The pets will help. Not!

by Alphaville Herald on 28/10/03 at 6:04 pm

A lot of Alpha denizens have told me that the game will improve a lot when the pets and jobs come online this week. Sorry to crush your hopes, but that isn’t likely. I’ve been in Test Center for a while now and have seen it all. The pets are fun for a week, but then are a nuissance. The problem is that while they are oh so cute when they first come out of the box they are so small interracting witht them is actually a strain. These things are sim ants in fur!

Worse than that however, they can’t do much exept be petted and pee on the floor and (in the best possible scenario) run away. I actually prefer the birds, which don’t do much either except eat crackers and sit on their perches, but one can skill charisma with them, so it beats talking to mirrors (you will, however, have to turn down the sound because the squawking is annoying in the extreme). Pets are not the answer. And Oh Yeah, friends tell me that the jobs bite too.

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