Interspecies Intermingling on Upswing in Second Life

by debbie on 07/08/11 at 10:22 pm

So the other day my friend BB, and by the way I’ve changed everyone’s name in this whole story, IM'd me and said she wanted to drop by and she had her new boyfriend with her. She popped in and she was with a furry and we’re all like WTF?

1 Every Girl Loves Horses
every girl <3 horses - but furries? WTF???

Now don’t get me wrong, I like furries, but I had never thought about actually dating one. I IM’d her “WTF?” and she laughed and this story was born. I didn’t know what the story would be, but I knew “WTF? My Friend is Dating a Furry” would be good enough for Jerry Springer, so I figured it would be a start.

2 The Happy Couple
The Happy Couple

I didn’t want to grill BB with her boyfriend right there, and they were stuck to each other like glue for the next several hours so I went out to a few furry hangouts to get a sense of what’s going on in the world of furries.

The furry population seems pretty healthy. I went to a few clubs, all of which had a respectable number of avatars there. I was keeping my eye out for humans and at the first several spots I hit there were none.

This was not my first rodeo for going to furry clubs. I have a couple of furry friends, and a couple of friends who are usually human but who sometimes bust out furry avatars. I like furries, as I said. I do think some furries can be pretty strange and are probably in need of some help, but I could also say the same thing about Republicans, Catholics, and fans of Eminem. 

My friends are like furry-light; they love the avatars and spend hours adjusting prims and getting their outfits on straight. Pixel sex is not an option for them because by the time they are done dressing they’re covered in dozens of carefully adjusted prims and taking them all off only to have to put them on again later is too much work for a simple romp on the poseballs. Even my furry friends get a little creeped out by the more “into it” furrs, which is why I was surprised BB was hooked up with some sort of anthro wolf.

5 Looking for Love
Looking for love at the Yiff Lounge

A furry avatar isn’t an option when you join SL anymore, so I was thinking that if nothing else comes of this research, I can report that based on the number of them seen at clubs this weekend, the furry herd seems healthy.

I had never heard of furries till I came here to SL, I thought it was a pretty cool avatar choice, but I had no idea about the subculture either. It’s pretty weird that that was a choice if you think about it- why not a goblin or a horse or a china doll or something too? 

Then I ended up at a place that I realized was more about sex with things that look like actual animals than about anthropomorphic animals. When I landed, I spotted a guy having sex with a furry in a nearby room. Using the unwritten “if they’re doing it on ground level they want you to watch” rule of SL, I watched them and then IM’d them both when one of them crashed.

4 Doing it at ground level
Doing it at ground level - so they want you to watch

Debbie: Well, in a nutshell, I'm interested in what turns you on about Furries
LovesFurries: Ah, well for me at least (could be different for others) it’s just the unique experience that comes with them. It’s something that can't be achieved in RL. Just imagining how they would feel pressing against your skin with that fur, clawing you deep in your back during a good time, and the roleplay is fantastic. Hearing them purr and waving a tail at you at the sign of interest is such a turn on for me. It’s more of a thrill honestly, yes I have moments with females of my kind but it isn't fresh you know?

Debbie: Do you have a preferred species or do all furries turn you on?
LovesFurries: So far they all do, as long as they are female lol. It’s the unique experience of it all, something that can't be achieved in RL. They just seem to offer more, and the roleplay can be more in depth.

I chatted with him for a while, and also with his sex partner, who is a herm with some of her avatars, but female with the one she was wearing when I met her.

NiceKitty purrs and blinks as she looks to you "I’m a pleasure pet, nothing more.”
Debbie: So you're a pleasure pet for this place, the Animal Sex Farm, or do you go to other sims too?
NiceKitty: One goes just about anywhere ^_^ Miss, she’s a very naughty kitten

Debbie: nice :-) So do you get a lot of use from humans?
NiceKitty: Mostly Males do, tho one loves having a Miss take her and use her. This girl’s been with quite a few humans as well as many furries and demons. Furries are rougher and more aggressive than humans and demons are just sexual beasts.

I went back to the male and asked:

Debbie: Have you thought about getting into a steady relationship with a furr?
LovesFurries: Meh, there was one, but then I guess she had this promise she forgot to keep with another furr. Which I respect, we still hang out but as for having those "moments" we don't anymore. Just hang out and chat. If another comes along the way then sure why not...willing to try anything once. It would be definitely interesting to walk in with my furry partner in a room of couples and me being the only one with a furry

So I stood around interviewing these two and BB’s wolfman logged, so she came to hang out. When I was done with the interviews with NiceKitty and LovesFurries, a whole bunch of women had arrived and we were all standing around this barn area, where there are a bunch of poseballs that will let you do unspeakable things with a whole host of different animals.

3b SL Research is Never Dull
farm animals, pose balls, and Second Life players bridging the inter-species gap

First Girl: Hi. what are you girls up to?
Second Girl: i was just chatting, and looking around :)
Debbie: I'm a reporter with the Alphaville Herald I'm doing a story on interspecies relationships and interspecies sex
First Girl: this is a sim for having sex with animals
First Girl: interesting. are you going to actually do it?
Second Girl: they told me what it was and i was so ashamed i was here, i would never do such a thing
Second Girl shows her best innocent look

Debbie: have sex with an animal? It wouldn't be my first :-)
First Girl: well, it doesnt turn me on except when I am forced to do it
Second Girl grins thinking there is a theme here
First Girl: you mean a lot of the guys you have sex with are animals
Debbie: hahahahaha yes
BB: hahahah, that is funny
First Girl: i was hoping there would be some doms or dommes here

Debbie: so you like sex with animals as part of a larger degradation play? Being humiliated and forced to do it?
BB: most guys i know are animals
Second Girl nods
First Girl: oh yeah. that's what it’s called "degradation play" that phrase turns me on
First Girl: just the words are kind of a turn on for me

3c Animatronic but not like Disney
Animatronic - but not like Disney

Debbie: really?
Third Girl: hey
Third Girl: this could be one kinky place
First Girl: don't a lot of women in sl and guys too like degradation?
Third Girl: interesting place
BB: very
Third Girl: smiles
First Girl: I mean letting a horse fuck you has got to be degrading, and i bet it hurts also
Third Girl: I would think so

Second Girl: you two reporters like the idea of a pup taking you?
BB: you girls tried it?
First Girl: i have
BB: and?
First Girl: it was so disgusting in one way
BB: i can imagine
First Girl: but the woman who made me do it watching, and the other people...
BB: but you liked it to too?
First Girl: i liked the people seeing me do it
First Girl: weird, i know

Debbie: That’s soooo naughty, doing an animal, with people watching, it must have been hawt
First Girl: yeah, it was

Meanwhile, a gorgeous horse avatar had landed, and I was chatting him up in IM. It appeared that he had all the working equipment, so I asked him about his sex life, which was, it turns out limited only to other horses by his own choice. Humans are welcome to ride, but not ride in THAT way. I had to pose for some pictures with him, his avatar really is adorable and every girl does love horses.

6 Human in a Furry World
Human in a Furry world

The next day BB and I went back through the furry clubs, and apparently I’d been going on the wrong day, because on Sunday there were a number of human females hanging out at the furry clubs. I interviewed a few of them.

Debbie: So what brings you to a furry place today?
Classy Lady: hm, I was wandering around all my other hangouts, and they were quiet, so I thought I'd go somewhere new. I visit some furry places already, but I haven't been here before

Debbie: So are you looking just to hang out here? Pick up a guy or girl? What would be the best possible outcome of this trip for you?
Classy Lady: oh, it'd be great to meet someone and get along and stuff...gender doesn't matter, and their being furry here would be quite likely

Debbie: nice :-) Do you have sex in SL? If so, have you ever been with a furry?
Classy Lady: yeah, I have a few times :)

Debbie: Ooooo, nice! How do they compare to humans?
Classy Lady: hmm... there are fewer naked newbies. or maybe they merge in better because furries don't need as many layers of clothes to keep warm, and those I've spoken a lot to, some have been shy yet really sweet... and really horny :) spoken to a lot I mean had lots of sex with.

Debbie: So it's more of a personality thing than a "sex with an animal thing" for you. How is the sex tho?
Classy Lady: I can only speak of a few people, but it's been delicious. It's like their personality expressed through their animal persona and vice versa. And then there's all the snuggly hair and fur, and... sometimes it's quick and fast, or sweet and long... hmm...
the animal thing seems less of an issue, mostly because everyone's still humanoid. It's never bothered me, though... I do love the different kinds of penis :)

Debbie: Do you think you could openly date a furry, or partner with one or is this a thing on the downlow?
Classy Lady: Yeah, I'd openly date someone furry, I don't see an issue.

Meanwhile, inside the packed club, the open chat seemed pretty interesting to the people in it, and I was surprised that one of the leading talkers was human.

Debbie: So it seems like you're a regular here, why?
Perky: I wandered here a few weeks ago and met a couple nice people really. If you go to a normal "human" club most of what you'll find is guys 8+ feet tall, no AO or care about their look, hardly any grasp on the english language. I'll get messages like "hi" and nothing else or "hay u r sexy lol, u wnt 2 cam wit me or got skype?" or "mmmhhh ur ass i wnt to fuk u". So, most of the people I sit around and talk to here in this crowd mostly are a more intellectual bunch, can RP, grasp the english language and I don't get any of that kind of normal bling tard stuff that a lot of humans do. It seems most of the more creative and or intellectual people usually are really into RP or building, care about their looks and are sometimes even not human

Debbie: hahahah yes, you described the second life experience! Are you romantically or sexually involved with any of the furries here?
Perky: Yes, now and then I'll have some fun with one of my friends from here. Not as in a relationship, but just as friends and a kind of mutual thing. Mostly I just talk though, but it does happen now and then :p

Debbie: So, will you ever go back to human? How does sex with a furry compare to sex with a human?
Perky: I never gave up on humans, It's just it's more rare to find a human guy who has a nice mind. I have a friend I still have relations with once in a blue moon :) I'm not limited to one or the other group

Debbie: How do they compare? Is the taboo of doing it with something non-human a thrill at all?
Perky: On a mental level sex with a furry or human is no different, it all comes down to the person. On a physical level of course some furries have anatomical differences that can be exciting, some are human down there too. Yes it can be a thrill, but anything can depending on the person and how they carry themselves in certain situations.

Debbie: would you ever openly date a furry, or partner with one?
Perky: Yes, if I wasn't done with relationships here.

3 SL Research is never dull
SL Research is never dull - avaian herm set only L$750

So I hung out there with BB a while. Many humans, almost all female, came and went and I talked to BB about her deal with her wolf.

Debbie: So, with your guy, wtf?
BB: He’s sweet

Debbie: He’s a dog.
BB: Yes, but he’s a good dog. :-p

Debbie: hahahaha. You make him beg?
BB: And then give him treats.

Debbie: You are wicked.
BB: He’s nice to talk to.
Debbie: Shhhh, you’re making sense.

7 which is the stranger couple
Which is the stranger couple?

So, I know I should have some sort of hard data here, like exact numbers and stuff, but I don’t. I just have the feeling that there are more humans, particularly women, in relationships with, partnered to and/or dating furries than there were, and the reason is that furries are, on the whole, a lot nicer and better communicators than the average SL male. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Now, as long as we don’t end up with like Planet of the Apes out of all this, it’s all good with me.

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  1. Dread Judge

    Aug 9th, 2011


  2. Lili

    Aug 9th, 2011

    Moooo. Does that turn you on?
    Well does it?

  3. Observer

    Aug 9th, 2011

    This article is about the happenings at Linden Lab in San Francisco right?

  4. DF

    Aug 9th, 2011

    SHOCKING NEWS! Furries have a libido just like every other living breathing being on this planet! OH THE SHOCK AND SURPRISE!

    seriously isn’t it about time to get over what other people do and live your own life?

  5. Orca Flotta

    Aug 9th, 2011

    I was most shocked about Debbie’s intellectual outing. Now she only needs to get rid of the pink whore clothes and those ginormously fugly prim boobs to become a respected member of society.
    /me falls off chair

  6. Lili

    Aug 9th, 2011

    I really don’t have a problem with furry-kind, but I have to admit bestiality is kinda gross to me. Maybe animal on animal is more acceptable to me, but I was a little eww when I saw the “Animatronic – but not like Disney” screenshot. But anyway, have fun with your perversion, you have every right to it. You are all valid members of society and I salute you, as long as I don’t have to watch.

  7. Senban Babii

    Aug 9th, 2011

    “Now she only needs to get rid of the pink whore clothes and those ginormously fugly prim boobs to become a respected member of society.”

    Actually I think they work! They are a hook, a trait, a signature. They don’t define, they underline. I think Debbie’s previous articles were vacuous and the imagery made it worse. But the giant boobs as a signature to a writer who actually writes something interesting? That can actually work :)

  8. hobo kelly

    Aug 9th, 2011

    this is another great hit piece on the grossness of Second Life and the depravity that it sinks to. I sent this link around to most of the major news outlets, we will see if anything happens. amazing, amazing psyop pix.

  9. paul

    Aug 9th, 2011

    @ Orca: Deb’s clothes and boobs are satire, remember? why does what she wears on her avatar bother you so much? Do you really think you have the right to judge who is,and is not, a ‘respected member of society’? Do you think YOU are a respected member of society?

    @Debbie interesting article. next, do an expose on the SL sailors…they are just as odd as the furries,

  10. Tux

    Aug 9th, 2011

    There are more furry starting avatars than ever before:

  11. Dontspill McGinnis

    Aug 9th, 2011

    The sailor article might be interesting, but do you really want to read about golden rivets?
    How about an Article on the JLU. That would be an interesting read with Debbie’s particular slant. It could be called
    “Debbie does Justice (Island)”

  12. fararden

    Aug 9th, 2011


  13. fararden

    Aug 9th, 2011

    I find the idea of bestiality to be offensive and if you did in real life it would be illegal.

    I know they should come up with a breedable that you can also use as an erotic toy, that way you can make money off the breedable farmers and the perverts.

    Furrys are just human beings with furry avatars, they are stil human. The idea that an avatar using a specific avatar makes you more intelligent is silly

  14. fararden

    Aug 9th, 2011

    How come you can’t use the word s@x in comments but it’s still allowed in the article?

  15. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 10th, 2011

    @ fararden

    You can use the word sex.

    That being said, I’m staying away from this. Far, far away.

  16. Pappy Enoch

    Aug 10th, 2011

    I is homesick fo’ the Enoch Holler barnyard rite now.

  17. JustMe

    Aug 10th, 2011

    deb said “why not a goblin or a horse or a china doll or something too? ”

    actually, those are choices also. I know a few china dolls and I’ve seen both goblin and horses. you’re limited by your imagination. I’ve been known to wear a ‘roll of duct tape” avatar and roll around a mall while shopping.

  18. Dread Judge

    Aug 10th, 2011


    If you read it again I think she meant when you sign up for a character, not once you’re in the game. It is pretty bizarre that you used to get offered a fursuit when you signed up for second life.

  19. jennibuninoven

    Aug 11th, 2011

    You think furry is odd then try the LeggoMyPreggo sim for futas breeders sextoybots preggies and shemales. Its a riot! Pssst there are cows there too. Those are furry right?

  20. Orca Flotta

    Aug 11th, 2011

    Paul wrote:
    Do you really think you have the right to judge who is,and is not, a ‘respected member of society’?
    Of course I have the right to judge. We all make hundreds of judgments every day, so why not me? But I didn’t even judge Debbie, I poke fun at her … or at least I try … and obviously fail badly.

    Do you think YOU are a respected member of society?
    No, I’m not. Who wants to be that anyway. Respected by a stupid, sick society? I’m “a viral poison in the body of society”.

    @Debbie interesting article. next, do an expose on the SL sailors…they are just as odd as the furries,
    Oh yes, and I’m at odds with like 83% of the SL sailing community. There is not enough water in SL to contain the overblown egos of some of their selfappointed leaders and their sheepish minions.

  21. Orca Flotta

    Aug 11th, 2011


  22. Senban Babii

    Aug 11th, 2011


    Hehe times must be hard. Orca is soliciting for business in the Herald comments :D

  23. fararden

    Aug 11th, 2011


    Where do you keep your wallet if you are a roll of duct tape?

  24. Orca Flotta

    Aug 11th, 2011

    @ Senban: I was testing out if that word is really not allowed in comments. Only after posting it dawned on me what I just done o.O

  25. Senban Babii

    Aug 11th, 2011

    “I was testing out if that word is really not allowed in comments. Only after posting it dawned on me what I just done o.O”

    Hehe I did figure that’s what you’d done ;)

    Shame, I was about to ask you how much and if you charged extra for kinky stuff XD

  26. Tink McHugh

    Aug 12th, 2011

    Whooeey! Where am the donkey show? Ah herd there wuz a donkey show round theze parts….

  27. Orca Flotta

    Aug 12th, 2011

    No, Senbii, no charge for you since you’re one of the few nice ppl here … and female. And why charging extra for kinky stuffz? Kinky’s my midle name :)

  28. soleaveit

    Aug 12th, 2011

    So I think everyone agrees that furries are pretty much THE reason why SL has such a sh!t reputation. I was kinda encouraged when LL stopped offering one as a signup avatar. Stupid, stupid move to offer them again.

    I’m sick and tired of being given so much sh!t for being on SL just because of the reps that Furries have given it. Blow them all away and be done with it. LL could EASILY make an anti-bestiality ToS clause and make wearing a furry avatar essentially bannable.

    Thing is, it’s easy for us to take into our hands ourselves too. Secret is that LL needs about 6 abuse-reports by different people in a sim to just auto-nuke an account. Yeah I know you don’t think they pay attention to them and they don’t. Thats the point. Over 6, on the same idiot in one sim, it’s automatic. TRY IT. Got five friends? Spot a furry? Call ‘em over and abuse report for “other” or “broadly offensive”. Especially if they’re not in an Adult sim.

    Do this to a few of the perverted furry sim runners, and you’ll be surprised at the huge difference it would make. There’s only a few sims where these pervs congregate.

    Just try it. 6 reports from different people. In the same sim. (Probably can’t be alts, sorry. LL can figure that out.) Watch the furry go byebye.

    Though I know y’all are probably too goddam apathetic to actually try this, and do something about it lol.

    Alphaville could kindof help by running some more sh!t pics about furries on here too.

  29. Dave Bell

    Aug 12th, 2011

    No furries?

    I’m looking at the new avatars right now, and the Animal catergory is almost all furries. has a picture

  30. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 13th, 2011

    @ Dave Bell

    I especially like how they posed all of the furry avatars (which look terrible, by the way) so that they’re grabbing each others’ junk.

  31. JustMe

    Aug 13th, 2011

    fararden said “I know they should come up with a breedable that you can also use as an erotic toy, that way you can make money off the breedable farmers and the perverts. ”

    well, that’s SO 2009 ! I guess you don’t remember the unicorns, spiders, and other animals/creatures that were available for sex. As I recall, if you allowed the unicorn to ride you long enough, it gave you a unicorn baby to hold and cuddle. Ok, oldtimers, who remembers this ???

  32. fararden

    Aug 13th, 2011


    Yeah, but they not breedable. You can’t keep feeding their babies and getting new breeds of sex toys with special abilities like color and glow.

  33. had enough

    Aug 13th, 2011

    Fur fagatry

  34. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 13th, 2011

    @ had enough

    Bad spelang

  35. Yep

    Aug 13th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :P

  36. Ugh

    Aug 13th, 2011

    Good God I hadn’t seen those thank you Dave Bell.

    More Furries in SL, great. The robots look cool tho.

  37. Dubbleyew

    Aug 16th, 2011

    The bestiality sims are never furry sims. Don’t confuse the two. I never see those bestiality props anywhere on any furry sims, and the bestiality sims don’t really have that many furries, and if they do they’re just confused newbies who don’t actually know about many furry places to hang out and fuck.

    There is a huge, huge difference between two humanoid anthro animals, usually in a not-very-realistic style, having consensual role play internet sex, and a person molesting a real life animal. A person who can’t see the difference between the two, needs to get their head examined.

  38. Dubbleyew

    Aug 16th, 2011

    Also SL has a bad reputation because it’s SL. Don’t blame furries for SL’s bad reputation, blame LL, primarily for naming the world “second life” which causes people to look at it and say “LOL SECOND LIFE? DON’T THEY HAVE FIRST LIVES? LOLOLOL” and the big market for sex stuff. and furries aren’t the only ones who take part in that, for sure.

  39. Axel Oakleaf

    Aug 16th, 2011

    @: Dubbleyew,


    I think if they rebranded the product and renamed it,it would help the reputation.

    A post i found on the internet

  40. Ugh

    Aug 16th, 2011

    Dubbleyew said:
    There is a huge, huge difference between two humanoid anthro animals, usually in a not-very-realistic style, having consensual role play internet sex, and a person molesting a real life animal. A person who can’t see the difference between the two, needs to get their head examined.

    This gets my vote for wtf moment of the year. How about we add another level;

    There isn’t a huge difference between someone who gets off on watching two humanoid anthro animals avatars, usually in a not-very-realistic style, having consensual role play internet sex, and a person molesting a real life animal. A person who can’t see how effed up both scenarios are, needs to get their head examined.

    And I think this article says that she found a guy doing a furry on ground level at one of the beasty places…. you wanna splain that one?

  41. Dubbleyew

    Aug 19th, 2011

    Like I said, sometimes furries who don’t know any better put “furry” in the search and find those places since they’re often at the top of the search. But just because land owners put “furry” in the description to increase their potential traffic doesn’t make them furry places. Why don’t you go to any ACTUAL furry hangout, an adult one, and see if you can find those sexual animal props, then YOU explain to me why you didn’t find any.

    How can you not see the huge difference? There is one very big one, it’s called CONSENT. Another one, is called FICTIONAL. Two furries going at it takes place not only between two consenting adults, basically just two people with fur over their bodies and cartoony animal-like faces, but isn’t even a real thing that can ever happen. Bestiality is non-consensual for the animal and it’s something that can and does unfortunately happen in real life and is a problem.

    Not viewing something such as consent as a significant thing, honestly makes you way more screwed up than the people who participate in consensual, albeit unusual sexual RP with one another. I’ll take a furry over someone who views consensual sex and sexual abuse as being the same thing AKA a potential rapist.

  42. Ugh

    Aug 20th, 2011

    Sooooo what you’re saying is that a lot of times if you search for “furry” or “furry sex” you end up at bestiality places? But they are separate things?

    Yeah, convincing argument there, sorry I didn’t get the subtleties of your argument before.

  43. had enough

    Aug 21st, 2011

    Furfags and bestiality is the same freaky sick shit.

  44. Dubbleyew

    Aug 21st, 2011

    Maybe you should get into the habit of reading posts before replying to them.

  45. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 21st, 2011

    @ Dubbleyew

    Trolls tend not to do that. They are like animals in a way, they just have a fight or flight response, that’s it. Troll or tl;dr.

  46. Ugh

    Aug 21st, 2011

    Oh I read what you said but that doesn’t make it true.

    A lot of people get this mixed up, don’t worry, here’s how it works;

    You say something and expect that because we heard you, we have to agree with you because your argument makes so much sense.

    In fact, we can hear you and disagree with you, which is what I did.

    Maybe you should get into the habit of cogent arguments, not stringing together words and hoping for the best?

  47. Yep

    Aug 21st, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :D

  48. Dubbleyew

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    If you read it, then you wouldn’t be asking questions I already answered in the post before. That’s why I said you didn’t read it, because you were asking me questions that would require that I repeat myself, which I’d rather not do.

    Disagree all you want, but have a better argument than “you can find it when searching “furry” that means it’s the exact same thing!” I once found a penis while searching the marketplace for a house, does that mean houses = penises? We all live in giant dicks? Whoaa man, trippy.

    Like I said before, I don’t like repeating myself but this really does warrant repeating, if consent is an unimportant factor to you in deciding whether or not a sexual act is wrong, then you’re way more messed up than most furries and fetishists I talk to on a regular basis.

  49. GG3

    Sep 28th, 2011

    One word


  50. hobo kelly

    Sep 28th, 2011

    it is pretty gross. looking at those photos up there. gross. i mean, if you really look at those photos up there. That one big sheep ram thing with the horns first screws that human goobox while Hot Mess Debbie looks on, and then… then in the next photo down we see that same ram sheep thing getting that goo cleaned off by a sucking sheep, while said same sheep provides a lambchop dinner for some giant rat looking thing. who thinks this stuff up? who goes to those places? the teens that are on the grid? superheros? land barons? Patriotic Nevas? in the hall of mirrors that is the interwebs, one may never know…

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