Epic Google Translate Fail: Goat-time with Wind, Pole, Dragon

by Pixeleen Mistral on 02/10/10 at 8:00 pm

An insult to father’s stones?

Working at the Herald, I have cultivated an appreciation for broken english robot haiku comments submitted by non-anglophone entrepreneurs looking for just one more link to web sites featuring vital lifestyle accessories. After all – gaming Google search ranking is what passes for marketing in the Internet age and it is instructive to clean the spam filter periodically to see how the game is played.

I’ve learned that typical robo-haiku comment spam could apply to almost anything while appealing to the author’s vanity:

the written content on this publish is really one particular of the top substance that We have at any time arrive throughout. I adore your submit, I will are available back again to examine for new posts.

Of course, I am flattered at the adoration my submit received, and the recognition of the article’s top substance, but I seldom see this praise since the Herald spam filter makes short work of most astroturfed SEO-fodder. Oblivious to this, there is an unending supply of optimists on the other side of the world with a crude understanding of search engine optimization.

How much Internet traffic is now devoted to gaming Google?

don’t you want to but this vandal-proof camera?

The best robo-spam trapped by the Herald’s filter decorates the bar on the Herald yacht, inspiring jaded journalists to new literary heights with the threat of a natural language processing algorithm avatar joining the staff. Someday. Maybe. But Johnny Algorithm is no immediate threat to the writers based on Google’s epic fail on the Shibboleth users mailing list

A japanese user, seeking help installing the Shibboleth authentication software turned to Google Translate for assistance. The author may be been too quick to thank Google, because the internet ad agency posed his question as "goat-time with wind, pole, dragon inter help?"

Then things get interesting.

This is question, engish is faulty therefore the right excused is
requested. Thank google to translate to help. SORRY!!!!!

At often, the goat-time install a error is vomit. To how many times like
the wind, a pole, and the dragon? Install 2,3 repeat, spank, vomit blows

14:14:01.869 – INFO
- Parsing configuration for JSP error handler.

Not precise the vomit but with aspect similar, is vomited concealed in fold of
goat-time lumber? goat-time see like the wind, pole, and dragon? This
insult to father’s stones? JSP error handler with wind, pole, dragon with
intercourse to goat-time? Or chance lack of skill with a goat-time?

Please apologize for your stupidity. There are a many thank you

I’m not certain, but perhaps it was chance lack of skill with a goat time that convinced me to avoid Google Translate as much as possible.

So it seems unlikely that Google Translate in its current state would help the Ephraimites pass a  shibboleth test on the banks of the Jordan River – even if they all had Android phones – but we can still hope that the JSP error handler with wind, pole, dragon with intercourse to goat-time will be sorted out for the Internet2 Shibboleth user, eventually.

goat time
did goat-time lumber fold conceal vomit?

5 Responses to “Epic Google Translate Fail: Goat-time with Wind, Pole, Dragon”

  1. Urizenus Sklar

    Oct 2nd, 2010

    “At often, the goat-time install a error is vomit. To how many times like
    the wind, a pole, and the dragon? Install 2,3 repeat, spank, vomit blows”

    Pix you are so quick to blame google translate. Could it not be drugs?

  2. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Oct 3rd, 2010

    I am NEVER going to smoke pot before reading the herald again.

    … and this time I mean it.

    The alphaville herald is my anti-drug.

  3. Trinity Dejavu

    Oct 3rd, 2010

    For the love of the drivel the Herald used to publish – Get an editor to kick waffling crap like this to the curb. Whats next, reading your tea leaves? How about a personal stock take of all the toilet paper you own.

  4. AM Oderngrl

    Oct 3rd, 2010

    Six rolls. Agreement plays a peep out from behind a bottle of bleach handy.

    Thanks to Google Translate for help with that .

  5. Brandon

    Oct 3rd, 2010


    For a few laughs and more than you can juggle in one hand, go take a peek.

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