Maxis Suspends additional accounts related to Alphaville Herald

by Alphaville Herald on 10/12/03 at 12:53 pm

In this Rapidly Breaking story, it appears that EA/Maxis is attempting to pursue its vendetta against the Alphaville Herald by banning additional sims from the game. Now the account associated with Doctor Legion has either been suspended or terminated. Doctor Legion has received no official statement of suspension from maxis, much less a justification of why, but has recieved an “account suspended” message on login. Doctor Legion has received no warnings from Maxis to date and did not have a reference to the alphaville herald in his bio. We are seeking clarification from Maxis.

Recapping the situation, a policy of selective enforcement of the EA TOS began when the Alphaville Herald began pressing Maxis to notify local police authorities of an in game report or child abuse. These attacks have intensified since we have begun reporting cases of child cyber-prostitution in game. The alleged TOS violations have involved in game references to The Alphaville Herald. These suspensions continue even though to the best of our knowledge all references to the alphaville herald were removed from player bios days ago.

14 Responses to “Maxis Suspends additional accounts related to Alphaville Herald”

  1. baddest bitch

    Dec 10th, 2003

    you moron..its my revenge.

  2. Squirrel

    Dec 10th, 2003

    Ludlow, email me and I’ll send you my account info so you can log in and check out whats going on.

  3. Squirrel

    Dec 10th, 2003

    Additionally, I think now would be a good time to out Evangeline. Damn the torpedos.

  4. Lee Delarm

    Dec 10th, 2003

    Read my comments at TerraNova, you’ve got my support and many others I’m sure :)

  5. Isabella

    Dec 10th, 2003

    Haha you stole my idea, evangeline. Do u think ur smart?…..not

    I told the webmaster your website address. haha it made me just laugh. do u think i pay ยง10 per month to care about you, evangeline?

    Ginger Anne
    Fruitcake Lady


    Dec 10th, 2003

    El incmodo Diario de Alphaville, y la prostitucin en los mundos online
    El Heraldo de Alphaville es un medio de comunicacin que tiene serios problemas con las autoridades locales de su ciudad, hasta el punto de que stas se han propuesto borrar de sus calles toda referencia al polmico diario. Hasta aqu,…

  7. Harvey

    Dec 10th, 2003

    Just found you guys Saturday, bookmarked you in game last night so I could get in touch, and now this… interesting project, if you could use any help in game let’s talk, the e-mail will reach ne.

  8. RB

    Dec 10th, 2003

    everyone read Pat the rats latest article. *wink* tis a good report. and EA/Maxis are losing touch with the general sim public here.

  9. Wrrly

    Dec 11th, 2003

    I don’t understand Maxis’ reasoning. Evangeline mentions her web site on her property’s description. People mention in their bios all the time.

    Regardless, I’ve recently discovered the Alphaville Herald and read it with much interest. Keep up the good work!

  10. Smitty

    Dec 15th, 2003

    EA/Maxis don’t have any rights to do this! I encourage everyone to email EA and Maxis and to complain about this situation.

  11. Shawn Man X

    Dec 18th, 2003

    They aparently do, but their very choosy in who they do it too.

  12. Joe Harris

    Jun 28th, 2004

    Every time I go on the sims online my charector is gone! so i have to make a new charactor each time i go on the sims online. Im not going to pay 10.00$ a month for something that i dont know about! please Maxis i love the sims just tell me what to do! :)

  13. JC Soprano

    Jun 28th, 2004

    This isn’t EA or tech support buddy. You need to contact EA for that.

    JC Soprano
    Something Wicked This Way Comes

  14. Urizenus

    Jun 28th, 2004

    although, JC, he will probably get more help here than at EA tech support, lol, I wonder if Ozzy will be working the phones when he calls.

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