After a few moments of silence, Kale speaks on the termination of Urizenus

by Alphaville Herald on 12/12/03 at 7:13 am

All right, I realize and fully concede that this comes from an impartial standpoint, so take it for what it’s worth or don’t take it at all- your choice. I won’t keep quiet any longer. The termination of Urizenus is just sad. Kale has refused to play the game since the whole sordid turn of affairs. I feel it is my right, nay, it’s my moral duty to deliver some final words on the sim. Forgive my ineloquence; I’m really not good at delivering sentiment in public.

A few proper words in remembrance: Uri was a damn fine avatar; he lived and he died by a rare and noble code of honor. I think I spent nearly as much time with him as any in the majestic and strange castle he owned. I *never* saw him treat anyone unfair or unkind. Resurrections were offered to all; room and board he denied to none (and the dude mixed a truly spectacular manhattan). He was wise; a supremely open-minded avatar, who let others freely act, speak, and exist as they so chose. Mixed with his sage presence was a delightful dose of “silly.” Laughter constantly surrounded Uri; the man knew how to have fun and enjoy life. Perhaps the above description already suffices to make Urizenus a decent enough avatar. Yet, there’s one final piece of the sim, that maybe few realized was there, which set him apart and above. He had a conscience; he could not and he *would not* stand idle as possible criminal injustices were perpetrated outside of the cozy confines of Alpha’. It’s for this last reason that I must deem Urizenus the highest and most noble of avatars. Ironically, it appears that it may have been just this very trait- one to be cherished and honored above all others, that cost him his own life. While I feel that the deceased Urizenus wouldn’t have it any other way (I’ve little doubt that he wouldn’t fathom any other cause more worthy to go out on, and he wasn’t one to cry over a wrong done to him) I can’t help but be disillusioned and outraged at his execution. If a man’s character is his fate, then Urizenus deserved a far better fate than was offered to him in the end. Personally, I will never forgive this desperate and cruel act against my fellow sim. And I will never forget. So, one last time, here and now, I raise a toast to your ghost whom I know will always be with us in one form or another.
You were faithful to the end: R.I.P., my brother.
(I don’t believe I’ll ever drink another manhattan again.)

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  1. Stella Dives

    Dec 12th, 2003

    I completely agree Kale :| Urizenus was the very last person in TSO who deserved to be terminated. Im livid.

  2. Tester

    Dec 12th, 2003

    You’re all dorks.

  3. Kelci-BF

    Dec 13th, 2003

    The ‘MODS” always had a way of ‘slapping’ all the wrong people in the face. Maybe it’s their level of intelligence that’s to blame (although there really were a couple of bright ones, on my honor)

    I had a great deal of difficulty overlooking all the ‘Gestapo’ tactics that I was both witness and subject to since Aug 2002…and to see what some folks ‘got away with’ was equally as astounding.

    The problem is that it’s difficult to remind one’s self of who we’re dealing with and not take personal offense :)

    If they were ‘smart’, would they have put the game out when it was sooo incomplete? That alone should have told any of us with a modicum of intelligence where their ‘brains’ were at.

    Do you suppose my post will get ‘deleted’? :) :) :)

  4. RB

    Dec 13th, 2003

    thier brains were at peoples wallets that’s where. they still are. money is priority no.1 for them.

  5. urizenus

    Dec 13th, 2003

    Thank you Kale, for the fine eulogy. Let me just comfort one and all by saying that I have not perished, but have gone to a better place. I am still with all of you, if only in a dis-sim-bodied form. (Oh lordy what a dumb joke that was. Maybe Tester is right; I am a dork. Or was.)

    That having been said, let’s have a moment for all the innocents that perished with Urizenus. First and foremost, I think of Cheddar Cheese Cheetah and Black, his cats. Cheddar was of course a rare breed, but he never showed it, and always treated Black as an equal. They were fine cats. Then there was poor kindly Richard Saunders in Calvin’s Creek. Homeless in the end, but at one time a tuxedoed greeter in a fine gentlemens’ club, and oh the stories he could have told (hmmm, we’ll have to channel him). Then there was Parmenides Smith in Tech Center — our geeky tech editor. Never caused trouble, but lived quitely with his birds Talky and Squawky and his dog (whose name I forget). Or Doctor Legion, the pink monster in alphaville who ran a friendly goth supply store, worked diligently in the robot factory and always had a leather glove ready to deploy in defense of innocents. TSO will miss them all. They were fine sims.

  6. Molly

    Dec 13th, 2003

    Urizenus, though I only spoke to him once, seemed to me like a kind and generous soul. I wish his RL persona luck in bringing down the scum of Alphaaville with other avatars in the near future.

  7. Medicated Dad

    Dec 13th, 2003

    Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All
    The Alphaville Herald: After a few moments of silence, Kale speaks on the termination of Urizenus Just when you think you’ve seen it all, out comes a truly weird experiment: a real blog/newspaper about a fictional place. The place in…

  8. TSO Sucks

    Dec 15th, 2003

    I think that you guys need to get a grip. Seriously. It’s a fucking game. Christ Almighty, you’re treating this like it’s some life-changing event.

    Go outside, you jackasses.

  9. joe

    Dec 15th, 2003

    This is possibly one of the saddest things I’ve read in a long time. People like you actually scare me.

  10. anon

    Dec 15th, 2003

    I don’t even know what TSO stands for ;-) . However i play an MMORPG and feel it has two major things in common with SimsOnline. Time taken from RL is just as valuable (and they take a lot of time). The human interaction.

    IMHO it seems that Urizenus had good intentions and should not have been removed from the game.

    In response to “go outside, you jackasses.”; in reading this site it seems its closer to RL than most would think (in reference to ‘whistle blower’ incident).

    I found out about this site via who has a funny comic about EA, Maxis and this whole ordeal. I’m just thankful that SquareEnix have been good hosts thus far.

  11. noob

    Dec 15th, 2003

    you lot are all insane.
    insane i tells ya!
    go play Sonic its far more fun…

  12. NPK

    Dec 15th, 2003

    You have the right to live your own life. You have the right to make your own choices and in the american society your value is meaningless. Thus stated you people are doing exactly what society and wants in becoming a being whos goal is to please itself. I would commend you on that but I feel people who are able to do more and have the freedom to do such should. I also fight this and you are not alone. Only you can make the true choice.

  13. God

    Dec 15th, 2003

    Blah blah blah….if self-gratification is what society wants, then self-gratification it shall get!

  14. sillysprat

    Dec 18th, 2003

    I can’t believe that EA would censor someone over a website. But, then again, this site isn’t all that smart. Calling the cops over something that isn’t real?!?! How stupid is that! It’s video game! It’s online! GET A GRIP!! and stop being so christian about it and get over it. Go worry about the REAL child prostitution instead of this BS!

  15. DanDruff

    Dec 24th, 2003

    All the perverts in Alphaville are the biggest reason (of several reasons) why I left TSO. Amusing to see Maxis stick up for them. It all started downhill once some bimbo tried to chew me out for having two accounts, but thought nothing of having explicit details in her profile and the like. Got sick of seeing that crap in lot descriptions, etc. Of course, the pervs all defended their lack of good taste by saying “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” and other fine gems of wisdom. TOO LATE, duh!

    I’ve been online regularly for over 11 years now.. (and occasionally, for a few years prior to getting my first x86 PC) and I am aware that people say and do these sorts of things while hiding behind their anonymity.. so it’s not exactly shocking at this point. However.. it still is, and always will be, tacky.. (I’m being diplomatic with that word choice) and best kept to one’s self or in close circles of friends with similar interests.

    Fortunately, now I am primarily in Star Wars Galaxies.. and while there are occasional moments that elicit a groan, generally people are kept too busy to start letting that crap fly in public. Occasionally, either my girlfriend or I will say we’re *thinking* about popping back into TSO for a visit.. (I have a PC Gamer DVD with a 2-week free trial.. I doubt I’d ever pay for that MMOG again) but a few seconds later we come back to our senses and go back to blasting Rebel scum.

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