Rap News Asks Hillary Clinton – How Does It Feel To Be Leaked On?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 22/12/10 at 12:10 am

How Ad-supported user-generated content subverts the mainstream media

[UPDATE: TheJuiceMedia have pointed out that they depend on donations to fund their productions and do not sell advertisements, so some clarification is in order. I am not suggesting that TheJuiceMedia have adopted Google's ad-supported free services business model. Instead, they are  subverting the model by taking advantage of the YouTube viral video distribution platform for more than apolitical cute cat videos. The success of TheJuiceMedia video is that it both entertains and turns YouTube into a distribution channel for cutting satire. - Pixeleen Mistral]

Cablegate/wikileaks partisans are taking advantage of the Google business model – sell advertisements to viewers attracted to user-generated content – while hoping to advance their cause with a series of surprisingly well produced YouTube videos from The Juice Media Rap News with Robert Foster.

Hillary and barcode flag
Hillary Clinton and barcode American flag

But viral marketing-based media is unforgiving environment – entertain or die – a lesson that some would do well to heed.

Perhaps the most successful example of viral political video is Wikileaks’ Cablegate: the truth is out there which skewers both politicians and the 4th estate, while suggesting the national interest has been sold to the highest bidder.

Hillary plus corporate logos
Hillary Clinton press conference satire with corporate logos

But YouTube is not without risk. Political commentary must find a way to outdraw the competition: cute cats playing patty-cake. Still, having garnered with 300,000 views in 4 days, there is some hope that Rap News Investigative Reporters might trump cute kitties. Maybe.

13 Responses to “Rap News Asks Hillary Clinton – How Does It Feel To Be Leaked On?”

  1. lol

    Dec 22nd, 2010

    Hillary appeared on rap news ta give some 411 ta da peeps w0rd!

  2. Fo shizzle mo nizzle

    Dec 22nd, 2010

    Plim-plizzle, my nizzle, don’ foget bouts tha six-fo, chuch, dawg up in da hood, chilly my grilly. fo sho.

    “You gots to git those Benjamins so you cin git dat bling-bling fo yo ride”

  3. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Dec 22nd, 2010

    Cats are more important.

  4. Darien Caldwell

    Dec 22nd, 2010

    Great video, and brings all the points and questions around CableGate to the fore. Kudos.

  5. ~TheJuiceMedia

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    Hello Pixeleen,

    Thanks for featuring our latest rap news video.

    one important correction: – we derive absolutely no income from advertising via YouTube or Google or any other source. We are independently funded through donations.

    Would appreciate if you could clarify that bit :)

    x ~tjm

    ps: once the correction is made, pls feel free to delete this comment

  6. Pappy Enoch

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    Bubba done cheated on a good gal. Oh boo hoo hoo I are still sad.

  7. James Larken Smith

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    Those cats are hilarious!

  8. audacity

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    wow i never seen that b4!

  9. Jumpman Lane

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    fuck the goddamn herald lmao

  10. Jumpman Lane

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    oh nvm i thought ya’ll blocked meh hehehehe

  11. Pappy Enoch

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    We ain’t that lucky, Humpman. Besides, I enjoys my title o’ “Second Biggest Dumbass at the Herald.”

  12. IntLibber

    Dec 23rd, 2010

    It’s amusing to see the leakanistas trying to assert that two women who are radical leftist feminist Swedes (one is the Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Officer at her University), just the sort of people who would be hard-core leakanista sympathizers, are actually government plants, when in fact, they are simply following their crazy left feminist dogma to its logical absurd conclusion whereas: broken condom = rape, and sleeping with two different women = rape. The only thing we are left to wonder is why these sorts of women actually were interested in heterosexual intercourse at all.

    Other than that, pretty good videos, on both parts. However Pix has a point: cats are cute, but they are at the rotten core of the big government fasco-socialist tyranny: elitists who claim everybody else is equal, equally beneath them.

  13. Coke

    Feb 10th, 2011

    Apparently, one of the women threw a party in Julian’s honour after he raped her, and another one paid for his travel fare after he raped her. Makes me wonder what the Swedish definition of rape is :s

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