International SimCon update

by Alphaville Herald on 19/11/03 at 4:55 pm

More news on the upcoming International SimCon.

Looks like there has been a change of venue – will now be held at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn MI. That is probably a good move. They also announce a call for nominations for the “Simmy Awards.” Voting will take place in January and will conclude at the event.

Not sure this makes much sense given that I have no idea about sims and lots in other cities. Shouldn’t these awards be given on a per-city basis?
Following are the rules and guidelines, but what I *really* would like to know is why there is no category for Best Newspaper!

Read on for an excerpt from the press release and the categories in which awards will be offered.

—from press release—

You may enter one Sim in each catagory. They can be the same sim. You
CANNOT nominate yourself. Any person nominating themselves will be

Here are some additional guidlines for nominating sims:

1. You must include thier full sim name and primary city.
2. They SHOULD know they are being nominated. Inform/Ask them first 3. They MUST be attending the convention to accept the award. Do not
nominate anyone unless you know they are planning on attending. 4. You may “Write In” A catagory if you desire. It may or may not be
included on ballots.

Nominations will be accepted until January 1st. At that time, each
lot/sim will be visited secretly by a secret judge sim or two, and they
will determine those, who will be placed on the final ballot. This
system prevents “popularity contests” or someone paying people to be
nominated. To win, you must really deserve it!

Voting will take place here, on the forums, and at the convention.

The Catagories Are:
1. Sexiest Sim
2. Best Skill Lot
3. Best Money Lot
4. Best Services Lot
5. Best Romance Lot
6. Best Offbeat Lot
7. Best Retail Lot
8. Best Gaming Lot
9. Best Entertainment Lot
10. Best Residential Lot
11. Best Welcome Lot
12. Lot of the Year, Why?
13. Best House/Building Design
14. Most Creative Event/Activity
15. Most Creative House/Use of Lot
16. Best Hospitality From Sim, Why?
17. Best Random Act of Kindness From A Sim, Why?
18. Most Likely To Be Elected Mayor Of Thier City: (List City)
19. Sim Of The Year, Why? 2
20. Radio Station of the Year

Click Below to Nominate!

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