Back to the Robot Factory

by Alphaville Herald on 15/11/03 at 11:04 pm

A couple weeks ago I posted a complaint about the new jobs on TSO. In particular, my utility sim, Doctor Legion took a job in a robot factory and suffered the mind numbing boredom of it for one shift, and was appalled by some of the slogans that are streamed at us while we worked: One in particular that I remarked on was “Trust MOMI”, a little ditty that was even picked up on by Ted Castronova in the Terra Nova blog. Interestingly, that slogan no longer exists, but the game does stream “Cooperating is the Key to Robot Production” and “Robot Production is the Key to Victory”. Ah fascist slogans are just SO FUN! not.

Anyway, today I turned my avatar to my 7 year old daughter who carried out the factory duties in my place, and while she complained that the job was too easy and very boring, she did earn a promotion for my Avatar! Wooot!

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  1. Peter Ludlow

    Nov 16th, 2003

    Oooops. My strategy of letting my daughter run my avatar in the factory backfired today when an explosion killed the avatar. I guess these things are commonplace. That nutty Maxis. Factory deaths are just SO FUNNY. not.

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