Randy Filmmaker Reveals Cyber-secrets!

by Pixeleen Mistral on 22/06/11 at 1:50 am

Sunday screening of "My Avatar and Me" proves arrow button key to Second Life bliss!!!

Actor/director Mikkel Stolt will host an online presentation of the "documentary fiction" My Avatar and Me Sunday on constelation.tv. The film is billed as a journey into cyberspace which becomes a magic learning experience. Based on the trailer, the story seems to revolve around accessorizing the woefully under-equipped Second Life avatar - an ongoing source of concern and frustration for untold numbers of players over the last 8 years.

SL noobie Mike's shame: Helena realizes that something is missing 

The magical learning begins with the shocking discovery that something is missing from Mike's arsenal of avatar tools - a humiliating scene far too common in Second Life. But all is not lost, as Mike's special friend Helena leads the new resident on the path toward cyber nirvana with a vital accessory.

you too can be the proud owner of a sculpted X3 cock

Sadly, the couple's virtual conjugal bliss is interrupted as Mike realizes he has no idea of how to get up for the downstroke and is forced to turn to his cyber tutor for further assistance. 

Mike seeks advice from an experienced operator

The wise and kind Helena then shares the secret of cybersex in SL - use the arrow buttons. True love and romance are not dead after all.

"Use the arrow button, honey"

For those interested in the more of Mike and Helena's adventures, a trailer is below.

Tickets for the Sunday screening are now on sale here.

"My Avatar and Me", Teaser No. 5 from Fenris Film & Multimedia on Vimeo.

20 Responses to “Randy Filmmaker Reveals Cyber-secrets!”

  1. marilyn murphy

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    who is the bad guy in this? where is the conspiracy? what part did LL play in the demise of whatever your talking about here? this is kinda sorta bland. im thinking this took what, 5 min to write? where is the drama? what has become of the herald? (kinda scary) its like, pix died and pod people took over.

  2. hobo kelly

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    I think its a heads up as to the level that stupidity has sunk to in Second Life, and an example of why SL should be shut down immediately

  3. Mel Cheeky

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    I agree that there are a lot of bad things happening in SL but there’s also a lot of good. I have been a part of so much charity work and have raised thousands for charity over the past few years. The live music scene is booming in SL. Where else do you get thus much choice of live music?

  4. lawl

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    @ hobo kelly
    First life should be shut down for exactly the same reason

  5. Nelson Jenkins

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    That scene with the blinds really reminds me a lot of my own life, sadly…

    … speaking of which, what dick requires you to mash the arrow button to get hard? The many dicks I’ve owned and taken just have 5 or 6 options…

    … oh and also, inb4 “lol @ expecting ur avatar 2 have a dick noob”

  6. Senban Babii

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    This isn’t even a story.

  7. Yep

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :P

  8. hobo kelly

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    Speaking of Cyber Secrets, now this is a story:

    “The group, Lulz Security, has claimed responsibility for a number of recent data breaches and have already attacked a number of United States government and corporate Web sites. Lulz Security also said it was working closely with another group called Anonymous, a loosely affiliated team of activist computer hackers. Although Anonymous did not put out its own statement about the attacks, the two groups have been communicating regularly on Twitter”


    And then yesterday the FBI came swooping in and took all their Servers away for analysis, so be glad that you aren’t with Anonymous today:

    “A government official who declined to be named said earlier in the day that the F.B.I. was actively investigating the Lulz Security group and any affiliated hackers. The official said the F.B.I. had teamed up with other agencies in this effort, including the Central Intelligence Agency and cybercrime bureaus in Europe.”


    whale doggies…

  9. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    Penis!!! =^-^=

  10. Pappy Enoch

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    “speaking of which, what dick requires you to mash the arrow button to get hard?”

    Nelson, I don’t need no stinkin’ buttons. I gits me sum “fencepost” whenever I sees that Salami Hayak gal.

    Hoo whee she puts the “cha cha” in cha-cha bingos and am button enuff fo’ the ol’ Lonesum Pine to stand rite tall.

  11. GG3

    Jun 23rd, 2011

    Press A to do the duck-walk

  12. rawst

    Jun 24th, 2011

    Oh Nelson, what happened to owning a dick just to have it, and not using it? You furfag dog fucker, you.

  13. AM Oderngrrl

    Jun 24th, 2011

    @Senban Every notice how it’s always quietest just before the next scandal erupts?

    @marilyn Come out of retirement and write something. Enquiring minds are waiting to know…

  14. Edna

    Jun 26th, 2011

    What the “randy filmmaker” fails to reveal however, is that the reason Helena can give such great instructions on how to get and use the penis is because in real life, Helena is a 63-year-old man.

    At last count there were three biological women using SL. None of them cyber. In SL, “she” is always a “he” dude.

  15. Nelson Jenkins

    Jun 26th, 2011

    @ rawst

    I know, I know, learning to model in troll articles is the equivalent of being a dog fucker, I’m sorry…

  16. Yep

    Jun 26th, 2011

    hehe go getem Tiger :P

  17. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Jun 30th, 2011


    nice way to dismiss your rampant faggotry.

  18. Yep

    Jun 30th, 2011

  19. Mike Proud

    Jul 2nd, 2011

    Hey – this is not the trailer but just one scene from the film. The trailer is here:
    and the whole film can be seen here:

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