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Mercury :: Couture

by Tenshi Vielle, Fabulous Fashionista Mercury’s newest design and the conclusion to their summer line: Minnie. Mercury Couture, Second Life’s newest debuted couture house, held their first show yesterday at 7pm SLT. It went smoothly – and that isn’t counting the less-than-five hours that they had to prepare the show at an entirely new venue. [...]

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Op/Ed: I was wrong

by Tenshi Vielle, Fabulous Fashionista "We All Have A WeaknessBut Some Of Ours Are Easier To Identify."–Dig, Incubus Did you ever just have one of those days? Well, as it appears, I’ve had one of those weeks. One of those weeks that, in a slew of insults and nasty things being thrown, someone finally holds [...]

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