History of the SSG, part 2: Interview with Mia Wallace on the formation of SSG

by Alphaville Herald on 27/12/03 at 11:21 pm

In our last interview with Mia Wallace we covered the prehistory of the Sims Shadow Government (SSG). In this interview we cover events including the infiltration and destruction of Merrill’s [Evangeline’s] Hotel Erotica and the early alliance with JC Soprano to form The Commission, the dissolution of that alliance and the formation of the Sims Shadow Government, as the Wallace family goes legit — or so Mia insists, claiming that the Wallace family/ssg got blamed for a number of crimes that were actually the work of the Soprano family. Along the way she talks trash about Merrill/Evangeline, JC Soprano, and the omnipresent Dyerbrook. And where did the name ‘Sims Shadow Government’ come from anyway?

Urizenus: we left off last time with halowkween

Urizenus: what was that story about?

Mia: oh! KwEEn… well, like I said, she had a second character as Naturelle.
She’d moved in and tore the place down while my husband and I were sleeping that night.

Urizenus: why did she do that?

Urizenus: jealousy?

Mia: We were bitter rivals. In retrospect, I’m not really sure why. I do know that she did, at one point, want to be #1 most liked sim, but that shouldn’t have stopped us from getting along from the beginning. I’m glad that we were able to become good friends.

Urizenus: well, let me raise a parenthetical discussion here…

Mia: lol

Urizenus: Why would anyone want to be the #1 sim?

Mia: because it gives status in an online game

Mia: thats the only reason I can think of

Urizenus: well, ok, but I look at the top 100 sims now, and none of them are ever even on the game

Mia: are you sure? Sometimes, when I played, people thought I wasn’t online but it was because the game was bugged to just not show them online unless you clicked the name to view the profile.

Urizenus: What about the claims (by people like Dyerbrook) that you paid for a lot of your friend links.

Mia: They’re false… I don’t know what to say other then that.

Mia: Maybe if I said that I’d pay for them, people would shut up about it and quit their bitching. But that wouldn’t be true.

Urizenus: so there was this competition between you and Kweenie to be number 1 sim, and then…

Mia: well, during that whole rivalry period, things between us got kinda ugly. She’d send people over to harass me so I’d hire people to go hit her with red links. That’s when it was fun.

Urizenus: so was it a friendly competition or an ugly one?

Mia: A little bit of both. She sent me a screen shot after we became friends of one of my “hitmen” (a more pitiful one) messaging her saying “Look, Mia Wallace sent me over here to redlink you, so do you mind if we get it over with so I can get my 10k” and her going to another friend “OMG! Mia’s sending hitmen to come and get me”

Mia: Looking back on it, we both laugh at it.

Mia: But I think, when I started sending hitmen over to her house, thats when she started getting pissed.

Mia: LOL

Mia: So, as retaliation, she befriended me under Naturelle and moved into the Sorority and deleted the house.

Urizenus: clever girl

Mia: Yeah, she was the only one who ever “got” Mia Wallace.

Mia: The Honest Way, I should say. LOL

Urizenus: lol

Urizenus: speaking of which, where were the Merrill’s at this time?

Mia: After that, we started having more and more problems with this Franki Merriell

Mia: Funny you should ask. LOL

Mia: Because its a nice ease into that subject

Urizenus: so how did it begin

Mia: thru the final days/weeks/whatever of the rivalry between myself and HaLLowKwEEn, I started getting messages from Franki Merrill calling me Martha Stewart and Susie Homemaker.

Mia: She’d send her roommates over to try and harass and redlink me.

Mia: To steal our guests to get to the number one spot.

Mia: I’d ask Franki why she was doing it and she said it was because she was jealous and since I was the #1 Most Liked sim, she wanted to be the Most Hated.

Mia: Her roommate aangell came over, got banned and ignored. And that happened to many of her roommates in general.

Mia: Eventually, thru talking to me and some other people at Sim Sorority House, aangell became my friend and ended up moving in with me.

Mia: She’s been a very close and loyal friend.

Mia: But that was the case with many of Franki’s roommates.

Urizenus: ok, now about what date was this

Mia: I’d say probably around mid to late January

Urizenus: ok, and Merrill was running hotel erotica?

Mia: yup

Urizenus: and was there a romance category then?

Mia: yes

Urizenus: and SSH was #1

Mia: yes

Urizenus: where was Hotel Erotica ranked?

Mia: I’d say around 5, 6 or 7

Mia: with about 20hrs at a time, compared to the 90 and over 100 that SSH was cranking in.

Mia: Which, for a romance category, is REALLY good. LOL
Urizenus: ok, now I know it was advertised as a cybersex brothel, but did that really happen there?

Mia: From what aangell and the other roommates told me after they left Franki and relocated, not as much as Ralphie would like to say. Someone would come in, look around and ask if one of the girls could talk dirty to him. They’d say a few things “pay me first” and would end it a few sentences later.

Urizenus: so not a lot of satisfied customers?

Mia: I don’t think it was real elaborate.

Mia: More of a scam, to be honest.

Urizenus: I know there are plenty of places to pay for cyber now (seen them), but were there back in those days?

Mia: Not to my knowledge… I didn’t think that anyone would ever want to go around screaming that they were a cyber whore and “pay me money and I’ll talk dirty to you” most of them were “hey, hop in the love bed with me for 2k”

Urizenus: Ok, so how does SSH compete with Romance category houses that could offer a hop in the sack for only 2K

Mia: We offered good chat and fun/crazy events like plate diving or listening to Radio Alphaville and have dance parties. We didn’t often do triva but ran around as the “kissing bandit” and played games like Truth or Dare in the hot tub and the dares would be like “put on a helmet and a clown suit and go to the front yard and levitate then kiss the first new visitor that comes in”

Mia: Boring as it sounds, it was really fun and very entertaining.

Mia: Bama Babydoll ended up being dared to make me an enemy for 3 days. LOL

Urizenus: so Ms Merrill began calling you and harassing you at this time

Mia: yeah, and it got really bothersome to both me and my roommates. Aangell and KwEEn were my two best roommates at the time working OVERtime at the house to keep it open and Merrill was taking a toll on them.

Urizenus: what would she do?

Mia: Just harass them in the same way she’d harass me. Antagonizing instant messages under her character and other characters… if we’d put them on ignore, she’d have her roommates do it. And then the roommates other characters or their friends.

Mia: It was a huge hassle and would take away from their time to interact with the guests.

Urizenus: messages said things like…

Mia: “I’m going to delete over and over and I won’t stop until you quit the game. I’ll make sure that you leave and never want to come back.”

Mia: When reported to Maxis, Maxis would tell me that there wasn’t enough evidence for a conclusive punishment

Mia: So what were we left to do but retaliate?

Urizenus: lol

Mia: yeah ironic, eh?

Urizenus: too bad you didn’t catch her linking to the Alphaville Herald!

Mia: ha!

Mia: EA wasn’t griefing the players then… they just plain didn’t care

Mia: :)

Urizenus: so what was her beef with you do you think

Mia: I took it at face value, from what she said “jealous and that I want to be the most hated sim in Alphaville since you’re #1 and I can’t be #1 Most Liked”

Urizenus: ic, so she was out to be infamous if not famous

Mia: seemed like it.

Urizenus: What heppened next?

Mia: But we’d had enough in any case, KwEEn and I got together one night and decided to put KwEEn’s extra account to good use.

Mia: KwEEn created a sim named SuperSimette and managed to dirty talk her way into interviews for roommates at Hotel Erotica.

Mia: For back up, I planted a second sim there as well named Fireblaze. If one got booted, the other would get the job done.

Urizenus: So Evangeline wasn’t lying about the interviews?

Mia: No, everyone did interviews of some kind. People want to get to know their new roommate.

Mia: but where my interviews would consist of “how often do you play” and “will you be at the house” Merrill’s included “explain to me how you’d suck a good dick and be elaborate”

Urizenus: lol

Urizenus: but Kween could handle that!?

Mia: I’m serious. Simette got accepted into the house with the words “well I haven’t seen a good a whore as you in a long time” and that was it

Mia: KwEEn’s very talented. :)

Urizenus: lol

Urizenus: so ok, sorry, I gotta ask about this some more…

Mia: She’s very comfortable with her sexuality

Urizenus: so there were interviews for roomies in the cyberbrothel and they involved one’s ability to type… shall we say… descriptively?

Mia: yes

Urizenus: but did Kween stay long enough to report back on what happened there? I mean was the cybering just 30 seconds and out or were there repeat customers or a combination of both

Mia: I don’t think that she ever cybered with anyone there

Mia: that wasn’t her intention as a roommate.

Urizenus: not her, but I’m asking what she saw

Mia: oh!

Mia: There wasn’t enough traffic coming through the door… but I don’t think she saw a lot of what was going on other then that. Her intention there wasn’t to hang around as a cyberslut but more as a demolition expert.

Urizenus: ok

Urizenus: and she had a chance for that soon enough?

Mia: Within the first 24 hour period

Mia: It was beautiful.

Urizenus: lol ic

Urizenus: so tell

Mia: The Hotel was closed and KwEEn was helping me keep the Sorority open when Simette popped up on the lawn asking me to give her money. I obliged and within the next 30 minutes, I saw where the money I gave her went to. The Hotel had been demoed with the word SLUT written in a pool outlined in red carpet on the property.

Mia: It was excellent work.

Mia: But the best part is that we had a 3rd and 4th party go to the house while Simette was there.

Urizenus: have a screen shot?

Mia: Oh I’m sure I could dig one up.

Mia: But while Simette was there, we had our friends see what was written on the property and then report it for abuse of an in game object.

Urizenus: lol

Mia: So Maxis came in and deleted it.

Mia: Simette rewrote it

Mia: they deleted it.

Mia: Simette rewrote it again.

Urizenus: lol

Mia: And they suspended all the roommates.

Mia: For 72 hours.

Urizenus: just suspended them?

Mia: Yeah

Urizenus: So Maxis has been this insanely stupid for a long time it seems

Mia: LOL

Mia: Maybe if we’d had enough room to write www.alphavilleherald.com

Mia: it would have been a different story

Urizenus: then they would be terminated for life!

Mia: shucks!

Mia: What’s really, really intersting there is that Maxis DID sign on as Franki Merrill while Simette and I were on the lot.

Urizenus: what does that mean?

Mia: Simette and I were there, basically dancing around in a jig of glee, when the Merrill sim pops into the house and says “Busted” then deletes the pool. Had it been the “actual” Merrill she would have kicked Simette out of the house immediately and probably start some kind of IM Hell with me.

Mia: But all Merrill did was say “busted” delete the pool and then leave. So it was obviously an EA rep who signed on to the character to remedy the report that they’d recieved from one of my friends.

Urizenus: EA does that? they can sign on as our sims?

Mia: Yes

Urizenus: why did they sign on as that sim?

Mia: Its their game. They have access to everything.

Mia: To delete the pool.

Urizenus: ic so they couldn’t just delete it by pushing a button

Mia: If they can, I sincerely doubt that’s how it happened in this instance.

Urizenus: I’m pressing because a lot of people think that Evangeline/Merrill is either connected with Maxis in some way or has something on them

Mia: When player profiles started getting altered with the *removed by Maxis staff* things, I noticed people would sign on, I’d say hi to them and then they’d sign off without saying anything.

Mia: And then their profile would be changed.

Mia: Evangeline is in no way, shape or form connected to Maxis.

Urizenus: well, then why don’t they do something about her?

Mia: the idea is preposterous

Mia: Because, as you said, they are that insanely stupid.

Mia: I once had an EA rep tell me that because I’d filed so many reports about players threatening me in and out of game and there was never conclusive evidence even if the chat log read “I will hunt you down and kill you in real life.” or “If I get banned, I’ll only come back with another credit card and I’ll embarrass, harass and bother you again. You’ll never be rid of me” but that’s inconclusive.

Mia: but I’d filed so many reports such as these and I was told that I’d become the boy who cried wolf… so EA blatantly told me that they didn’t believe me anymore.

Mia: Maxis employees are “not supposed to tell you that their maxis employees” so if she’s saying that there’s another discrepancy somewhere.

Urizenus: ok, back to the game…

Mia: oh yeah!

Urizenus: what happened next!

Mia: Oh so the roommates go suspended… I guess that event at Hotel Erotica would make way for the birth of the Wallace Family, officially.

Urizenus: That’s when you became a mafia?

Mia: but, I want to make CLEAR that it WAS NOT(!!!) in any WAY(!!!) because of Franki Merrill(!!!)!!!

Urizenus: well, it sounds like she was a catalyst

Mia: A sim by the name of JC Soprano messaged me saying that he was the god father of the Sim Mafia and demanded money for my protection or he and his mafians were going to start harassing me.
Urizenus: oh, Mr. Chase

Mia: I explained to him that my friends outnumbered his Mafians and take a look at my friendship web because he obviously didn’t know who he was dealing with.

Mia: At that point, I took a look at his website and found the structure that he set up interesting. He proposed that we form what he called the “commission” and that the Soprano Family and the Wallace Family would unite under the name Sim Mafia.

Mia: It was fun for the first few days or week. It gave my friends and I a label or name and a place to belong to in game. We never did extortions or demanded money from sims for protection or membership fees or dues from members, like the Soprano Family did. The Wallace family was more geared towards griefing the griefer. Anyone that would approach us in a threatening manner, we would try to talk to them and when they started to curse at us and proclaim that they’d never stop griefing us like oh so many did… we took matters into our own hands.

Mia: Since we obviously couldn’t rely on support from EA or Maxis.

Urizenus: but the commission didn’t last?

Urizenus: by the way, did JC have a serious Mafia presence in the game or was it all PR?

Mia: The commission never really got off the ground… Jeremy had different views on the sim mafia then my husband and I did. He wanted to role play as a mafia, which was fine, we didn’t want to be involved in that but instead just wanted to call ourselves something.

Mia: It was PR

Mia: He’d tell you differently if you talked to him, trust me…

Mia: His famous line was a rip off from The Usual Suspects…

Urizenus: Oh we’ll talk to him

Mia: “the devils greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

Urizenus: but is he still in the game? Jeremy (I know the devil is)

Mia: I think he’s got a sim in AV and definitely one in Blazing Falls.

Urizenus: don’t see much of him in AV

Mia: His newest thing is trying to create drama by saying that SSG is going to come to other cities… when, we don’t have any inclination in the least to do that.

Mia: Even when he was in AV he was never in AV

Mia: He’s sign on for 10 minutes a day and he’d think that he had his thumb on the pulse of Alphaville.

Urizenus: now when did all the publicity break on this. The MSN story, the CNN interviews, etc?

Mia: He’d give me information about something and think that he was on top of everything and when I’d tell him “dude that problem was solved about 2 days ago” he’d get angry at me.

Mia: After the article that was written in Mercury Times, that’s when the publicity started to roll.

Mia: Unfortunately that reporter didn’t do her homework.

Urizenus: what were the flaws in that story

Mia: but the time that article was written, in fact in mid Feburary of this year, we were no longer the Wallace Family but the Sim Shadow Government.

Urizenus: ic

Urizenus: so maybe we are ahead of ourselves here

Mia: Yes, maybe.

Urizenus: ok *putting JC on back burner*

Mia: LOL

Mia: *cough* where he belongs *cough*

Urizenus: still in January, now part of the commission still?

Urizenus: or had you broken

Mia: As it was trying to get off the ground, yes. There were three families in the commission at that time. The Wallaces, the Sopranos and the third wasn’t around long enough for me to even remember their name…

Urizenus: so then you went back to being the Wallace Family or you became SSG then

Mia: We were the Wallace family up until Mid Feburary. The top members of the Wallace Family had received so much HATE mail and so many people bothering them to explain ourselves that it stopped being fun (if it ever was). I got tired of constantly telling people “Look, I’m not the bad guy here, if you need help, thats what I’m here for but you don’t and won’t see me forcing my ingame presence upon you” but mafia in general had gotten a very, very bad name in Alphaville, just because of JC leaving the game and leaving it to a 16 year old player name Levin Soprano who went around demanding taxes on properties that were planning on becoming casinos.

Urizenus: oh ok, so ‘mafia’ began to be stigmatized (I recognize that that’s a funny question).

Mia: In mid Feburary, every single house that got torn down, or had allegedly been torn down was ALL(!!!) The Wallace Family’s fault because the Sopranos were turning it over to us because we had larger numbers.

Mia: We had about 140 members to their 5.

Urizenus: you mean the Soprano’s were *blaming* you for the house destructions?

Mia: thats exactly what I mean.

Urizenus: A lot of people *still* think that was the work of the Wallace family

Mia: I won’t lie and say that I never requested some back up against a known Alphaville Griefer. I did do that. But it wasn’t against unknowing or undeserving indiviuals. I did take down a few houses myself, but *not* to the extent that the “legend” says.

Mia: We didn’t have a no mafia policy back then, obviously… so we were just targeting those that were targeting us, namely any player that wanted to randomly IM me or anyone on my web out of the blue and start causing trouble.

Mia: Any disruptive player, if it was in IM or in open chat in a house. They were politely asked to stop, then promised action, then we pursued said action.

Urizenus: you mean if they didn’t desist from their activities?

Mia: yes

Mia: Usually after several members contacted them saying “look I know who you are and I know what you’re doing so stop it!” they’d knock it off and apologize.

Mia: that was about 90% of the time, actually.

Mia: 9% of the remaining 10% of the time, they weren’t worth our time and would get put on ignore.

Mia: it was that left over 1% that were sims like the Merrills.

Mia: Ironically, those 1% also have the biggest mouths of anyone in the game.

Urizenus: who are we talking about here?

Mia: Disruptive players.

Urizenus: besides the Merrills

Mia: Ancient history… now since deleted sims. But we’ve had problems with names like Kaliena, Michigan, JC Soprano, Levin Soprano, and Dyerbrook.

Urizenus: Dyerbrook is all over the place lately

Mia: He’s an attention whore.

Mia: Not that I’m not. LOL But you don’t see me writing 30 pages of nonsense on certain comment boards.

Urizenus: no…

Mia: I don’t go looking for the attention like some do, it usually ends up finding me.

Urizenus: lol

Urizenus: so when did you change the name from Wallace family to SSG?

Urizenus: before or after Merrill’s hacking your acct.

Mia: Mid Feburary. The mafia name just got SOOOO negative and out of line, that myself and my top advisors threw around some ideas and one of them was The Justice League, we would all dress up like Super Heroes. We thought that was dumb. Another idea was to become vampires, that way we could heartrip and dipkiss our new recruits, but that sounded like it would wear out pretty fast.

Mia: So, we went with the idea of a Shadow Government.

Mia: Because there was always talk of Maxis instilling the idea of actual government into the game…

Mia: so if they did that, we’d still have a place in Alphaville.

Urizenus: and this was *before* Merrill’s counterattack?

Mia: yes

Urizenus: ok

Mia: Merrill hacked my account on two different days, April 22 and May 15.

Urizenus: so there was a meeting and a decision to be the SSG?

Mia: There was a discussion between myself, Moe Wallace, and Sirena namely. There were some others there as well.

Urizenus: any other organizational changes at that time? a charter? or just a name change.

Mia: just a name change and the website got a face lift with a little parody of the “real” shadow government

Urizenus: what was the “real” shadow government

Mia: you mean what is.

Urizenus: ok, what is

Mia: President Bush did go public after September 11th and stated that in the event that the White House was ever attacked in the manner that it nearly was, there would be some form of Shadow Government that would take action to uphold the rights and freedoms of America. That it was comprised of international diplomats and that it did, in fact, exist.

Urizenus: oh oh


Mia: its just a PARODY!!!!

Urizenus: alright, this is a good place to pause again….

Mia: lol

Urizenus: we got up to the formation of the gov

Urizenus: and we can pick up with the Merrill incidents next time

Mia: ok

34 Responses to “History of the SSG, part 2: Interview with Mia Wallace on the formation of SSG”

  1. Dyerbrook

    Dec 28th, 2003

    First of all, players should be warned that when they write what they think is a private e-mail to Urizenus, he will use it in an interview without asking for consent, unlike a real, scrupulous journalist. But since I don’t mind if my e-mails are published, it’s helpful to put my actual remarks about Mia to him in an e-mail into the blog, in context:

    “The Sims Shadow Government did not exist at the beginning, but what existed was Mia Wallace and her desire to buy, beg, borrow, or steal balloons. It was Will Wright himself who talked about how fun it was to have the contest of getting the balloons in the game, even buying them if you have to, so that you can get to be the most popular sim. One of the things many of us were annoyed at was the way Will Wright (Das Kapitaen in the game originally) made Mia Wallace a balloon friend, wrote something nice in her balloon, and didn’t remove it even after being bombarded with proof that she was the overlord in an evil organization. It made many of us feel that he was actually pleased that there were evil groups in the game to make it more interesting. We were happy to play that game, but then our URLs were deleted from our Sim profiles, and the SSG URLs flourished and remained in the game.”

    Note that when it says “buy beg borrow or steal” it is largely a figure of speech, like “by hook or by hook”. It doesn’t make a specific charge about Mia paying a specific price for her balloons, although I think it highly likely she could have — and who is to know or check, given the torrent of lies we hear from the SSG’s mouths, which this “journalist” Urizenus does not seem at all moved to check? Note also that my comment only notes that *Will Wright* whose Sim was one of her balloon friends, talked about buying balloons, and one of his balloons was with Mia.

    It’s hard to know where to start with this incredibly skewed history of the SSG. It’s extraordinary that Urizenus never seeks any other sources to balance the skewed representations. Fortunately, unlike the BDSM debacle, there are many bloggers giving the lie to some of these general premises right here on this website’s comments. It ought not to have come as any surprise that the SSG was based on a spoof of a “RL” SSG that appeared not after 9/11, BTW, but was on the Internet before TSO. I already told Urizenus this.

    But I am puzzled by this story of Hallowkween. For the longest time, the balloons between these two only spoke of Hallowkween almost behaving like a sub of Mia’s. Sorry if I have subs on the brain. She is a rather young girl, I think even a minor as we saw on realsims.com or whatever it’s called. So gushy were these comments between these two, with Mia calling her “my girl,” that some wondered if she was gay. If they quarrelled over the number one spot, who knew? It was all fights under the carpets.

    I’ll never forget my first visit to the Sim Sorority House. There were a lot of girls showing off saying the word “vagina” perhaps for the first time in their lives on air. It was oh, so thrilling. They were in the hot tubs, and Im’ing. It was rather dull. I didn’t come back until much, much later, when Mia unbanned me, after my lamp deliveries, merely to ridicule me.

    It’s also interesting that Mia should mention Kaliena. Kaliena isn’t here to defend herself — she left the game. It’s important to understand why Mia lists Kaleina among “griefers” but any even 10-minute-a-day player from last year knows this wasn’t the case. Kaliena mounted a significant challenge to the SSG by attempting to create a positive, interesting neighborhood called PlayTime (a name the SSG claimed as its own its history). It was a neighborhood with lots of contests and payouts. Supposedly, if you came to this neighborhood you would be safe from the SSG. But she then had her own internal quarrels, and the SSG infiltrated her anyway, as I had warned. Kaliena stood up to the SSG in ways that I could only dream of, by actually organizing hundreds of Sims, in dozens and dozens of lots with real activities providing an alternative to their silly round of balloons and gloves. So bear that in mind as you hear whatever slander Mia may produce about Kaleina. I realize there is a whole I-Hate-Kaleina click out there for other internal PT reasons. But my hat is off to her in her early period for attempting to build an alternative.

    And I, too, am included in this list of people who gave “trouble” to the SSG. Well, God bless us! But keep in mind that this “trouble” never consisted of red-lining, evil green-ballooning, pissing on lawns, putting out dirty plates, sending remote roomie invites and all the other delightful things that the Wallace Family and the associated SSG operatives did in the game.
    This trouble consisted of writing the truth and delivering lamps.

    I do recall once catching the SSG paying people to sit on lots to drive them up to the top 100 slot. I have the screenshots of that. That was back in the days when it still seemed scandalous.

  2. RB

    Dec 28th, 2003

    new speed record set by Dyerbrook. lol. you got 24hr watching on AVH for new stuff to comment on? lol.

    - RB

  3. Pinki aka Myrrh

    Dec 28th, 2003

    WOW!! Just WOW!!, the ability for some folks (Dyerbrook) to be so completley out of touch with the reality that TSO is a GAME!!, that the antics of a group of FREINDS (ssg) could be considered EVIL!! WOW!! But then I was proudly listed with some of my buddies on Dyerbrooks most wanted list, I’m probably biased a tad…..So WHAT if someone paid, begged, cybered or whatever for balloons (not that they had to) It’s a freakin BALLOON!! OMG! Get a grip! First and formost ssg is a group of friends. We play, laugh, and yes cry together. We support each other however we can and I think that unity threatens some others that are..lets say, less unified! If someone has a problem with a griefer we do what we can to help them out, simple as that. I must say though that some of the characters like Dyerbrook and Merril have given great entertainment to an otherwise pretty boring glorified chat room…I do have to thank them for that! LOL! I’m glad I’ve moved on from the sillyness of tso and people that are so bored with a boring game that they have to create huge drama to entertain themselves…Long Live SSG, the best group of friends I have ever known. Yours, Pinki

  4. Dyerbrook

    Dec 28th, 2003

    Gosh, Pinki, I just feel all tingly inside when you say I have given “great entertainment” (beams). Remember when I made that card that said “Whenever I think of Pinki, I wonder, ‘Where’s the Brain?” ROFLMAO. Boy, did we have fun, huh, Pinks?

    Now, OF COURSE it’s a game, duh. Sheesh, I knew that! But it is a game you need to play to the hilt, n’est pas? And I would submit that if you wanted to do the things you said really motivated you — just hang out with a bunch of friends and help each other out, you might have called yourself the “Good Neighbours’ Club” or the “Concerned Citizens of Alphaville” or just “OuR ChIlL sPoT.” Instead, gosh, you called yourself (shudders) “the Sim Shadow Government”. Silly me! That seemed sort of, oh, noir, wouldn’t you say???

    And on your web page, you not only parodied (i.e. copied word for word) the RL SSG, you created a structured, militarized, and secret organization with military and intelligence tasks. You announced publicly that your aim was to control the entire money supply, property relations, and ties to the outside world of the community. Hey! Call me an idiot, but geez, that sounded like a conspiracy, not just a bunch of girl scouts! And heck, it’s only a game, we realize that but boy, were you pretty vicious in attacking all the top lots, bullying the owners to sell or cede their property, buying out properties of “tired” Sims, using your network of some 100 or more people with all their muliple Sims, through Yahoo Messenger, to go and babysit lots and jack them up to the top 10 spot, etc. Why, this is all legal activity. But it’s a menace nonetheless, especially if you add lawn pissing, plate-leaving, gloving, etc. and all the other lovely tactics for which the SSG is known. Because you consistently lied about those things, and made innocent eyes and plausible deniability about all the attacks in Alpha, there is no way in hell that any one can buy your story of just a bunch of chillin’ girl-friends. I understand SWG gave you your own server, there are so many of you! And I’m sure you’ll swarm back to TSO when it gets boring there, or swarm on to the next game out there, hmm, would sociolotron suit you better? In any event, let this crappy hotel owner be on the record as saying: no sale. I don’t buy your bullshit, I will never delete.

    P.S. If you’re bored of TSO now, could you do me a favor and tell Charlie Dae of the SSG, whoever she is to take her glove off, or at least write some interesting red balloon text? I don’t even know her and she prevents me from making more friends, which I don’t mind, as long as she also advertises her evil among my balloons to expose the SSG. Furthermore, do you think, if you’re done with TSO, now might be a good time to recall all those evil skeletons (about 6 at last count) totally surrouding my lot who opened up properties with names like “Dead Club” and created an entire neighborhood showing up in bigger letters called “Death Becomes You” with skulls as the roof art so that whenever I come back to my house and neighborhood, I’m surrounded by death? Heck, these grim folks won’t even come over for a barbecue and give me some visitor points, as I’ve complained to you before. One of them used to send me remote roomie invites hundreds of times a day, but seems to have disappeared. They were deleted by the latest Maxis purge so, somebody is still keeping them. Oh, and I don’t know whether it’s you or Merrill (I don’t see why Merill would bother because she/he doesn’t care about neighborhood creation as you do) who placed the bug on my lot that prevents me from changing my neighborhood affiliation. If I press on my neighborhood tag, my game crashes. Maxis engineers have been studying this for months, I’ve written to them dozens of times, and no one can figure it out. Pretty clever, huh? Even when I or other family members play other Sims with different accounts in other cities *on this very same computer* the bug DOES NOT affect those lots and they can change their hoods freely. Wierd, eh? The effect is that Dyerbrook is trapped forever in his own singleton neighborhood, fondly called Dysfunction Junction, and that is where he will stay LOL. Bye for now!

  5. Dyerbrook

    Dec 28th, 2003

    the skels were *not* deleted in the Maxis purge so somebody is still keeping them.

  6. Jon

    Dec 28th, 2003

    I have been starting an underground group for a while now… the SFLM, the sims free liberation movement… We are here to stop the SSG……… Maybe I can talk to those who can help me advance. Who would be that person, or people.

  7. Anonymous1

    Dec 28th, 2003

    Dyerbrook, may I just make a small hint … that Perhaps all this that happened with the SSG is nothing but a figment of your imagination? How the bloody hell could SSG (Sim Shadow Government) possibly manipulate the gaming structure and interface – leading to you not being able to change your neighborhood name? Have you ever thought about all the security interfaces we would have to go through just to get into the gaming files of Maxis/TSO/Your personal portfolio of contents. My guess is that all these complaints and rumors you are spreading are from your over- hyped imagination :)

    Call me crazy … but what the hell does buying balloons or helping friends move up the lists truly hurt? Not saying we did – but hypothetically what does it really hurt? Yes we gloved…but dear me, I’m sorry for warning people that could initiate in future transactions with scammers that they are about to lose all there hard money…so for all those that I’ve warned by redlinking scammers with my TWO(!)accounts (not 40 Dyerbrook)… I’m truly sorry guys :) May your hard earned money end up in the pockets of people like JackUK, Evangeline, Buddy Rogers/Bucks Aplenty :)

    Also Dyerbrook, on your critisms of SSG claiming to want to control the mainstream activity in AV…Seems to me by you saying no one can buy balloons (face it, now a-days half the top 100 people have “I’ll buy balloons” on their profile) or help there friends move up lots (LOL you fool, that sorta means no one can visit lots at all) that your attempting to control the mass orginization of Alphaville from participating in such activitys that you deem “evil”. (seems to me there is no defination of evil, it is what one believes in – therefore stop answering for the whole of AV)

    As for the Kaliena aspect you mentioned – Play Time was the cover up for something she did to a good friend of many in SSG – and to more than that. Kaliena and *censored* were having a very good relationship in TSO…both were single in RL, and both (seemingly) had a RL . After a couple months being together, Kaliena invited *censored* to visit her for the holidays…After *censored* got the plans, even debated about quitting his job to be with the one “he loved”, he arrived at Kalienas home in San Diego (I believe, I may be wrong on where she lives – If I am someone please correct me – but where she lives is unimporant) and found out that Kaliena had lied about everything about her. She was 10 years older than she claimed, did not have the amazing job she had claimed, did not look anything close to what her pictures she had given *censored*. Therefore *censored* basically came close to having his real life destroyed. So *censored* came back home and went on living…this is where SSG comes into place. Kaliena went to Mia Wallace and the “higher ups” of SSG and stated her ideas of the facts – Which later came out to outbursts from the mislead SSG on redlinking *censored*. after some many talks between neutral partys who were friends with both, SSG learned they had been manipulated by Kaliena. This is when “Play Time” really shot off as a cover up for the manipulation she aimed towards SSG. Play time itself was a good neighborhood, I enjoyed living in it for 2 weeks, but I soon found out alot. Kaliena had 6 accounts, which she would sit and leave AFK with bots at her friends house to get them to the top (don’t really care much about this, although I think it’s worse than paying for people to stay, which basically is what the 15k an hour is). But she soon started taking almost all control – publicity – and compliments to herself. She demanded that Play Time had a major say in the runnings of it’s Chief partner “Fueled Radio” – Which Fueled denied her in. Once they did this, Kaliena immediatly put up links to a major source of rivalry in SimzUnderGround Radio (now Our-Radio) – leading to the break up of Fueled Radio and Play Time partnership. The contest money was made off of 6-7 sims slaving for Kalienas ambitions mazing 24/7 – While in return Kaliena barely mazed at all, yet took all the money that she was given

    (please excuse my spelling and grammar errors, this was typed fast and without much care since I am leaving in 10 minutes for the weekend)

  8. Waynie

    Dec 29th, 2003

    Its interesting Dyerbrook that you speak like you know the truth. You dont. You know what we wanted you to know. Simple as that.

  9. Dyerbrook

    Dec 29th, 2003

    Yes, you wonder how the gaming interface could be affected without inside help from Maxis, hmmm? So I pose that question. I can only report that my game is bugged, and only that account. Maxis engineers say this would be impossible to achieve as a hack. Precisely.

    Anonymous 1, where did I advocate *not* buying balloons? Huh? Go back and read my post. I described Will Wright himself talking about it, and what greater imprimatur could there be? I myself have bought or sold balloons on an occasion — those few rare balloons I manage to scrap up in between tags. If people are using map bots to coin simoleons, and using their ill-gotten millions to buy up balloons, that doesn’t make it exactly a level playing field, hmmm? So I open that up for discussion, but it is Maxis’ problem to sort out.

    I cannot at all verify all the slander laid at Kaleina’s address. Spouting such character assassination says more about the cowardly Anonymous than it does about Kaleina. I don’t know her, only talked to her a few times, and then published an essay decrying her deal with the devil in the pact between SSG and Play Time. It seems besides the point to raise things that happened with her Simmy relationship gone bad and her RL foibles. The point about Kaleina is that she tried to create an alternative to the SSG, and for that was slammed in every known and unknown way the SSG has at its disposal.

    Now look at Waynie’s comments! An admission that the SSG engages in propaganda, disinformation, and mind control efforts so that people “only know what we want you to know.” That’s rich! Keep talking!

  10. Pinki aka Myrrh

    Dec 29th, 2003

    I have never been more flattered!! To think I am (in part anyways) responsible for moving house after house up the top 100 list…yes I will claim responsibility for that…did it by busting my ass and playing for hours and hours on end. And to think that I bugged Dyerbrooks lot!! I am so impressed with myself I think I’ll run for President..or better yet overthrow Bill Gates and take over Microsoft!! I had no idea I was so talented! Thank you for the cheap entertainment Dyerbrook, me thinks its time you got back on your meds now. LOLOLOLOL…oh oh oh and to think that Sony Entertainment actually GAVE US our own server!!! AHAHAHAHA!! I am impressed! And why on earth would we choose some boring Mr. Rogers Neighborhood type name when we could create a parody that was oh so much more fun! Also Dyer just think how bored YOU would have been without making us your mission in your little simmy life! And yes thankyou for the fun Dyer, I look back on it and ROFL! this is my last post…respond as I’m sure you will because this stuff seems to just eat you up inside…wont matter I dont play with you anymore. Yours truly with dipkisses and all that crap, Pinki

  11. JC Soprano

    Dec 29th, 2003

    I have proof that Mia is very incorrect on several of her statements about me. Mia came to me, not the other way around. No one asked for protection. I helped create the Wallace family. They started the SSG becuase they could not handle the mafia life. In fact, why would I try to extort money from someone who was a friend at the time and who had just sent me a Sopranos Hockey Jersey.. The same one you see me in on the AP article. I demand someone at the AV Herald does there job correctly and gets both sides of the story before they publish libel like this.

  12. Ana-

    Dec 29th, 2003

    first of, Dyerbrook.. you say you know that this is just a game. don’t take everything personally. what do you care that someone bought balloons or anything?? they’re not you. no need to keep repeating and repeating all that crap. and all your stories about the SSG hitting all those houses. do you seriously seriously believe they did *ALL* that?? some of that could quite possibly be the work of some other people ya know. and as for the bug in the changing neighborhoods… that is WAY TOO farfetched. come on now, what do you think of us, stupid idiots who believe anything you say?? that is too much. why don’t you take a break from tso for a bit.. go watch a movie or something. all i can say is that you’re spouting alot of nonesense and you’re acting like what i think Mia Wallace said.. “an attention whore”

  13. Ana-

    Dec 29th, 2003

    or at least she described someone as being an “attention whore”

    and you people! don’t you realize he was interviewing one person and they are telling THEIR SIDE of the story! yes, it will be different from your version of it JC Soprano

  14. JC Soprano

    Dec 29th, 2003

    Also, if you want to see the truth behind the SSG go to our website.. http://www.thesimmafia.com Under the Paparazzi section you will find a Real Video file of the CNN interview between me and the the leaders of SSG.. Mia Wallace (2 people, 1 account). You will see the pictures of the lot jobs they did. For the record, I have only authorized 2 lot jobs in my entire career in the sims. 1 owed us money, the other was an enemy in war. The SSG is about propaganda, not truth. My website sheds the light on the Sesame Street Gangsters and there corrupt regime under Mia Wallace.

    People always assume mafia is a bad thing. Ask one in AV.. We have done nothing but good for the city. We keep the truly bad out and protect civilians in the game via the services we offer. We don’t go to anyone. They come to us. Go to our website. You’ll see. Some people need to realize this is only a game. People like Mia can’t grasp that and take things far too personally.. Ever since I called the SSG on there BS and called them the Sesame Street Gangster on live national television they have been mad. Go to our website.. Read all about us, and then watch the CNN interview. Even the reporter sees them for what they truly are.. Greifers.

    Jeremy Chase
    aka JC Soprano

  15. Dyerbrook

    Dec 29th, 2003

    Go, JC. Tell you what. You keep fighting and exposing the SSG, we’ll compare notes, and hey, after the Lightsavers Liberation Partisan Movement comes to power in AV, we’ll go easy on that RICO legislation in parliament the first 100 days. Or…how about this? No prosecutions for 180 days? OK? Deal?

  16. Storm

    Dec 29th, 2003

    Here’s the “helpful” services JC offers…ROFLMAO

    $2.5K per 10 minutes of mediation; Pay up front in full
    Have a dispute with another Sim? Want to work it out, but don’t want to contact them directly? Maybe your on there ignore list? Either way, let us be your messenger and try to help you work it out by offering a non-biased opinion in your dispute. We’re very effective businessmen and know how to mediate in any given situation, no matter how hostile it might be. We’ll communicate between the two of you and try to find a common ground to work out your issue as quickly as possible.

    1/4 of the bribery amount to get unbanned from lot
    Did you make someone really mad and get banned from their lot? Are you an innocent person and have no clue why you got banned? With our help and a little cash we can get you back on that property in no time flat. You tell us your monetary limit and we’ll negotiate your reentry onto that property without going over the amount you specify. If you don’t get unbanned there is no payment.

    $2.5K to $10K; Pay up front
    Want to get your point across to someone or a group of people? Old fashion tactics not working? Try the Sim Mafia. We’re the masters of sending messages. We’ll make sure your point gets across whether it wants to or not.

    1/4 of the debt is our fee; $10K minimum debt amount; No down payment
    Someone owe you money? Having a hard time getting them to pay up? Let us try. Our patented methods are sure to give you a better chance at getting your money. Our fee may sound high, but if you get paid that’s more money than you were going to get before we got involved. If we’re unable to get your money back for some odd reason, there is no fee.

    $5K to $20K per 1/2 hour; Maximum of 2 hours; 1/2 down payment
    Piss someone off? Afraid to be home alone? Maybe you just want to look cool and have a couple of bodyguards hanging around you? Whatever the reason you may need for protection, we’re the people you want protecting you. More secretive than the Secret Service, The Sim Mafia will make sure no Sim interrupts your game play under our watch. Bodyguards also help your visitor bonus if protecting you on your lot.

    Minimum $100K bet; Maximum $1M bet
    We offer all sorts of gambling options. For more details go to ‘The Sim Mafia’ lot in Alphaville. Bet limits depend on the dealer. High rollers are always welcome. We have the dice games that people can’t get enough of.. Texas Poker, Vegas Craps, Hi-Lo, Russian Roulette, Triple X, Match Game PM, Rock Paper Scissors, and 21 and Up. Some odds are as good as 49:51. Sims have won billions playing our famous games! High-rollers only.

    $10K to $25K; 1/4 down payment
    Did another Sim beat you up? Steal from you? There are lots of reasons for wanting another Sim assaulted. Whatever your reason may be, we’re more than happy to handle the situation for you. We have several ‘mean’ options available and muscle with high body ratings to bring the victim’s social, fun, energy, hygiene, and hunger down until they pass out or logout.

    $100K to $250K; 3/4 down payment
    Want to take a Sim out of the picture? Maybe you want to make sure that Sim never messes with you again? A Hit is something that we cannot discuss on this website or in-game. Let’s just say we take the victim out of the picture for a few days to think about what they have done. Unlike raids, hits are very clean and effective and a great way to remain anonymous if you want to. Our fees are high for this service, but we’re very good at what we do. Call us Murder, Inc.
    $2.5K per 10 minutes; 20 minute limit; 1/2 down payment
    Want to get laid tonight? Like being talked dirty to? Maybe you like to be the one talking dirty? Whatever your fetish is we have the woman for you. We have some of the hottest lipped Sims in Alphaville to please you and tickle your fancy. ID’s are checked on every visitor to our brothels… No, you may not bring a note from your mother saying it’s OK. And remember.. NO ABUSING OUR WOMEN UNLESS THEY ASK YOU TO.

    $50K to $100K; 3/4 down payment
    Want to hurt someone’s business? Want to send a message? A Raid consists of a crew or several crews coming onto a property and slapping around a few of the customers to let them know how you feel. Once we’re done with the customers we go after the intended target and assault him in front of all his lot’s visitors. Raid’s can get messy and are rarely done. For this reason, we require 1/2 down payment if we decide to take the job on. Keyword is if.

    Very truly helpful JC…Looking back I don’t see a damn thing I would consider helpful :) Where is the protecting people from scammers, helping those in need move up the lists.(Oh yeah Dyerbrook, be happy, they don’t sell balloons LOLOL :)

  17. Harvey

    Dec 30th, 2003

    ROFL… get a bunch of Sims to chip in on a hit on Voleur (or whatever her name is these days…).

    I’d contribute… : )

  18. JC Soprano

    Dec 30th, 2003

    Obviously you missed the section that also says we will not harrass innocent Sims and we investigate all claims by our customers before we do anything. Basically, the people who come to us have been wronged in game by someone else and we help solve the situation. Simple as that.

    JC Soprano

  19. Storm

    Dec 30th, 2003

    sounds like SSG JC – yet we are the evil ones and you aren’t…hmmmm

  20. JC Soprano

    Dec 30th, 2003

    This forum isn’t an arguement over who is right. The truth will be published soon. All I will say is the main difference between our two groups is we target those who have it coming and know that they have it coming.

    JC Soprano

  21. Cheshire

    Dec 30th, 2003

    I see alot about Mafia Families and claims of being the true Family in Sims. I see JC and know of him being there in the very begining during Beta. He was not alone in forming the Mafia in Sims. No where do I see him or anyone giving credit where credit is long over due. Big Italy. The real truth will include this man, he was as much responsible for Mafia as Jc. I, in no way, am disrspecting JC. He took the Mafia to great heights. I just think with all of the claiming to be the true creator, lets hear the whole story.

  22. JC Soprano

    Dec 30th, 2003

    Yes, Big Italy helped me create the Sim Mafia. It was mine and HER idea. Unfortunantly, 2 weeks into it Big opted to choose a woman over the family life and had to be dealt with. So 2 weeks in the family I would not say Big did a whole lot with anything involving the family. Italy may have been a co-founder of the group, but Italy did nothing with it. So in regards to Italy getting credit that’s long over do.. Go back read the Sims Stratics Interview (on our website), this stuff has all been covered. I gave him credit as a co-founder, but as far as I am concerened that’s all the credit Big Italy has coming.

    Don’t worry I didn’t take offense to what you said.. Everyone is entitled to there opinion and unless no one asks questions or just questions things in general, the truth is always left to assumptions. =)

    JC Soprano

  23. Storm

    Dec 30th, 2003

    I have proof that Mia is very incorrect on several of her statements about me. Mia came to me, not the other way around. No one asked for protection. I helped create the Wallace family. They started the SSG becuase they could not handle the mafia life. In fact, why would I try to extort money from someone who was a friend at the time and who had just sent me a Sopranos Hockey Jersey.. The same one you see me in on the AP article. I demand someone at the AV Herald does there job correctly and gets both sides of the story before they publish libel like this.

    Posted by: JC Soprano at December 29, 2003 05:03 PM

    uh huh – You certainly aren’t fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong *rolls eyes*

  24. Aangell

    Dec 31st, 2003

    OMG! I love all these old memories!!!

  25. Storm

    Dec 31st, 2003

    and my last comment before I go out and enjoy my new year – I would like to just remind JC that Uri was planning on interviewing you – you on the other hand got all in his face telling him he would interview you or else – and in return Uri got sick of you and didn’t interview you right away =D Remember Jeremy … Patience is a virture :D

  26. JC Soprano

    Dec 31st, 2003

    Once again.. SSG has to try to get the last word in.. Like a typical child. Anyway, think what you want.. Nothing has been delayed, if anything it was hurried up. You got’s no clue as to what’s going on as usual Andy. You think your in the know, but your on the outside. Get a life, you need one. Let’s not forget who was having a hard time realizing Yahoo harrassment is not part of the game and had to be told off by the SSG leader as well as reported to Yahoo to knock his stuff off. It’s people like you that cannot decipher the difference between TSO and real life and make the game unenjoyable for others and it’s players like you that ruined SSG. The SSG at a point was actually a decent group that I respected very much. The more you talk Storm, the more your maturity level and ignorance comes out. Maybe you should just stop while your ahead. At this point I am not even gonna reply back to your comments, it’s a waste of my time, especially when I am 26 and have a life outside of TSO, unlike some. So if you want to sneak in that last word again and prove your age, feel free.. I’m done at this point with ya.

  27. Storm

    Dec 31st, 2003

    Hey Jeremy – May I just make a point that you were the one that got the last word in hehe?

    no more childish taunting for me…for real this time :) Good job on the interview Uri

  28. Jinjo

    Jan 1st, 2004

    Heh, well I know firsthand that the ssg is a load of crap. Look at the no-mafia neighborhood they put up in a couple of days. Like they didnt pay people and use temp accounts to do that. We all know SSG is just a coverup for a mafia that has a grip on the city. Thats all they are is a big mafia that thinks they can outsmart us by telling us they are for the good of alphaville, Or by telling us they are just “A group of friends”. Well Ive met a lot of ssg and they all seem like backstabbers to me. With the exception of Tommy Morta that is.

  29. storm

    Jan 1st, 2004

    uhm Jingo – not going into taunts or insults…just facts…but isn’t that exactly what Twitty did? :)

  30. Jinjo

    Jan 1st, 2004

    Sure twitty did that, only after the ssg did it first though. Not that im saying twitty was a great leader anyways. The minute I leave for a vacation or something hed always have things screwed up somehow. I admit my partnership with twitty was pretty stupid. But it wasnt like I had a whole lot of options…

  31. urizenus

    Jan 1st, 2004

    Speaking of Twitty, where is that little deviant? Haven’t seen him around for ages.

  32. Jinjo

    Jan 1st, 2004

    Well he sent and email to my friend nymphadora tonks the other day. According to him he is in mexico and is in some “Satanic Gang” *Rolls eyes*. But honestly I think his “Mommy” grounded him. He lies so much I dont know when to believe him.

  33. Dyerbrook

    Jan 2nd, 2004

    Well, lo and behold, that neighborhood “Death Becomes You” which has haunted me for like six months has poofed. Those skeleton Sims that were all around me with all those cheerful names about bones and death and killing and so on are all gone. I can’t imagine why, but I guess it’s because Pinki loves me. Oh, they aren’t gone completely, because there’s still *one* last holdout from the “Death Becomes You” neighborhood with a lot that is wittily called “I Eat Babies” urging people to stop by his lot and help him er, eat little babies. You know, that sort of thing actually seems a little bit *over the top*. I never press the complaint button on things like that. But I just hold that out as an example of the SSG’s sense of humor and point out that really, if you want to finish this good deed of dismantling the “Death Becomes You” neighborhood, this guy really out to be given a nudge.

    Oh, but in the vacuum left by the disappearance of all those skeletons, there is now the cheerfully-monikered “BDSM Recruiting Station” which is designed deliberately as a harassment lot and a spoof lot to taunt Dyerbrook. Laff riot, kids!

  34. Yeah Right

    Jan 2nd, 2004

    I’m just glad that the SSG is dead and has moved on to other galaxies. And Ana, are you just new to TSO or that stupid? I would say stupid and uninformed about what realy goes on in TSO. SSG is now run by a handfull, at best, of 13 yr olds that have no idea what they are defending. I could go on forever, but the SSG is dead, so why keep whipping the dead horse, eh?

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