History of the Sims Shadow Government, part 1: the prehistory of ssg.

by Alphaville Herald on 14/12/03 at 4:34 pm

In this post I begin recording a series of interviews with the typists of Mia Wallace, founder of the Sims Shadow Government. In this interview I speak with Mia’s female typist, and ask her about her first days in alpha, her previous life as Roller Girl, and the life and times of the Sims Sorority House.

Urizenus: well, I thought we could start doing some historical
Mia: ok
Urizenus: You were in beta right?
Mia: yup
Urizenus: were you mia wallace from the beginning?
Mia: No, started October *unintelligable* of 2002 as Roller Girl.
Urizenus: oooh, roller girl (from boogie nights?)
Mia: Ha, the same… the only regret is that Maxis wouldn’t let me have roller skates heh
Urizenus: very unfair
Mia: agreed!
Urizenus: so how did you find tso? (by that I mean, how did you find out about it)
Mia: While I was in my 2nd year of college, my good girlfriend called me into her dorm. She was sitting at her computer and playing some sort of video game I’d not seen before… she told me that it was called the Sims and from then on, I’d hear her talking to our mutal friends about this “family” she’d set up in this game, how they were interacting with each other and that her “gay couple finally fell in love.” Intrigued, I asked her to let me play a bit, then asked for a copy for Christmas. Had been addicted to the Sims ever since. When my husband found that an online version was coming out thru AOL, well… we HAD to jump on it. Esp since it was the beta test.
Urizenus: ok, and then you and your husband shared an account from the beginning?
Mia: Oh yes… we didn’t see a point in having a second account in the very beginning when we could have 3 different characters to work at in 3 different cities. But when we found out that Alphaville was pretty much the place to be and that it was easy to work/grind one character instead of two, we decided that we were going to stay in Alphaville, work the top 100 house list and skill there.
Urizenus: and that was the roller girl avatar?
Mia: yup
Mia: We found out that it was easier in the first week. HAHAHA
Urizenus: did you move into a house or start one
Mia: If you’d played the sims, you had a good idea what to expect from the Sims Online so it only took us a day to learn some of the ins and outs of the game. We met a character named “Go Go Girl” and assumed that she was “Roller Girls” long lost sister and decided to build a property together. Since we were “sisters” we decided to call the place “Sim Sorority House.”
Urizenus: sweet, now lemme just back up a bit. how does this avatar time sharing thing work out? I mean (i) who gets to play when, and (ii) how do you keep track of who you’ve spoken too etc.
Mia: When we first started, I worked nights. So when I was at work, he’d be playing while he conducted business from out of our home. When I got home from work, I’d jump on and play till it was time for me to go to bed. Between the two of us, we’d be churning 12 to 16 hours a day in Alphaville.
Mia: I’d often call him from work on my lunch break or whenever I had a spare moment to check in on him and ask what was going on in game… I (we) were both that addicted.
Mia: While I played, he’d be close by watching me and throwing in a comment or two here and there letting me know “oh I talked to him before and yeah, he’s pretty cool” or “oh gawd, don’t talk to her… she’s just an idiot”
Urizenus: lol
Urizenus: wow, ok, so you and go go girl built the SSH. Was it in romance category right away?
Mia: No, in the very beginning of the game, there was no category list… just an overall list.
Mia: SSH was the BEST of the one stop shops.
Mia: It had EVERYTHING and more importantly, good hostesses in the sisters that lived there. We were great chatters. LOL
Urizenus: btw, did most people know there were two of you?
Mia: In the beginning, no… not everyone knew. We thought that it might “hurt” our relationships with some characters that were a little more…. delicate… for lack of a better word. Some people get *really* weirded out when they find out that this girl that they have a secret crush on is really a guy… or that the girl that they thought was the girl next door sometimes has a penis. LOL And then they would go overboard and think that I never existed. ROFL
Urizenus: you mean they thought that only your husband was running the avatar
Mia: Some of the more imaginative ones, yes… because they didn’t believe that a girl would ever tell another girl, online or not, that they wanted to fondle her breasts or swap spit in the back room. I can see their point but hey… this is the liberated world here. HAHA Honestly, its a virtual world, and I didn’t care who “my husband” was kissing or who I was kissing when the “kiss” was only a pixelated interaction in an online game.
Mia: He always looked at it like he was playing Tomb Raider all over again… its better for guys to get to look at a nice rack then not, right?
Urizenus: did roller girl like men or women or both?
Mia: both
Mia: lol
Urizenus: free thinker!
Urizenus: ok…
Mia: when I played, I liked flirting with guys… when he played, he got a kick out of hitting on chicks… yeah, Roller Girl was a real slut.
Urizenus: back to SSH, you started as a store then, and how many other sims lived with you?
Mia: we weren’t a store… in beta there weren’t stores, but we had a full house of 8 roommates at all times usually. With the more popularity that the house got, the more roommate requests I would get with each passing day.
Urizenus: well, what did you mean by a “one stop shop”?
Mia: one stop shop… back in the ole days, you didn’t have to go to a particular house to skill and then another to make money and then another to just mess around and have fun… you could skill, make money and talk all at the same time by doing a chalkboard at Sim Sorority House because Maxis hadn’t nerfed the boards to disallow skilling while you made money. There were TONS of items like that and SSH had at least 6 of each of them–not that it mattered then, because you didn’t have to get a group to make good money.
Mia: then, maxis nerfed it and all the beta testers were sad. lol
Urizenus: “nerfed it”?
Mia: As put by the Star Wars Galaxies player guide, a nerf is a “class, item, ability, etc that is programmed to be less effective for game-balancing purposes.”
Mia: so basically they took something that was REALLY great and screwed it up.
Urizenus: ic, so they’ve been doing that from the beginning
Mia: lol yeah
Mia: it BLEW
Urizenus: hmmm yah I’ll bet. now were all of your roomies grrrls
Mia: *nod* its a SORORITY, I can see where a guy would *want* to live in a Sorority but realistic? No, methinks not… so I had a guy start Sim Fraternity House at the neighboring property.
Urizenus: makes sense
Urizenus: alright and the SSH sisters lived happily until…?
Mia: …until the wipe? LOL
Urizenus: ah the big wipe
Mia: I never thought anyone was unhappy at SSH
Urizenus: so Maxis wiped everything, and then you had to start over?
Mia: yup… Roller Girl had gained so much popularity in the beginning of Beta that someone stole her name for the wipe. It was really a sad, sad day. LOL So we renamed the avatar “Mia Wallace” from my favorite movie Pulp Fiction and proceeded to start setting up Sim Sorority House again. I think I called in sick to work that day. My husband and I worked in shifts to get that house back up… almost 28 hours straight; god we were sick. LOL
Urizenus: really, non stop?
Mia: Oh that was nothing really… I know of other people know that during that time were playing 72 hours straight to get their act together after that wipe.
Urizenus: Evangeline said this was around Nov. 26 or 27 (the wipe) does that sound right?
Mia: about that… it was 2 weeks prior to the release of the game which was approximately a month before Christmas because Maxis/EA made no secret of wanting to get the game out to the public for the holiday season.
Urizenus: ic, let’s back up again. Before the wipe did you know Roxy Merrill?
Mia: Never heard of her.
Mia: I think Roxy started in Interhogan, but I might be wrong about that.
Urizenus: Were you aware of any cyberbrothels in alpha?
Mia: In beta? Nooo…
Mia: Beta was pretty griefer free… the people were nice, willing to help and you could trust players to not screw you out of a simolean.
Urizenus: but this was Raphael’s pre-griefer days I think
Mia: I wouldn’t know… I didn’t hear the name Merrill until approximately Mid January of this year.
Mia:… it wasn’t until I started getting ingame messages from some Franki Merrill saying “Hey Miss Susie Homemaker, can I get a recipe” or “Hi there Martha Stewart, got any tips for basting a turkey?” And I’d be like, “who the hell is this and why are they mocking me?” because that’s clearly what it was. But when I’d ask I’d get a response like “Oh I’m your biggest fan” or “I’m just in AWE of the #1 Most Liked Sim” something to that extent… stuff that didn’t make sense at all, but was obviously trying to push buttons.
Urizenus: so you hadn’t heard of a Hotel Erotica before the wipe?
Mia: Not in the least.
Urizenus: Or after the wipe?
Mia: Mid January is when I first heard it.
Mia: In Alphaville, like I said, I think Roxy was in Interhogan… but I could be mistaken.
Urizenus: Raphael says he became Tori Merrill after the wipe. Did you know her?
Mia: The first Merrill I knew was Franki.
Mia: Tori followed.
Mia: Then Dorian.
Mia: oh wait…
Mia: Franki, Tori… Auntie Jemima and then Dorian.
Mia: Sorry.
Mia: :)
Urizenus: He also said that “Hotel Erotica” zoomed to number one after the wipe.
Mia: *shrug* can I go on record saying that I’m the Queen of Sheba? lol
Urizenus: *flew to number one
Mia: zoomed or flew… it wasn’t there… I assume he was playing Roxy in Interhogan because Hotel Erotica started in Interhogan.
Urizenus: ok, you rebuilt SSH, now as Mia Wallace. Did it now have a category?
Mia: It used to say so on the AV Hotel Erotica house profile..
Mia: Yes, after the wipe they introduced the romance category… SSH was a romance property.
Urizenus: and what did that mean?
Mia: For us, it meant that it was a place to come flirt and hang out and get away from the “hubbub of skilling and money making.”
Mia: A lot of simCouples met at SSH.
Mia: Hell, I met Moe Wallace there too. LOL
Urizenus: did you have the love beds then? (and tubs)
Mia: Around that time… I can’t totally remember but it was around November something to January something…
Mia: I’m pretty sure they weren’t there for Christmas because I *do* remember thinking that the game wasn’t ready for release.
Mia: ie the game was missing some of the promised objects
Urizenus: k, so people ask me, and maybe you can help explain, what on earth does it mean for sims to become couples?
Mia: well for me and Moe Wallace, I think it was different from what everyone else thinks… I don’t really know. LOL I’m married in real life and Moe lives in Florida. So, when I first met him in game, something just clicked and for my husband too where we both said “you know what? This guy is pretty damn cool, lets get married!”
Mia: And all that meant was that Mia now had a partner in crime… a Number 2 (or Number 1 if you’re a Star Trek fan).
Urizenus: lol
Mia: And someone I could gLove and heart-pull.
Urizenus: well, ok, but does that mean that you and moe went on dates or something?
Mia: On occasion we were known to drop into the random store lot (when they finally came out) and argue over what sort of lights to put in the Sorority House.
Mia: but Mia was pretty religious on keeping the Sorority open for her visitors, so Moe usually came by and poked her in the eye.
Urizenus: never went to a sim restaurant?
Mia: no, I’m the woman, I was supposed to cook and he often bitched that I didn’t.
Urizenus: now when you say you got married, was that like in a sim church?
Mia: Jengie, a good simfriend of mine, owned a Wedding Chapel. So we threw a party at her place and Jengie married us there.
Urizenus: awww
Urizenus: honeymoon?
Mia: yeah, the groom peed himself and then passed out in his puddle
Urizenus: ewwwww
Mia: Then I pulled his heart out a few times
Mia: and he passed out again
Urizenus: hmmm
Mia: Young love, so pure… so true…
Urizenus: yah, sounds more like divorce to me…
Mia: lol
Mia: the nature of Mia and Moe, I guess… hehe
Urizenus: so I see a lot of married sims in the game. How long do these things tend to last?
Mia: Some lasted quite a while… some lasted about an hour. I heard a lot of talk from girls saying that they married a guy and then never saw him online again. LOL
Mia: Me, I play Star Wars Galaxies with Moe Wallace now.
Urizenus: Yah I married two vampires once and it lasted one day
Mia: Just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago, actually…
Urizenus: awww true love
Mia: hahaha
Mia: My husband called him
Urizenus: so when sims get married are they expected to cyber each other or is that a whole ‘nuther thing
Mia: I would think that’s relationship specific…
Urizenus: so there are unconsummated sim marriages
Mia: My husband and I don’t like to cyber very much… we just like the shock value… besides Moe knows that my husband played and that might make them both… uncomfortable. LOL Moe will blow my husband kisses from time to time and my husband says “Stop being queer.”
Mia: But yeah, I’d guess so… I never really bothered to ask anyone. LOL
Urizenus: got it.
Mia: A lot of people let their RL emotions get caught up in the game… fortunately/unfortunately we don’t get into that…
Mia: although…
Mia: I will say that when Moe got interested in another character, we both got a bit jealous (for TOTAL LACK OF A BETTER WORD) LOL
Mia: My husband was like “Oh my god, he’s not hanging out with ME because he’s hanging out with HER again?! No way!”
Urizenus: lol
Urizenus: k, back to SSH everything is back in motion. and you were ranked well?
Mia: we were number 1 from day one of the category feature.
Urizenus: and you had a house full of sisters…
Mia: yup
Urizenus: any names stand out?
Mia: Aangell, Shakina, Go Go Girl, Bama Babydoll, Kelly Summers, Michigan, HaLLowKwEEn, Wabbs but she doesn’t count because she stabbed me in the back on the day of the wipe, Snow White, DeeDee (then CeeCee) Davenport, RobynDajos, Eva Marie (aka -Thunder). Gypsy, Chyna…
Mia: There was a lot…
Mia: I’m not picking favorites, but just reminiscing.
Urizenus: some of those names are familiar…
Urizenus: still in the game
Mia: Most of them are.
Urizenus: ok, what’s the next big event?
Urizenus: i.e. what happened next
Mia: well…
Mia: LOL
Mia: so I started getting messages from Franki Merrill and at the same time, I had a big rival in game, named HaLLowKwEEn.
Urizenus: I thought HaLLowKwEEn was your roomie
Mia: Long story short, under the guise of a second account, HaLLowKwEEn tore down the Sim Sorority House.
Mia: KwEEnie and Mia have a history. :)
Urizenus: oooh
Urizenus: do tell
Mia: not much more to tell… there was a sim named Naturelle. Naturelle had been living with HaLLowKwEEn for a few days and then suddenly moved out and wanted to be my roommate. I was a little weary of it but wrote it off to paranoia and then invited her into the house as a roommate. I went to bed and when I woke up for work the next day, the house was gone with SLUT spelled in red letters on the property.
Mia: Naturelle was booted immediately.
Urizenus: this was before they had build permissions?
Mia: *nod* another nerf.
Urizenus: k
Mia: In any case, later that night, I ran into KwEEn irl on AOL and told her “look, you got me and it was funny!” and we just became friends from there on.
Mia: She even came to stay with my husband and I in Vegas for a weekend in May.
Urizenus: um, let’s pause here, and come back to more on Kweenie and then … Ms. Merrill.
Mia: KwEEn was actually a very pivotal part of the Wallace Family/SSG
Mia: probably more then she realizes.
Urizenus: ok, then we gotta hear more about that
Mia: LOL
Urizenus: to be continued tomorrow then?

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  1. Smitty

    Dec 15th, 2003


  2. Zoey

    Dec 16th, 2003

    Hey Mia, miss you guys. Can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was a roommate at SSH!


    p.s. Kiss the ring!

  3. Mia Wallace

    Dec 17th, 2003

    *blowkisses to Zoey* heya girl!!!

    Who the hell is Smitty?


  4. Sim Reality
    I’d been looking for a source for links on the weird goings-on in the world of “The Sims Online,” and Penny Arcade just now linked people over to the Alphaville Herald, their major news source. Here’s “Tycho” discussing the latest:…

  5. Calso

    Dec 19th, 2003

    Here’s a nice bit of information about the beginnings of the Sim Shadow Government from an article on the Sim Mafia site in late spring/early summer of 2003. Jeremy Chase, who played JC Soprano and was once a friend of the Mia Wallace character, and once graced her friendship web, got this site going. He knew what “she” and the rest of the SSG gang were up to.

    “Why Form The Commission?
    The hypocrisy and tyranny of the Sim Shadow Govt, aka SSG has gone on enough. They do the exact same thing that Mafia families do, with 1 exception. They don’t care about innocent people getting hurt and they do it under the guise of good. As a Mafia family we all carry a code that we follow. No civilians get hurt unless they have it coming to them. Even then, those cases are rare. They have no code or ethics. All they care about is the removal of all players who want to play the game their way as a Mafia figure or associate of one. We have acquired intelligence from an anonymous source and can show any of you the stuff that they do.. Almost all families were mentioned with plans of attack. Any truces you may have with them are an illusion and we can prove it to you at your request. I have over quite a few pics and screen shots of deeds they have done and either blamed Mafia for, or had no real reason to do it other than being a common griefer. Maybe that’s really what the G stands for in SSG. Leave Alphaville or else they say to Mafia players.. Well did you know they are planning on moving into several other cities?? Blazing Falls and Mount Fuji mainly. So if you think your safe now, your not. In fact a few of the members you may think your friends with are actually using you. They act like Nazi’s (not saying they are) telling the Jews how to live there lives and if the Jew doesn’t like it.. BOOM! As Mafia we don’t do that. Internally they are weakening and externally they are losing support fast.

    The History of the SSG
    Did you know that the SSG used to be a Mafia family? JC Soprano founded the Mafia in the game during the beta days. His dream was always to unite the players and families and work with each other not against each other. The leader at the time Mia Wallace wanted to be a Mafia so I showed them the ropes and they became the Wallace Family. They were a family for about 2 months when they pissed off so many players that Maxis had to do the crackdown. The reason why we get so much shit now as Mafia players is because of them. They even try to take credit for starting the Mafia in-game even though I have documented proof otherwise. Basically, SSG was formed from a group of sellout greifers who decided since people didn’t like them as a Mafia they would go after Mafia then to improve their image. I think the G in SSG stands for Griefer in fact. Think about it.. They say they don’t want to be associated with Mafia and just want to play and they only go after greifers.. Bullshit. They are the greifers… They are the ones whining about the Mafia and if they don’t wanna be associated with the Mafia or deal with it, they should back off and stop fucking with us all. Players, at least in Alphaville, support the Mafia since that is where the roots of all Mafia’s in game began. SSG is the one that needs to leave AV, they think they have the right to control AV because they are SSG, bullshit. We police the game and were playing there as Mafia long before they ever formed the SSG. We are the police department for wise guys not them. Our matters are to be handled internally, not by an external Sesame Street Gangster group. That’s all they are.. A bunch of wannabe Mafia players that no one liked. They ruined the name of Mafia in-game. It’s time we took that name back.

    It’s time we all started working together, not against each other. The real life Mafia works together 95% of the time.. It’s time we finally got truly organized. The Commission is forming. All the heads of the families or there Consigliere’s (reps) will be a member of the commission. They will decide what happens in game in regards to Mafia players, not the SSG. This way too there is an unbiased party to bring problems too. This will also open the door to lots of business and money for the families. This is not just limited to Alphaville. All cities and families are welcome to join.”

  6. Alex

    Dec 20th, 2003

    That’s just fucking scary.

  7. Master Bam

    Dec 20th, 2003

    Well BFDD(Big Floppy Donkey Dick) *Locks to the sky* SHIT! I have nothign to Say but…Penis?

  8. Hamurabi

    Dec 26th, 2003

    You guys take this TSO stuff pretty seriously… an in-game Mafia? Heheh.

  9. JC Soprano

    Dec 29th, 2003

    Damn Calso! Thanks, I had lost that text awhile back with one of the site remodels. I try to keep all that stuff handy and had been looking for that ever since I read this article filled with incorrect facts and misconceptions. Anyway, check our site later for a retort to Mrs. Wallace where we will shed even more light on the truth. Thanks again though Calso! If you ever need anything let me know.

    JC Soprano

  10. Tommy

    Dec 30th, 2003

    LoL…I got a hit out on me from JC’s 4-man crew…heh

    JC is a rat…always has been..I think I’ll copy old Levin here and say…

    ,,/,, ( o,o ) ,,\,, F^ck You :)

    -Tommy Morta

  11. JC Soprano

    Dec 30th, 2003

    Rat? 4-Man crew? lol Does anyone even visit our wbesite for the facts before they open there mouths? lol This coming from a guy who is in SSG and plays Mafia in another city. A guy that snitches on his mafia friends to the SSG to get in better with the SSG. This coming from a guy who tried very hard to become a made member of the group and was not allowed in becuase he liked to run his mouth and twist the truth to suit his story. Say what you want Tommy Morta, aka Tommy Carbone, aka Salvatore Leon.. At least I know what honor, loyalty and respect is.

    As for Levin, he has already read all this and unlike you knows he has nothing constructive to say, so why say anything.

    I mean look at Tommy’s post. It shows his maturity level (which is 14 btw). I love how everyone has to try to take a shot at the big dog when they just a lil chihuahua (sp). Tommy in fact told me yesterday in Yahoo he was hoping a post like his above would bring him fame or infamy.. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. lol

    Now please all you SSG members, don’t talk shit unless you can back up what you have to say with solid proof… Not hearsay. People don’t want to hear you guys greifing, which you guys do a lot of when the truth is exposed. And yes, I know right now at this moment I am greifing in this post to a degree, but at least I can admit it and don’t take it nearly as serious as they do. I notice Tommy is really brave though on a message board and Yahoo. That’s about it though.

    JC Soprano

    P.S. Notice almost all the SSG members have had to change there name or have quit the SSG over the past year? I still got over 5 people who are original members from beta and have not had to change there name unless it was for a mission. People know we don’t mess with people unless they have it coming. People know SSG harrasses anyone they feel is a bad example in the game. Which defeats the purpose of being someone else when you got someone else telling you you can’t be that. Challenge Everything? No. I say Challenge SSG. As much as I hate Maxis and they discriminate against certain players like myself, SSG is worse at discrimination (at least Maxis lets us role-play being Mafia) and if this was real life they would be on trial for there actions against those who have done nothing wrong.

    P.S.S. I am not gonna waste my time, nor the board space here. As I said, the whole TRUE story will be published soon. When it is ready I shall make a post on here announcing it available on the website.

  12. yo mother

    Jan 3rd, 2004

    Does anyone else find it funny that Mia’s husband is so pathetic that he let his wife be with another man? And they were both on her account..having sex with men. Then he claims to be striaght. That sort of screams gay to me.

  13. r00t

    Jan 16th, 2004

    you guys are fucking wierd

  14. Rita Cunha

    Apr 13th, 2004

    Who is Mia Wallace? send to me a picture of Mia Wallace please!! Thanks a lot and kiss*

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