Maxis Moves Against Mazing!

by Alphaville Herald on 11/12/03 at 11:20 am

With all this apparent harassment by Maxis going on you might think that we have become completely self-absorbed. Not so! We continue to bring you important news and reflections on life in Alphaville. Today I’m happy to introduce a new reporter, who wishes to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons!). Let me just say that he plays a lot of cities in TSO, and I feel like he’s always up there floating above the game, ready to lend me a hand. I call him The Phantom. I’m delighted to have him on board.

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  1. 101-280

    Dec 21st, 2003

    Tales From Places I Don’t Have Time To Visit
    In no particular order, some multiplayer-gaming news: In the beleaguered Sims Online, where players are required to perform tedious repetitive tasks to generate their in-game income, management has taken drastic action against player-created robots tha…

  2. FlyingMoose

    Dec 23rd, 2003

    You ought to refer to him as The Shadow. It would apppear he knows.

  3. urizenus

    Dec 23rd, 2003

    LOL, thought about that, but then people might supposed that he is involved in the Shadow Government. But then… maybe he is! (but don’t think so…)

  4. RedWolfe

    Dec 29th, 2003

    I like to report some things and make a comment here.
    i have been derectly effected by the lack of maze in game. i didnt use a BOT but did make millions using maze and bought off ebay then used that money to suport my payouts. the lack of maze money for payouts has coused me to drop from number 3 money house to as it stand right now #16. Maxis is punishing everyone for what the cheaters did!!
    There is a underlaying issue thu. did maxis cut the money supplers off at the knees becouse they were making the money cheap?i have suspesions that MAXIS them selfs were/are behind a lot of the money selling..conspericy theries the mod at the boards call them and they delete the threads! there examples of maxis turning things around to suit themselfs.. there was a time they told us that trading between cities was not a TOS violation but they did not suport this. Now look atthe boards they have a swap meet area just for city trading!! So wil lwe soon see maxis come out of the closet with selling simoleons! i think we will in time! bet it wont be at 4 bucks a mil like the last time i bought simoleons!!
    next loo katthe new boards the issue of maze is 2 sided you have the SARP (sims against ridulous payouts slamming people calling all us payout houses maze cheaters. .then whe nwe try to responcethe delete out post and when it becoumes clear the SARP is loosing the thread to those agaisnt the banning of maze the mods lock down the threads!! censorship at best and a taking of sides at worse by the mods!! this has become the most heated issue since the doign awa ywiht all in one houses!!
    i commend this paper for its fine work!! if you ever need any INFO on interhogan let me know!!

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