“Punk Ass Pranksta” p0wns Digital Worlds Sim

by Pixeleen Mistral on 22/09/10 at 11:43 am

Prokofy Neva Suspended – The Wrong Hands Banned – Rancor Sim Trashed By Linden Lab?

Friday afternoon, all homes in the Digital Worlds sim were destroyed, the Digital Worlds group membership was decimated, and Chainsword Audion gifted  L$103,000 – his entire account balance – to the ever-popular Prokofy Neva.

How was this possible?

According to several sources, Mr. Audion’s account was hijacked after Linden Lab phone support honored a password reset request, despite the inability of the hijackers to correctly name the e-mail address, the date of birth, or approximate L$ balance for the account.

Chainsword Audion lost his freebie houses but got his money back

But the virtual customer is always right. Undeterred by three wrong answers, Linden phone support posed a fourth question which proved to be a bit easier – name three avatars on Mr. Audion’s SL friends list. Correctly guessing three of Mr. Audion’s associates led the Lab to reset the password for Chainsword Audion’s account, handing control to a player Audion later described as a “punk ass pranksta”.

Perhaps by design, the L$ gift to Prokofy Neva resulted in a suspension of Neva’s account while the Lab investigated the latest developments in the meta-gaming Second Life faction wars. But the respite was short-lived and Neva rejoined the virtual world after a one hour suspension.

I spoke with Mr. Audion about the situation Saturday:

Pixeleen Mistral: apparently Prokofy Neva was off the people list for an hour yesterday after the money from your account was given to Prok
Chainsword Audion: yes they sent all my money to prokofy
Chainsword Audion: and prokofy flipped a shit and had LL give it back to me
Chainsword Audion: what a sweet old lady
Pixeleen Mistral: did you talk to Prok about it?
Chainsword Audion: yes she was upset about it
Chainsword Audion: i figured it would be sorted out by tomorrow and i went and played some san andreas

While Mr. Audion’s virtual currency was returned, none of the homes on the Digital Worlds sim have been rebuilt.

Camov Kalinakov told the Herald that Shiney Sprocket is the only player who can request a sim rollback for Digital Worlds – but Mr. Sprocket has not been seen in-world for months. Mr. Audion was playing his cards close to the vest and told me that he had planned to removed the noobie homes anyway – apparently nothing of value was lost. But the Digital Worlds gameplay may now change.

In the past, Digital Worlds had invited new Second Life players to enjoy free living accommodations – but there was an catch according to one source. After setting up residence and getting comfortable, the new players were turfed out in a slow motion form of griefing that may be difficult to distinguish from some virtual landlords’ normal business practices.

The destruction was not limited to Digital Worlds.

cam 004
Digital Worlds left desolate

By Saturday morning, buildings in Rancor sim had also been wiped after the Lab swept the sim clean of Ariel Mellow’s builds, leading to speculation that the Wrong Hands were behind the Digital Worlds’ destruction. Rancor is Atlas Saintlouis’s base for the Nicholas faction and a recent campground for the perma-banned Wrong Hands.

ban 9 17 001
friday night: a short-lived memorial to banned Wrong Hands accounts in Rancor

According to Ariel Mellow, trouble in Rancor started shortly after StuartM Ontyne paid the sim an uninvited visit last week and followed the visit up with a round of age-verification suspension and account bans Friday. Rancor has a very restrictive access policy – those not on the whitelist are unable to enter the sim. However, Ontyne contractors have Linden-level god powers and were able to visit Rancor despite the sim owner’s access controls.

Chainsword Audion was able to shed some light on the incident.

Chainsword Audion: i got all the money back
Chainsword Audion: it was back by the time i got up this morning
Pixeleen Mistral: How did you find out your account had been compromised?
Chainsword Audion: somebody told me
Pixeleen Mistral: Any idea how your account got hijacked?
Chainsword Audion: yes i know exactly how it got jacked
Pixeleen Mistral: What happened exactly?
Chainsword Audion: exploiting the password recovery line
Pixeleen Mistral: The guys in the Rancor sim said Rancor was wiped by Linden Lab last night
Chainsword Audion: owned
Chainsword Audion: i seem to remember a similar sim full of furries and wannabe griefers getting their ass beat by linden labs not too long ago as well
Chainsword Audion: these things tend to happen to big gay babies
Pixeleen Mistral: Do you know who got your account?
Chainsword Audion: yes a punk ass pranksta named james becher
Chainsword Audion: he doesnt like me cause i used to step on his dick all the time
Pixeleen Mistral: Did he tell you he took over your account? How do you know it was him?
Chainsword Audion: no i doubt he would tell me
Chainsword Audion: i heard from my homeys

cam 003
Camov Kalinakov in the Rancor sim

At Rancor sim, a certain level of paranoia had set in Saturday morning. While I was chatting with Camov Kalinakov, Zax Starspear was saying uncomplimentary things about Harry Linden. I didn’t think much about it when the Zax disappeared. A few minutes later I was contacted with disturbing news via Skype:

ZaX Allure : i just got banned. i was logged out when i was in rancor
ZaX Allure: ip banned
ZaX Allure: and it happened right when i was talkin shit bout harry linden
ZaX Allure: you think he is listening to chat in rancor and voice n stuff?

We agreed that it is possible Harry Linden and associates are using their god powers to listen in on text and voice chat, and I took advantage of the situation to remind Harry Linden that he still owes me a Linden bear – to no avail.

Harry may be playing hard to get again, perhaps out of frustration. A sizable group of players have begun treating Linden Lab’s ban stick as part of an elaborate PvP shoot ‘em up, and at times it appears Harry and company are acting as involuntary recruiters for the meta-game the ban-evaders play with the Second Life. At worst, the Lab is taking sides in the gang wars. In any case, Zax told me he was going leveling up to using an IP address proxy – was this what the Lab wanted?

ZaX Allure: i didnt do nothin except express my feelings about what they did to nidol and i was like "harry linden is a child when he doesnt get what he wants he abuses his power"
ZaX Allure: then BAM
ZaX Allure: logged off and perm banned
ZaX Allure: ok now gotta use a proxy

Camov Kalinakov and Atlas Saintlouis chat in Rancor after LL removed all buildings

By Sunday, Atlas Saintlouis – the owner of Rancor sim – was less than pleased with the Lab after finding that the custom build he had paid for was deleted and told me, “Here is my issue with everything. if i hire a builder, in this case Ariel, for a thousand dollars to build a sim then that builder gets banned explain to me why they can remove a build from my sim” and continued, “it makes it nearly requisite of residents in SL to run background checks on builders for fear that a day, week, month, or year down the road LL may decide to ban that person and remove your entire sim build. It’s just nonsense and seems spiteful at best especially when from what i can tell Ariel was sent a message saying ‘account verification’

Atlas Saintlouis has submitted a ticket asking for a rollback of his sim to restore the buildings – but holds out little hope for a successful resolution.

Rancor 001
Rancor’s buildings were destroyed – but a dinosaur with an afro was spared

Discussion of the issue led to speculation that the Lab’s contractors may be involved.
Camov Kalinakov: Perhaps it was an ontyne out of control?
Atlas Saintlouis: well hell they deleted the build before there was even a response to that "verification"
Atlas Saintlouis: so i think it is rather troubling for builders and for people who hire builders
Camov Kalinakov: Stu Ontyne makes it a habit to visit this sim and look for us
Atlas Saintlouis: plus they seem to have done so without even verifying what they were asking for
Atlas Saintlouis: another interesting fact is that apparently ariel was banned on friday i think
Atlas Saintlouis: but the build wasn’t deleted until a day or so later
Atlas Saintlouis: now what purpose would that serve other than spite when they asked for verification via email?
Camov Kalinakov: I think they did that in retaliation for DW
Pixeleen Mistral: I think so too, based on the timing
Atlas Saintlouis: i don’t even know or care what DW crap you are talking about.
Atlas Saintlouis: i just own a sim that a build was deleted from. i guess it should serve as a warning to anyone who either has a busy RL that they should literally hire people to police the shit out of their sims and also learn to build because hiring a builder is a game of chance
Atlas Saintlouis: a game you cant win because the rules of that game are arbitrary

Back at Digital Worlds, the virtual gangstas were talking smack on Rancor for limiting access to the sim.

Chainsword Audion: they megablox – we legos

Chainsword Audion: as far as we concerned
Chainsword Audion: we already won the day they turned their sim no access
Chainsword Audion: they bitched out
Chainsword Audion: like we knew they would B)
Pixeleen Mistral: and this is why the Digital Worlds sim is open access?
Chainsword Audion: cause
Chainsword Audion: dw is an open sandbox for anybody to come and put down anything
Chainsword Audion: aint no nobuild noscript no access pussy shit
Pixeleen Mistral: Don’t you worry about griefers?
Chainsword Audion: loo
Nutter Dash: man everyone knows
Nutter Dash: we da kings
Chainsword Audion: da
Chainsword Audion: KINGS
Nutter Dash: we aint have to worry about anyone

Mr. Audion eventually pointed to a pair of YouTube video to illustrate the contrast between the Woodbury faction and the Digital Worlds’ style.

Digital Worlds: we aint piggly lil babies like the rancor kids are

Chainsword Audion: i got something to say
Chainsword Audion: this woodbury http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsQa8NOtr9M
Chainsword Audion: this DEEDUB
Chainsword Audion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipcUdis58Kk
Chainsword Audion: they megablox
Chainsword Audion: we legos
Chainsword Audion: u feel me?
Nutter Dash: they think they tonka tuff
Nutter Dash: they just shovels
Nutter Dash: we da big dogs
Chainsword Audion: ownd
Chainsword Audion: loo rancor is still
Chainsword Audion: no access
Chainsword Audion: DDUB would never go no access
Nutter Dash: yea dats for sure
Nutter Dash: we aint piggly lil babies like the rancor kids are
Chainsword Audion: everybody kno rancor a bunch of pussys
Chainsword Audion: they tryin to get big with the dub
Nutter Dash: they gettin put down
Chainsword Audion: then when we roll on them they
Chainsword Audion: SHUT DOWN
Chainsword Audion: owned


84 Responses to ““Punk Ass Pranksta” p0wns Digital Worlds Sim”

  1. Glenn Beck

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    You know who else got their land taken away?


  2. Gaara Sandalwood

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    I bet a load of people with heads up their asses read “Woodbury” and “Wrong Hands” and started a conspiracy theory or ten in their head.

    Anyway, yeah, sounds crazy though. I mean……103kL…….2kL or so is about $10USD, last I checked…

  3. Observer

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    So LL’s support staff is so stupid they let this sort of shit happen? So basically we can’t even keep friends now because Linden Lab is nothing but total idiots who participate stupidly in allowing people to social engineer their way into other people’s accounts?


    That is a bigger story than the pranksters doing their thing.

  4. Gaara Sandalwood

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    It kind of makes me glad that I don’t put RL money into SL at all. I already didn’t since I started playing, since I hold the belief that it is not a good idea to put RL money into anything(RL and online)you can be blocked from for incredibly trivial reasons or no reason at all, but this just reinforces the whole “not spend money on it” ideal.

  5. Persephone Bolero

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    @Gaara Every time you make a conscious consumer choice, God kills a socialist.

    Please…don’t think of the socialists.

  6. Kiddoh

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    I don’t know why DW thinks they’re legos, they have some of the most primitive griefing methods on the planet; go into sim, use crasher, tp before crashing, repeat. I honestly don’t know them for doing anything else and they most certainly didn’t do anything else when the guys at lamp started crashing them constantly.

    Hell, I remember this one time when Chain and some other guy tried to troll a RP sim as a couple of fat black guys and they got banned before they could type a single message (or get in the doors no less)! I’m just gonna say it, DW is made up entirely of overcompensating Wiggers.

    DW is no where near as complex and colorful as legos, They’re more like those candy bricks that you can kinda build stuff with.

  7. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    A bunch of horrid trash-talking griefer children with no handle on the English language that got raped by someone clever enough to exploit the forever-unpatched security holes LL offers. I won’t even touch upon the furry comment, because, well, haters gonna hate.

    It’s like a bunch of apes. One ape is clever enough to shove a banana up another’s asshole, then the one that gets fucked just goes around trash-talking and making a further fool of himself, when nobody else really gives a shit.

  8. Dude

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Been away from SL for awhile, thought I’d see what was up. Same shit hunh?

  9. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Persephone Bolero @ “Every time you make a conscious consumer choice, God kills a socialist”.

    EXACTLY! This is the invisible hand of the freemarkert in action. Company (as in Producer)makes a mistake and defrauds a consumer (as in Looter) $100, well that that consumer can suck the companies’ big, green weenie. After all the Company is just taking back what the consumer STOLE from their employer. In this case LL just took some STOLEN money from one consumer (looter) and put into another consumer (looter’s) account. BFD. Neither Chainsaw or Prov deserve that money. This is right and normal. Socialism just wants to disrupt the natural order of things. You know who else stopped consumer fraud?


    As the Roman’s said “emptor caveat”, which translated into English is, “let the buyer bend over and take it”

    So the real question is, why Chainsword Audion wasn’t banned for allowing himself to be defrauded Persephone? Care to explain?


    Sep 22nd, 2010

    ey kiddoh how dat dick in ur mouth tastin? ROFLMOF


  11. Observer

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Griefer: I forgot my password
    Linden: whats the answer to your security question?
    Griefer: I forgot
    Linden: How much L$ do you have in your account?
    Griefer: I forgot
    Linden: When were you born?
    Griefer: I forgot
    Linden: Whats your email address?
    Griefer: I forgot
    Linden whats one of your friends?
    Griefer: Buzzlebug mukleby
    Linden: Nope lol. Try again
    (this repeats till by coincidence the griefer gets three right by simply looking at very obvious factors. Not hard to do given the realities of SL)
    Linden: OK your new password is pass12345
    Griefer: Thanks chump

    This is really difficult to believe. Say goodbye to the social networking fabric of SL Phillip. Everyone needs to eliminate friends and groups now. Maybe next time hire adults that are not on psychogenic therapy.

  12. Layne Staley Is Not Dead

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Haha DigitalWoodburry-Hat finally gets noticed.
    Enjoy your moment boys. Although this probably happened a month ago, considering how late the herald are on things all of the time.

    Eh well DW will not be missed. I mean I’ll miss it of course. I’ll miss getting ejected for making fun of their 4chan memes.

  13. Common Sense

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    This is what happens when you fire the smart support people, who know better than to subvert the processes the company puts in place to help the customer.

    Linden Lab is doomed. Short of bringing back smart support people like Daniel Linden, there’s not much Linden Lab can do to repair it’s reputation in this department. They lose credit card numbers and billing info, ban people illegitimately, and continually refuse to provide support that is efficient and helpful.

    This type of stuff never would have happened years ago, Linden support has become a cruel and pathetic joke.

  14. Persephone Bolero

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    @Emperor “In this case LL just took some STOLEN money from one consumer (looter) and put into another consumer (looter’s) account. ”

    I never made any statements about this case one way or another.

    So, what are you talking about?

  15. Kiddoh

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    @Layne Stately: This event actually happened within the last week. Five days ago to be exact.

  16. Black Jesus

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Kiddoh shows his blind protection of anything Woodsbury/4Chan/Asperger related. If DW is filled with so called “Wiggers” then WU were those anti social kids in your high school who thought spouting memes and they sat in their own cluster of 3 people. Who could take anything serious from Kiddoh aka “4everVirgin”

  17. Atlouis

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Chainsword’s avatar is probably more accurate a depiction of his RL persona than may be obvious at first glance: fat, white, with a little ghetto cap and a woefully deficient mastery of the English language. It’s so overdone that it’s pretty clear that obvious wannabe troll is an obvious wannabe troll.

    Also, someone call that kid’s mother – he clearly got ahold of her credit card and is racking up spacebux on it.

  18. Jayd3n

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    This reminds me of the time LL banned an innocent guy due to a prank call. I wonder how Linden Lab can keep making such mistakes, and not ask like for a creditcard number on file or something, or make ID verification tokens people can buy which are one time use or something for additional security like Blizzard.

    This hacking thing, or Prank Thing is getting really insane.

    Also all the rumors going around about DW is insane for what I have heard I went there a 2nd time to check it out after seeing this, and these rumors I hear did not seem to be true…

  19. Jayd3n

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Oh yeah and im curious to why Rancor has the woodbury symbol in that picture above.

  20. DOS

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    @Jayd3n Woodbury were the founders of the powerfist? Huh, learn something new everyday.

  21. hobo kelly

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Wellsum, I reckon iffin I lets my mind harken back bout 20 of them thar years, a blink of an eye really, especially iffin ya thinks in that thar geologic time, that somewheres out there in some far flung, far aways in time UFO forum wez bees bein talkin an discussin’ about them thar secret Space Shuttle launches what were kept in the deep black by darpa or that thar nsa or that big daddy dod.

    There were the tremelous and many varied comments and verbalifications and word salad textifications a comin from them thar participants in them paranormal forums, but I reckon whens ya are dealin witf them thar deep dark projects its bound to bring out the kooky ideas in all of us, but I reckon that ther was one of them thar Ideas that were more verified fact than forum fiction.

    When them thar astronauts rode their big deep black rockets up inna big whooshing blast up off of the pad and arrived in that thar no gravity or micro gravity situation they had sum very important scientific speriments packed away whif them in their orbiter. One of them thar speriments what they had set up for themselves involved growing some of them thar Crystals in that there zero g of space. And they discovered sumpthin…

    Theys discovered that once a certain crystal pattern had been grown or created in that thar tension free outer space region once, one time, I reckon they dun found out by takin’ careful measurements and by doin them thar careful calculations that there was some kind of etheric persistance to this here aether what we all live in. Now that there has a powerful paranormal bouquet iffin I ever smelled one.

    It meant that once something had been done or created once, it done becomes easier to do or create the same thing a second time. I reckon that there wee little bit of ill-linear conservation of power dun rocked the deep dark secret projekt world about as much as that thar General Theory did I reckon.

    Once done its easier to do again. Like a bit of that there spacetime has a grain that sets up iffin ya stroke it certain way.

    Wellsum I reckon the more advanced readers have caught my psychic drift by this here point. I prolly dunt hav ta even finish this here story cuz you already know rights where Im a goin with what has to be a logical conclusion — – — there be some em-dashes fer some time to think — – –

    I reckon when it comes right down to it that we have all been the unwilling observers of a carefully planned darpa like experiment to test that thar application of Etheral Persistance to that thar Second Life Virtual world. Works in that real world, why not try it on that SL… they have sum powerful brains in them thar deep dark sekret projekts to think that up.

    Wellsum I reckon you all would go after the biggest most hardened target iffin ya wer wantin to test yer dynamic range especially when ya dont know how well that thar whole phenomen couples to that thar virtual world. Prokofy Neva. The biggest most hardened target what a deep dark sekret projekt could ever hope fer. Like droppin confetti right when the device goes off. Ya dont know how far down range it will blow.

    A conspiracy between “the Company” and them Woodbury, that thar is all it could possibly be. A deep dark devilishly deviant disaster what we love so much. That thar darpa gets to test their new theoretical weapon in that thar SL and gauge the results I reckon, and them Woodburies who are always about 10 of them thar steps out in front of everyone else get a big payoff in the form of having Prokofy Neva Suspended for and Hour, knowing that now it will be infinately easier to get her Suspended again iffin that new Etherial Persistance theory works… :)

  22. Edna

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Doesn’t anyone beside myself have a job or responsibilities in real life? Who in the hell has all this time on their hands to piss around with this crap? It must be nice to sit on your ass all day and play “gangster” on my tax-paying dime.

    Frigging low-life society with no aspirations or pride. Smoke dope, eat cheetos, make a few more more illegitimate bastard babies, grief in SL, and collect food stamps and welfare checks. What a life these freaks have.

  23. Atlouis

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    @Edna – Thank you for your time and dime.

  24. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Those videos he linked to were hilarious! How can he possibly say a bunch of gangsta rapper clip art is better than a music video machinima?

    On the other side of things: The Lindens and their contractors aren’t incompetent. They are malicious. Harry needs the axe next time the layoffs come around.

    LL needs a suggestion box for who should get fired next. Every Christmas they could fire the Linden who got voted off the island by the SL residents, as a Christmas present to us, to make up for killing our pony.

  25. Gundel Gaukelei

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Telling them the new password right over the line? No one could ever be that stupid. But then, its the Lab we are talking about … everytime you think you’ve already seen them doing the most utterly retarded thing you could ever think of in the face of the whole planet, they manage to proof you wrong once more. So the story could at least be possible…

  26. Boyd Doghouse

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Maybe the herald should put up a pownage scoreboard so we can keep up with who’s winning and who the factions are. Even virtual newspapers about virtual worlds need a sports section, and this is about as close as we got.

  27. Kiddoh

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    @Black Jesus: “Kiddoh shows his blind protection of anything Woodsbury/4Chan/Asperger related. If DW is filled with so called “Wiggers” then WU were those anti social kids in your high school who thought spouting memes and they sat in their own cluster of 3 people. Who could take anything serious from Kiddoh aka “4everVirgin””

    lolhai, DWfag. I don’t believe I’ve protected anything so far with my posts in this particular article, and I don’t really need to. All I’ve done so far is state how DW is nowhere near the level of Legos they claim to be. I remember this one time me and someone from DW dueled over who could make the most exotic shapes. The guy from DW thought he was being clever by using those weird zigzag shapes their third-party viewer supported. Unfortunately for him, that was all he could really do while I made a single prim that looked like a paper boat on one side and a 7 on the other. No textures were allowed except for color. Needless to say, I won the duel and because of that we had to be on each other’s friend’s list. Fun times. That was back when DW was creative and fun, do you remember those days?

    Oh, and it would appear you made some typos in your post, allow me to fix that for you.

    “… If DW is filled with so called “Wiggers” then DW are also those anti-social kids in high school who spout memes as they sat in their own cluster of 3 people…”

  28. Gundel Gaukelei

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    .oO(es is ja so schade, dass es fuer “Schwanzvergleich” keine so richtig griffige Uebersetzung gibt…)

  29. Edna

    Sep 22nd, 2010


    Speak English jackass this is America not Germany.


    Sep 22nd, 2010


    please, everyone, continue to rage. Thanks!

  31. Samantha

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    The Wrong Hands was all banned before all this went down, so I don’t see how they could have been banned because of the DW incident.

  32. Nidol

    Sep 22nd, 2010

    Funny how they claim to be always open access, yet Chain banned me the moment I tp’d into DW. Rancor rarely ever bans anyone, even faggots who crash the sim every 5 minutes for an entire day.

  33. General Drama

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    What Pix should be asking is why, given that 99% of the griefing that Woodbury has been blamed for, was actually done by DW members, LL has not turned its attention to bringing the ban hammer down on them? DW is full of copybotters, they’ve stolen content from most of the SL militaries and merchants. But LL never does anything about them.

  34. Pedro

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    Those DW people sure are big jerks

  35. Atlouis

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    Pretty sure that publicity is the last thing that will help DW. It will be the nail in their pixel coffin. You know who else didn’t benefit from publicity?

    Ask Glenn Beck.

  36. Little Lost Linden

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    This kind of malfeasance would never ever happen on Planet Michael.

  37. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    oh look, same old shit, different smell.

    Bragging about having more e-cred than someone else in SL is like saying you’re a bigger failure.

    “woo we da kings”

    yeah, congrats, you take SL that seriously that you care how hardcore you are, and how big and bad you are.. on a fucking videogame. Yes it is a videogame. One where getting banned or quitting is the only way to win.

  38. Gundel Gaukelei

    Sep 23rd, 2010


    Wenns Dich aergert, tu ichs noch lieber

  39. General Drama

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    One should also ask, where did a DW faggot get 103kL$? Sure can’t make that kinna shake on hippiepay.

  40. Lord Ken Glume of DW

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    Two Words, BIG JOSEPH.

    You guys a bunch of sand filled vagina bitches.
    We say “woo we, da kings”
    because we don’t act all Tonka Tuff, because we are already. Making you all look like bitches since day 1.

    See, we are what you call “tactful” griefers. Something that no other griefer organization has ever been able to successfully accomplish.

    We understand that SL is a game, a game that we’ve won at many many MANY times. SL is a game like other games on your PS3, Xbox 360, Jenga, The Game of Life, Wheel of Fortune, and hop scotch…That’s right, HOP SCOTCH, 4 square STREET STYLE.

    on that note, eat a dick Rancor/Woodbury.

  41. Big Jeffry

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    ey, that’s right, dem baby ass bitches run skard off like DAYRON. gonna strap up and slap you hoes at Rancor around again.

  42. little jeffry

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    Atlas Saintlouis came into the DW simulator one day and raged at everyone in there and went away crying and tried to find Chain’s personal info but ultimately failed seeing as how I doubt his 30 year old neckbeard ass could cluster the strength to move his fingers on that keyboard

  43. Big Jeffry

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    ey, you wanna know why we ban you 4chans, cause you guys sit there for 10 minutes with your dik in your hand trying to crash the sim or spam the place and you’re unsuccessful, so we all holla “ey, look at dis homie lookin all like danny glovers butthole trying to roll out lol cubes from 04′” and continue to mock you until you cry and step off your real computer and punch a wall due to your inability to have any sort of social skills.

  44. Pete

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    hey Kiddoh, want to take a shower together

  45. @ Little Lost Linden

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    “This kind of malfeasance would never ever happen on Planet Michael.” — LittleLostLinden







  46. Kiddoh

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    @Pete: I’ve always seen showers as a one-man thing, sorry.

  47. Kiddoh

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    @Big Jammal: “ey kiddoh how dat dick in ur mouth tastin? ROFLMOF


    You mean the cheeseburger I got from here?


    It’s alright, but they only give you the bare minimum, they’re like the Del Taco of hamburgers.

    Also; you sure seem to like big things seeing as you often use the word ‘BIG’ combined with a ‘j’ name such as John, Jeffry, Jammal, etc… Are you a morbidly obese person or perhaps a trucker? I bet someone as big as you eats fifty big Dick’s at a time! :D

    And it would appear you have also made a few typo’s, please, allow me to fix them.

    “Hey, Kiddoh, how’s that Dick’s in your mouth tasting? ROFL

    ~Chain’s Griefing Alt”

  48. ComeOn

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    What’s with the furry obsession some people have? Lately it seems there’s not a single article that doesn’t mention them at least in the comments. Having a hobby is normal, a healthy interest, but this is getting a bit scary.

  49. Danziel Lane

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    Yep, Gundel,

    dies ist nicht Amerika, es ist die Welt.

    SL ist ein Weg, die Kulturen zusammen zu bringen, und das passiert täglich.


    For Edna: You may ignore that one of the greatest aspects of virtual words is the melting of cultures and the chance to get to know other people and peoples. That way you missed a nice joke, Gundel wrote.

  50. & the big picture is....

    Sep 23rd, 2010

    Now if this is in fact true that speaking out about a Linden equates to a perma ban, where does this degree of DICTATORSHIP differ from some of the other malicious events that the Herald has reported on in recent times.

    It’s quite a concern to think Lindens are hovering all over the place waiting to hear/read a comment that seems derogatory about them and that gives them grounds to remove a persons account.

    What if a joint effort of SL account holders decided to begin some sort of blitz where they started openly chatting and mentioning things of similar comment as per what was mentioned to have ZaX Allure banned. I mean seriously, what are they doing in that role if they don’t have the balls to ignore a bit of rough word about them…? Why can Lindens secretly spy like that when regular people would be banned for it? It’s pretty sad to think a Linden was just listening in on conversations that way. Big Brother syndrome, remember the walls have ears!!! Is it in fact possible there are some bad Lindens in there, maybe they are attaching secret spy scripts into the viewer and not mentioning it to their peers… The Alphaville Herald’s web page hits are way up today… Hmmmm is the LL viewer sending hit links off the log in page???

    Now the situation arises (and this is becoming way more widespread now) that people have been banned from SL and lost all they purchased. There is now way LL can enforce a method of preventing these people from accessing the grid using a new account and menacing the system. I believe this sort of action will eventually come back to grief LL big time. The more they react this way by perma banning for seemingly moderate ‘offences’ and in some cases no offence at all. Since when is it a ‘crime’ to speak out about a Linden when he isn’t present and would it be any worse if the Linden were in sim at the time?

    Linden Lab are doing a damn good job of creating their own demise by the way they are acting.

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