Emerald Viewer Login Screen Sneak DDOS Attack?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 20/08/10 at 12:44 pm

Developers of the Emerald Second Life client appear to have used their viewer to launch a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on the website of Hazim Gazov – a prominent critic of Emerald – after Gazov claimed the Emerald client was leaking potentially user-identifying information when rendering Second Life avatars. The DDOS attack took advantage of the large number of Second Life players that currently run the Emerald client, although how much longer Emerald will remain popular is an open question.

Whenever an Emerald user logs into Second Life, they are presented with a login screen from the modularsystems.sl web site at http://www.modularsystems.sl/app/login/. After Mr. Gavov noticed his web site performance had slowed, it came to light the Emerald login screen at modularsystems.sl contained a number of hidden links to images and a dynamically created page on Gazov’s iheartanime.com site. These links can be found in the Google cache for the emerald login URL from August 9th. The same 32 links can be found in the Bing cache from August 17.

modular bing
Bing.com cache: August 17
modular google
Google.com cache: August 9

Gazov told the Herald he saw 16,541,673 page hits referred by the Emerald login pages over three days – or approximately 170,000 logins per day.

This presents a serious problem for Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life.

With an estimated 20 – 30% of Second Life’s players running the Emerald viewer it is an open question whether Linden Lab can control the questionable behavior of the Emerald developers without risk of alienating a significant portion of the declining user population. At the same time, players are unlikely to be pleased their computers were hijacked to DDOS a website without their consent. None of this is good news for Second Life – Linden Lab recently fired 30% of its staff in a round of cost cutting measures.

Emerald spokeswoman Arabella Steadham

While it is difficult to understand how this could have been innocent fun, Emerald spokeswoman Arabella Steadham got in touch with her inner Bagdhad Bob and claimed that secretly hijacking  Emerald users’ computer and bandwidth to attack a critic’s web site was simply "shenanigans".

Ironically, some of the hidden iframe referrals in the Emerald client login page were pointed to the images Mr. Gazov used to illustrate the Emerald client’s ability to disclose user-identifying information about Second Life playes running the Emerald client – a revelation that led to the resignation of Emerald developer LordGregGreg last week. In response, Bagdhad Arabella Ms. Steadham announced that recently fired Qarl Linden had joined the Emerald team last Sunday.

The pattern of damaging revelations immediately countered with a cheerful announcement of  ex-Linden signups for the Emerald team continued today when Ms. Steadham announced Data Linden was joining the gang.

Meanwhile, former Linden Lab staffer Hamlet Au filed a nearly incoherent report today, after playing off recent Emerald indiscretions last week as "an academic or highly conjectural coding issue".

Apparently the Emerald developers took things a bit more seriously than Hamlet – or perhaps stealth denial of service attacks are just a normal part of the new media landscape. In any case, surprisingly cozy relations between ex-Lab employees and the Emerald viewer developers do not seem likely to reverse the fortunes of struggling metaverse service provider Linden Lab.

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  1. Jayd3n

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I have seen many of the posts here that talk about Furries and Emerald.

    In my View, a lot of furries, because in my view most Furries I have met in Second Life are really Rude, and half of the Emerald Team I have seen are furries.

    Ordo is a military full of furries, some of its people are really rude, they accused a friend of mine of content theft for no reason.

    But I will say this, I know some furries like Sylver Bu, and other furries, I am a half furry, and these guys are not rude at all. Really Cute and respectful. So yes although quite a few furries are rude even though that is my view on it, there are a hell of a lot of respectful furries, and voer all I guess I could not judge a person based on their avatar unless they were rude to me in Second Life. As if I did that would be no better than racism Real Life. There is a difference between a Fur Fag, and a furry.

  2. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Jayd3n

    Still can’t see how half of the Emerald devs being furries proves that they’re… I can’t even see what it proves.

  3. Judge Joker

    Aug 22nd, 2010


    “In my View, a lot of furries, because in my view most Furries I have met in Second Life are really Rude, and half of the Emerald Team I have seen are furries.”

    Rudeness is a top down problem, from personal experience you can blame Corsi for setting the tone other furries aspire too, as well as the fact Furries where specifically targeted for a number of years by the PN and other such groups, it’s not hard to imagine that it becomes a part of the overall community feeling, especially when the community used to stick it’s self in a US vs The world scenario.

    Many furries are youngish and generally like perhaps the emerald overlords, have issues with recognizing appropriate behavior which effects the image of the majority.

    I recognize that my behavior on this blog is at times unacceptable but I understand this blog to have a “feeling” that runs through it and I sure as hell would not wish to present myself here as weaker than anyone else.

    Why because that’s how & why people decide to attack you.

    I’m never rude to anyone who asks or needs help, But I’m explicitly rude to those who choose to stand up and fuck up.

    It’s a shame really the only ones who see when I’m nice is the ones I help, but it’s not really something I worry about as at the end of the day nicety is reserved for those who reciprocate or aren’t trying to bullshit me and other residents into believing the shit that comes out their mouths.

  4. Gundel Gaukelei

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    Those animal heads are just the perfect scapegoat minority in a virtual world, where skin color turns out to be arbitrary and you’re missing the permissions to mark them with stars.

  5. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    My analysis of the attack, as I posted to the opensource-dev mailing list just now:


    The TL;DR version:

    Modular Systems stole over 4.2 TB of bandwidth (over 2.1 TB up and 2.1 TB down). That’s roughly 2 compressed LOCs.

  6. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Someone finally came out with some numbers…!

    I’ll be forwarding this to my confidential informant immediately, Lindens should know about this for their deliberations.

  7. Orion

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @Bubblesort – “Modular Systems stole over 4.2 TB of bandwidth (over 2.1 TB up and 2.1 TB down). ”

    Uhm, somehow that doesn’t make sense. It would be 2.1 TB up and down if the clients were uploading to the blog and then re-downloading. If I’m not mistaken each client was only downloading and likely saving the images to its browser cache. So the process was likely:

    1 – View new login page for the first time.
    2 – Download all images, html, css, bla bla, save to browser cache.
    3 – Log in to grid.

    4 – Log off / restart client.

    5 – View login page for a second time.
    6 – Check cache for images, html, css, bla – only download whats not cached.
    7 – Log back into grid.

    Unless they put in some kind of nasty that forced the images to re-download each time, then all you need is the number of first time viewers multiplied by the size of all images combined.

    Regardless, I’m sure it was still a hefty amount of bandwidth.

  8. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @Orion: I meant that if iheartanime.com was uploading it, then the emerald users were downloading it. For every kb uploaded a kb must be downloaded somewhere, right? I was trying to measure the total amount of bandwidth stolen from both emerald users and Hazim.

    To be honest, I know nothing about how iFrames work. Since this was a DDoS attack, I assume they used iFrames to maximize the amount of bandwidth used, so I doubt any of it cached.

  9. Orion

    Aug 22nd, 2010


    Ok, got it. :)

  10. Nickola Martynov

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I went over to Emerald at the time of the SL Viewer 2.0 fiasco and I’m hooked on it. I love the viewer for its ease of use and all the bells and whistles that go along with it.

    While I’m disturbed that my logins were used to disrupt someone’s service, I recognize coder humour when I see it. I don’t believe the “attack” was meant to be malicious, but rather, a bit of poor judgement that got out of hand.

    I think talk of banning Emerald is overreacting. It’s still the best viewer available and I suspect that the Emerald team has learned a good lesson.

  11. Vivienne Graves

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @Nickola Martynov:

    “I think talk of banning Emerald is overreacting. It’s still the best viewer available and I suspect that the Emerald team has learned a good lesson.”

    Sorry, you fail. This was a denial of service attack. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack#Methods_of_attack

    LL’s third party viewer policy explicitly states the following:

    2. Prohibited Features and Functionality

    If you are a user or Developer of Third-Party Viewers, the following features and functionality are expressly prohibited in all Third-Party Viewers:
    (d) You must not use or distribute features or functionality that deceive, defraud, or harm anyone or that violate any Linden Lab policy or the law. For example:

    1. You must not transmit any virus, Trojan horse, worm, spyware, phishing or spoofing functionality, or other harmful code.
    2. You must not use the Registration Application Programming Interface (“Reg API”) to create fraudulent accounts.
    3. You must not launch Denial of Service (“DoS”) attacks, engage in griefing, or distribute other functionality that Linden Lab considers harmful or disruptive to Second Life or the Second Life community.

    Talk of banning Emerald isn’t ‘overreacting’; one of the Emerald developers did something that actually *broke the law* (using Emerald user login traffic to direct a denial of service attack against a website), in a manner that if successfully prosecuted could result in years in prison; and furthermore violated Linden Lab’s third party viewer policy in a pretty blatant way. LL haven’t got much choice here. They can’t condone this behaviour, and they can’t NOT act (else their TPV policy is a meaningless joke).

    Odds are good that Emerald wil lose its ‘approved’ viewer status at minimum and get de-listed from the TPV directory, but Emerald logins being blocked over this would not be at all surprising.

    There are in fact other third party viewers with substanitally similar features; I suggest you try Imprudence as an alternative.

  12. Kae

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    Coder humor? There’s nothing coder humor about it. Hazim was responsible for publishing and starting the controversy over emkdu.dll that led to LordGregGreg’s misgivings and leaving the Emerald team. Is it any surprise that this attack took place in the timeframe that Hazim was exposing the controversy?

    2.1TB of data is absolutely no joking matter. If I were to have that type of traffic running on my website provider, I’d be paying hundreds of dollars in bandwidth overage charges. That’s absolutely insane. They chose the largest images on his site to link to– they were doing that on purpose.

    If it was simply about boasting, or humor, they would have just redirected to a small page or even an empty, missing file like iheartanime.com/lookatourtrafficlol, so Hazim could look at his logs and see the 15,000,000+ benign redirects coming from the ModSys website. That would have been no harm, no foul, and gotten the correct message across.

    They chose not to do that, and instead decided to intentionally rape bandwidth by having people load the largest images and largest page size. That’s not poor judgement, that’s stupid skiddie DDoS garbage.

    To say it’s anything else is completely disingenuous.

  13. Charity Stohr

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @Nickola Martynov

    You do know DDoSing is a crime, right? DDoSing is malicious not poor judgement. Poor judgment is when I goto the store and buy a 12 pack of Tab cola thinking it will taste good. Malicious is when i take those cans and put them in your freezer and let them explode and make a huge mess. However, it’s not a petty prank. You can sit back and giggle knowing the site was a bit laggy for a while but guess who’s gotta pay all those bandwidth overage fees?

    Banning Emerald is letting them get off light, jail time would be more appropriate. Since Emerald is opensource you could always just fork another client with all the same features and not have to worry about scandalous developers.

  14. had enough

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I hope someone presses charges against these fur fags.
    Running up the bill for bandwidth on hazims site. Time to cough up some money emerald dev team and pay for the mess you made.
    “Banning Emerald is letting them get off light, jail time would be more appropriate”
    Giving these fur fags jail time would be pointless since I am sure the fur fags would spend most of their days in jail having fun bending over in the shower for Bubba. So jail would be a vacation not a punishment for the fur fags.
    Doing more than removing emerald from the TPV list is needed. Blocking emerald from being able to log on is more like it. Perma banning and seizure of their SL property is another good step.
    Hazim should also file a civil suit asking for punitive damages on top of other damages suffered by the actions of these fur fags.
    When CDS first came out and began data mining innocent customers of LL, that should have been the first clue that something wasn’t right about these fur fags.

  15. Patasha

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    Hey Pix, time to get in world and get the scoop on what’s going on. Fractured has been tossed under the bus. Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  16. Slayer

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I never have trusted furrys and it is shit like this why I eject and ban their worthless hides from my sims.

  17. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ had enough

    “Giving these fur fags jail time would be pointless since I am sure the fur fags would spend most of their days in jail having fun bending over in the shower for Bubba. So jail would be a vacation not a punishment for the fur fags.”



    … I think this deserves a third…

    Haters gonna hate…

    Anyhow, the pastebin with the numbers was sent to Philip last night, if anyone cares. His response was raging at Mark for letting MS have the power and ability to do something like this.

  18. Aulderbane

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I liked Emerald mostly because it ran more efficient than the standard viewer, and even with 2.0, it still does! I am hoping the good developers in emerald sign on to help improve upon 2.0. The whole idea for Emerald was to create a better running viewer. It’s a shame they gave into this thuggish behavior.

    Here’s hoping we see big improvements in 2.0 soon, because all the users from Emerald are going to be looking for a new viewer. I’ve already switched over, and hell, I -love- the outfits feature.

  19. Patasha

    Aug 22nd, 2010


    So is this going to be an 8 am PST decision or is it going to be a series of meetings and voice chats with the MS gang and then something around 5 pm PST?

  20. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Patasha

    Not yet sure. We’ll find out, I guess. Probably the latter, though.

  21. Patasha

    Aug 22nd, 2010


    Thanks, I’m GMT+2 and need to plan my day around when to be up for the post mortem.

  22. Patasha

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    Emerald is gone for the TPV list.

  23. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Patasha

    Not beeg surprise.

  24. Marx Dudek

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    My comment on FC’s blog entry is still in moderation, while others posted afterward have been approved. So while mine might be moderated eventually, it would seem that the comments are being cherry-picked.

    Seriously, though, if you have a sim and you’re against furries (as opposed to being against idiots who happen to be furries), please add me to your ban list. Thank you.

  25. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Marx Dudek

    They’ve been doing so for a while. They almost deleted Pathfinder’s comment (listen to the YouTube videos). I’m pretty sure my comments aren’t making it, either.

    Also, agreed on the 2nd paragraph, I’d enjoy a ban as well.

  26. Patasha

    Aug 22nd, 2010


    It’s being complained about on SLU as well. People saying that well writen critiques (their own, so I can’t vouch for that) are being ignored while incoherent ragerants are being posted in an attempt to make the critics look like nothing but a bunch of haters.

    I don’t go to their site so I can’t say one way or another.

  27. Millennium Sands

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I don’t buy Crystal’s “Mea Culpa”. The Modular System blog is still manipulated… ehm… moderated with care.

    I’m surprised to see Arabella promoted to a position today, that she couldn’t fill yesterday, when she had a good chance for positive PR as Pixeleen showed up.

    I hate to see this awesome client going down, but if LL doesn’t ban Emerald now, they’ll hand SL over to Modular Systems.
    It’s a hard decision. I know quite well how popular Emerald is. Many people don’t even read blogs and will not understand why they can’t log in with Emerld anymore. It will take weeks before they got a clue. But this cut needs to be made, or else it will become fact that Modular Systems can blackmail LL and do what they want, just because they have a huge userbase.

  28. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @Patasha: Well, yeah, that is just the way all of this internet stuff works. The internet is run by crazy people. See, “Mormons, Mullets and Manaics”, by Jonah Paretti:


  29. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Millennium Sands

    MS is already in control. Lindens can’t release new functionality because they need to wait for MS to catch up and implement it.

  30. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @Millenium: On the opensource-dev list Tateru Nino announced that Arabella is gone. Paisley Beebe has confirmed:


    It should be an interesting show tonight.

    I hope this Emerald BS doesn’t take too much time away from interviewing Rose Borchovski, though. I mean, they’re slimeballs. Why do we want to hear more lies and BS from them? I want to hear more about Susan Baubble.

  31. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    I’m actually gonna probably watch just because I wanna see what happens…

  32. [...] privacy malfunctions and malicious malfeasance! There has been a ton of information circling about recently regarding the popular Modular Systems Emerald Viewer, and it’s all [...]

  33. Little Lost Linden

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    Going to be quite the show tonight.


    You can feel the anticipation in the air. This is almost like when Hitler was in power.

  34. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Nelson: Thanks for passing my numbers along. I’m glad somebody found it useful, and I’m always glad to hear about M getting raged at.

    I have to admit, though, I find it hard to imagine baby faced Philip Rosedale raging at anything, LOL

  35. Millennium Sands

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I’m at the studio right now, preparing Snowglobe for the event, because I fear Imprudenc with it”s lack for sound support for movies and voice will be no good here. I’d love to see what will happen. But there’s still more than 3 hours to go. I suppose I’ll not be online anymore when she show starts.

    I love Rose’s Susan project too, but say what you want : The only thing that Emerald is still good for is entertainment, and in that discipline it can hardly be outmatched by anything at the moment!

  36. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    @ Millennium Sands

    Agreed; this is pretty entertaining.

  37. Obvious Schism

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    I’m going to try and get along to the Paisley Beebe show too. If that’s full, or if all those newly installed versions of Imprudence won’t show the in-world steam, then its always available in a browser window anyway http://treet.tv/live

  38. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 22nd, 2010

    This just in: LLG just released his own viewer named Emergence!


    I’ll have to use it to go see Paisley Beebe tonight.

  39. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    an hour before the show and the studio is already packed! Time dialation is 0.01.

  40. Little Lost Linden

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    Holy moly!
    Griefers delayed the show by 40 minutes!


  41. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    The show is on now, though:


    You might also want to connect to the IRC chatroom directly through mIRC or something, because the in-browser client is a piece of shit:

    Hostname: irc1.qtmnetworks.net
    Port: 32501
    Password: speaktome

  42. had enough

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    I bet the griefers were fractored little fur fag friends. They couldn’t make the reporter TP home in non damage land like they did to Pixeline, so they crash the sim instead.

  43. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    Show over, absolutely nothing of importance was said except for some bland talk about how Emerald’s restructuring for full transparency between devs (supposedly) and the interviewer basically just asked “what is going on” and “how do you feel”. I think someone started crying at the end as well.

    I’d put a link to the recording but really, it’s a waste of time. Arabella is now back in charge after she resigned, and she’s begging for mindless faith from her customers that she rammed up the ass. Jessica still doesn’t understand what the hell is going on and read from a script most of the time. The IRC was quite fun, for those of you that were in it. I especially liked the part where everyone using the browser-based IRC client timed out. Three times.

    @ had enough: Cool story bro.

  44. Yavannah Halostar

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    I never used Emerald, as it seemed to be a bit slower on my netbook than Snowglobe, which resulted probably because it carried all sorts of multimedia-stuff along which I don’t use due to bandwidth issues. But having run into this thread I am slightly bemused. LindenLabs pushed tons of peoples to Emerald with their obnoxious “Viewer 2.0″ idea. Ruinign a perfectly functional userinterface I so far expected only from commercial office suites and operating systems of a certain company I disdain for various reasons.

    But Emerald prooved to be a great tool for al lcreative avatar builders, as the most adorable, most breathtakign avatars I saw in SL so far used Emerald – for whatever reasons ( probably multiple attachment points ).
    The “Outfit” function in the Viewer 2.0 we had since eons -> Appearance -> Make New Outfit -> Select al litems -> save.
    Just now you suddenly ruin all saved outfit whe nyou modify a component in one outfit, cause its no longer a copy, but all just a symbolic link.
    So, I stick with Snowglobe.
    I agree that when Emerald indeed was used for illlicit measures – I couldn’t download it today to verify it for myself so I will take that pill with caution – it has to be either no longer advised or possibly eve nbanned.
    However, the USERS of the viewer are innocent – they were not informed what happened and there is no technical requirement for them to check news before starting.

    The “Fur Fag” discussion made me laugh.
    I mean, with such an attitude …
    Really, I guess somebody getting out the aircraft in Tel Aviv and wearign an SS uniform and happily hailing all and everything will soon find that, for whatever mysterious reason totally oblivious to him, seemingly all people in Israel are totally and baselessly mean toward him.

    Ohhh, poor, come and cuddle!

    Here , get a cookie and then be gone.

    I live in germany, and I knew from work and traveling enough people that expect everyone to be kind and gentle when they spit into their faces first, and then sulk when they get an echo upon their actions that they do not understand.
    However, I had thought this behavious was limited to german neonazis.
    Didn’t knew that kind existed elsewhere on the globe and was wagging its tail – ah, flag – just as happily.

    My opinion is that it’s time to Fork off Emerald when it really offers a performance advantage, else import its advanced capabilities into snowglobe or / and the other viewers branches as far as it is compatible, and then that’s that.

    Oh, and , right:
    I’m in for a ban then, too.
    I’m a furry for I love the ancient egyptian culture and it’s view of the world, I adore the story of Goethe’s Reineke Fox , I grew up with the tales of the Kitsunes of old Nippon, and I am happy that rude, balls-only-thinking humans run right past me and ignore me, ’cause I am not a human bitch.

    By the way, just a question to the Fur-Fag-Man:
    Are all Rappers and Hip-Hoppers Zoophile in your world? I mean, they sing about them loving their bitches, and as bitches are female canines…
    Yes? I know a few Rappers that would politely beg to differ, but surely you are universally right and, totally true.

    *To the rest of the Forum*
    Ah – where the HECK do you get such guys from? Do you dig them up in Siberia?! Or in Alaska somewhere?

  45. Aulderbane

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    So Fractured purchased that license, and no one else can use its likeness. Uhhh, that makes Emerald Viewer closed-source. An entity of its own. That goes against the spirit, not to mention the actual agreement of third party development. Yeah, Emerald is pretty much toast. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed Jessie sobbing it up. They really painted themselves as the victims nice ‘n thick.

  46. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    List of lies I saw coming from emerald fan bois and in the emerald support group chat:

    1. It was not a DDoS attack
    *Actually, yes it was. You are in denial. Go back and look at what happened again.

    2. Modular Systems asked Emerald to de-list Emerald from the TPV list on secondlife.com
    *Actually, no, they didn’t. Jessica said as much in the interview.

    3. Emerald is TPV policy compliant.
    *Actually, no, it is not. It’s developers are not in good standing, as many have been banned multiple times (and Phox is still on Emerald, so that is not changing). They still have not released a new viewer that does not use emkdu, either, which means it illicitly releases personal information about it’s users, in violation of the TPV policy, part 1, section 3 part iii:

    “Any surprising or unexpected functionality, including any limitations on features and functionality generally available to Second Life users through Linden Lab’s viewers.”

    And that’s the short list of why it is not TPV compliant. See the opensource-dev list for more violations.

    Seriously, people have to be out of their minds to use Emerald after all this.

    My reaction to the interview: Arabella came off the same way she did in the YouTube videos. She’s a crazy bitch and she doesn’t give a crap about her users. She’s a natural troll.

    I kind of felt bad for Jessica, though. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of her, hearing her awkwardly read a pre-written statement like she did, but at the end I saw why she did that. She was breaking down.

    I wish the emerald devs would just quit and go on to other projects like LGG has. He’s off helping the disabled through virtual reality:


  47. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    Er, for number 2 I meant “modular systems asked LINDEN LAB to de-list emerald”

  48. Aulderbane

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    @Bubblesort Yeah, the fact ‘it didn’t shut down the site’ was a really poor excuse. NO one was buying that when it left her lips.

    I really hope the Emerald viewer is outright banned from logging in. It’ll be a blow to the many users, but it’s easy enough to find a new one. I don’t trust LGG’s -just- yet, Imprudence is alright, and Kirstens as well. It’s easy enough to set up. Even the ‘dumbasses’ can do that much.

    Just goes to show you even the kids can learn the art of politics.

  49. Little Lost Linden

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    For anyone who missed the show, the audio recording from the show is now available right here:


    It’s in the Update! Audio Recording of tonights Paisely Beebe show area.

    Give it a listen! It’s pretty good.

  50. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 23rd, 2010

    @ Leaks

    It looks legit, could someone verify this?

    How did someone get a hold of it, anyways?

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