into an argument about rape?

    Tell me, how does one rape someone in Second Life? Do they find where they live, duct tape them to their chairs and force them to watch as their attacker uses their computer to sit their avatar on a pose ball, waiting in horror for them to drive back home, log in, and hop on the corresponding pose ball?

    Rape doesn’t exist in SL. You have to get on a pose ball, or you have to choose to use a different RLV enabled viewer, and in most of those you have to choose to enable the feature thus implying consent. Even in quaint little RP sims, someone might walk up and start saying they’re raping you, but you can always tell them to engage in the activity with themselves or leave.

    No one can hold you down and force themselves upon you no more than they can force you to be a mermaid. The system just isn’t built that way.

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