Jumpman Lane – The “Kang” of Second Life

by Pixeleen Mistral on 29/09/11 at 3:26 am

Last week, well-known virtual world entrepreneur Stroker Serpentine threw in the towel on Second Life after a long running series of feuds with Linden Lab and the notorious Jumpman Lane. Mr. Serpentine announced his departure in a series of tweets that caused alarm among his friends at the news that he was apparently exiting the virtual world suddenly - and permanently.

Stroker Tweets his farewell to Second Life

Monday evening I was able to interview Jumpman Lane and get his perspective on a situation many believe is an extreme case of cyberstalking and online bullying. In the interview, Mr. Lane made a number of extremely troubling statements - continuing his attacks on Stroker Serpentine and claiming Linden Lab staff encouraged his harassment of Serpentine after Serpentine filed a lawsuit against Linden Lab. But is this credible?

Jumpman Lane is well known for pursuing what I can only hope is a very deep level of roleplay in Second Life and taking his game to extremes - and into mainstream Internet media such as Facebook and Twitter. In the online world, where reputation is the only real currency, this cautionary take of what seems to be a smear artist and serial Google bomber with a grudge should give us all pause.

Is this the sort of game you want to play?

Pixeleen Mistral: this is a nice place, how long have you had it?
Jumpman Lane: this is juro kotharis masterpiece lol
Jumpman Lane: the dawson residence
Jumpman Lane: 6 months
Jumpman Lane: lady dawson charges me 100 usd a month lol

Jumpman Lane's office -  replica of Stroker Serpentine's head on the desk and skateboard leaning on the wall

Pixeleen Mistral: youch! I guess you can afford it though
Jumpman Lane: yup
Jumpman Lane: so u brought along any griefers lmao
Jumpman Lane: this dumps near natoma
Jumpman Lane: phils hill all that
Jumpman Lane: u crsh this theyll has ban ya lol
Jumpman Lane: hehehehe one of the allures of this ol laggy place

Pixeleen Mistral: I don't know why I have this reputation for griefers - I just talk to everybody
Jumpman Lane: hehehe whose kiddin whom pix hehehe
Jumpman Lane: ur a card
Jumpman Lane: i dont mind tho this is my show dump

Pixeleen Mistral: so - let's get started - I've been thinking about interviewing you for the Herald for a while
Jumpman Lane: why? hehehehe
Jumpman Lane: shoot

Pixeleen Mistral: before we get going - you know I have an issue with the potty mouth stuff, right?
Jumpman Lane: i wont cuss none pix i swear

Pixeleen Mistral: so do your best to behave
Jumpman Lane: i hate editing out stuff too
Jumpman Lane: :)

Pixeleen Mistral: you have had a long running disagreement with Stroker Serpentine
Pixeleen Mistral: but from what I saw on twitter recently you won
Pixeleen Mistral: how did that all play out?
Jumpman Lane: yeah i guess but he's crafty. he'll play up sympathy and come back to a bunch of hugs
Jumpman Lane: i unno

Pixeleen Mistral: I get people asking me what even started the fight
Jumpman Lane: i mean i was yappin with some tards online and saw his suicide note

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe we should start from the beginning
Jumpman Lane: oh thats easy. all his flunky pals used to sic me on theeir enemies
Jumpman Lane: cheergirl sicced me on chelsea

Pixeleen Mistral: chelsea?
Jumpman Lane: alfa winger sicced me on the owner of some dump club called platinum
Jumpman Lane: chelsea malibu

Pixeleen Mistral: and what does alfa winger do?
Jumpman Lane: well cheergirl sicced me on corsi mousehold but corsi well corsi sent me gifts and bought my allegience
Jumpman Lane: crap might have to edit that out lol
Jumpman Lane: alfa owns slcamz

Pixeleen Mistral: so that is an SL porn site?
Jumpman Lane: he had a girlfriend with her hears set on naming a club platinum so he paid me to run the platinum club owners off
Jumpman Lane: he makes a mint doing live cams in sl
Jumpman Lane: its a club
Jumpman Lane: slcamz u interviewed emm years ago lol
Jumpman Lane: they have these ukranina chicks doing live cams out of sl

Pixeleen Mistral: so things started out with you being an enforcer to muscle the competition out?
Jumpman Lane: basically i was a gun for hire at first in this stroker thing but then he pissed me off or something and it just built up lol
Jumpman Lane: yes precicly
Jumpman Lane: really just to smear folks

Pixeleen Mistral: how did stroker piss you off?
Jumpman Lane: i forgot lol it was before he built hump boy lame
Jumpman Lane: something he said somewhere
Jumpman Lane: then he sued linden lab and i had all this crap his buddies had told me so i spilled them

Pixeleen Mistral: so you didn't like it when stroker sued Linden Lab
Jumpman Lane: and after really looking into corsi's story i realized what a phoney stroker was and how easy it would be to attack him

Pixeleen Mistral: that upset a lot of people
Jumpman Lane: coudnt have cared less when they sued Linden Lab
Jumpman Lane: in fact if u dig for it u'll see where i supported him
Jumpman Lane: but like i said i was like a gun for hire

jumpman 001
a gun for hire

Pixeleen Mistral: I know - that is what I am trying to understand
Jumpman Lane: then the lindens contacted me
Jumpman Lane: with them it was all hints

Pixeleen Mistral: hints like what
Jumpman Lane: heck they fired im so it dont matter now

Pixeleen Mistral: ?
Jumpman Lane: Blondin was the one who approached me about smearing stroker over the suit
Jumpman Lane: he even lets it slip in one of his office hours

Pixeleen Mistral: ok - and you knew a lot of what was going on because you had been working with Stroker before
Jumpman Lane: noooooo
Jumpman Lane: never met stroker lol im sure we've never had an inworld conversation
Jumpman Lane: i met chelsea malibu first
Jumpman Lane: she told me a bunch of HER secrets to impress me
Jumpman Lane: then i met cheergirl who did the same
Jumpman Lane: then alf then hard rust

Pixeleen Mistral: ok - so you had dirt from chelsea and some others
Jumpman Lane: i know a lot of what they do in sl caws they told and showed me
Jumpman Lane: dirt from chelsea dirt from cheergirl dirt from alfa
Jumpman Lane: no dirt from hard he just follwed me around like a puppy

Pixeleen Mistral: LOL
Jumpman Lane: and dirt from a few lindens
Jumpman Lane: things to find out things to mention

Pixeleen Mistral: and the idea was to make Stroker look bad?
Jumpman Lane: that was their idea but i told them the truth is even better because he made himself look bad
Jumpman Lane: take his stance on ip rights

Pixeleen Mistral: ok
Jumpman Lane: he hates copybot but everybody he hangs withnis wearing stolen skins lmao
Jumpman Lane: its the biggest joke
Jumpman Lane: why is cheergirl using ripper viewers lmao
Jumpman Lane: u figure it out

Pixeleen Mistral: so with this sort inside information you had some leverage
Jumpman Lane: WHERE is cheergirl allen even lol
Jumpman Lane: god i got more info than i can write lol
Jumpman Lane: i just wait for the right moment
Jumpman Lane: they just told me things
Jumpman Lane: to impress me i guess
Jumpman Lane: like the redgrave skins

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe they were bragging?
Jumpman Lane: cheergirl gave the things to pals of mine
Jumpman Lane: rezzed the textures i got the asset uuids lmao
Jumpman Lane: pathetic
Jumpman Lane: im sure they were and boy i was im pressed hehehehe i still dont know how to steal skins in sl

Pixeleen Mistral: so you have all this insider info - how did you use it?
Jumpman Lane: well its just stuff they told me like i know the busness model for slcamz
Jumpman Lane: i write stories in my magazine when it suits me
Jumpman Lane: i reveal it to get back at my enemies
Jumpman Lane: consider this and this is accordin to that eros bunch
Jumpman Lane: 1. i wrecked chelsea malibu's deal wiht the real life jenna jameson club jenna and buried mountainmeister llc
Jumpman Lane: 2. wrecked vegas so stroker couldnt sell it like amsterdamn
Jumpman Lane: 3. cawsed him to have to settle eros vs linden research for a promise and n moies and ll's lawyers bills
Jumpman Lane: 4.stroker is suicidal, quit sl, called me the kang lol musta hurt some
Jumpman Lane: and thats what THEY say so i reckon im effective

jumpman 002
Jumpsman: "we have attacked our enemies by every means in any venue"

Pixeleen Mistral: so this has been going on for a long time - like the Stroker vs. LL lawsuit is old news
Jumpman Lane: old news to some lmao

Pixeleen Mistral: well - to you and me - but my readers don't know all the backstory
Jumpman Lane: technically u could say im a catspaw in the briggi vs. stroker war because ive defitly joined their cause so even longer

Pixeleen Mistral: but this has been more than some stories in your magazine
Jumpman Lane: hell though in not supposed to sat so im even seting the record straight on some class of 2003 drama that happened long before any of us ever heard of second life
Jumpman Lane: oh this is lush the new edtrix of my magazine
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: hello ㋡

Pixeleen Mistral: hi!
Jumpman Lane: more well we have attacked our enemies by every means in any venue lol

Pixeleen Mistral: like?
Jumpman Lane: twitter he prob wanted to committ suicide caws week before last stroker was threatening to caswe me up with a msdemenor charge of cyber stalking
Jumpman Lane: i pointed out to him that his peod antics on that tv show taboo might look bad to the fbi lol
Jumpman Lane: and so would his age play sex toy hump boy lame hehehe

Pixeleen Mistral: oh yeah - I remember the hump boy toy
Jumpman Lane: then he went quiet next i hear he's trying t hang his damn self or something
Jumpman Lane: yup
Jumpman Lane: hump boy waqs a godsend

Pixeleen Mistral: how so?
Jumpman Lane: ll taking it off xtreet helped to
Jumpman Lane: well it was removed for being an age play item
Jumpman Lane: can always say hey he's a pedo
Jumpman Lane: then he goes on taboo and they make him look like a perv
Jumpman Lane: try explaining all that away to some prosecutor never seen second life
Jumpman Lane: to them he's a sex offender and stroker knows it

Pixeleen Mistral: you have also been quite active in the comments on some web sites
Jumpman Lane: sure why not
Jumpman Lane: to the last ill graple wit them saps
Jumpman Lane: from hell's heart ill stab at em
Jumpman Lane: for hates sake spit my last breath at em
Jumpman Lane: they got my pal veronica2vixen devoix banned from second life

Pixeleen Mistral: how did they do that?
Jumpman Lane: former avastar reporter

Pixeleen Mistral: LL never bans people I dislike
Jumpman Lane: i unno cheergirl or her slag bimbo cheerleaders tricked her into repeating a secrect of cheergirls in world lol
Jumpman Lane: theyve banned plenty i dislike hehehe

Pixeleen Mistral: oh - then they ARed her?
Jumpman Lane: like these sappy furries named Poland used to piss me off as a noob
Jumpman Lane: rembeber them lush we bought mysti tools to fight em
Jumpman Lane: the good ol days
Jumpman Lane: yup they ARed her
Jumpman Lane: it was a douzy of a secrect
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: lololol..sure do, those were the days for sure
Jumpman Lane: im gonna reveal it in my book douchery thy name is serpentine
Jumpman Lane: hehehehehe

Pixeleen Mistral: but now Stroker is gone as far as I know
Jumpman Lane: Poland got banned

jumpman 003
Jumpman: "The thing with Stroker is, he chose to put his rl identity out there, expose his children and whatnot"

Pixeleen Mistral: so what is next?
Jumpman Lane: thats the fall part
Jumpman Lane: it ain t over
Jumpman Lane: cheergirl has to be attended to

Pixeleen Mistral: no?
Jumpman Lane: then chelsea malibu
Jumpman Lane: then alfa winger
Jumpman Lane: then hard rust
Jumpman Lane: i aint never stopping
Jumpman Lane: and theres some class of 2003 saps im gonna bury for lady

Pixeleen Mistral: but isn't Stroker a special case? everyone knows his RL identity
Jumpman Lane: crap for somebody else
Jumpman Lane: then im gonna make me an army of noobs and take over all of second life

Pixeleen Mistral: these others are not known, are they?
Jumpman Lane: naw theres a few enemies my pals have that are as old and famous as stroker
Jumpman Lane: sure we promoted slut mag off his troubles and we're gonna promote pisxel x out of his and others people troubles

Pixeleen Mistral: and even if you don't know their real life names you can still go after their facebook and twitter
Jumpman Lane: pixel x magazine lol we changed the name like yall did
Jumpman Lane: i dont care about their real lives lol
Jumpman Lane: take the olbies like stroker they all disclose who they are anyways
Jumpman Lane: i never attacked stroker rl
Jumpman Lane: he just slipped up rl

Pixeleen Mistral: what do you think Stroker will do next?
Jumpman Lane: he let those taboo producers set him side by side with the biggest wierdos in the world
Jumpman Lane: do some time
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: The thing with Stroker is, he chose to put his rl identity out there, expose his children and whatnot
Jumpman Lane: i think he'll lurk back into second life
Jumpman Lane: try to case me up as a cyber stalker
Jumpman Lane: then im marching to the fbi
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: i doubt hed leave premanently
Jumpman Lane: exactlyt lush

Pixeleen Mistral: so you think you have evidence that the FBI will accept?
Jumpman Lane: we take that little surrender thing i quit im gona kill myself as looking for pity and virtual hugs
Jumpman Lane: i know the ins and out of the federal legal system
Jumpman Lane: belive it or not ive had a fine education hehehe
Jumpman Lane: federal prosecutors win 90% of their cases
Jumpman Lane: he'd take some kind ogf plea
Jumpman Lane: he's got enough to be charged
Jumpman Lane: and they dont need proof
Jumpman Lane: not beyond a resonable doubt just grand jury evidence for a sealed indictment
Jumpman Lane: or unsealed
Jumpman Lane: then he'd plead to some lesser pedo charge
Jumpman Lane: no more stroker
Jumpman Lane: if i were him i'd stop messing with me all together. quit sl so i can move on down our list of enemies

Pixeleen Mistral: the pedo thing is a very serious charge to make
Jumpman Lane: watch taboo its creepy
Jumpman Lane: in a way i do worry about his daughter
Jumpman Lane: i mean i dont cyber with my close friends in sl
Jumpman Lane: never with lush here for example
Jumpman Lane: i could t with people i refered to as family

Pixeleen Mistral: shouldn't the police have acted on that Taboo show already?
Jumpman Lane: and i cyber all the time
Jumpman Lane: how u know they didnt lmao
Jumpman Lane: :)
Jumpman Lane: how do you know they arent
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: :þ~~~~
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: ew, Jump :þ~~~~

Pixeleen Mistral: well - I don't know actually
Jumpman Lane: something sure spooked the man
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: be like banging my brother
Jumpman Lane: i know tight
Jumpman Lane: right

Pixeleen Mistral: how can anyone know?
Jumpman Lane: u cant until they unseal the indictment
Jumpman Lane: they do that usually after the plea
Jumpman Lane: the guilty plea

jumpman 004
Jumpman: "facebook sucks i just mostly link spam facebook"

Pixeleen Mistral: I remember when you were fighting with Stroker before you said some things about his wife being on crack or something - that seemed to really set Stroker off
Jumpman Lane: put it to ya like this the world will known if his surrender is fake
Jumpman Lane: yeah
Jumpman Lane: they let slip she was in recovery or someth

Pixeleen Mistral: really?
Jumpman Lane: yup stroker said something along those lines in a forum
Jumpman Lane: and recently i called his son gay on twitter lol
Jumpman Lane: well it aint disclosure o nothing i dont think his son is gay
Jumpman Lane: and he disclosed the biut about his wife when he sent me a notecard demanding i retract the statments

Pixeleen Mistral: so it seems like part of how this works is you point out things like this about Stroker and his family and use twitter and facebook
Jumpman Lane: well u told me i couldnt cuss
Jumpman Lane: naw not facebook so muck

Pixeleen Mistral: mostly twitter?
Jumpman Lane: facebook sucks i just mostly link spam facebook lol
Jumpman Lane: well mostly slut magazine hehehe well pixel x magazine but twitter is fun
Jumpman Lane: see i learnt their limits when i tried to get some fake accounts they made of me there
Jumpman Lane: so i know how far to go in twitter

Pixeleen Mistral: it took you a long time to break Stroker though - like years
Jumpman Lane: same in sl i befriended lindens
Jumpman Lane: they let me know the boundaries
Jumpman Lane: vs. eros those boundaries widened a bit lol
Jumpman Lane: naw just since eros vs. linden research
Jumpman Lane: aint been that long lol

Pixeleen Mistral: so after the Eros lawsuit LL gave you more room to maneuver?
Jumpman Lane: hehehehehe plenty more room
Jumpman Lane: take the posts i did in the forums

Pixeleen Mistral: so what is next for you
Jumpman Lane: sl forums
Jumpman Lane: i used to get a three day suspension for calling some one a sap lol

Pixeleen Mistral: and now?
Jumpman Lane: now id get suspended for calling some one a sap too lol
Jumpman Lane: but then
Jumpman Lane: then he had their hands tied
Jumpman Lane: they couldnt discipline him or thyd seem vindictive
Jumpman Lane: they couldnt discipline me caws it wouldnt be fair

Pixeleen Mistral: so you could say pretty much anything
Jumpman Lane: so they called it all a personal dispute and all bets were off
Jumpman Lane: could and did
Jumpman Lane: he could make hump boy i could make effigies and we could defame each other
Jumpman Lane: i got a lil note
Jumpman Lane: play times over jumpy lol
Jumpman Lane: but in all fairness he got a pass too
Jumpman Lane: but he made himself look bad
Jumpman Lane: and the redgrave skin thing didnt help
Jumpman Lane: jewels ur standing on my stuffed head of stroker serpentine heheheh

Pixeleen Mistral: hi jewels!
Jewels Cassell: xD
Jumpman Lane: this is jewels a photog of pixel x and stuiff
Jewels Cassell: sorry, lushys limo driver kicked me onto an odd place!
Jewels Cassell: Hello everyone :)
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: :þ~~~~
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: I wanted you to ride Stroker's stuffed face :þ~~~~

Pixeleen Mistral: so how do you think this makes you look?
Jumpman Lane: hi his is pix edits the alphaville herald
Jewels Cassell: I figured lol
Jumpman Lane: look what lmao
Jumpman Lane: ive been like this since day one
Jumpman Lane: im pals with my pals and will bury my enemies and their enemies too
Jumpman Lane: everyone else better just stay out of my way
Jumpman Lane: see im rakin muck here
Jumpman Lane: like citizen lane
Jumpman Lane: some will love me soome will hate me i dont care either way
Jumpman Lane: but if ur my pal weell go all or nothing against the world

Pixeleen Mistral: I think you said recently that you are the Kang of SL
Jumpman Lane: stroker said i was too

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe that is the title I should use
Jumpman Lane: its like the criminal rating u recieve in grand theft auto san andreas
Jumpman Lane: look at my sl
Jumpman Lane: darling of linden lab

Pixeleen Mistral: Jumpman Lane - the Kang of SL
Jumpman Lane: juro kothari custom home lol
Jumpman Lane: yup i sppelt em all out on my blog lol

Pixeleen Mistral: ok - well thanks for talking
Jumpman Lane: from noob through fic to lil carducci man of power aqlla way up to king of second life lol
Jumpman Lane: np

Pixeleen Mistral: I'm getting paged in real life
Jumpman Lane: have a good one lol
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: nice to have met you
Lusciouslumpchunks McMillan: ㋡

Pixeleen Mistral: thanks again jumpman - its been real

77 Responses to “Jumpman Lane – The “Kang” of Second Life”

  1. LOL

    Sep 29th, 2011

    what a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  2. SIGH

    Sep 29th, 2011


  3. Ryokashi

    Sep 29th, 2011


  4. Robble Rubble

    Sep 29th, 2011

    I am so disappointed that Pixeleen would give this ass an article. How is he worth anyone’s time?

  5. Codizzo

    Sep 29th, 2011

    I like how he says Poland got banned. Last I recall it’s still around. What a scrub.

  6. Urizenus Sklar

    Sep 29th, 2011

    “Jumpman Lane: Blondin was the one who approached me about smearing stroker over the suit ”


  7. HumpBoy Lame

    Sep 29th, 2011

    I blame Jumpman’s mother, it is all her fault! Jumpman is the load of cum she should have swallowed!

  8. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 29th, 2011

    @codizzo last time i checked you were a permabanned prim litterer and a chat spammer hehehehe i mean you mighta crashed a sim lol but prob not! the greatest thing you ever did was let prok neva ar you out of second life. or kalel or whom so ever did. i remeber you when you used to trail behind Tizzeh hehehe hopin to hop into a conversation. dont act like i dont know who u r. dont get snitty with me sap lol.

    heheh and the rest of you “griefers’ im gonna tell ya what i told stroker and his lil pervy fam. u guys are pikers 4 sure. but we are after 1 thing and 1 thing only. powah hehehehe and we mean business

    doin it for the lulz lmao what is grief comparted to genuine sorrow
    Stroker had it coming

  9. Observer

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Well Uri the question needs to be directed to the Judge and District Attorney.

  10. bubblesort

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Interesting… this mercenary thing seems to be a pretty big thing. zFire was into that crap when he was doing all that shady stuff with RedZone. His gang was the Knights of Mars. I always suspected there was something more to him getting doxed and vanned, just from a few emails we exchanged before the end. He said that I don’t know what is really going on, like there is some larger conflict and I was only seeing part of it, but he never told me the full story. Jumpman talking about getting paid to take people out reminded me of the Knights of Mars.

    Anyway, I think it’s crazy to think that any court would take Stroker’s episode of taboo into evidence. There is nothing illegal with what he did on that show. He fantasizes about incest, that doesn’t mean he does it. I fantasize about doing all kinds of horrible things, that doesn’t mean I’m actually going to take a chainsaw out and go to town on the next guy who answers his cell phone next to me at the movie theater.

    My issues with Stroker are that his claims about his place in the industry are baseless. Corsi said he can’t even code. His old business partners say that he ripped them off, nobody I know will work with him after that. On top of that he was selling his sex toys as PG rated content on the SL marketplace. A teen grid refugee even bought one just to show what he was doing. When Arwyn Quandry called him on it on SLU Stroker threw a fit, flamed at her and shut down his business like a baby rather than apologize and rate his products mature like they should have been to begin with. I hear that before he left this week Stroker was planning to restart his business again.

    This guy has two modes: Troll and dramatic exit. Then he comes back. The only time I’ve ever heard of him leaving a situation quietly was when he made off with his business partner’s loot. The guy is a sleazy troll. Good riddance to him. Maybe now I don’t have to see Stroker every time a major media outlet decides to run a story on SecondLife. I wouldn’t bet on it, though. He’ll be back.

  11. Senban Babii

    Sep 29th, 2011

    I actually felt IQ points pouring out of my ears as I read each line.

  12. Groundhog Boa

    Sep 29th, 2011

    How can anybody believe a word of this crap? This guy with his sick imagination has less credibility than an eel in a bucket of snot.

  13. Couldbe Yue

    Sep 29th, 2011

    @ Urizenus

    I remember jumpman coming to at least 1 (possibly two but I can’t really remember) of the weekly meetings with Blondin back in mid 2009. I remember jumpman complaining loudly about the lag in zindra and that’s about it. What I don’t remember is Blondin ever mentioning going after Stroker. What I do remember is around that time Blondin was encouraging those moving to zindra to form AR parties to AR anyone left on mature.

    I’d have to go dig the transcripts up but I’m pretty confident my recollection is correct.

  14. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 29th, 2011


  15. Alfa Winger

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Thanks for mentioning SLCamz, Dumpman!

    SecondLifes FIRST and still largest webcam service in SL!

    Drama free since 2006

  16. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 29th, 2011

    I’m going to demand an interview on something stupid from my past now. Or maybe I can use an article as advertising for a future product?

  17. Orca Flotta

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Scum vs scum, as if it would matter, what they do to weed out each other. As long as they do it can only be for the better of SL’s future.

    Isn’t it time for another Post 6 girl? That’s more wholesome and fun than all those wannabe bad guys and porn kings thrown together in a bucket of cum.

  18. Cathiee McMillan

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Wow, ok love Jumpman Lane saying he has alot of education and i could hardly tell what he was saying half the time in the interview. If you call it an interview.
    stop the freaking Internet slang and speak like a human being in interviews you sound like a 16 year old kid stuck in 4chan speak.
    Its sad you have a personal vendetta against someone and you laugh about you freaking admit that you are.
    Honestly you should be banned from secondlife for admitting that you want to remove the rest of the people that you don’t like.
    I suggest you move on and get a second life. Stop harassing others

  19. Nidol

    Sep 29th, 2011

    I will never understand how some people can be full of so much hate, especially for something so… little.

  20. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Hi Alfa! Do you age verify them Ukranian Slags etc etc u got camming for u? Got their age verified docs on file! Caws dude, I forgot hehehe

    Here’s a transcript 4 ya

    Jumpman Lane: Zapped ya dumb a$$!
    Bow down to a true pimp!

    Stroker Setpentine: Ohhhhhhh! That hurted!

    Jumpman Lane: I don’t give a f@ck! I’m made of Laffy Taffy! Look at my outfit!


  21. LOL

    Sep 29th, 2011

    The funniest thing about all of this is, it just proves the only sexual interactions Jumpman Lane has is in a videogame. Thats just down right helarious! The reason his spelling is so horrible is so obvious to me, his keyboard is totally sticky and crusty with semin.

  22. giggles

    Sep 29th, 2011

    This sap should change his name to Looser Lane so he can share initials with Linden Lab

  23. Chris Norse

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Jumpman is educated and fairly intelligent. I have seen it in some of my dealings with him. He just hides it well with his “Arlington’s Most Wanted” routine.

  24. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Hi Chris! I unno why they act like they don’t unnastan meh then get mad and write War & Peace posts like Booky The Bookworm used to in the old SL forums.

    To the virtual werld of Second Life I apologize for puttin that rabid dog Stroker Serpentine down like that in so public a manner. But Serpentine…he had it coming! I know some of y’all might still feel a little raw about the deal. Well if you want revenge, I’ll be waiting. :) y’all can bow down to A Lane too!

  25. Cathiee McMillan

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Jumpman why make a comment like this
    “Serpentine…he had it coming! I know some of y’all might still feel a little raw about the deal. Well if you want revenge, I’ll be waiting. y’all can bow down to A Lane too!”
    Can’t you just let it alone and let everyone go their different ways. Why try to provoke your war more? Do you get off on instigating battles and wars? What purpose does it gain?
    Only thing i can tell so far it fulfills your ego that you feel you took down someone that you hated and now you want to challenge the others that were his friends.

  26. DJQuad

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Awesome interview. One more pedo gone from SL.

  27. fararden

    Sep 29th, 2011

  28. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Prokofy Neva cares! I mean freebie reselling aside! Prok proved he cares bout Mr Serpentine’s well being! :)

  29. Randall Crockett

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Perhaps we need to clarify something as the founder and still CEO of the firm that owns the brand Mountainmiester Media, LLC [M3] and who represented Club Jenna with several of our clients in experimenting with the virtual world through Second Life.

    Wherein this belief that somehow someone “ruined” M3 is far from accurate and I would welcome the opportunity to meet in person once a Non Disclosure Agreement is signed, at our offices to discuss.

    We continue to represent Club Jenna and many other Playboy Properties along with many other interest however, we did not see where our involvement in Second Life could ever show the levels of return we needed as it simply did not have the technical capabilities we where seeking.

    A serious lack of understanding that there is something outside of Second Life seems to be present on this forum however, our focus needed to be on the substantial engagements with this client and many others in the real world.

    All of our clients are still finding interest in virtual environments though the limitations of Second Life prevented us from attaining a credible ROI while the marketing potential also came with additional limitations.

    It was a pure economic and business decision to part of Second Life and focus our energies to real world dynamics but unfortunately had nothing to do with the person who goes by the name Jumpman Lane.

    On another note, the person who plays the Chelsea Malibu game character is still one of our firms Senior Partners and valued member of our team.

  30. marilyn murphy

    Sep 29th, 2011

    wow. as i read this, i realized i was listening to that fast talking guy talking to another guy in the booth behind me in a gay bar. revenge and installing trouble in others lives because of some percieved slight, and or just wanting to mess with people, “cuz i am such a princess bitch!” sorta thing. it takes all kinds in sl. i don’t think anyone should really give a damn.
    when the nixon enemies list came out, many people were pissed off that they were not on it. this guy doesn’t rate that level of contempt. he has no powers to wield. he claims to have juicy stories from 2003. big deal. juicier stories happen hourly in sl these days. what went on in 2003 was much more sedate compared to now.

  31. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 29th, 2011

    @marilyn murphy class of 2003

    you misunderstood. i’ll explain. this turd Stroker dared DARED insult one of my friends, ONE OF YOUR friends from the class of 2003. when she counseled mercy for the fool, I said NO! Mercy is for the weak! and im sure it was a nice magic wand!

    breeze in and play miss knowier than thou oldie turd all you want but pretend you understand me at you own risk! sap!

  32. DJQuad

    Sep 29th, 2011

    Damn Randall, put down your word-of-the-day dictionary and stop talking like you have a clue. If you say “Wherein”, “substantial engagements with this client”, “ROI”, etc etc etc one more time I swear I’ll get physically sick watching you try to impress everyone with your nonsensical ramblings.

    It’s pretty pathetic so many are defending the plumber pedophile who made SexGen. What Jumpy did was call him out and get rid of him. Like him or not, he got rid of that pathetic excuse of an age-player. It’s truly sad when I see so many defending a sex offender.

    The pedophile made his outdated 2006 pixel humping animations full-perm and it has everyone up in arms. Go outside, get some fresh air, there’s a big rl world above your basement. Stop getting fatter and if you find yourself ever saying anything like “Corsi Mousehold: I am in tears”, check yourself into the nearest mental hospital.

  33. T-Bone

    Sep 30th, 2011

    The problem is you are a total asshole, and – the simple fact you have not been banned by the damp squibs that are the worringly lame Rodvik’s LL minions – sounds another death knell for the platform.

    Educated? If only. I suspect you may soon regret the interview with the griefers favourite reporter.

    Time will tell.

  34. DJQuad

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Between “worringly” and “death knell” your intelligence speaks for itself.

  35. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 30th, 2011

    fall dead tbone linden lab doesnt regulate 3rd party sites! stroker aint dead! and i know how to fight! dont see a downside!

  36. Lady Dawson

    Sep 30th, 2011

    I’d like to make it clear that I don’t know what list he’s talking about and I have no enemies.

  37. dagooch

    Sep 30th, 2011

    SS and lameboi deserve each other. lameboi just doesn’t realise (yet) that he’s being sucked into the same karma whirlpool that swallowed stroker.

    and oh, the irony of marilyn murphy telling people to let go of past grudges is astounding. LMFAO!

  38. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @ Jumpman Lane

    Fu­ck the Classes of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Fu­ck everyone who refers to themselves as “Class of” anything. Fu­ck “seniority”. Fu­ck “experience”. Fu­ck anyone who gets their panties in a wad over an insult. Fu­ck your friend. Fu­ck you. Now blow me, and spare me the childish keyboard pecking.

  39. Shockwaves in Second Life

    Sep 30th, 2011

    [...] is lots of drama in the issue and RL lawsuits.  Some of the drama is… discussed… here: Jumpman Lane – The “Kang” of Second Life. This is an interview that appears in the Alphaville Herald. You’ll have to decide who is telling [...]

  40. hobo kelly

    Sep 30th, 2011

    so I see that porkrind neva has dumped all the Jumpman Lane dox right out into the open. or the Hump Boy Lame dox. I can now see that Jumpy got into the middle of this mess for the same reason that Porkrind Neva got into the mess: To write up more sappy crap for their respective Blogs so they can tap the popularity and get the traffic into their advertising too. I NEVER would have guessed in a million years that a thread hitting the 10,000 mark on one blog would suck several advert-click-hungry competing bloggers into it like flies to a flame. All this crap being spewed by Jumpman and Porkrind is just an attempt to ride the very popular anti-JLU rising tide and profit from it. Cheap two-bit money grubbers. Screw them both into some anonymous bolt hole somewhere, lock it and walk away.

  41. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @Nelson I ain’t inna class if 2003! And watch ur turdy Lil mouf bout the class of 2007!

    Hobo me and Prok saved Stroker Serpentine’s worthless life! Sinking to freebie reselling is an all time low for the Prokstar but wtf PROK IS A HERO!

    Everybody clarifying stuff! I’d just like to make clear that I am just A Lane! Yung Puddin Tane! :)

  42. Bunjie

    Sep 30th, 2011

    I got as far as “Jumpman Lane: exactlyt lush” did I miss anything of relevance after? I think not…

    I ju… st… meh….

    As for Stroker if at all this is true other than some game hes playing to mess with Jumpman/Corsi and other enemy’s, I’m sorry to see him go out in flames when I feel he had so much more potential to offer, as soon as I saw the Stroker thread on SLU I imagined the worse, because that’s the kinda shit person I am but anyway I could only imagine “egos” got the better of him and lead him down that RL media path thinking he’d be on a high and not understanding the overall fall out.

    Just look at all the celebrities as any given example of what being thrust into the media can cause, and it’s not a pretty sight…. is it worth it? perhaps for some if you’re that superficial and driven by it.

    What happened to psychologists and other support before he even made the show? I mean even that crap of a reality show Big Brother was forced to give support after and perhaps before to prepare for the media light and un-adoring fans. And Taboo was always going to cause more irrepressible harm than good would come out of it ,as it’s fucking Taboo and people get the wrong understanding and go after you.

    A few furries have been put up on shows like Taboo (euro trash) and even on Taboo it’s self I believe, not that I’ve watched it but that didn’t end well at all, so you’d think someone would learn something by someone elses mistakes..

    Second Life is like an ego bubble like Jumpman Lane is trapped in, and when it bursts it’s messy for everyone, I really hope Rodvik can get a handle on peoples over inflated egos before they become like Kalel Venkman’s JLU Taboo’s, an issue that ruins everyone’s fun.

  43. Yep

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Damn lol go getem Tiger :P

  44. Yep

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Should Stroker ever file stalking charges, Jumpman has been telling on himself in many different forums. Funny how Jumpman is dragging LL into this.
    And the beat goes on


  45. bubblesort

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @Urizenus: The complete lack of any reaction to the revelation that Blondin is involved leads me to think that either:

    A: Nobody believes Jumpman
    B: This is the kind of crap everybody expects from LL.

    Since people are all having so much fun flaming at Jumpman, but none of them are actually calling him a liar when it comes to his account of what Blondin told him, I’m inclined to go with B. This is the kind of petty childishness we have all come to expect from our game gods.

    But hey, it’s better than the Greek Gods. I mean, the Greek Gods literally came down and raped people when they got bored. Lindens wouldn’t do that.

    … then again, you never know what kind of depraved sex sims the Lindens hang out at with their alts.

  46. paul

    Sep 30th, 2011


    oh that’s right…we are supposed to be outraged about THAT irrelevant subject as opposed to THIS irrelevant subject.

  47. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @ Jumpman Lane

    Then especially fuck the Class of 2007.

  48. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @yep case me up cyberstalkin or w/e I marchin straight to the FBI! Fool went on national tv (taboo) sweating like a perv while beating off fantasying over roleplaying daughter-sex while his real life little girl slept. Linden Lab removed Hump Boy Lame from xstreet on an ageplay sex toy AR if not from in world. Call the law I say! I will too!

    Blondin gone and his mouth is clamped up by a non disclosur agreement. All it ever was was hints but he kept a blown up copy of his feature in slut magazine in his Boston office. He wasn’t the only Linden to read Slut Magazine. Linden Lab turnt up on sitemeter alla time lol.
    LL wasn’t the first one to wish Slut Mag would pounce on some one. We rake muck! Them pesky Lindens don’t care! No where can I say Here is where a Linden Lab employee said bash Serpentine. Thet erased everything. I can’t even find Blondins OH transcript where I said Stroker’s smearing me! I’m being defamed!
    And Blondin said I sure wish someone would smear him lol


  49. Couldbe Yue

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @ Jumpman Lane

    If that’s the meeting you were banging on about Facebook then try the end of Sept 2009. Whilst I don’t have that log myself, I know someone who does so if it is that log then they can verify if you’re telling the truth or not.

    but really, do you want to have those logs posted? you actually speak well constructed, easily understandable, English sentences in them. I’m sure that wouldn’t be good for your reputation.

  50. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @hehehe couldbe I don’t talk good English in them logs alla time lol. I searched online everywhere. The logs are gone but Blondin did wish someone wold bash the fool! I took off runnin with it from there! Lol

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