Christmas Interview with Jesus X: Alphaville’s “Sexy Jesus”

by Alphaville Herald on 24/12/03 at 6:06 pm

In this interview we talk with sim Jesus X, often seen about Alphaville helping us sims to broaden our minds by confronting us with his transgressive behavior. Erm, that’s a fancy way of saying that he plays a naughty Jesus to get us to think. What are we supposed to learn when we see Jesus X finger a girl from Texas? He explains here. Jesus X also insists that he only comes in game during hours when children are in bed or at school. (Would someone please explain the concept of different time zones to this guy?).

The following is largely unedited. It is just a raw interview, with spelling, grammar, etc intact. The changes made consist primarily in corrections made during the interview itself, some deletions of redundancies, and a couple of points where additions or clarifications are made (indicated in square brackets).

Urizenus: Why did you pick the name Jesus X?
Jesus X: Everyone loves jesus, lmao
Urizenus: so you did it for the love?
Jesus X: I did it for various reasons
Urizenus: Is there a religious element to your avatar (apart from the name)
Jesus X: people dissimenate what they choose, from Jesus X
Urizenus: you mean they interpret the name in different ways?
Jesus X: to an extent, yes.
Urizenus: do some people get angry with you?
Jesus X: yes
Jesus X: various reasons
Urizenus: what do they say?
Jesus X: Some feel I am blastfamous
Jesus X: while other’s don’t believe in organized religion
Jesus X: and other’s just don’t like christmas. ROLF
Urizenus: is it interesting to you to see how different people react in different ways?
Jesus X: at certain times, I mean I did choose to be thought provoking to people.
Jesus X: I wanted to help broaden their perception on christ and religion and sex and the world
Urizenus: how so? what does sex have to do with it?
Jesus X: my avtar is a bit of what some might call a sexy Jesus
Urizenus: how so?
Jesus X: People don’t like to sexualize the thought of christ
Urizenus: true enough
Jesus X: my avatar does alot of things in game that are of reputation enough as what most would consider, naughty.
Urizenus: well, it seems I once saw you finger bang a girl from Texas, but what else does Jesus do that’s naughty
Jesus X: no comment!
Urizenus: What do you think you teach people by putting a naughty, sexy jesus in their faces
Jesus X: stirs up alot of emotions
Urizenus: and why is that good?
Jesus X: makes them think about their own ethics
Jesus X: teaches them not to judge, lest they be judged.
Jesus X: and also to learn about what lies behind the person not the notion
Urizenus: by seeing Jesus cybering someone in public?
Jesus X: I don’t cyber.
Urizenus: jesus, I’ve *seen* you cyber
Jesus X: what do you consider cybering?
Urizenus: well, typing in such a way that there is descriptive touching of the genitals of another sim so as to arouse them?
Jesus X: people can become aroused by many things
Urizenus: I guess…
Urizenus: if you don’t want to call it cybering, what word would you use?
Jesus X: everyone has their own context for what they consider as cybering, it’s like phone sex.
Urizenus: yah, but what do you prefer to call it?
Jesus X: I don’t categorize or over intellectualize the phenomenone of the sociol intercourse of tso etiqute.
Urizenus: fair enough…
Jesus X: There are many different degrees
Urizenus: I’m gonna give it a label though, cuz I’m a prof, o.k.?
Urizenus: I’m gonna call this the sexually transgressive behavior of Jesus X
Jesus X: why is that
Urizenus: as in transgressing the boundaries of normal protocol
Urizenus: or the boundaries of what people are comfortable with
Jesus X: when Madonna the singer performs and shows her sexuality is she being liberal or provocative?
Urizenus: yes
Urizenus: Here’s a question for you. There are a lot of kids that live in alphaville, 13, 14 years old. Do you think they get what the sexy jesus is about? Do you think they get it better than their parents would?
Jesus X: I wouldn’t know. I don’t play during children hours. If any were ever online during that time, I would seriously question the parental supervision of the child. For allowing them to be on at such hours.
Urizenus: you mean you play late at night? [wondering if Jesus X has grasped the concept of different time zones]
Jesus X: I play during the hours children are at school or should be in bed. When most adults are online.
Urizenus: Does that mean you think kid’s should *not* be exposed to the behavior of Jesus X, or jus that they happen not to be becaus they are in school or in bed.
Jesus X: I believe that with any online activity, children should be supervised as to their interactions and with whom they are interacting and what their content is. Each parent has they’re own paramenters for what is permissible.
Urizenus: A lot of people I talk to think that alphaville should be made into an adults only server. do you think that would be a good idea?
Jesus X: I think maxis should make children sims, teen age sims and adult sims. Non interchangeable on the accounts. You can then determine and gauge appropriately as to who you are engaging.
Urizenus: Are you personally religious at all?
Jesus X: spritiual would be a better word
Urizenus: what does that mean?
Jesus X: each person has their own meaning of spirituality and the world and life and the universe.
Urizenus: right, and I’m asking what you mean by spiritual
Jesus X: for me spirituality is not to intellectualize but to feel.
Urizenus: feel what? anything?
Jesus X: like a tuning fork, when tapped. It’s a cosmic vibration that reverberates throughout us and the universe.
Urizenus: can I ask what you do in r/l?
Jesus X: no
Urizenus: lol
Urizenus: before we log, can you describe the nativity scene you built?
Jesus X: I designed it as a part of the themes I do on my property that go with my being jesus.
Jesus X: ofcourse after christmas jesus will retire officially
Urizenus: retire? why?
Jesus X: it’s merely time
Jesus X: The cross has become to heavy to bare….
Urizenus: lol
Urizenus: any Christmas thoughts/wishes/admonitions for the readers?
Jesus X: Many in tso seek jesus for encouragement and words of wisdom.
Jesus X: read my bio it say’s it all
Urizenus: what does your bio say?
Jesus X: talks about the world being in war and turmoil and taking a minute to pray and remember that jesus was here to save us from our sins and bring us love.
Jesus X: Bare in mind. I do not believe that jesus [existed] as the son of god but [I believe] that he was a man.
Jesus X: I also think that organized religions are deisgned to control the masses and keep people asleep as sheep.
Jesus X: the few who are awake are trouble makers and conspirators.
Jesus X: But on the flip side people also need something to belief in, a mesiah. A God, a belief.
Urizenus: do you think Jesus X played that role, or was he just a gadfly to get people to think.
Jesus X: I can’t answer that, but I do believe my web links would be the best and appropriate interpretation of what people thought of my existence. While I was on tso.
Urizenus: you have a url for us?
Jesus X: it’s in game
Jesus X: you have to look for yourself
Jesus X: it’s easy just look at my weblinks, they are at best. Very heartfelt.
Urizenus: Yah but I’m not in game. :(
Urizenus: and you are retiring your sim, this interview will survive
Jesus X: so shall I
Jesus X: in the hearts of people who have been touched by my presence
Jesus X: I have affected many people from far away lands in profound ways, for that it has been all worth it.

17 Responses to “Christmas Interview with Jesus X: Alphaville’s “Sexy Jesus””

  1. kempleton

    Dec 24th, 2003

    you really need to snap some screenshots and get some visuals for this newspaper. it’s just a standard convention

  2. U-571

    Dec 24th, 2003

    ooo. i really like your thinking kemp. you should do so urizenus. that would be great. especialy for those non-sims: online players such as myself. i would like to see these so-called “illegal activities” (i.e. organized crime) taking place.

  3. urizenus

    Dec 24th, 2003

    Um, screenshots create copyright issues with EA/Maxis. Can’t risk that. So say the U of Michigan lawyers.

  4. Dyerbrook

    Dec 24th, 2003

    Never, in three years of playing the Sims offline and online and publishing literally thousands of screenshots from the game all over the Internet, have I ever seen Maxis make the slightest noise about copyright. Indeed, on the site the company explicitly encourages you to take screenshots and post them on their own site, and publishes the URLs of fan sites that post them. The new Stratics board has a section where you can post your screenshots. The game box copy for the offline Sims game tells you that you can make albums of your “families” and publish them “with a few clicks of the mouse” to the Internet, and indeed you can, a lot of the time (it’s an imperfect and often broken system). So any copyright lawyer would look at all the company’s permissive statements regarding their game screenshots and take issue easily, especially for a non-commercial, discussion/fan site.

  5. urizenus

    Dec 24th, 2003

    All the same, Dyerbrook, given my experience with EA/Maxis I would rather not take chances. If you’ve got screenshots put them up on your own site and link here.

  6. chris

    Dec 24th, 2003

    omg open your eyes and look around you. GOd damn its people like you that people like me go around cussing. Its a fucken game. But really, adults are foolish creatures,.

  7. Shawn Man X

    Dec 25th, 2003

    People are just confused, and this doesn’t help.

  8. Shawn Man X

    Dec 25th, 2003

    Woops woops woops, what I meant was…
    Peaople are just confused. Doesn’t this help?

  9. RB

    Dec 26th, 2003

    This article is so boring i stopped reading 1/4 way through. religion = YAWN. and he can go preach and “encourage open thought” somewhere else.

    - RB

  10. Mr. Smith

    Dec 27th, 2003

    “blastfamous”? Hmmm, actually, that’s a pretty interesting word.

  11. Tosha'

    Dec 28th, 2003

    There are so many different opinions and questions that arise in the daily hustle and bustle of life. TSO is a game…something that should be FUN, but also, TSO is an outlet that allows these twisted/tortured souls to experiment within a safe environment where no physical harm can come. Do I agree with what Jesus X did? Of course not, but everyone has to have their gimmick right? AND if you don’t like what a sim is doing…don’t freakin pay attention…it IS a game and there IS an ignore function. (However, I do hope someone informs this guy about time zones, all the various school holidays, sick days, ect. You are always being watched, no matter where, no matter when…someone that you would prefer not see you doing what you are doing IS watching)

  12. BondGamer

    Dec 29th, 2003

    About the posting of screen shots: since they are so out to get the owner of this site if he started posting any in-game screen shots or other images owned by the Maxis company they will probably file a law suit. It has happened before when an online game fan site is not liked by the gaming company.

  13. Hotlanta

    Jan 1st, 2004

    Urizenus, I hope you are not a reporter in real life. Your lack of professionalism in your articles definitely shows. A good reporter does not judge his “victims”, nor does he publish the typos made unless this site is a joke…..which I’m more apt to believe. As for your article on Jesus X…you (who ran a satanic church in game)should not be judging the sim life of others. You attacked his “methods” of making people really think on their beliefs. It’s more than I can say for you and this site.
    As for the time zone thing..there are children of all ages in game at all times, but if a parent bothered to take a look at what happens in game, they’re idiots for allowing their “children” to play at all.
    Just my 2 cents…….

  14. Viva T

    May 16th, 2004

    “Posted by: Viva T at May 16, 2004 10:34 AM “

  15. me

    May 16th, 2004

    or Mrs President Bradley did?

  16. Celestie

    May 16th, 2004

    Viva T, do you think I would bother to post under your name? I don’t care and I am not Norton.

  17. GOD

    Feb 13th, 2007


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