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All Things Sheeny: Reading Charlie Sheen to Find Meaning in a Secular Age

by Peter Ludlow and Charles Parsons* In a recently published book, Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Kelly argue that the crisis of our current age stems from the indecision and resulting nihilism that come from our having lost the system of values provided by monotheism. In the Christian age our correct course of action in all [...]

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Shock! Uri Flaks for the Kremlin Again!

Soviet/4Chan conspiracy exposed.  Over 9000 memes and counting. In this telling interview, Herald founder Urizenus Sklar reveals his connections with the sordid Anonymous, and by doing so on Russia TV…well.  Connect.  The.  Dots.  Clearly Prokofy Neva was right:  This is all part of the Kremlin/4Chan plot to take over the world, one meme at a [...]

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Why is Jeanne Whalen Stonewalling Me on Her WikiLeaks Story?

Urizenus Sklar unretires (again) and explains!!! Picture this. It was Sept. 17 and I was kicking back with a glass of Ransom Gin on ice while celebrating the publication of my article on WikiLeaks in The Nation, when the mojo wire crackled to life. I had incoming email via an anonymous remailer routed through Belgium. [...]

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